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085.01in the bottol of the river and all his crewsers stock locked in the
085.01+phrase lock, stock and barrel: completely, entirely, in its entirety
085.02burral of the seas!) who, when within the black of your toenail,
085.02+Irish burral: bit, jot
085.02+Anglo-Irish phrase by the black of your nail: only just
085.03sir, of being mistakenly ambushed by one of the uddahveddahs,
085.03+sir, mam [.04]
085.03+other fellows
085.03+Vedda: an aboriginal people of Sri Lanka
085.03+Vedas: major sacred texts of Hinduism
085.03+Italian vedetta: look-out, sentry
085.04and as close as made no matter, mam, to being kayoed offhand
085.04+K.O.: knock out
085.04+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...offhand...} | {Png: ...offhard...}
085.05when the hyougono heckler with the Peter the Painter wanted
085.05+Huguenot: French protestant
085.05+you, no go
085.05+VI.B.10.049h (r): 'Peter the Painter'
085.05+Irish Times 2 Dec 1922, 7/8: (of an ambush on the border between Meath and Kildare) 'The attacking party were all armed with Service rifles, and some of them carried "Peter the Painters" and Smith and Wesson revolvers'
085.05+Peter the Painter: German Mauser automatic pistol named after a famous anarchist involved in the Siege of Sidney Street, 1911 (also, gave rise to an early 20th century jocular catch-phrase 'Here's Peter the Painter')
085.06to hole him, was consistently practising the first of the primary
085.06+German holen: to fetch
085.07and imprescriptible liberties of the pacific subject by circulating
085.07+Legalese imprescriptible: that cannot be taken away or abandoned (e.g. rights)
085.07+Pacific Ocean [.20]
085.08(be British, boys to your bellybone and chuck a chum a chance!)
085.08+VI.B.31.195c (r): 'bellybone'
085.08+Douglas: London Street Games 37: (a chant) 'I-N spells in — I was in my kitchen Doing a bit of stitching, Old Father Nimble Came and took my thimble, I got up a great big stone, Hit him on the belly bone — O-U-T spells out' (children's game)
085.09alongst one of our umphrohibited semitary thrufahrts, open to
085.09+unprohibited (i.e. public)
085.09+Latin semita: narrow way, footpath, lane
085.09+German Durchfahrt: passage, thoroughfare
085.10buggy and bike, to walk, Wellington Park road, with the curb
085.10+to wit [.14]
085.10+(with the parcel under his arm and his stick in his hand)
085.10+Slang curb: thief's hook
085.11or quaker's quacknostrum under his auxter and his alpenstuck in
085.11+nostrum: a quack remedy
085.11+Anglo-Irish oxter: armpit
085.11+alpenstock: iron-spiked mountain-climbing staff
085.11+German Stuck: plaster
085.12his redhand, a highly commendable exercise, or, number two of
085.12+Red Hand: the heraldic symbol of Ulster
085.12+HCE (Motif: HCE)
085.12+Slang number two: defecation (children's euphemism)
085.13our acta legitima plebeia, on the brink (beware to baulk a man at
085.13+ALP (Motif: ALP)
085.13+Latin acta legitima plebeia: daily record of the lawful public acts of the common people (there is no such actual record known from Roman history)
085.13+(Russian General about to wipe his arse) [.30]
085.13+Obsolete baulk: to balk, to hinder, to frustrate, to disappoint
085.13+Henrik Ibsen: all plays: John Gabriel Borkman
085.14his will!) of taking place upon a public seat, to what, bare by
085.14+German Platz nehmen: to take a seat (literally 'to take place')
085.14+to wit [.10]
085.14+Danish bare: just
085.14+(bare buttocks on toilet seat)
085.15Butt's, most easterly (but all goes west!) of blackpool bridges, as
085.15+Butt Bridge: most easterly road-bridge over the Liffey river in Joyce's time
085.15+Slang butt: buttocks
085.15+phrase go west: to die
085.15+Blackpool Bridge: part of the Roman road from Bristol to Lydney
085.15+the name Dublin derives from Irish dubh linn: black pool
085.16a public protest and naturlikevice, without intent to annoy either,
085.16+Danish naturligvis: of course
085.17being praisegood thankfully for the wrathbereaved ringdove and
085.17+mourning dove: an American type of dove
085.17+raven, dove (Motif: dove/raven)
085.18the fearstung boaconstrictor and all the more right jollywell
085.18+VI.B.16.144m (b): 'snake bites out of fear'
085.18+Crawford: Thinking Black 252: 'For who does not know that a snake never really attacks a man, only bites out of fear, and only because you have stumbled over him in error'
085.19pleased, which he was, at having other people's weather.
085.19+VI.B.1.005b (r): 'quite pleased at having other people's weather'
085.20     But to return to the atlantic and Phenitia Proper. As if that
085.20+{{Synopsis: I.4.1A.M: [085.20-086.31]: Festy King is haled into court — the crown's allegations against him}}
085.20+VI.B.17.050b (r): 'But to return to Pacific'
085.20+Frazer: Folk-Lore in the Old Testament 6: (after discussing Polynesian creation myths and then moving to Siberian ones) 'But to return to the Pacific'
085.20+Atlantic Ocean [.07]
085.20+Phoenix Park
085.20+finish properly
085.21were not to be enough for anyone but little headway, if any, was
085.22made in solving the wasnottobe crime cunundrum when a child
085.23of Maam, Festy King, of a family long and honourably associ-
085.23+Maamtrasna: a valley in Joyce country, County Galway, and the scene of the murders of five members of a family named Joyce in 1882, for which ten men (five of whom were also called Joyce) were accused, of whom five were sentenced to life imprisonment and three executed (including the apparently innocent Myles Joyce) after an unsound trial (including withheld documents, suppressed testimonies, etc.), in which the proceedings were carried out in English, while the accused spoke only Irish and their interpreter spoke a Donegal dialect that at times was almost unintelligible to the accused (written about at length, with quite a few factual errors, in James Joyce: other works: Ireland at the Bar)
085.23+*E* (or perhaps *C*) [092.07]
085.23+VI.B.10.063d (r): 'Festus Joya, Recess'
085.23+Festus King: shop in Clifden, County Galway
085.23+king of the feast
085.24ated with the tar and feather industries, who gave an address in
085.25old plomansch Mayo of the Saxons in the heart of a foulfamed
085.25+Romansch language
085.25+German Mansch: mixture, squash
085.25+German Mensch Meier!: Good grief!
085.25+VI.B.3.157a (o): 'Mayo of the Saxons'
085.25+Fitzpatrick: Ireland and the Making of Britain 60: 'This going to school in Ireland was not a matter of one short generation. It became traditional and continuous. Thus a part of the university city of Armagh became known as "Saxon Armagh," and likewise part of Mayo became known as "Mayo of the Saxons"'
085.25+Mayo of the Saxons: 7th century monastery at Mayo, resorted to by English monks
085.26potheen district, was subsequently haled up at the Old Bailey
085.26+Anglo-Irish potheen: illicit whiskey
085.26+Archaic hale: to pull, to drag
085.26+held up
085.26+Old Bailey court, London
085.27on the calends of Mars, under an incompatibly framed indictment
085.27+calends of March: 1 March, first day of the Roman year
085.27+Slang framed; falsely incriminated
085.28of both the counts (from each equinoxious points of view, the one
085.28+equally noxious
085.29fellow's fetch being the other follow's person) that is to see, flying
085.29+proverb One man's meat is another man's poison
085.29+fetch: a person's supernatural double or wraith (the appearance of which portends either his imminent death or his longevity)
085.29+French poisson: fish
085.29+Slang phrase to fly pigeons: to steal coal
085.29+(urinating and defecating)
085.30cushats out of his ouveralls and making fesses immodst his forces
085.30+Dialect cushats: wood-pigeons, ring-doves [.17]
085.30+Italian far fesso: to make a fool of someone
085.30+Heraldry fesse: a third of the field, enclosed by two horizontal lines
085.30+French fesses: buttocks
085.30+fæces, battlefield (Russian General) [.13]
085.30+faces amidst
085.31on the field. Oyeh! Oyeh! When the prisoner, soaked in methyl-
085.31+Heraldry field: the whole surface of a shield
085.31+Archaic Oyez! Oyez!: Hear ye! Hear ye! (traditional call of a public crier or court official; from Old French oyez!: hear ye!)
085.31+O yeah!
085.31+German Oje!: Oh dear! (pronounced 'oyeh')
085.31+methylated alcohol [070.27]
085.32ated, appeared in dry dock, appatently ambrosiaurealised, like
085.32+Slang in dry dock; unemployed; hospitalised
085.32+dry dock: a dock from which the water may be drained in order to repair a ship
085.32+dock: the place in a courtroom where a prisoner is kept during a criminal trial
085.32+ambrosia: the food (or drink) of the gods in Greek mythology
085.32+Ambrosius Aurelianus: semimythical champion who led the Romanised Britons against the invading Saxons in the 5th century
085.32+Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius Macrobius: 5th century Roman philosopher
085.33Kersse's Korduroy Karikature, wearing, besides stains, rents and
085.33+Kersse (Motif: Kersse the tailor)
085.33+K.K.K.: initials of the Ku Klux Klan
085.33+Motif: 7 items of clothing [.33-.35]
085.34patches, his fight shirt, straw braces, souwester and a policeman's
085.34+nightshirt (Parnell was falsely rumoured to have escaped from Captain O'Shea, his lover's husband, down a fire escape in his nightshirt)
085.34+sou'-wester: south-wester, a waterproof hat worn by seamen
085.35corkscrew trowswers, all out of the true (as he had purposely torn
085.35+phrase out of the blue: unexpectedly, without warning
085.35+(no truth left)
085.36up all his cymtrymanx bespokes in the mamertime), deposing for
085.36+Welsh cymry: Welsh
085.36+cemetery [.09]
085.36+bespoke: commissioned, tailor-made (as opposed to ready-made)
085.36+Mamertine: ancient Roman prison
085.36+deposing: testifying

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