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034.01round Dumbaling in leaky sneakers with his tarrk record who
034.01+VI.B.32.199f ( ): 'sneakers (white shoes)'
034.01+VI.B.3.161b (b): 'with a bad record —'
034.02has remained topantically anonymos but (let us hue him Abdul-
034.02+Greek to pan: the whole, completely
034.02+Greek tô panti: in every respect
034.02+Greek anônymos: anonymous, nameless
034.02+VI.B.5.039m (r): 'Let us call him Otto Chorzel (spy)'
034.02+phrase hue and cry [.05]
034.02+Abdullah: father of Mohammed
034.03lah Gamellaxarksky) was, it is stated, posted at Mallon's at the
034.03+Danish gammel lax: old salmon
034.03+VI.B.10.102h (b): 'posted at Lloyd's as missing'
034.03+Irish Times 9 Jan 1923, 4/5: 'Toll of the Sea': 'In the year 1922 twenty-one ships have been posted at Lloyds as "missing" and a ship "missing" at Lloyds seldom reappers'
034.03+John Mallon: superintendent of Dublin police at time of the Phoenix Park murders
034.04instance of watch warriors of the vigilance committee and years
034.04+VI.B.3.119a (b): 'Vigilance Cie Watch & Ward'
034.04+VI.B.25.033a (b): 'Vigilance Committee'
034.04+The Irish Vigilance Association: a volunteer movement founded in 1911, under the auspices of the Dominicans, in the form of a number of Vigilance Committees, with the purpose of protecting Irish Catholics from the excesses of the English popular press
034.05afterwards, cries one even greater, Ibid, a commender of the
034.05+phrase hue and cry [.02]
034.05+VI.B.2.038j (r): ', writes one,'
034.05+the parenthetical expression 'writes' followed by the name of a correspondent appears more than a hundred times in Fitz-Patrick: The Life of the Very Rev. Thomas N. Burke
034.05+VI.B.7.022a (r): 'One even greater'
034.05+Boldt: From Luther to Steiner v: (comparing Steiner to Jesus) 'Was it not said of One yet Greater: "He has blasphemed God — what need we of further testimony?"'
034.05+ibid.: in the same bibliographic source (short for Latin ibidem: in the same place)
034.05+Commander of the Faithful: epithet applied to caliphs
034.06frightful, seemingly, unto such as were sulhan sated, tropped head
034.06+Hebrew shulkhan: table, table spread with food
034.06+Finnish sulhanen: fiancé, bridegroom
034.06+VI.B.10.066c (b): 'whilst waiting for chop he dropped dead' [.06-.08]
034.07(pfiat! pfiat!) waiting his first of the month froods turn for
034.07+German Dialect Pfiat di!; goodbye!
034.07+German pfui!: shame! [033.34]
034.07+Motif: Fiat-Fuit (Latin fiat: let it be, so be it) [033.34]
034.07+first day of the month [.09]
034.07+Jewish Day of First Fruits
034.08thatt chopp pah kabbakks alicubi on the old house for the charge-
034.08+chop and cabbage
034.08+Finnish kapakka: tavern
034.08+Cubehouse, Ka'aba, Mecca [005.14]
034.08+Latin alicubi: somewhere
034.08+'Old House': Theatre Royal, Hawkins Street, Dublin [.09]
034.08+Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard (set in Chapelizod)
034.09hard, Roche Haddocks off Hawkins Street. Lowe, you blondy
034.09+Father Roach: a parish priest in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard
034.09+roach, haddock (fish)
034.09+Hebrew Rosh Khodesh: the first day of the month [.07] in the Hebrew calendar, observed as a minor festival
034.09+fishmarket in Dublin between Hawkins Street and D'Olier Street
034.09+Oliver Lowe: a magistrate in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard
034.09+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin (1903), 1923: 'J. Lowe. Chief Inspector, Detective Department' [.03]
034.10liar, Gob scene you in the narked place and she what's edith ar
034.10+Anglo-Irish seen: saw
034.10+Slang nark: police informer
034.10+market place [.09]
034.10+Psalms 68:12: 'She that tarried at home divided the spoil'
034.10+Matthew 15:11: 'but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man'
034.10+Irish ar: on
034.11home defileth these boyles! There's a cabful of bash indeed in
034.11+calabash: name of various gourds
034.12the homeur of that meal. Slander, let it lie its flattest, has never
034.12+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XII, 'Greek Literature', 507d: 'Homer himself is called "son of Meles" — the stream which flowed through old Smyrna'
034.12+Hebrew omer: measure of capacity
034.12+(do its worse)
034.13been able to convict our good and great and no ordinary Southron
034.13+VI.B.3.086f (b): 'great & no ordinary'
034.13+VI.B.25.160g (b): 'Southron'
034.13+Southron: a native of Southern Great Britain, an Englishman as opposed to a Scotsman
034.14Earwicker, that homogenius man, as a pious author called him, of
034.14+Souvenir of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Opening of The Gaiety Theatre 34: 'it is only necessary to mention Edward Terry and "Sweet Lavender" to conjure up remembrances of a delightful experience of that — as "Jeames" would say — most "homogeneous" actor'
034.14+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: a pious...} | {Png: pious...}
034.14+Maitland: Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours 73: 'A pious author says of their story that'
034.15any graver impropriety than that, advanced by some woodwards
034.15+woodwards and regarders: forest officers responsible for protecting venison (Phoenix Park was noted for its deer)
034.16or regarders, who did not dare deny, the shomers, that they had,
034.16+Hebrew shomer: watchman
034.17chin Ted, chin Tam, chinchin Taffyd, that day consumed their
034.17+Motif: Shem, Ham and Japhet
034.18soul of the corn, of having behaved with ongentilmensky im-
034.18+VI.B.2.028j (r): 'soul of the rice'
034.18+Lloyd: God-Eating, A Study in Christianity and Cannibalism 34: 'Every supernatural religion, ancient and modern, has its magic food, its ritual meal, its Divine sacrifice... In Buru, an island of the East Indian Archipelago, there is an ancient and Pagan tribe of Indians who partake of a sacramental repast which they describe as "eating the soul of the rice"'
034.18+VI.B.10.091e (b): 'behaved in a gentlemanly manner'
034.18+Dutch on-: un-
034.18+ungentlemanly immodesty
034.18+French gentil: nice
034.18+Obsolete mensk: humanity, kindness, courtesy, honour, reverence
034.19modus opposite a pair of dainty maidservants in the swoolth of
034.19+Latin modus: manner
034.20the rushy hollow whither, or so the two gown and pinners plead-
034.20+VI.B.10.079r (b): 'the rushy hollow'
034.20+The Hollow, Phoenix Park [067.31]
034.20+German Gaunerinnen: female rogues
034.20+Dialect pinner: pinafore
034.21ed, dame nature in all innocency had spontaneously and about the
034.21+VI.B.10.077h (b): 'Nature sends me to do so (piss) W' [.21-.22]
034.22same hour of the eventide sent them both but whose published
034.23combinations of silkinlaine testimonies are, where not dubiously
034.23+combination: combination-garment, a one-piece ladies' underwear suit
034.23+French laine: wool
034.24pure, visibly divergent, as wapt from wept, on minor points touch-
034.24+warp: the lengthwise threads in a weaving loom
034.24+weft: the crosswise threads in a weaving loom
034.25ing the intimate nature of this, a first offence in vert or venison
034.25+(original sin)
034.25+inverted [005.06]
034.25+inversion: euphemism for homosexuality [.26]
034.25+phrase vert and venison: the green vegetation and the deer in a forest or wood
034.26which was admittedly an incautious but, at its wildest, a partial ex-
034.26+[.26-.29] [557.21-.25]
034.26+Wilde (Oscar Wilde was tried for homosexuality) [.25]
034.27posure with such attenuating circumstances (garthen gaddeth green
034.27+garth: piece of enclosed land
034.27+Archaic gad: (of plants) to straggle, to spread
034.27+Polish gad: reptile; mean person
034.28hwere sokeman brideth girling) as an abnormal Saint Swithin's
034.28+Middle English hwere: where
034.28+VI.B.7.168d (g): 'sokemen'
034.28+Mawer: The Vikings 135: 'we often find single knight's fees having to be taken over by entire communities of sokemen' (a knight's fee is a unit of land for which a knight's military service was due to the feudal sovereign)
034.28+Archaic sokeman: a tenant holding land in socage (socage is a form of feudal land tenure in return for fixed rent payments, as opposed for example to military or religious service; this became the norm in post-feudal times)
034.28+VI.B.7.167b (g): 'th|riding' (i.e. vertical line separating second letter from third)
034.28+Mawer: The Vikings 131: 'The 'ridings' of Yorkshire and the Lindsey division of Lincolnshire were originally 'thrithings' (O.N. þriþjungr, a third part), the initial th being later absorbed by the final consonant of the preceding 'East,' 'West,' 'North,' and 'South' (in Lincs.)'
034.28+Obsolete bride: to marry
034.28+(abnormal warm weather)
034.28+it is said that if Saint Swithin's day (15 July) is wet, forty days of wet weather will follow
034.29summer and, (Jesses Rosasharon!) a ripe occasion to provoke it.
034.29+Isaiah 11:1: 'stem of Jesse'
034.29+Song of Solomon 2:1: 'I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys'
034.30     We can't do without them. Wives, rush to the restyours! Of-
034.30+{{Synopsis: I.2.2.A: [034.30-036.34]: his encounter with the cad in Phoenix Park — his self-defence}}
034.30+(first version of the assault) [062.26] [069.30] [081.12]
034.30+phrase women, can't live with them, can't live without them
034.31man will toman while led is the lol. Zessid's our kadem, villa-
034.31+song The Memory of the Dead: 'True men like you men'
034.31+Jespersen: An International Language 34: (of Volapük) 'the stem itself must always begin and end with a consonant. Accordingly Academy becomes kadem. R is avoided: fire is fil, and red led. As s is the sign of the plural, no word may end in s: rose is made into lol. As ne is the negative, such a word as necessity is clipped of its initial syllable, and becomes zesüd. Not even proper names get off scott-free: Italy is Täl and England Nelij (j is pronounced sh). Europe is Yulop, and the other continents... are made into Melop, Silop, Fikop and Talop respectively'
034.31+Volapük led: red
034.31+Volapük lol: rose [.29]
034.31+Volapük zesüd: necessity
034.31+Volapük kadem: academy
034.31+with a
034.32pleach, vollapluck. Fikup, for flesh nelly, el mundo nov, zole flen!
034.32+pleach, pluck (hair)
034.32+with a
034.32+German voll: full
034.32+Volapük: artificial language
034.32+Volapük Fikop: Africa
034.32+Slang fuck up
034.32+Fresh Nelly: a Dublin whore (James Joyce: Ulysses.9.1090)
034.32+Volapük Nelij: England
034.32+Spanish el mundo: the world
034.32+Portuguese mundo novo: new world
034.32+Volapük flen: friend
034.33If she's a lilyth, pull early! Pauline, allow! And malers abushed,
034.33+ALP (Motif: ALP)
034.33+Lilith: Adam's wife before Eve, in kabbalistic lore (associated with nocturnal emissions and the stealing of semen)
034.33+song 'Lillibullero, bullen a law'
034.33+(coitus interruptus)
034.33+Saint Paul allows the breaking of marriage bonds between believing and unbelieving husband and wife if the Christian is thereby prevented from practising his or her Christianity (I Corinthians 7:15)
034.33+German Maler: painter
034.33+Bushmen, black (Africa [.32])
034.34keep black, keep black! Guiltless of much laid to him he was
034.34+keep back
034.34+VI.B.17.093r (r): 'laid to (attributed)'
034.35clearly for once at least he clearly expressed himself as being with
034.35+HCE, CEH (Motif: HCE)
034.36still a trace of his erstwhile burr and hence it has been received of
034.36+VI.B.2.176m (r): 'burr (accent)'
034.36+Graves: Irish Literary and Musical Studies 179: 'Folk Song': 'For many a day he tried to learn an old song from a certain carter, but the man was shy and would not sing it, because he thought Mr. Berstow wanted to laugh at his "burr" (Sussex for "accent")'
034.36+burr: a rough sounding of the letter r, characteristic of Northumberland; a rough accent

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