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003.01     riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend
003.01+(TITLE: the wake of Finnegan (death); all Finnegans awake (resurrection))
003.01+(BOOK: Motif: 4-stage Viconian cycle: Book I (birth, age of gods), Book II (marriage, age of heroes), Book III (death, age of men), Book IV (ricorso, divine providence))
003.01+{{Synopsis: I.1.1A.A: [003.01-003.03]: continued from the book's last sentence — recirculation}}
003.01+Motif: The Letter: Reverend (letter start) [628.16]
003.01+running river
003.01+Samuel Taylor Coleridge: other works: Kubla Khan 1: 'In Xanadu... Where Alph, the sacred river, ran'
003.01+Italian riverranno: (they) will come again
003.01+French rêverons: (we) will dream
003.01+French reverrons: (we) will see again, (we) will meet again
003.01+pa, Stephen (Joyce's father, John JOYCE, died shortly before the birth of Joyce's grandson, Stephen JOYCE)
003.01+Adam and Eve's (Franciscan) Church, Dublin, beside the Liffey river (on Merchants' Quay), on site of a tavern of the same name
003.01+Adam and Eve
003.02of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to
003.02+(commode: a container for a chamber-pot; Dialect jordan: chamber-pot; hence, Giordano Bruno)
003.02+Latin vicus: village, street
003.02+Giambattista Vico
003.02+Vico Road, Dalkey (on the southern side of Dublin Bay)
003.02+vicious circle
003.03Howth Castle and Environs.
003.03+HCE (Motif: HCE)
003.03+Howth: promontory and peninsula on the northern side of Dublin Bay (pronounced 'hoaeth')
003.03+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. VIII, 'Edinburgh', 937b: 'The views of the city and environs from the castle or any of the hills are very beautiful'
003.04     Sir Tristram, violer d'amores, fr'over the short sea, had passen-
003.04+{{Synopsis: I.1.1A.B: [003.04-003.14]: beginning of time — nothing yet had happened}}
003.04+(the structure of this paragraph bears some resemblance to Dante: The Divine Comedy: Paradiso XV.100-111)
003.04+(Dramatis Personæ)
003.04+the legendary Tristan (Malory's Sir Tristram; *Y*) spent his youth in Brittany (Armorica [.05]), returned to Cornwall, and thence to Ireland to fetch Isolde (*I*) for his uncle, King Mark (*E*)
003.04+Sir Amory Tristram, first earl of Howth [.03], was born in Brittany (Armorica [.05]) and changed his name to Saint Lawrence [.08]
003.04+French violer: to rape, to violate
003.04+French violeur: rapist
003.04+violet (at the end of the rainbow) (Motif: red/violet) [.12]
003.04+viola d'amore: seven-stringed musical instrument
003.04+Portuguese d'amores: of loves
003.04+from over
003.04+Obsolete frover: comfort, comforter (often applied to God or the Holy Ghost)
003.04+rover: wanderer; pirate
003.04+Nautical Short Sea: Irish Sea
003.04+Nautical short sea: one with close waves, choppy
003.04+short C (music)
003.04+French pas encore: not yet
003.04+French passe encore: still happening (said of something passable or tolerable)
003.05core rearrived from North Armorica on this side the scraggy
003.05+Latin cor: heart (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.05+North America
003.05+Armorica: ancient name of Brittany
003.05+arm (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.05+Slang scrag: Greek isthmos: neck (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.05+happy Christmas
003.06isthmus of Europe Minor to wielderfight his penisolate war: nor
003.06+(the isthmus of Sutton joins the peninsula of Howth to the mainland)
003.06+Asia Minor
003.06+Dutch wiel: wheel
003.06+German wieder: again
003.06+yield or fight
003.06+Peninsular War (Napoleon's first meeting with Wellington)
003.06+penis (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.07had topsawyer's rocks by the stream Oconee exaggerated themselse
003.07+top sawyer: the sawyer who works the upper handle of a pit-saw; someone who excels in his profession [173.28]
003.07+Mark Twain: other works: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
003.07+Slang rocks: testicles (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.07+knee (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.07+Latin exaggerare: to mound up, to pile up
003.08to Laurens County's gorgios while they went doublin their mumper
003.08+Dublin, Laurens County, Georgia, United States, on the Oconee river (founded in the early 19th century by an Irishman, Jonathan Sawyer (Joyce seems to have thought his name was Peter Sawyer), and named after his wife's birthplace; at one time may have had 5000 inhabitants and its motto may have been 'Doubling all the time')
003.08+Laurence O'Toole: bishop of Dublin at time of Anglo-Norman conquest
003.08+VI.B.10.083f (o): 'gorgios (Gentiles)'
003.08+Daily Mail 28 Dec 1922, 6/5: 'Gipsies in Winter': 'gipsies of the true caste complained that the "giorgios" or "Gentiles" persisted in classing all kinds of tramps and beggars of the high road as "gipsies"'
003.08+Gipsy gorgio: a Gentile, a person who is not a Gypsy, one who lives in a house and not in a tent (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 33)
003.08+Italian gorgo: whirlpool
003.08+French gorge: throat (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.08+Giorgio JOYCE
003.08+Colloquial mum: mother
003.08+VI.B.10.083d (o): 'mumper roadfolk who shelter'
003.08+Daily Mail 28 Dec 1922, 6/5: 'Gipsies in Winter': 'the Romanichal, the true-bred gipsy, scorns the "mumpers" or road-folk who seek cover at night under house-roof'
003.08+Slang mumper: halfbred gipsy, beggar, mendicant
003.08+French père: father
003.09all the time: nor avoice from afire bellowsed mishe mishe to
003.09+(according to legend, Saint Patrick lit a Paschal fire on the hill of Slane on Holy Saturday 433, in defiance of High King Laoire's orders)
003.09+Nora JOYCE
003.09+a voice from afar [407.14]
003.09+Exodus 3:2: 'the bush burned with fire... God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.'
003.09+Motif: 4 elements (fire, earth, air, water) [.11] [.11] [.14]
003.09+bellows: lungs (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.09+Lucia JOYCE
003.09+Motif: mishe/tauf
003.09+Irish mise: me, I am (pronounced 'mishi'; i.e. Christian)
003.09+Anglo-Irish musha: well, indeed (expressing surprise or annoyance)
003.09+Hebrew Moshe: Moses
003.10tauftauf thuartpeatrick: not yet, though venissoon after, had a
003.10+German taufen: to baptise
003.10+(Saint Patrick was said to have baptised thousands of Irish pagans)
003.10+Taff (Motif: Butt/Taff [.11])
003.10+Matthew 16:18: 'thou art Peter, and upon this rock' [407.15]
003.10+peat rick
003.10+Patrick (Saint Patrick)
003.10+Genesis 27:19: (Jacob deceiving blind Isaac into blessing him) 'And Jacob said unto his father, I am Esau thy firstborn... sit and eat of my venison, that thy soul may bless me'
003.10+very soon
003.10+Swift's Vanessa
003.10+German After: anus (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.11kidscad buttended a bland old isaac: not yet, though all's fair in
003.11+kid, butt [035.33-.34]
003.11+kidskin (which Jacob used to disguise himself)
003.11+cad [035.11]
003.11+cadet: younger son (as Jacob was)
003.11+Butt [.10]
003.11+Colloquial butt: buttock (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.11+as a boy, Parnell was nicknamed 'Butt-head' (from his habit of charging goat-like into his siblings, when annoyed by them)
003.11+Isaac Butt: 19th century Irish nationalist politician, ousted by Parnell from the leadership of the Home Rule Confederation of Great Britain (the British sister organisation of the Home Rule League) in 1877
003.11+land (earth) [.09]
003.11+Grand Old Man: an epithet applied to Gladstone by his supporters
003.11+phrase all's fair in love and war
003.11+William Shakespeare: Macbeth I.1.11: 'Fair is foul, and foul is fair'
003.11+Thackery: Vanity Fair (also a location in Bunyan's Pilgrim Progress)
003.11+air [.09]
003.11+in vain
003.11+Inverness: Macbeth's castle (William Shakespeare: Macbeth I.4.42)
003.12vanessy, were sosie sesthers wroth with twone nathandjoe. Rot a
003.12+Swift's Vanessa
003.12+French sosie: double, lookalike (from the male character Sosie in Molière's comedy Amphitryon)
003.12+saucy sisters
003.12+Susanna, Esther, Ruth: the heroines of three Biblical (or Apocryphal) tales involving the love of old men for young girls
003.12+(Macbeth was beguiled by 'three weird sisters' (William Shakespeare: Macbeth II.1.20))
003.12+Swift's Stella and Swift's Vanessa (*IJ*), two much younger women with whom Swift had long romantic relationships of an unclear nature, were both called Esther (Johnson and Vanhomrigh, respectively)
003.12+Danish nat: night
003.12+Dutch nat: wet
003.12+Jonathan (Swift's Vanessa wrote a rebus deriving Swift's first name from those of the biblical Joseph and Nathan)
003.12+(Tristram called himself Tramtris when in Ireland)
003.12+hand (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.12+German rot: red (at the end of the rainbow) [.04]
003.12+Latin rota: wheel
003.13peck of pa's malt had Jhem or Shen brewed by arclight and rory
003.13+(Noah planted vine, was drunk and was seen naked by his son Ham)
003.13+song O, Willie brew'd a peck o' malt
003.13+Jameson whiskey
003.13+James JOYCE
003.13+Japhet, Shem, Ham: sons of Noah (Motif: Shem, Ham and Japhet)
003.13+Motif: Shem/Shaun
003.13+Hebrew shen: tooth (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.13+French arc-en-ciel: rainbow
003.13+Noah's ark
003.13+(nary a brow (vegetation) on the face of the water) [012.08-.09]
003.13+Roderick (Rory) O'Connor: last high king of Ireland
003.13+Rory and Regan are, respectively, hero and villain in Samuel Lover's "Rory O'More"
003.13+Obsolete rory: dewy
003.13+Anglo-Irish bloody end to the lie: no lie
003.14end to the regginbrow was to be seen ringsome on the aquaface.
003.14+German Regenbogen: rainbow (sign of God's promise to Noah not to send a second flood)
003.14+brow (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.14+at the subsidence of the Universal Flood in Norse myth, the body of the dead Ymir, father of the giants, became the world, his hair the trees, and his eyebrows the grass and flowers
003.14+acronym: ROTA [.12]
003.14+German ringsum: around, all around
003.14+Genesis 1:2: 'And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters'
003.14+Latin aqua: water [.09]
003.14+face (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.14+(Osiris's body was torn up into fourteen parts [.05-.14] [.21] [.23]) (Cluster: Body Parts)
003.15     The fall (bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonner-
003.15+{{Synopsis: I.1.1A.C: [003.15-003.24]: the fall — the thunder}}
003.15+Motif: 100-letter thunderword [.15-.17] [314.08]
003.15+(Vico claimed that thunderclaps terrified primitive man and sent him into caves, giving rise to civilisation)
003.15+(Motif: stuttering)
003.15+Hungarian dörgés: thunder
003.15+Hindustani gargarahat, karak: thunder
003.15+Arabic ra'd: thunder
003.15+VI.B.11.013o (o): 'kaminari = thunder' [475.02]
003.15+Japanese kaminari: thunder
003.15+Italian camminarono: they walked
003.15+Finnish ukkonen: thunder
003.15+Greek brontê: thunder
003.15+French tonnerre: thunder
003.16+Italian tuono: thunder
003.16+Dialect thunner: thunder
003.16+Portuguese trovão: thunder
003.16+Swedish åska: thunder
003.16+Irish scán: crack
003.16+Danish torden: thunder
003.16+Irish tórnach: thunder
003.17nuk!) of a once wallstrait oldparr is retaled early in bed and later
003.17+Wall Street Crash (but not that of 1929, for this sentence already appeared in Transition #1, published in 1927)
003.17+phrase straight as a wall
003.17+Old Parr: Thomas Parr of Shropshire, a 17th century English man believed to have lived to be over 150 years of age (but probably less than half that), and accused of getting a young woman with child when over a hundred years old (referred to in his post-mortem report as 'incontinence', namely 'unchastity'), for which he did some form of public penance
003.17+parr: young salmon
003.17+French père: father
003.17+proverb Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise [.20]
003.18on life down through all christian minstrelsy. The great fall of the
003.18+Christy's Minstrels: the name of several blackface minstrel troupes (at least one appeared in Dublin music halls at the end of the 19th century)
003.18+nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty: 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall'
003.19offwall entailed at such short notice the pftjschute of Finnegan,
003.19+French œuf: egg (nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty)
003.19+entail: an inheritance not to be disposed of
003.19+tail: the posteriors [.20] [.20]
003.19+French chute: fall
003.19+song Finnegan's Wake 2: 'He fell from the ladder and broke his skull'
003.20erse solid man, that the humptyhillhead of humself prumptly sends
003.20+Obsolete Erse: Irish; Scottish Gaelic
003.20+German erste: first
003.20+else (Motif: L/R)
003.20+alias (Motif: L/R)
003.20+arse: the posteriors [.19] [.20]
003.20+solid: (of persons) sound, reliable, composed
003.20+song Muldoon, the Solid Man
003.20+(healthy (solid), wealthy (Latin solidus) and wise (Solomon)) [.17]
003.20+nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty [.21]
003.20+(a sleeping giant with Howth Hill as his head and with his feet sticking up in Phoenix Park)
003.20+rump: the posteriors [.19] [.20]
003.21an unquiring one well to the west in quest of his tumptytumtoes:
003.21+un: in Egyptian mythology, the hare as a symbol of Osiris
003.21+Amenti (originally meant 'The West'), Osiris's kingdom, is the Egyptian underworld
003.21+(Osiris was dismembered by Set and his organs scattered [.14] [.23])
003.22and their upturnpikepointandplace is at the knock out in the park
003.22+(five toes)
003.22+phrase turn up one's toes: to die
003.22+Turnpike in Chapelizod
003.22+pike: the long-pointed up-turned peak at the toe of a shoe, fashionable in the 14th and 15th centuries
003.22+point: in ballet, the tip of the toes
003.22+Russian palec: toe
003.22+Irish cnoc: hill
003.22+Castleknock: area west of Phoenix Park (site of the battle where Finn's father, Cumhal, was killed)
003.23where oranges have been laid to rust upon the green since dev-
003.23+Slang orange: female genitalia
003.23+orange (Protestant), green (Catholic)
003.23+(the Basque word for orange (laranja) is possibly folk-etymologised as 'the fruit that was first eaten' (i.e. by Adam and Eve))
003.23+organs [.14] [.21]
003.23+phrase laid to rest: buried
003.23+Dutch rust: rest
003.23+De Valera
003.23+(Adam loved Eve)
003.24linsfirst loved livvy.
003.24+German Fürst: prince
003.24+Liffey river

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