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017.01                       where the liveries, Monomark. There where the mis-
017.01+coyne and livery [016.31]
017.01+Liberties: district of Dublin
017.01+Greek monomachos: gladiator
017.01+(Mark the First) [021.18]
017.01+Colloquial missies: girls
017.02                       sers moony, Minnikin passe.
017.02+Greek Slang mouni: female genitalia
017.02+Manneken-Pis: statue in Brussels of a child urinating [.06]
017.02+French Slang passe: a fuck
017.03     Jute. — Simply because as Taciturn pretells, our wrongstory-
017.03+(killed simply because)
017.03+Tacitus briefly mentions Ireland (has a concise style)
017.03+phrase to make a long story short
017.04                       shortener, he dumptied the wholeborrow of rubba-
017.04+dumped the wheelbarrow of rubbish
017.04+(formation of midden heap) [110.22-111.04]
017.04+nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty
017.04+Dialect rubbage: rubbish
017.05                       ges on to soil here.
017.06     Mutt. — Just how a puddinstone inat the brookcells by a
017.06+(just like)
017.06+German wie: how; like
017.06+VI.B.14.003n (o): 'poudingue pudding stone' (only last two words crayoned)
017.06+Boulenger & Thérive: Les Soirées du Grammaire-Club 263: 'Il faut un travail plus subtil de l'esprit pour séparer et classer les éléments de ce poudingue' (French 'We need a more subtle working of the mind to separate and classify the elements of this pudding-stone') (glossed in a footnote: 'Ceci n'est pas une francisation arbitraire, mais un mot de géologie' (French 'This is not an arbitrary frenchisation, but a word of geology'))
017.06+pudding-stone: a conglomerate rock consisting of naturally-cemented pebbles (French poudingue)
017.06+French Bruxelles: Brussels [.02]
017.06+German Dialect Bruck: bridge
017.06+Celbridge (Church of the Bridge), County Kildare, on Liffey river, west of Dublin
017.07                       riverpool.
017.07+Liverpool (Motif: L/R)
017.08     Jute. — Load Allmarshy! Wid wad for a norse like?
017.08+Lord Almighty!
017.08+Lord have mercy!
017.08+all marshy
017.08+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation wid: with
017.08+Cornish wad: forefather
017.09     Mutt. — Somular with a bull on a clompturf. Rooks roarum
017.09+similar to
017.09+phrase like a bull in a china shop
017.09+bull-roarer: a piece of wood or bone making a roaring noise when swung round on the end of a string (used by druids and Australian aborigines for religious purposes)
017.09+Clontarf (coastal parish three miles northeast of Dublin centre and site of famous battle; name means 'Bull Meadow')
017.09+Latin rex rerum: king of wealth
017.10                       rex roome! I could snore to him of the spumy horn,
017.10+Latin rex Romae: king of Rome
017.10+Swiss German schnore: chatter, talk
017.10+spumy: covered with sea-foam, frothy
017.10+horn: a piece of land projecting into the sea, a promontory
017.10+(promontory of Howth, hence oath)
017.11                       with his woolseley side in, by the neck I am sutton
017.11+song Brian O'Linn: (had breeches with) 'The skinny side out and the woolly side in' [.12]
017.11+Arthur Wellesley, first Duke of Wellington
017.11+isthmus of Sutton, joining Howth and the mainland (Greek isthmos: neck)
017.12                       on, did Brian d' of Linn.
017.12+song Brian O'Linn [.11]
017.12+Black Linn: the highest point on Howth
017.12+Irish linn: pool, lake, sea
017.13     Jute. — Boildoyle and rawhoney on me when I can beuraly
017.13+boiled oil and raw honey (both were used as forms of torture, the former by immersion, the latter by attraction of biting insects)
017.13+Baldoyle and Raheny: districts of Dublin
017.13+German wenn: if
017.13+French beurre: butter
017.13+Irish Béarla: English language
017.13+barely understand a word
017.14                       forsstand a weird from sturk to finnic in such a pat-
017.14+Danish forstand: understanding
017.14+Doctor Sturk: a character in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, who lives in Chapelizod and is knocked unconscious in Phoenix Park, but recovers briefly before dying (his damaged skull inspires the book, a century later [.18])
017.14+start to finish
017.14+Turkish to Finnish
017.14+Finnic: pertaining to the Finnish people, or to a branch of languages comprising Finnish, Estonian and related languages
017.14+finnoc: a white trout
017.14+VI.B.17.104d ( ): 'patwhat'
017.14+Chervin: Bégaiement 302: 'On sait que dans le parler patois notamment, la prononciation de certaines diphtongues est considérablement modifiée (loué, moué, roué, pour toi, moi, roi, etc.)' (French 'We know that in vernacular dialect in particular, the pronunciation of certain diphthongs is considerably modified (loué, moué, roué, for toi, moi, roi, etc.)') [497.22]
017.14+French patois: dialect, cant
017.15                       what as your rutterdamrotter. Onheard of and um-
017.15+Rotterdam: city, Netherlands
017.15+German Götterdämmerung: twilight of the gods
017.15+Dutch on-: un-
017.15+Motif: ear/eye (unheard, unseen)
017.15+German umsehen: look around
017.16                       scene! Gut aftermeal! See you doomed.
017.16+German gut: good
017.16+good afternoon!
017.16+get after (behind) me
017.16+phrase I'll see you damned first
017.16+see you soon
017.17     Mutt. — Quite agreem. Bussave a sec. Walk a dun blink
017.17+{{Synopsis: I.1.1E.C: [017.17-018.16]: Mutt tells of the fallen — the dialogue of Mutt and Jute ends}}
017.17+a dream
017.17+(wait a second)
017.17+Dunsink Observatory, Dublin
017.18                       roundward this albutisle and you skull see how olde
017.18+all but isle (i.e. peninsula; from Latin pæne: almost and Latin insula: island)
017.18+Prince Albert Island, Canada
017.18+skull [.14]
017.19                       ye plaine of my Elters, hunfree and ours, where wone
017.19+Moyelta: the old plain of Elta, where the Parthalonians died of plague and were buried; probably an area adjacent to Howth, perhaps south of Dublin
017.19+German Eltern: parents
017.20                       to wail whimbrel to peewee o'er the saltings, where
017.20+whimbrel, peewee (birds)
017.20+VI.B.25.155f (o): 'Saltings'
017.20+salting: meadow flooded by tide
017.21                       wilby citie by law of isthmon, where by a droit of
017.21+will be
017.21+Danish by: town
017.21+isthmus (of Sutton, joining Howth and the mainland)
017.21+droit de seigneur: the supposed right of a feudal overlord to deflower the bride of any of his tenants on the first night of her marriage
017.22                       signory, icefloe was from his Inn the Byggning to
017.22+Genesis 1:1, John 1:1: 'In the beginning'
017.22+Danish bygning: building
017.23                       whose Finishthere Punct. Let erehim ruhmuhrmuhr.
017.23+finishing point
017.23+Finisterre: an indication on ancient maps for the end of the known world (from Latin finis terræ: end of the earth)
017.23+Cape Finisterre: northwestern tip of Spain (Celts supposedly came thence to Ireland)
017.23+Phoenix Park (large park northwest of Dublin; name probably derives from Irish fionnuisce: clear water (pronounced 'finishki'), corrupted into Phoenix)
017.23+German Punkt: period, full stop
017.23+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Let Erin Remember the Days of Old [air: The Red Fox [.24-.25]]
017.23+German Ehre: honour, glory
017.23+German Ruhm: glory, fame
017.24                       Mearmerge two races, swete and brack. Morthering
017.24+Italian mare: sea
017.24+VI.B.5.136g (r): 'limit of 2 races child's grave'
017.24+Chateaubriand: Œuvres Choisies Illustrées I.41, Atala: 'Nous passâmes auprès du tombeau d'un enfant, qui servait de limite à deux nations' (French 'We passed close to the tomb of a child, that served as a boundary for two nations')
017.24+race: a strong current in the sea or a river
017.24+sweet and brack (salty)
017.24+Motif: dark/fair (white, black)
017.24+song Moddereen Rue
017.24+Irish moddereen rue: little red dog (i.e. fox)
017.25                       rue. Hither, craching eastuards, they are in surgence:
017.25+Archaic rue: sorrow, regret, pity
017.25+HCE (Motif: HCE)
017.25+VI.B.5.144c (r): 'here flux unites *T* & *L* reflux divides'
017.25+Schuré: Les Grandes Légendes de France 215: (of the tides of the Baie de Tréspassés) 'Une touchante imagination populaire fait se rencontrer ici les âmes de ceux qui se sont suicidés par amour et perdus dans le mort. Une fois par an, ils ont le droit de se revoir. Le flux les réunit, le reflux les sépare, et ils s'arrachent l'un à l'autre avec de longs gémissements' (French 'A touching folk legend has it that here meet the souls of those who had killed themselves for love and had been lost in death. Once a year, they are allowed to see each other. The flux unites them, the reflux separates them, and they tear away from each other amid prolonged lamentations')
017.25+French cracher: to spit
017.26                       hence, cool at ebb, they requiesce. Countlessness of
017.26+HCE (Motif: HCE)
017.26+Obsolete requiesce: to rest
017.26+Latin requiescat in pace: (of the dead) rest in peace
017.26+(many men have fallen)
017.27                       livestories have netherfallen by this plage, flick as
017.27+life stories
017.27+German niederfallen: fall down
017.27+French plage: beach
017.27+German Plage: plague
017.27+place, thick as snowflakes
017.28                       flowflakes, litters from aloft, like a waast wizzard all of
017.28+Dutch waas: haze, blur
017.29                       whirlworlds. Now are all tombed to the mound, isges
017.29+whirl worlds [597.29]
017.29+Archaic tomb: to entomb, to bury
017.29+French tomber: to fall
017.29+(burial mound)
017.29+French monde: world
017.29+Old English isge: ice
017.29+Order for the Burial of the Dead: 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust'
017.29+Greek gês: earth
017.30                       to isges, erde from erde. Pride, O pride, thy prize!
017.30+German Erde: Old English erde: earth
017.30+French merde: shit
017.30+Motif: Bride of the brine
017.31     Jute. — 'Stench!
017.32     Mutt. — Fiatfuit! Hereinunder lyethey. Llarge by the smal an'
017.32+Motif: Fiat-Fuit (so be it, and it was; Latin fiat: let it be, so be it; Latin fuit: it was, there was) [124.28] [613.14]
017.32+German pfui!: pew!, ugh! (exclamation of disgust)
017.32+German herunter, hinunter: downward (viewed from below or above, respectively)
017.32+phrase here lies (tombstone)
017.32+German einander: one another, each other
017.32+lye: a strong alkali (in ancient times, used in the burial of plague victims)
017.32+lie they
017.32+(opposites: large/small)
017.32+Dutch smal: narrow
017.33                       everynight life olso th'estrange, babylone the great-
017.33+(opposites: everyday/strange)
017.33+Oslo, Norway
017.33+also the stranger
017.33+French l'étrange: the strange
017.33+Babylone: district of Paris
017.33+Arnold Bennett: Grand Babylon Hotel (Bennett reviewed James Joyce: Ulysses rather unfavourably (Outlook 29 Apr 1922; Deming: The Critical Heritage 219))
017.33+(opposites: great/little)
017.34                       grandhotelled with tit tit tittlehouse, alp on earwig,
017.34+(opposites: hotel/house)
017.34+*F* (the title of Finnegans Wake may have started out as 'Finn's Hotel')
017.34+(Motif: stuttering)
017.34+nursery rhyme 'Little Tommy Tittlemouse Lived in a little house'
017.34+Motif: 4 elements (earth, air, water, fire)
017.34+(opposites: *A*/*E*)
017.34+ALP (Motif: ALP)
017.34+German Alpdruck, Alpdrücken: nightmare (in the form of suffocating pressure on the sleeper's chest) [.35]
017.35                       drukn on ild, likeas equal to anequal in this sound
017.35+(opposites: water/fire)
017.35+Danish drukne: to drown
017.35+Norwegian ild: fire
017.35+(opposites: equal/unequal)
017.35+(opposites: sound/sight (Motif: ear/eye))
017.36                       seemetery which iz leebez luv.
017.36+German Liebes-: love-
017.36+Wagner: Tristan und Isolde: Liebestod ('love-death' aria) [018.02]

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