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071.01ing although whitening under restraint in the sititout corner of
071.02his conservatory, behind faminebuilt walls, his thermos flask and
071.02+attempts to provide construction work in Ireland during the Great Famine included 'famine walls'
071.03ripidian flabel by his side and a walrus whiskerbristle for a tusk-
071.03+ripidion: long-handled fan, usually made of metal or wood, used in religious ceremonies of the Orthodox Christian Church (from Greek ripido-: fan-)
071.03+Obsolete flabel: fan (from Latin flabellum: fan)
071.03+walruses are noted for their bristly whiskers and their large tusks
071.03+whiskey bottle
071.04pick, compiled, while he mourned the flight of his wild guineese,
071.04+Wild Geese: Irish Jacobites who fled to the continent after their defeat in 1691
071.05a long list (now feared in part lost) to be kept on file of all abusive
071.05+VI.B.2.116m (r): '(book) now lost'
071.05+Fitzpatrick: Ireland and the Making of Britain 270: 'Simeon of Durham's chronicles appear to be based on a Northumbrian history now lost'
071.05+VI.B.11.128b (r): 'feared lost'
071.05+John Milton: Paradise Lost [.07]
071.06names he was called (we have been compelled for the rejoicement
071.06+which have been compiled
071.06+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 566: 'The rejoicement of the Fian Ladies — an Ossianic air'
071.07of foinne loidies ind the humours of Milltown etcetera by Joseph-
071.07+Irish foinne: to knead, bake
071.07+Irish fionn: fair
071.07+fine ladies
071.07+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 941: 'The Humours of Milltown. A Clare Jig'
071.07+Milltown: district of Dublin
071.07+John Milton [.05]
071.08ine Brewster in the collision known as Contrastations with Inker-
071.08+Eckermann: Conversations with Goethe
071.08+Battle of Inkerman, Crimea, 1854
071.09mann and so on and sononward, lacies in loo water, flee, celestials,
071.09+and so on and so on (Motif: So and so)
071.09+Motif: free/shilling (ladies, free; celestials, one shilling)
071.09+Slang loo: toilet, lavatory
071.09+Battle of Waterloo, 1815
071.09+French eau de toilette: a lightly-scented perfume for freshening the skin (literally 'toilet water')
071.10one clean turv): Firstnighter, Informer, Old Fruit, Yellow Whigger,
071.10+Battle of Clontarf, 1014
071.10+(counting capitalised comma-separated clauses, the list contains 112 insults [071.10-072.16]) (Motif: 111)
071.10+(deflowerer of virgins, taking advantage of his 'droit de seigneur' [017.21])
071.10+Slang fruit: homosexual
071.10+Colloquial yellow: cowardly
071.11Wheatears, Goldy Geit, Bogside Beauty, Yass We've Had His
071.11+wheatear: a small white-rumped bird (originally called wheatears, meaning 'white arse')
071.11+Norwegian gold: sterile, barren; dry, failing to give milk (Motif: lactating male)
071.11+Golden Gate (San Francisco and elsewhere)
071.11+Alfred Beit: notorious 19th century South African gold and diamond magnate
071.11+guilty god [072.14]
071.11+Dutch geit: Norwegian geit: goat
071.11+Anglo-Irish get, git: bastard [072.15]
071.11+Bogside: Catholic district of Derry
071.11+song Yes, We Have No Bananas
071.12Badannas, York's Porker, Funnyface, At Baggotty's Bend He
071.12+Slang have a banana with: to have sex with (a woman)
071.12+bad Anna
071.12+bandanna: a type of kerchief (Motif: kerchief or handkerchief)
071.12+some folk etymologies derive the name York either from Old English eofor wic: boar place, or from Old English eorwic: earwig
071.12+Slang porker: Jew [070.34] [.30]
071.12+song At Trinity Church I Met My Doom
071.12+Baggot Street, Dublin
071.13Bumped, Grease with the Butter, Opendoor Ospices, Cainandabler,
071.13+openair hospices
071.13+Vico discusses auspices in Roman history
071.13+Motif: Cain/Abel
071.13+Cain enabler (i.e. Adam)
071.14Ireland's Eighth Wonderful Wonder, Beat My Price, Godsoilman,
071.14+VI.B.14.069p (r): '8th wonder of world'
071.14+Dupont: Le Mont Saint-Michel Inconnu 284: 'la baie du Mont Saint-Michel... la huitième merveille du monde' (French 'the bay of Mont Saint-Michel... the eighth wonder of the world')
071.14+Swift: The Wonderful Wonder of Wonders (ridiculing the idea of setting a national Bank of Ireland)
071.14+Parnell (about selling him): 'When you sell, get my price' (attributed to Parnell, when about to be deposed as the leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party, although he probably never used these exact words, but perhaps something along the lines of 'Don't sell me for nothing. If you get my value, you may change me tomorrow')
071.15Moonface the Murderer, Hoary Hairy Hoax, Midnight Sunburst,
071.15+Jack London: Moonface (story about the carefully-planned murder of John Claverhouse, a 'moonfaced man' with a 'Gargantuan smile', by a sullen unnamed narrator who finds 'an evil of a deeper sort' in his laughter)
071.15+midnight sun (in mid-summer in the Arctic regions)
071.15+James Joyce: Ulysses.15.1469: 'Bloom's weather. A sunburst appears in the northwest' (the chapter is set around midnight)
071.16Remove that Bible, Hebdromadary Publocation, Tummer the Lame
071.16+Cromwell: 'Take away these baubles' (ordering the removal of the speaker's mace on the dissolution of the Rump Parliament)
071.16+Revue Hebdomadaire: French right-wing weekly periodical
071.16+pub location
071.16+Timur the Lame: 14th century Turko-Mongol ruler, famous for his numerous military conquests across central and western Asia (better known as Tamerlane)
071.17the Tyrannous, Blau Clay, Tight before Teatime, Read Your
071.17+B.C. [.18]
071.17+German blau: blue
071.17+Irish Baile Atha Cliath: Dublin (pronounced 'blau clay' (roughly))
071.17+German Klee: clover, shamrock
071.17+Slang tight: drunk
071.18Pantojoke, Acoustic Disturbance, Thinks He's Gobblasst the Good
071.18+pantomime joke
071.18+A.D. [.17]
071.18+phrase God Bless the Duke of Argyll (said to someone scratching his back or shrugging his shoulders as if troubled by lice, possibly after posts erected by the duke in Glasgow and used by sheep and shepherds to rub against)
071.19Dook of Ourguile, W.D.'s Grace, Gibbering Bayamouth of Dublin,
071.19+His Grace Archbishop William King (Church of Ireland) signed many of his letters to Swift 'William Dublin' or 'Will Dublin'
071.19+W.G. Grace: famous English cricketer for over thirty years (Cluster: Cricket)
071.19+Hebrew gibbor: hero
071.19+Dublin Bay
071.19+mouth [.20]
071.20His Farther was a Mundzucker and She had him in a Growler,
071.20+song Saint Patrick was a Gentleman: 'His father was a Gallagher, and his mother was a Grady'
071.20+German Mund: mouth [.19]
071.20+Mundzuk: father of Attila the Hun
071.20+German mondsüchtig: moonstruck, sleepwalking (adjective)
071.20+bloodsucker (vampire) [.32]
071.20+German Zucker: sugar
071.20+Slang growler: four-wheeled cab
071.20+(werewolf) [.32]
071.21Burnham and Bailey, Artist, Unworthy of the Homely Protestant
071.21+Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset (near Bristol) has two lighthouses (Dublin was given to the citizens of Bristol by Henry II)
071.21+Bailey Lighthouse on Howth
071.21+Barnum and Bailey Circus: famous American circus of the 19th-20th century
071.21+Anglo-Irish artist: rogue
071.21+homely protestant religion [530.28]
071.22Religion, Terry Cotter, You're Welcome to Waterfood, signed the
071.22+terra cotta
071.22+Patrick Cotter: 18th century Irish giant (over eight foot tall; said to have resembled Brian Boru)
071.22+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 450: '"Your welcome to Waterford"'
071.22+Henry II landed at Waterford in 1171 and was welcomed by the Irish nobility
071.22+(temperance society, with water as food)
071.22+(famine, with water as the only food)
071.23Ribbonmen, Lobsterpot Lardling, All for Arthur of this Town,
071.23+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 993: 'The Ribbonman's march'
071.23+Ribbonmen: members of the Ribbon Society (19th century rural Irish Catholic secret society, so called because they wore a green ribbon in their button-hole; Waterford [.22] was one of their strongholds)
071.23+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 567: 'The Lobster pot'
071.23+Slang lobsterpot: female genitalia
071.23+lordling: a little or puny lord (contemptuous)
071.23+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 1144: 'Arthur of this town'
071.23+Sir Arthur Guinness
071.24Hooshed the Cat from the Bacon, Leathertogs Donald, The Ace
071.24+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 946: 'Hush the cat from the bacon — a Cork jig' (Dialect hush: to shoo away, to scare off (an animal) with cries)
071.24+Colloquial hoosh: to drive or force (an animal) off or away
071.24+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 393: 'Leather bags Donnel' [026.01]
071.24+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 1416: '"The ace and deuce of pipering" — a set dance'
071.25and Deuce of Paupering, O'Reilly's Delights to Kiss the Man
071.25+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Paupering, O'Reilly's Delights...} | {Png: ...Paupering. O'Reilly's, Delights...}
071.25+O'Reilly (Motif: Persse O'Reilly)
071.25+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 350: 'O'Reilly's Delight'
071.25+Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 886: 'Kiss the maid behind the barrel'
071.26behind the Borrel, Magogagog, Swad Puddlefoot, Gouty Ghibeline,
071.26+Dutch achter de borrel: taking a drop, boozing (literally 'behind the drink')
071.26+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Borrel...} | {Png: ...Barrel...}
071.26+Petrus Borel [.32]
071.26+Gog and Magog: legendary giants in British folklore
071.26+agog: in a state of eager excitement
071.26+Slang swad: bumpkin; soldier
071.26+gout affects especially the big toe of the foot
071.26+Yeats: Countess Cathleen
071.26+Ghibelline faction in 13th century Italy [072.29]
071.27Loose Luther, Hatches Cocks' Eggs, Muddle the Plan, Luck before
071.27+(Martin Luther said to have suffered from constipation)
071.27+HCE (Motif: HCE)
071.27+cockatrice: mythical beast said to hatch from a cock's egg
071.27+phrase give a cock's egg: send on a fool's errand
071.27+(get lucky before the wedding, i.e. pre-marital sex)
071.27+leg before wicket: a type of dismissal in cricket (Cluster: Cricket)
071.27+in Islam, a husband may divorce his wife by saying to her 'I divorce thee' three times
071.28Wedlock, I Divorce Thee Husband, Tanner and a Make, Go to
071.28+Slang tanner: sixpence
071.28+Dublin Slang make: halfpenny
071.28+Cromwell: 'Go to Hell or Connacht' (from Parliamentary act of 1654)
071.29Hellena or Come to Connies, Piobald Puffpuff His Bride, Purged
071.29+Saint Helena (Napoleon sent there)
071.29+Saint Helena: mother of Emperor Constantine
071.29+James Joyce: Ulysses.6.323: 'Piebald for bachelors' (Bloom musing on the colour of funeral horses)
071.30out of Burke's, He's None of Me Causin, Barebarean, Peculiar
071.30+Burke's Peerage: authoritative guide to the titled families of the United Kingdom
071.30+Burke's pub, Dublin (which Stephen and Bloom are forced to leave at the end of James Joyce: Ulysses.14)
071.30+Slang one of my cousins: whore
071.30+peculiar people: the Jews (after Deuteronomy 14:2, I Peter 2:9, etc.) [070.34] [.12]
071.30+Peculiar People: a Christian denomination founded 1838, practising baptism and divine healing
071.31Person, Grunt Owl's Facktotem, Twelve Months Aristocrat,
071.31+George Stansfield 'Grey Owl' Belaney: an Englishman who pretended to be a Red Indian and wrote under the name of 'Grey Owl'
071.31+Grand Old Man: an epithet applied to Gladstone by his supporters
071.31+factotum: servant employed to do all manner of jobs
071.31+(recently-made aristocrat)
071.32Lycanthrope, Flunkey Beadle Vamps the Tune Letting on He's
071.32+lycanthrope: werewolf [.20]
071.32+Le Lycanthrope: epithet of Joseph-Pierre Borel d'Hauterive (a.k.a. Pétrus Borel), a minor 19th century Romantic poet [.26]
071.32+flunkey: male servant in livery (usually pejorative)
071.32+song Yankee Doodle: 'Yankee Doodle went to town A-riding on a pony'
071.32+beadle: an inferior parish officer
071.32+vamp: to improvise
071.32+vampire [.20]
071.33Loney, Thunder and Turf Married into Clandorf, Left Boot Sent
071.33+Colloquial looney: lunatic
071.33+German Dorf: village
071.33+VI.B.16.085g (b): 'one boot sent on approval'
071.33+Connacht Tribune 26 Apr 1924, 8/5: (advertisement) 'Women's Farm Boots. The ideal Boot for all outside workers... ONE BOOT SENT on approval for 9d. in stamps'
071.34on Approval, Cumberer of Lord's Holy Ground, Stodge Arschmann,
071.34+Lord's Cricket Ground, London (Cluster: Cricket)
071.34+VI.B.6.046e (r): 'God's Ground'
071.34+(Garden of Eden)
071.34+The Holy Ground, Cobh, County Cork: a red-light district where sailors used to enjoy themselves while ashore (song The Holy Ground is about it)
071.34+stodge: to gorge with food; to stuff to the limit
071.34+stage Irishman
071.34+German Arsch: arse
071.34+German Mann: man
071.35Awnt Yuke, Tommy Furlong's Pet Plagues, Archdukon Cabbanger,
071.35+Iron Duke: epithet of Wellington
071.35+Dialect yuke: itch
071.35+Thomas Furlong: 19th century minor poet who wrote The Plagues of Ireland (a plea for Catholic Emancipation)
071.35+Colloquial pet peeve: a special source of irritation
071.35+Motif: Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger
071.35+Slang cabbager: tailor
071.36Last Past the Post, Kennealey Won't Tell Thee off Nancy's Gown,
071.36+(horse racing)

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