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025.01you presents, won't we, fenians? And it isn't our spittle we'll stint
025.01+Fenians: a revolutionary brotherhood of the 1860s, but the name was also erroneously applied to the Fianna, Finn's warrior band
025.01+(some medicine men anoint with spittle) [.04]
025.02you of, is it, druids? Not shabbty little imagettes, pennydirts and
025.02+VI.B.32.169d (r): 'Shabti figures'
025.02+Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 36: (of Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. VI) 'The text of Chapter VI was cut on figures made of stone, wood, etc. (ushabtiu), which were placed in the tomb, and when the deceased recited it these figures became alive and did everything he wished. The shabti figure... took the place of the human funerary sacrifice which was common all over Egypt before the general adoption of the cult of Osiris'
025.02+Colloquial penny dreadfuls: 19th-20th century British serial publications featuring cheap sensational stories (and costing one penny per issue)
025.03dodgemyeyes you buy in the soottee stores. But offerings of the
025.03+VI.B.45.135j (o): 'suttee'
025.03+Mawer: The Vikings 109: 'A careful examination of Norwegian graves has proved fairly definitely the existence of the custom of 'suttee' during the Viking period'
025.03+suttee: a historical Hindu custom, in which a widow immolated herself on her deceased husband's funeral pyre (also, such a widow)
025.03+sweet stores (usually, those of bees)
025.03+city stores
025.03+VI.B.32.163b (r): 'Osiris field of reeds — — grasshopp — — offerings of food' (dashes ditto 'field of'; only antepenultimate word crayoned)
025.03+Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 21: 'Osiris offered... as a reward a life in the Field of Reeds, and the Field of Offerings of Food, and the Field of the Grasshoppers, and everlasting existence in a transmuted and beatified body among the resurrected bodies of father and mother, wife and children, kinsfolk and friends'
025.03+Matthew 6:28: 'lilies of the field'
025.04field. Mieliodories, that Doctor Faherty, the madison man,
025.04+French miel: honey [.05]
025.04+Irish míle deóra: a thousand tears
025.04+Greek miliodôros: of a thousand gifts
025.04+Madison Avenue, New York City (synonymous with American advertising since the 1920s)
025.04+medicine man
025.05taught to gooden you. Poppypap's a passport out. And honey is
025.05+French passe-partout: functioning in all circumstances; a master key
025.05+Swift: The Battle of the Books: 'honey and wax... furnishing mankind with the two noblest of things, which are sweetness and light'
025.06the holiest thing ever was, hive, comb and earwax, the food for
025.06+HCE (Motif: HCE)
025.07glory, (mind you keep the pot or your nectar cup may yield too
025.08light!) and some goat's milk, sir, like the maid used to bring you.
025.08+VI.B.1.065h (r): 'goatsmilk'
025.09Your fame is spreading like Basilico's ointment since the Fintan
025.09+in Rossini's The Barber of Seville, Don Basilio sings an aria about the spreading of calumny
025.09+Italian basilico: basil
025.09+basilicon: the name of various ointments, of supposedly 'royal' virtues, some possibly containing basil (from Greek basilikos: kingly, royal)
025.09+(since you died)
025.09+Fintan Lalor Fife Players
025.10Lalors piped you overborder and there's whole households be-
025.11yond the Bothnians and they calling names after you. The men-
025.11+Gulf of Bothnia between Sweden and Finland
025.11+(named after you)
025.11+menhir: tall, upright monumental stone
025.11+Dutch meneer, mijnheer: gentleman, Mr, sir
025.12here's always talking of you sitting around on the pig's cheeks
025.12+the Chinese character for home is referred to as 'pig under roof'
025.13under the sacred rooftree, over the bowls of memory where every
025.13+sacred roof-tree, symbol of Osiris (from a legend that the erica or heather tree that grew from his body was cut down and made into a roof-tree, namely the main beam of a roof, while still containing the god)
025.13+VI.B.45.134c (o): 'cups of memory'
025.13+Mawer: The Vikings 88: (of the conflict between a Viking king who had converted to Christianity and his still pagan people) 'At the great autumn festival at Lade when the cups of memory were drunk, Earl Sigurd signed a cup to Odin, but the king made the sign of the cross over his cup'
025.13+phrase bowels of memory
025.13+proverb Every bullet has its billet
025.14hollow holds a hallow, with a pledge till the drengs, in the Salmon
025.14+hold, dreng: two different titles, used in regions of England originally under Viking rule, especially Northumbria [128.05]
025.14+Archaic hallow: holy personage, saint
025.14+(hallowed memory)
025.14+Danish til drengene: to the boys
025.14+VI.B.45.137d (o): 'the drengs' [128.05]
025.14+Mawer: The Vikings 135: 'The 'holds' of Northumbria, who rank next after the earls, and the 'drengs' of Cumberland, Westmorland, Lancashire, Northumberland and Durham, are also of Scandinavian origin. The 'dreng' was 'a free servant of the king endowed with lands'' [128.05]
025.14+The Salmon House: a Chapelizod public house (mentioned in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, prologue)
025.15House. And admiring to our supershillelagh where the palmsweat
025.15+shillelagh: a blackthorn cudgel (especially Irish)
025.15+(sweaty hands)
025.16on high is the mark of your manument. All the toethpicks ever
025.16+Latin manus: hand
025.16+pick (one's) toes
025.16+Slang toothpick: shillelagh
025.16+(Wellington Monument) [.17]
025.17Eirenesians chewed on are chips chepped from that battery
025.17+Greek eirênê: peace
025.17+phrase chip off the old block
025.17+the Wellington Monument in Phoenix Park was erected on the site of the old Salute Battery (where a dozen cannons were mounted for discharge on days of public note)
025.17+battery block: an arrangement of timbers forming the foundation on which the mortar rests in an ore-crushing stamp-mill
025.18block. If you were bowed and soild and letdown itself from the
025.18+bought and sold
025.19oner of the load it was that paddyplanters might pack up plenty and
025.19+Obsolete oner: to burden
025.19+owner of the land
025.19+honour of the Lord [027.23]
025.19+paddy: rice; rice-field
025.19+Colloquial paddy: Irishman
025.19+VI.B.45.148e (o): 'paddyplanters walk bowed'
025.19+planters: English settlers in 17th century Ireland
025.20when you were undone in every point fore the laps of goddesses
025.20+phrase in the lap of the gods: beyond human control, left to fate
025.21you showed our labourlasses how to free was easy. The game old
025.21+German freien: to woo
025.21+Grand Old Man: an epithet applied to Gladstone by his supporters
025.22Gunne, they do be saying, (skull!) that was a planter for you, a
025.22+Michael Gunn: manager of Gaiety Theatre, Dublin
025.22+Danish skaal! (toast)
025.22+planter [.19]
025.23spicer of them all. Begog but he was, the G.O.G! He's dudd-
025.23+by God
025.23+Gog and Magog: legendary giants in British folklore
025.23+game old Gunne [.21-.22]
025.23+dead and gone
025.24andgunne now and we're apter finding the sores of his sedeq
025.24+Hebrew shoresh: a root
025.24+Hebrew tsedeq: justice
025.24+Czech zadek: buttocks, arse
025.25but peace to his great limbs, the buddhoch, with the last league
025.25+Anglo-Irish badhach: lout, bumpkin, clow (from Irish bodach)
025.25+Czech hoch: boy
025.25+German hoch: high
025.26long rest of him, while the millioncandled eye of Tuskar sweeps
025.26+Tuskar lighthouse off South-East Ireland had a one-million-candlepower light
025.26+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.166: Temora I: 'He turned his eye to Moi-lena'
025.26+tusk (Buddha had incarnations as an elephant)
025.27the Moylean Main! There was never a warlord in Great Erinnes
025.27+Moyle: sea between Ireland and Scotland
025.27+Anglo-Irish Erin: Ireland
025.27+German erinnern: to remind
025.27+Erinyes: minor deities of vengeance in Greek mythology (also known as Furies)
025.28and Brettland, no, nor in all Pike County like you, they say. No,
025.28+Danish Bretland: originally Wales, now poetic for all Great Britain
025.28+Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn explanatory: 'In this book a number of dialects are used... the ordinary "Pike County" dialect' (Pike County, Missouri, United States)
025.29nor a king nor an ardking, bung king, sung king or hung king.
025.29+Irish árd rí: High King (of Ireland)
025.29+Slang bung: brewer, publican
025.29+Scottish Colloquial bung: drunk
025.29+The Sun King: epithet of Louis XIV
025.29+Hong Kong
025.30That you could fell an elmstree twelve urchins couldn't ring
025.30+elm tree
025.30+Motif: tree/stone [.31]
025.31round and hoist high the stone that Liam failed. Who but a Mac-
025.31+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.203: Temora II: 'When thou, O stone, shalt fail'
025.31+Irish Liam: William
025.31+Lia Fáil: a stone at Tara that supposedly shrieked at coronations of rightful High Kings
025.31+MacCool: Finn's patronymic
025.31+James Maculla, projector of a copper coinage for Ireland
025.32cullaghmore the reise of our fortunes and the faunayman at the
025.32+Irish mór: great
025.32+German Reise: journey
025.32+funny man
025.33funeral to compass our cause? If you was hogglebully itself and
025.33+Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn
025.34most frifty like you was taken waters still what all where was
025.34+Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 5: (Huck's pap) 'was most fifty... his eyes shining through like he was behind vines'
025.35your like to lay the cable or who was the batter could better
025.35+batter (cricket)
025.36Your Grace? Mick Mac Magnus MacCawley can take you off to
025.36+W.G. Grace: famous English cricketer for over thirty years
025.36+Thomas Babington Macaulay: 19th century British poet, historian and politician

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