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069.01not, has been the expression, direct or through an agent male, of
069.02womanhid offended, (ah! ah!), has not levy of black mail from
069.02+women he'd
069.03the times the fairies were in it, and fain for wilde erthe blothoms
069.03+Anglo-Irish in it: alive, existing (from Irish ann: in it)
069.03+Archaic fain: gladly, willingly
069.03+Oscar Wilde [.04] [061.30]
069.03+Padraic Colum: Wild Earth (book of verse): A Poor Scholar of the Forties (poem): 'As in wild earth a Grecian vase' [068.35]
069.03+song Lilly Dale: 'O, the wild rose blossoms' (James Joyce: A Portrait I: 'O, the wild rose blossoms On the little green place. He sang that song. That was his song. O, the green wothe botheth')
069.04followed an impressive private reputation for whispered sins?
069.04+VI.B.3.149b (r): 'a whispered reputation for strange sins'
069.04+Harris: Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions I.53: (of Oscar Wilde and Willie Wilde, his older brother) 'Every clever thing that Oscar said or that could be attributed to him, Willie reported in The World. This puffing and Oscar's own uncommon power as a talker; but chiefly perhaps a whispered reputation for strange sins, had thus early begun to form a sort of myth around him'
069.05     Now by memory inspired, turn wheel again to the whole of
069.05+{{Synopsis: I.3.3.B: [069.05-069.29]: back to the gate — and the shack behind it}}
069.05+song By Memory Inspired
069.05+turn we
069.05+The Hole in the Wall (a.k.a. Black Horse Tavern or Nancy Hand's), a pub at Blackhorse Avenue near Phoenix Park, alongside a turnstile set in a hole in the Phoenix Park wall (hence the name) and leading into the Park [.24]
069.06the wall. Where Gyant Blyant fronts Peannlueamoore There was
069.06+according to Malory, Sir Blyaunte rescued Launcelot after his madness, and when the Grail had cured him, both lived some time in the castell of Blyaunte
069.06+Danish blyant: pencil
069.06+Irish peann-luaidhe mór: big pencil [056.12]
069.07once upon a wall and a hooghoog wall a was and such a wall-
069.07+James Joyce: A Portrait I: 'Once upon a time and a very good time it was'
069.07+Dutch hoog: high
069.07+(a wall with a hole in it [.05], e.g. a gate [063.19] [063.34] or a door [067.19])
069.07+Valhalla: Norse home of the gods
069.08hole did exist. Ere ore or ire in Aaarlund. Or you Dair's Hair or
069.08+(before metal or anger were in Ireland)
069.08+Armenian ôre ôr: day by day
069.08+Danish år: year
069.08+VI.B.45.136e (o): 'lund (grove)'
069.08+Mawer: The Vikings 124: (in a list of Scandinavian elements in English place-names) '-LUND, -lound. O.N. lundr, grove. Now often corrupted to -land in English place-names'
069.08+Colloquial da: father
069.08+Armenian der: Mr, sir (form of address to secular clergy)
069.08+phrase there's hair!: there's a girl with a lot of hair! (catch-phrase of the early 20th century)
069.08+Armenian hayr: father (form of address to regular clergy)
069.09you Diggin Mosses or your horde of orts and oriorts to garble
069.09+Armenian digin: Mrs
069.09+Colloquial missis: Mrs, mistress, wife
069.09+James Joyce: Ulysses.9.1094: 'Ay. I will serve you your orts and offals'
069.09+Armenian orti: son; young man
069.09+Armenian ôriort: young lass
069.10a garthen of Odin and the lost paladays when all the eddams ended
069.10+Garden of Eden (according to some traditions sited in Armenia)
069.10+John Milton: Paradise Lost
069.10+Greek palai: long ago
069.10+VI.B.45.134f (o): 'Eddams & aves'
069.10+Mawer: The Vikings 93: 'It is to the Viking age that we owe the poems of the older Edda, that storehouse of Norse mythology and cosmogony'
069.10+Adam and Eve
069.11with aves. Armen? The doun is theirs and still to see for menags
069.11+Latin ave: hail!
069.11+German Armen: poor people
069.11+Armenian doun: house
069.11+(see for myself)
069.11+Armenian menag: solitary, alone
069.12if he strikes a lousaforitch and we'll come to those baregazed
069.12+Armenian Lousavorich: Illuminator (title given to Saint Gregory, first patriarch of Armenia)
069.12+louse, itch
069.12+lucifer: a type of match, a match
069.12+Armenian barekeadz: living a good life
069.12+(bare facts)
069.13shoeshines if you just shoodov a second. And let oggs be good
069.13+Armenian shoushan: lily; feminine name
069.13+Armenian shoudov: hastily, quickly
069.13+shut up
069.13+Armenian ogi: spirit
069.13+phrase sure as eggs are eggs
069.14old gaggles and Isther Estarr play Yesther Asterr. In the drema
069.14+Ishtar: Babylonian mother-goddess
069.14+Swift's Stella and Swift's Vanessa were both called Esther
069.14+Easter eggs
069.14+Greek astêr: star
069.14+Russian drema: somnolence
069.15of Sorestost Areas, Diseased. A stonehinged gate then was for
069.15+Irish Saorstát Éireann: Irish Free State (so named from 1922 to 1937)
069.15+Stonehenge: a famous site of prehistoric megaliths in England
069.16another thing while the suroptimist had bought and enlarged
069.16+Soroptimist: a women's organisation founded in California in 1921 (from Latin soror: sister and optimist)
069.17that shack under fair rental of one yearlyng sheep, (prime) value
069.17+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin: cites the rateable valuation of the Hole in the Wall pub as fourteen pounds [.05]
069.17+(paid yearly, i.e. annual rent)
069.17+yearling: an animal in its second year
069.17+Motif: goat/sheep [.18]
069.17+Motif: Caddy/Primas [.18]
069.18of sixpence, and one small yearlyng goat (cadet) value of eight-
069.18+cadet: younger son or brother
069.19pence, to grow old and happy (hogg it and kidd him) for the re-
069.19+James Hogg: 19th century Scottish novelist
069.19+Motif: goat/sheep (hogg: young sheep; kid: young goat)
069.19+hug, kiss
069.19+Motif: Up, guards, and at them!
069.20minants of his years; and when everything was got up for the
069.21purpose he put an applegate on the place by no means as some
069.21+(another gate) [.15]
069.22pretext a bedstead in loo thereof to keep out donkeys (the pig-
069.22+French prétendre: to maintain, to claim
069.22+in lieu of (a gate)
069.22+Colloquial loo: toilet
069.22+VI.B.5.082d (r): 'pigdirt hanging from the jags'
069.23dirt hanging from the jags to this hour makes that clear) and just
069.23+Colloquial jakes: outhouse, toilet
069.24thenabouts the iron gape, by old custom left open to prevent
069.24+thenabouts: about that time
069.24+VI.B.1.003n (r): 'iron gape'
069.24+gate [.15]
069.24+(the Blackhorse Avenue turnstile leading into Phoenix Park (the other two were at Island Bridge and Chapelizod)) [.05]
069.24+VI.B.1.001p (r): 'door has pen to prevent the cat getting at goat'
069.24+Connacht Tribune 16 Feb 1924, 5/3: 'House Burning': 'The door of witness's sister's house had been hasped. — "Why was it?" inquired the Recorder. — Witness: We had killed a goat, and the door was hasped in order to prevent the cat getting at the goat (laughter)'
069.25the cats from getting at the gout, was triplepatlockt on him on
069.25+gout: an inflammatory disease of the small joints
069.25+The Tripartite Life of Saint Patrick: a 9th century biography of Saint Patrick
069.25+German gelockt: lured, wooed, tempted
069.26purpose by his faithful poorters to keep him inside probably and
069.26+Dutch poort: gate
069.26+Dutch poorters: citizens
069.26+(keep him from reviving [024.16])
069.26+(for his own protection)
069.27possibly enaunter he felt like sticking out his chest too far and
069.27+Archaic enaunter: lest, in case
069.28tempting gracious providence by a stroll on the peoplade's egg-
069.28+(Easter Sunday)
069.29day, unused as he was yet to being freely clodded.
069.29+as yet
069.29+(buried in clods of earth)
069.30     O, by the by, lets wee brag of praties, it ought to be always
069.30+{{Synopsis: I.3.3.C: [069.30-073.22]: another assault, this time by his Austrian tenant — 111 abusive names he was called}}
069.30+(third version of the assault) [034.30] [062.26] [081.12]
069.30+lest we
069.30+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 607: 'The wee bag of Praties'
069.30+Anglo-Irish praties: potatoes
069.31remembered in connection with what has gone before that there
069.31+VI.B.3.154e (r): 'what has gone before (story)'
069.32was a northroomer, Herr Betreffender, out for his zimmer hole-
069.32+(a tenant living in a northern room)
069.32+German Herr: Mr
069.32+German herbetreffend: before mentioned
069.32+German Betreffender: the person concerned, with reference to
069.32+fender [063.07]
069.32+(looking for)
069.32+German Zimmer: room
069.32+Heinrich Zimmer: 19th century Celticist (author of Keltische Beiträge, a summary of which Joyce read); also, his son, 20th century Indologist (author of Maya: Der Indische Mythos, which he sent to Joyce a copy of in 1938 with a dedication, and which Joyce perused and took notes from)
069.32+summer holidays
069.33digs, digging in number 32 at the Rum and Puncheon (Branch of
069.33+Colloquial digs: lodgings
069.33+Motif: 1132 [070.01]
069.34Dirty Dick's free house) in Laxlip (where the Sockeye Sammons
069.34+Dirty Dick's: famous pub in Bishopsgate, London (so called after its 18th century owner, who refused to wash following the death of his fiancée on their wedding day)
069.34+Leixlip, County Kildare (name means 'Salmon Leap')
069.34+VI.B.16.136a (b): 'where the salmon were stopping'
069.34+Sockeye salmon: a small Pacific species of salmon
069.35were stopping at the time orange fasting) prior to that, a Kom-
069.35+German Kommerzialrat: councillor of commerce
069.35+Colloquial commercial: a commercial traveller
069.36merzial (Gorbotipacco, he was wreaking like Zentral Oylrubber)
069.36+Italian corpo di Bacco!: by Jove! (mild oath; literally 'body of Bacchus'; confusion between voiced and unvoiced consonants, typical of German pronunciation of Italian)
069.36+German rauchen: to smoke
069.36+German zentral: central
069.36+German Europa: Europe (pronounced 'oyropa')
069.36+oil, rubber

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