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054.01Downaboo! Hup, boys, and hat him! See! Oilbeam they're lost
054.01+Anglo-Irish Down aboo!: Up with Down! (from Irish An Dún abú: (County) Down to Victory)
054.01+Motif: Up, guards, and at them!
054.01+(oil paintings of ancestors lost brightness)
054.02we've found rerembrandtsers, their hours to date link these heirs
054.02+fond remembrances
054.02+remembrancer: the title of certain officials of the British Exchequer or of the City of London
054.02+Rembrandt: Dutch painter
054.03to here but wowhere are those yours of Yestersdays? Farseeinge-
054.03+François Villon: 'Ballade des Dames du Temps Jadis': 'Mais où sont les neiges d'antan' (French 'But where are the snows of yesteryear?' (translated by D.G. Rossetti))
054.03+German wo: where
054.03+*E* and *A*
054.03+VI.B.32.200e (r): 'Farseengetter ich'
054.03+Vercingetorix: Gallic chieftain who revolted against the Romans and was defeated by Julius Caesar
054.03+German Fernsehgerät: television set (literally 'far-see device')
054.04therich and Poolaulwoman Charachthercuss and his Ann van
054.04+rich, poor
054.04+German ich: I
054.04+Poor Old Woman: Anglo-Irish Shan Van Vocht: Ireland (poetic)
054.04+(missing comma?)
054.04+*E* and *A*
054.04+Caractacus: British chieftain who resisted Roman invasion
054.04+Dutch van: of, from
054.05Vogt. D.e.e.d! Edned, ended or sleeping soundlessly? Favour
054.05+German Vogt: steward, governor
054.05+Dutch vocht: fluid, liquid, moisture
054.05+Horace: Odes III.1.2: 'favete linguis' (Latin 'be well-disposed with tongues' (i.e. be silent); a command to citizens in religious ceremonies)
054.06with your tongues! Intendite!
054.06+Latin intendite: attention!
054.06+Italian intendete: listen and understand
054.07     Any dog's life you list you may still hear them at it, like sixes
054.07+{{Synopsis: I.3.1.G: [054.07-054.19]: a babble of tongues — numerous greetings}}
054.07+Archaic list: to like; to listen
054.07+phrase at sixes and sevens: disordered
054.08and seventies as eversure as Halley's comet, ulemamen, sobran-
054.08+Halley's comet has a seventy-six-year period
054.08+VI.B.10.035m (o): 'Ulema (Pers. parl)' (i.e. Joyce seems to have seen it as the Persian Parliament)
054.08+Irish Times 11 Nov 1922, 6/5: 'The Ulema, the Council of holy men that directs the religious and educational activities of the Persian people, has demanded legislation to prohibit the sale of liquor and to close all places of public amusement'
054.08+men, women, boys and girls
054.08+Sobranje: the Bulgarian parliament
054.09jewomen, storthingboys and dumagirls, as they pass its bleak and
054.09+Storthing: the Norwegian parliament
054.09+stuttering (Motif: stuttering)
054.09+Duma: the Tsarist Russian parliament, 1906-17
054.09+Black and Tan: English recruits in 1920-1 serving in the Royal Irish Constabulary
054.10bronze portal of your Casaconcordia: Huru more Nee, minny
054.10+Italian casa concordia: house of peace
054.10+Swedish Hur maar ni, mina froken?: How are you, my young ladies?
054.10+more knee (i.e. show more of the leg)
054.11frickans? Hwoorledes har Dee det? Losdoor onleft mladies, cue.
054.11+Danish Hvorledes har De det?: How are you?
054.11+last door on the left m'ladies, thank you
054.11+Serbo-Croatian mlad: young
054.11+(queue at a Ladies' lavatory)
054.12Millecientotrigintadue scudi. Tippoty, kyrie, tippoty. Cha kai
054.12+Italian millecentotrentadue: 1132 (Motif: 1132)
054.12+Spanish ciento: hundred
054.12+Latin triginta: thirty
054.12+Italian scudi: crowns (i.e. coins; literally 'shields')
054.12+Modern Greek tipote, kyrie, tipote: nothing, sir, don't mention it (an expression commonly used by waiters, in answer to thank you)
054.12+Greek ti pote, kyrie, ti pote: why, Lord, why?
054.12+Hindustani cha ki patti: tea
054.13rotty kai makkar, sahib? Despenseme Usted, senhor, en son suc-
054.13+Hindustani makkhan roti: bread and butter
054.13+Hebrew makkar: acquaintance, friend
054.13+Hindustani sahib: sir, Mr
054.13+Spanish dispénseme: excuse me
054.13+Spanish usted: you
054.13+Portuguese senhor: sir, Mr
054.13+French en son: in his
054.13+Spanish en son de: in the guise of
054.14co, sabez. O thaw bron orm, A'Cothraige, thinkinthou gaily?
054.14+Spanish sabes: Portuguese sabes: you know
054.14+Irish O tá brón orm, a Chothraighe, (an) tuigeann tú Gaedhealg: I am sorry, Saint Patrick, do you understand Irish?
054.15Lick-Pa-flai-hai-pa-Pa-li-si-lang-lang. Epi alo, ecou, Batiste, tu-
054.15+like pa
054.15+'fraid (Motif: L/R; Chinese Pronunciation of English)
054.15+fly high
054.15+Chinese hai-p'a: suffer fear
054.15+PAL (Motif: ALP)
054.15+so long
054.15+Chinese lang: wolf
054.15+Chinese liang: a pair, a couple, both; cool; excuse
054.15+Greek epi allo: upon another thing
054.15+French et puis alors, écoute: and then, listen; so, listen
054.15+Rumanian ecou: echo
054.15+écu: the name of several historical French coins (especially a large silver coin used in the 17th-18th centuries) [.16]
054.15+Rumanian batiste: handkerchiefs
054.15+French Baptiste (Christian name)
054.15+French tu vas venir dans: you're going to come in (or to)
054.16vavnr dans Lptit boing going. Ismeme de bumbac e meias de por-
054.16+French le petit coin: the toilet (literally 'the little corner')
054.16+French le bon coin: the good corner (a common name for a restaurant)
054.16+coin [.15]
054.16+Rumanian izmene de bumbac: cotton drawers
054.16+Portuguese e meias de: and stockings of
054.16+Rumanian portocallie: orange colour
054.17tocallie. O.O. Os pipos mios es demasiada gruarso por O pic-
054.17+O.O.: sign on toilets in South-East Europe
054.17+Portuguese os pipos: the barrels, the pipes
054.17+Spanish mios: my
054.17+Spanish es: is
054.17+Spanish demasiada: Portuguese demasiada: too much
054.17+Spanish grueso: thick; bulky
054.17+Portuguese por: for, by
054.17+Portuguese o: the
054.17+Italian piccolo: small
054.18colo pocchino. Wee fee? Ung duro. Kocshis, szabad? Mercy, and
054.18+Italian pochino: a little bit
054.18+Colloquial wee: to urinate
054.18+German wie viel?: how much?
054.18+one dollar
054.18+Spanish Colloquial duro: five pesetas, a five-peseta coin (short for Spanish peso duro: hard peso)
054.18+Hungarian kocsis, szabad?: coachman, are you free?
054.18+French merci, et vous?: thank you, and you?
054.19you? Gomagh, thak.
054.19+Irish go maith: well (adverb)
054.19+Danish tak: thank you
054.20     And, Cod, says he with mugger's tears: Would you care to
054.20+{{Synopsis: I.3.1.H: [054.20-055.02]: HCE's response — some storyteller antics}}
054.20+VI.B.10.116h (o): 'mugger (crocodile)'
054.20+Slang mugger: broad-nosed Indian freshwater crocodile
054.20+phrase crocodile tears: false tears
054.20+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...mugger's tears...} | {BMs (47472-148): ...mugger's ears in his eyes...}
054.21know the prise of a liard? Maggis, nick your nightynovel! Mass
054.21+French liard: small coin
054.21+Mick [.22], Nick and the Maggies (Motif: Mick/Nick) [219.19]
054.21+naughty novel
054.22Taverner's at the mike again! And that bag belly is the buck
054.22+Variants: {FnF, Png: ...Taverner's...} | {Vkg: ...Travener's...}
054.22+John Taverner: 16th century English musician, composer of many masses (by adapting secular songs into sacred music)
054.22+Colloquial mike: microphone
054.22+Louis XII: (of the heir to the throne, Comte D'Angoulême): 'This fat fellow will spoil all'
054.22+buck, goat
054.23to goat it! Meggeg, m'gay chapjappy fellow, I call our univalse
054.23+James Joyce: Ulysses.15.3369: 'THE NANNYGOAT (bleats) Megeggaggegg!'
054.23+my good chap
054.23+whole universe
054.24to witness, as sicker as moyliffey eggs is known by our good
054.24+phrase as sure as eggs are eggs [524.33]
054.24+German sicher: surely
054.24+Moyliffy, Magh Life: ancient territory in County Kildare
054.24+my Liffey
054.25househalters from yorehunderts of mamooth to be which they
054.25+German Haushälter: householder, housekeeper
054.25+German Jahrhundert: century
054.25+(centuries of) yore
054.25+Hundred of Manhood: a region near Chichester, Sussex, England (hundreds were administrative divisions abolished in the 19th century) [030.06-.08]
054.26commercially are in ahoy high British quarters (conventional!)
054.27my guesthouse and cowhaendel credits will immediately stand
054.27+German Gasthaus: inn
054.27+German Kuhhandel: shady business
054.28ohoh open as straight as that neighbouring monument's fabrica-
054.28+(Motif: stuttering)
054.28+(Wellington Monument: obelisk in Phoenix Park)
054.29tion before the hygienic gllll (this was where the reverent sab-
054.29+globe [055.01]
054.29+(Motif: stuttering)
054.29+Sabbath breaker
054.30both and bottlebreaker with firbalk forthstretched touched upon
054.30+bottle-breaker [052.01-.06]
054.30+VI.B.5.061c (r): 'fir balks'
054.30+Firbolgs: mythical Irish colonisers
054.30+balk: a beam of timber, a cross-beam
054.31his tricoloured boater, which he uplifted by its pickledhoopy (he
054.31+(Irish, French, etc. tricolour flags)
054.31+boater: a type of straw hat
054.31+German Pickelhaube: spiked helmet (typically associated with the Prussian army)
054.32gave Stetson one and a penny for it) whileas oleaginosity of an-
054.32+Stetson hat
054.32+one shilling and one penny
054.32+Archaic oleaginosity: oily nature
054.33cestralolosis sgocciolated down the both pendencies of his mut-
054.33+Italian sgocciolare: to drip, to trickle
054.33+(the drooping ends of his moustache)
054.33+Archaic pendency: pendent position
054.33+Mutsohito: Japanese emperor 1867-1912
054.33+Japanese muttsu: six (not referring to persons)
054.34sohito liptails (Sencapetulo, a more modestuous conciliabulite
054.34+Japanese hito: person
054.34+Esperanto senkapetulo: without money
054.34+Spanish capitulo: chapter
054.34+Latin conciliabulum: place of assembly
054.35never curled a torn pocketmouth), cordially inwiting the adul-
054.35+James Joyce: Ulysses.1.481: 'Agenbite of inwit'
054.35+inviting the adolescents
054.35+adulation: servile flattery
054.36lescence who he was wising up to do in like manner what all did

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