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057.01raised the rains have levelled but we hear the pointers and can
057.01+VI.B.45.136f (o): 'raise (cairn)'
057.01+Mawer: The Vikings 124: (in a list of Scandinavian elements in English place-names) '-RAISE. O.N. hreysi, cairn'
057.01+the mound over Confucius's parents' grave was washed away by heavy rainstorm
057.01+points of the compass
057.02gauge their compass for the melos yields the mode and the mode
057.02+Greek melos: song, musical passage, music; limb
057.02+Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 131: (in the state of Tsi, progressively learning to play the zither, Kung said) 'I have practised the melody, but have not yet acquired the rhythm... I have not yet caught the mood... I have not yet ascertained the kind of men who composed the music... Now I know who he was... His complexion was so dark as to be almost black. He was tall and stout and his eyes when they looked into the distance had the calm gaze of a sheep... No one but King Wen could have composed this song!'
057.03the manners plicyman, plansiman, plousiman, plab. Tsin tsin tsin
057.03+Greek plousios: rich
057.03+Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 128: (Tsi musicians) 'perpetuated the ancient compositions and by constant and careful repetition of the ancient tunes kept them free from change'
057.04tsin! The forefarther folkers for a prize of two peaches with
057.04+four (*X*)
057.04+Danish folkeforfatter: popular author
057.04+German Völker: peoples
057.04+Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 133: (Yen Ying, a scheming Tsi minister) 'persuaded the marquis to propose a prize of two peaches to the two ministers who offered him the best advice. With only two prizes, and three contestants, it was a foregone conclusion that one would fail to win and... resign... Two contestants appeared, and... were awarded the peaches... After they had eaten the prizes... the third contestant arrived. When he presented his plan... it was so far the best, that he deserved both the peaches... In their chagrin and humiliation... the two who had eaten the peaches committed suicide. The third contestant was so grieved... that he also committed suicide'
057.04+(two maids (*IJ*) and three soldiers (*VYC*))
057.05Ming, Ching and Shunny on the lie low lea. We'll sit down on
057.05+Meng, Chi, Shu-sun: the three great families of Confucius's native state of Lu
057.06the hope of the ghouly ghost for the titheman troubleth but his
057.06+Holy Ghost
057.06+as a young man Confucius became a tithe-collector
057.06+Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 123: (a disciple of Confucius asking a woman, whose uncle, husband and son were killed by tigers) ''Why do you not move away from such a dangerous neighbourhood?'... 'But the officials here are not oppressive''
057.07hantitat hies not here. They answer from their Zoans; Hear the
057.07+French hanter: haunt
057.07+Mark 16:6: 'he is not here' (the angel's announcement of Christ's resurrection)
057.07+William Blake: Jerusalem The Emanation of The Giant Albion, 42-43: 'The Four Zoa's... Urizen, cold & scientific: Luvah, pitying & weeping Tharmas, indolent & sullen: Urthona, doubting & despairing'
057.08four of them! Hark torroar of them! I, says Armagh, and a'm
057.08+song One More Drink for the Four of Us
057.08+Irish torramh: wake, funeral
057.08+the roar
057.08+Motif: 4 provinces [.08-.10]
057.08+County Armagh (Ulster)
057.08+Motif: A/O [.09]
057.09proud o'it. I, says Clonakilty, God help us! I, says Deansgrange,
057.09+Clonakilty, town, County Cork (Munster); nicknamed 'Clonakilty — God Help Us!', because of the appaling conditions there during the Great Famine
057.09+Deansgrange, County Dublin (Leinster)
057.10and say nothing. I, says Barna, and whatabout it? Hee haw! Be-
057.10+Barna, town, County Galway (Connacht)
057.10+what about
057.10+(ass braying)
057.11fore he fell hill he filled heaven: a stream, alplapping streamlet,
057.11+fell ill
057.11+hell, heaven
057.11+ALP LAP (Motif: ALP)
057.11+German plappern: to chatter, to prattle, to gossip
057.12coyly coiled um, cool of her curls: We were but thermites then,
057.12+German um: around
057.12+termites (build mounds)
057.13wee, wee. Our antheap we sensed as a Hill of Allen, the Barrow
057.13+Scottish wee: small
057.13+Colloquial wee: to urinate
057.13+French oui: yes
057.13+Hill of Allen: Finn's headquarters, County Kildare
057.14for an People, one Jotnursfjaell: and it was a grummelung amung
057.14+Irish an: the
057.14+Icelandic jötnar: giants
057.14+Icelandic fjall: mountain
057.14+German grummeln: to grumble, to rumble
057.15the porktroop that wonderstruck us as a thunder, yunder.
057.15+thunderstruck us as a wonder
057.16     Thus the unfacts, did we possess them, are too imprecisely
057.16+{{Synopsis: I.3.1.L: [057.16-057.29]: the facts are too uncertain — but there is the photograph with Alice}}
057.16+VI.B.10.039h (r): 'these data, did we possess them, are too complex'
057.16+Balfour: The Foundations of Belief 237: 'Nor is the comparative pettiness of the rôle thus played by reasoning in human affairs a matter for regret. Not merely because we are ignorant of the data required for the solution, even of very simple problems in organic and social life, are we called on to acquiesce in an arrangement which, to be sure, we have no power to disturb; nor yet because these data, did we possess them, are too complex to be dealt with by any rational calculus we possess or are ever likely to acquire; but because, in addition to these difficulties, reasoning is a force most apt to divide and disintegrate; and though division and disintegration may often be the necessary preliminaries of social development, still more necessary are the forces which bind and stiffen, without which there would be no society to develop'
057.17few to warrant our certitude, the evidencegivers by legpoll too
057.17+phrase pull one's leg: to fool someone
057.17+(show of legs)
057.18untrustworthily irreperible where his adjugers are semmingly
057.18+Italian irreperible: undiscoverable
057.18+Latin adjugo: I fasten together
057.18+adjudger: one who awards or bestows (something) by judicial sentence (upon someone)
057.18+Hungarian semmi: nothing
057.19freak threes but his judicandees plainly minus twos. Neverthe-
057.19+(*VYC* and *IJ*)
057.19+Latin judicandum: to be tried and judged (adjective)
057.19+Slang judy: whore
057.20less Madam's Toshowus waxes largely more lifeliked (entrance,
057.20+Madam Tussaud's Waxworks
057.20+to show us
057.20+more than life-like
057.21one kudos; exits, free) and our notional gullery is now com-
057.21+Motif: free/shilling (entrance, one shilling; exit, free)
057.21+Greek kudos: glory
057.21+escudo: Portuguese coin
057.21+(*IJ* and *VYC*)
057.21+Spanish dos: two
057.21+National Gallery
057.22pletely complacent, an exegious monument, aerily perennious.
057.22+Horace: Odes III.30.1: 'Exegi monumentum aere perennius' (Latin 'My work is done, the memorial more enduring than brass')
057.23Oblige with your blackthorns; gamps, degrace! And there many
057.23+Colloquial gamp: umbrella (after the umbrella-carrying Mrs Sarah Gamp in Charles Dickens: all works: Martin Chuzzlewit)
057.23+French de grâce!: for pity's sake!
057.24have paused before that exposure of him by old Tom Quad, a
057.24+exposure, flash (Lewis Carroll was an avid amateur photographer)
057.24+Tom Quad: quadrangle in Christ Church College, Oxford, where Lewis Carroll lived
057.25flashback in which he sits sated, gowndabout, in clericalease ha-
057.25+gowned (Lewis Carroll was an Oxford don)
057.25+clerical habit (Lewis Carroll was ordained as a deacon)
057.25+Lewis Carroll's Alice
057.26bit, watching bland sol slithe dodgsomely into the nethermore,
057.26+Latin sol blandus: the pleasant sun
057.26+Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass ch. I: 'slithy'
057.26+Lewis Carroll's real name was C.L. Dodgson
057.27a globule of maugdleness about to corrugitate his mild dewed
057.27+maudlinness: tearfulness, foolish sentimentality
057.27+Magdalen College, Oxford
057.27+German Auge: eye
057.27+Wagner: Tristan und Isolde: first words of Liebestod ('love-death') aria: 'Mild und leise' (German 'gentle and soft') [.28] [040.17]
057.27+Slang mildewed: pitted with smallpox
057.28cheek and the tata of a tiny victorienne, Alys, pressed by his
057.28+Colloquial tata: hat, bonnet (a child's word)
057.28+French victorienne: Victorian (feminine)
057.28+Lewis Carroll's Alice (lived during the Victorian period)
057.28+Lisa [.27] [040.17]
057.29limper looser.
057.29+(limp hand)
057.30     Yet certes one is. Eher the following winter had overed the
057.30+{{Synopsis: I.3.1.M: [057.30-058.22]: one thing is certain — he was repeatedly tried}}
057.30+German ehe: ere, before
057.30+German eher: earlier, sooner; rather
057.30+VI.B.10.047k (r): 'Winter turned leaves of book of nature'
057.30+(turned over)
057.31pages of nature's book and till Ceadurbar-atta-Cleath became
057.31+Irish Times 21 Nov 1922, 4/5: 'Nature's Book' (article on nature conservation) [.30]
057.31+Irish céad: first, chief
057.31+German urbar: arable
057.31+Latin urbs: city
057.31+Irish Ath Cliath: Hurdle Ford (name of Dublin)
057.32Dablena Tertia, the shadow of the huge outlander, maladik, mult-
057.32+Eblana: Ptolemy's name for Dublin
057.32+Latin tertia: the third
057.32+outlander: foreigner
057.32+Latin maladictus: accused
057.32+French maladif: sickly
057.32+Czech mladík: youngster, male teenager
057.32+Dutch dik: fat, thick
057.32+Latin multi vult: many faces
057.33vult, magnoperous, had bulked at the bar of a rota of tribunals in
057.33+Latin magnopere: very much
057.33+Latin magnum opus: great work (especially in literature)
057.33+Rota: supreme court of the Roman Catholic Church
057.34manor hall as in thieves' kitchen, mid pillow talk and chithouse
057.34+Slang thieves' kitchen: law courts
057.34+The Táin Bó Cúailgne (an early Irish legendary tale): (begins) 'Once upon a time it befell Ailill and Medb that... they spoke together as they lay on their pillow'
057.35chat, on Marlborough Green as through Molesworth Fields, here
057.35+Marlborough Green, North Dublin: an 18th century resort
057.35+Molesworth Fields, South Dublin: the name of Molesworth Street in the 18th century
057.36sentenced pro tried with Jedburgh justice, there acquitted con-
057.36+pro and con
057.36+(before trial)
057.36+VI.B.10.057a (r): 'Jedburgh justice (shoot, then try)'
057.36+Jedburgh justice: hanging first and trying after (named after the Scottish border town)

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