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037.01postpuberal hypertituitary type of Heidelberg mannleich cavern
037.01+(large tits)
037.01+an excess of a pituitary hormone causes gigantism
037.01+HCE (Motif: HCE)
037.01+VI.B.1.173e (r): 'Heidelbergman'
037.01+Heidelberg Man: a type of prehistoric man identified by a jaw found near Heidelberg in 1907
037.01+German männlich: masculine
037.01+German Leiche: corpse
037.02ethics) lufted his slopingforward, bad Sweatagore good mur-
037.02+VI.B.32.145c-.146a (r): 'hat = sloping forward I luft my sloper forward to mr Ally on the hills' (last six words not crayoned)
037.02+Paget: Babel 85: (of the connection between sound, tongue-gesture and meaning) 'Ă as in hat (written phonetically Æ) would represent a sloping forward'
037.02+German Luft: air
037.02+Slang Sweatipore: India
037.02+Svyatogor: a giant in Russian folklore (literally 'holy mount', but etymologically related to Saint George)
037.02+Rabindranath Tagore: world-famous Indian poet and novelist
037.02+Diarmaid MacMurrough: king of Leinster who invited the Normans to Ireland and who abducted Dervorgilla, the wife of Tiernan O'Rourke
037.03rough and dublnotch on to it as he was greedly obliged, and
037.03+Serbo-Croatian dobro noc: good night
037.04like a sensible ham, with infinite tact in the delicate situation seen
037.04+Ham: son of Noah [.35]
037.05the touchy nature of its perilous theme, thanked um for guilders
037.06received and time of day (not a little token abock all the same that
037.06+taken aback
037.06+French bock: glass of beer
037.06+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...all the...} | {Png: ...allthe...}
037.07that was owl the God's clock it was) and, upon humble duty to
037.08greet his Tyskminister and he shall gildthegap Gaper and thee his
037.08+Danish tysk: German
037.08+taskmaster [036.27]
037.08+Motif: Gaping Gill [036.35]
037.08+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'his' on .08} | {Png: 'his' on .09}
037.09a mouldy voids, went about his business, whoever it was, saluting
037.09+Psalms 68:33: 'lo, he doth send out his voice, and that a mighty voice'
037.09+Anglo-Irish Slang mouldy: drunk
037.09+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'saluting' on .09} | {Png: 'saluting' on .10}
037.09+Latin salute corporis: bodily health, physical health
037.10corpses, as a metter of corse (one could hound him out had one
037.10+matter of course
037.10+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'had one' on .10} | {Png: 'had one' on .11}
037.11hart to for the monticules of scalp and dandruff droppings blaze
037.11+monticule: a small hill, mountain or mound (especially one produced by volcanic eruption)
037.11+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'droppings blaze' on .11} | {Png: 'drop-' on .11, 'pings blaze' on .12}
037.12his trail) accompanied by his trusty snorler and his permanent
037.12+snarler (dog)
037.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'permanent' on .12} | {Png: 'permanent' on .13}
037.13reflection, verbigracious; I have met with you, bird, too late,
037.13+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...reflection, verbigracious...} | {Png: ...reflection verbigracious...}
037.13+Latin verbi gratia: for instance
037.13+verbigeration: repetition of the same word or phrase in a meaningless way
037.13+Oscar Wilde (about meeting Douglas): De Profundis: 'but I met you either too late or too soon'
037.13+proverb The early bird catches the worm
037.13+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'too late,' on .13} | {Png: 'too late,' on .14}
037.14or if not, too worm and early: and with tag for ildiot repeated
037.14+German Tag: day
037.14+Danish tak for ilden: thanks for the light
037.14+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...ildiot repeated...} | {Png: ...ildiot...}
037.15in his secondmouth language as many of the bigtimer's verbaten
037.15+second language (probably Irish)
037.15+German verboten: forbidden
037.16words which he could balbly call to memory that same kveldeve,
037.16+Latin balbus: stammering (Motif: stuttering)
037.16+Danish kveld: evening
037.17ere the hour of the twattering of bards in the twitterlitter between
037.17+Ulster Pronunciation twattering: twittering
037.17+phrase between the devil and the deep sea
037.18Druidia and the Deepsleep Sea, when suppertide and souvenir to
037.19Charlatan Mall jointly kem gently and along the quiet darkenings
037.19+VI.B.3.161m (o): 'Charlatan Mall'
037.19+Charlemont Mall: South Dublin street, bordering Grand Canal near Portabello
037.19+Charleville Mall: North Dublin street, bordering Royal Canal near North Strand Road
037.20of Grand and Royal, ff, flitmansfluh, and, kk, 't crept i' hedge
037.20+Grand and Royal Canals, Dublin (known as nighttime lovers' haunts)
037.20+Swiss German Fluh: precipice, rock-face
037.21whenas to many a softongue's pawkytalk mude unswer u sufter
037.21+Scottish pawky: sly, cunning
037.21+German müde: tired
037.21+made answer a softer
037.21+German uns: us
037.21+German schwer: hard
037.22poghyogh, Arvanda always aquiassent, while, studying castelles
037.22+Anglo-Irish pogue: kiss
037.22+Arvanda river
037.22+Latin aqua: water
037.22+Castle Browne was renamed Clongowes Wood
037.22+phrase castles in the air
037.23in the blowne and studding cowshots over the noran, he spat in
037.23+German im Blauen: in the blue
037.23+Motif: Browne/Nolan
037.23+Studd: a family of English cricketers
037.23+cowshot: in cricket, a flat scooping legstroke made by the batsman
037.24careful convertedness a musaic dispensation about his hearthstone,
037.24+Mosaic Dispensation: Moses's religious system, Judaism
037.25if you please, (Irish saliva, mawshe dho hole, but would a respect-
037.25+Irish seile: saliva
037.25+Irish má's é do thoil é: if you please
037.26able prominently connected fellow of Iro-European ascendances
037.26+Anglo-Irish Ascendency
037.26+French ascendances: ancestries
037.27with welldressed ideas who knew the correct thing such as Mr
037.27+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr Shallwesigh...} | {Png: ...Mr. Shallwesigh...}
037.28Shallwesigh or Mr Shallwelaugh expectorate after such a callous
037.28+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr Shallwelaugh...} | {Png: ...Mr. Shallwelaugh...}
037.28+expectorate: to spit, to cough up phlegm
037.29fashion, no thank yous! when he had his belcher spuckertuck in his
037.29+belcher: a neckerchief of deep blue with large white spots, each containing a dark blue spot, darker than the ground (so called after Jem Belcher (1781-1811), a well-known pugilist who adopted it); also, any particoloured neckerchief (Motif: kerchief or handkerchief)
037.29+(bandanna code: a code based on coloured bandannas (kerchiefs) hanging from one's back pocket, used by men in San Francisco during the Gold Rush to indicate dancing preferences and possibly giving rise to a similar modern practice among gay men) [030.22]
037.29+German Spucker: person who spits
037.29+German Tuch: cloth
037.30pucket, pthuck?) musefed with his thockits after having supped
037.31of the dish sot and pottage which he snobbishly dabbed Peach
037.31+peas [.33]
037.31+Peach Bombé (dessert)
037.32Bombay (it is rawly only Lukanpukan pilzenpie which she knows
037.32+nursery rhyme Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie
037.32+Irish pocán: little he-goat
037.32+German Pilz: mushroom
037.33which senaffed and pibered him), a supreme of excelling peas,
037.33+Rhaeto-Romanic senaf: mustard
037.33+Rhaeto-Romanic pibe: pepper
037.33+supreme of chicken: a dish consisting of breast of chicken in rich cream sauce (also extended to other dishes served in such a sauce)
037.34balled under minnshogue's milk into whitemalt winesour, a pro-
037.34+Anglo-Irish minnshogue: young she-goat after first kidding (from Irish minnseóg)
037.34+white malt vinegar
037.34+proviant: provision, food supply
037.35viant the littlebilker hoarsely relished, chaff it, in the snevel season,
037.35+Slang bilker: a cheat (especially one evading payment of a cabman's fare)
037.35+horse radish
037.35+Japhet: son of Noah [.04]
037.35+(dash it, damn it)
037.35+Danish sne: snow
037.36being as fain o't as your rat wi'fennel; and on this celebrating
037.36+Dialect fain of: glad of, pleased with

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