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087.01being grilled, smiled (he had had a onebumper at parting from
087.01+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song One Bumper at Parting [air: Moll Roe in the Morning]
087.02Mrs Molroe in the morning) and stated to his eliciter under his
087.03morse mustaccents (gobbless!) that he slept with a bonafides and
087.03+Archaic morse: walrus [031.13]
087.03+Norse accents
087.03+Italian mustacci: moustache
087.03+God bless!
087.03+(with his papers on him)
087.03+Slang bona: girl
087.03+bonafide: pub allowed, under Irish law, to open for extended hours, to serve alcohol to 'bona fide' travellers
087.04that he would be there to remember the filth of November,
087.04+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: there to...} | {BMs (47472-375): doorbringing there that night and how he was pleased to...} ('doorbringing' replaces a cancelled 'sleeping')
087.04+Variants: elucidations for variant: Dutch de nacht doorbrengen: to spend the night
087.04+Guy Fawkes Day chant: 'Please to remember The fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot'
087.05hatinaring, rowdy O, which, with the jiboulees of Juno and the
087.05+phrase throw one's hat in the ring: to enter a political race, to issue a challenge
087.05+French giboulées d'avril: April showers
087.05+Juno: Roman chief goddess and Jupiter's wife [.06]
087.06dates of ould lanxiety, was going, please the Rainmaker, to
087.06+song Auld Lang Syne: 'days of Auld Lang Syne'
087.06+Rainmaker: epithet of Jupiter, Roman chief god and Juno's husband [.05]
087.07decembs within the ephemerides of profane history, all one with
087.07+Obsolete ephemerides: diaries, journals, almanacs, calendars (now only astronomical almanacs)
087.08Tournay, Yetstoslay and Temorah, and one thing which would
087.08+Tournay: city, Belgium
087.08+today, yesterday and tomorrow
087.08+German jetzt: now
087.08+to slay
087.08+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.163: Temora (Temora is Macpherson's name for Tara, the seat of Irish High Kings)
087.08+(that one thing)
087.09pigstickularly strike a person of such sorely tried observational
087.09+phrase to stare like a stuck pig
087.10powers as Sam, him and Moffat, though theirs not to reason why,
087.10+Motif: Shem, Ham and Japhet (*VYC*)
087.10+Alfred Lord Tennyson: The Charge of the Light Brigade ii: 'Their's not to reason why'
087.11the striking thing about it was that he was patrified to see, hear,
087.11+Patrick (Saint Patrick)
087.11+Motif: 5 senses (touch missing) [086.32]
087.12taste and smell, as his time of night, how Hyacinth O'Donnell,
087.12+time of life
087.12+hod (song Finnegan's Wake: 'Tim Finnegan... he carried a hod')
087.12+Hyacynth O'Flaherty: character in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard
087.12+Pat O'Donnell shot James Carey (the informer that gave evidence against the Phoenix Park murderers) dead, when the latter was on his way to settle in South Africa under the assumed name of Power [.16-.21]
087.12+John MacDonald, M.A.: author of MacDonald: Diary of the Parnell Commission (a book about the Special Commission on Parnellism and Crime (1888-89), which investigated the allegations published by The Times of Parnell's involvement in the Phoenix Park Murders, eventually vindicating Parnell and exposing Pigott's forgeries) [086.34]
087.13B.A., described in the calendar as a mixer and wordpainter, with
087.13+VI.B.14.192g (o): 'BA'
087.13+B.A.: Bachelor of Arts degree [088.16]
087.13+Slang mixer: troublemaker [088.04]
087.13+W.P. [086.34]
087.13+word-painter: a writer of vividly descriptive prose
087.14part of a sivispacem (Gaeltact for dungfork) on the fair green
087.14+Latin si vis pacem para bellum: if you want peace prepare for war (i.e. a parabellum pistol [040.28])
087.14+Latin civis: citizen
087.14+space (Motif: time/space [.15])
087.14+Anglo-Irish Gaeltacht: Irish-speaking areas (from Irish Gaedhealtacht)
087.14+Fair Green: area southwest of the wall of medieval Dublin
087.15at the hour of twenty-four o'clock sought (the bullycassidy of
087.15+VI.B.16.053a (b): '24 o'clock'
087.15+Gallois: La Poste et les Moyens de Communication 142: 'compter les heures du jour sans interruption de minuit à minuit, sans dinstinction des heures du matin, et des heures du soir qui compliquent tant les horaires actuels' (French 'counting the hours of the day uninterruptedly from midnight to midnight, without differentiating between morning hours and evening hours, something that greatly complicates current schedules')
087.15+bull [.16]
087.15+Bully's Acre: oldest Dublin cemetery
087.15+Ballycassidy: village, County Fermanagh [045.21] [098.31]
087.15+bellicosity: inclination for war
087.16the friedhoffer!) to sack, sock, stab and slaughter singlehanded
087.16+German Friede: peace
087.16+German Friedhof: cemetery
087.16+German hoffen: to hope
087.16+heifer [.15]
087.16+phrase sac and soc: modernised Old English expression used in charters to denote certain rights of jurisdiction which by custom belonged to the lord of a manor, and which were specified as included in the grant of a manor by the crown
087.17another two of the old kings, Gush Mac Gale and Roaring
087.17+(another, in addition to Festy King)
087.17+gushing gale (i.e harsh weather)
087.17+roaring and crying (i.e harsh weather)
087.17+Roderick (Rory) O'Connor: last High King of Ireland [.25] [086.08]
087.18O'Crian, Jr., both changelings, unlucalised, of no address and
087.18+changeling: a fairy child substituted for a human one
087.19in noncommunicables, between him and whom, ever since wal-
087.19+Motif: Tom/Tim
087.19+Wallop: a region in southern England, the site of a 5th century battle
087.20lops before the Mise of Lewes, bad blood existed on the ground
087.20+Mise of Lewes: the agreement between Henry III and his barons (1264)
087.21of the boer's trespass on the bull or because he firstparted his
087.21+plunder's sake
087.21+Dutch boer: farmer
087.21+Boer: South African of Dutch extraction
087.21+bears and bulls: speculators for falls and rises, respectively, on the Stock Exchange
087.21+John Bull: a personification of England
087.21+Bull Island, Dublin
087.21+first parted his hair in two ways
087.21+phrase comb one's hair the wrong way: irritate one by going against one's opinions or habits
087.22polarbeeber hair in twoways, or because they were creepfoxed
087.22+polar bear
087.22+(tonsure question) [043.12-.13]
087.22+Motif: Mookse/Gripes
087.23andt grousuppers over a nippy in a noveletta, or because they
087.23+Motif: Ondt/Gracehoper
087.23+Slang nippy: a Lyons' tea-shop girl
087.23+Italian novelletta: short story
087.23+Nuvoletta [157.08]
087.24could not say meace, (mute and daft) meathe. The litigants, he
087.24+Motif: mishe/tauf
087.24+mute and deaf
087.24+County Meath
087.25said, local congsmen and donalds, kings of the arans and the dalk-
087.25+Roderick O'Connor died at Cong Abbey [.17]
087.25+king's men
087.25+Annual Coronation of King of Dalkey Island: a burlesque ceremony
087.25+Aran Islands
087.26eys, kings of mud and tory, even the goat king of Killorglin,
087.26+Kings of Mud Island: a gang active in Ballybough, north of Dublin, circa 1650-1850
087.26+song Land of Hope and Glory
087.26+Tory Island, County Donegal, originally elected its own king
087.26+a male goat is annually crowned under the name of King Puck (from Irish poc: male goat) at Killorglin Fair, County Kerry [596.02]
087.27were egged on by their supporters in the shape of betterwomen
087.27+egged: encouraged, urged; pelted with eggs
087.28with bowstrung hair of Carrothagenuine ruddiness, waving crim-
087.28+Strongbow: leader of the Anglo-Normans who invaded Ireland
087.28+Carthaginian women cut off their hair to make bowstrings in a 146 B.C. siege of the city
087.28+carrotty ruddiness (i.e. orange-red)
087.29son petties and screaming from Isod's towertop. There were
087.29+Colloquial petties: petticoats
087.29+VI.B.18.005j (b): 'Isod's fort — tower' (dash dittoes 'Isod's'; first two words not crayoned)
087.29+Warburton, Whitelaw & Walsh: History of the City of Dublin I.70: 'it was thought necessary... to make another aperture in the city wall, which was done in the government of Arthur, Earl of Essex, in 1675, by demolishing Isod's tower, and in the room of it erecting a new gate, which then got the denomination of Essex-gate, as the new street leading from it, and the bridge soon after built over the Liffey, were called Essex-street and Essex-bridge, in honour of that Lord Lieutenant... Isod's-tower, together with Chape-lizod, a village near the city, (and the same may be said of Isod's fort in the Park), are reported by an historian "to have taken their names from La-Beal-Isoud, or the fair Isoud, daughter to Anguish (I know not what) King of Ireland, and that the tower was a castle of pleasure for the kings to recreate themselves in." But perhaps it would be nearer the truth to conjecture, that these places were so called from the surname of Isod, some of whom yet remain in the county of Kilkenny'
087.30cries from the thicksets in court and from the macdublins on the
087.30+VI.B.17.063b (o): 'MacDublin'
087.30+Bugge: Contributions to the History of the Norsemen in Ireland II.5n: '"Mac-Mehee"... probably denotes "the Son of Meath"'
087.31bohernabreen of: Mind the bank from Banagher, Mick, sir! Pro-
087.31+Bohernabreena: townland in Glenasmole, once wrongly thought the site of Da Dearga's hostel
087.31+Anglo-Irish phrase that beats Banagher, and Banagher beats the Devil (reaction to something unusual, extraordinary or unlikely; possibly derived from the belief that sand from Banagher, County Derry (specifically from the grave of the local Saint Muriedhach O'Heney buried there) was holy enough to overcome the devil, as well as to bring luck to race horses, etc.; alternatively may be related to Banagher, County Offaly, or a to woman called Mary Banagher, who beat the devil in some Irish folktale)
087.31+mixer [.13]
087.32dooce O'Donner. Ay! Exhibit his relics! Bu! Use the tongue
087.32+song O'Donnell abú
087.32+Irish O'Donnell abú: O'Donnell to victory! [.12]
087.32+German Donner: thunder
087.32+Anglo-Irish Slang relics: male sex organs
087.32+Irish tungc mór: big push
087.33mor! Give lip less! But it oozed out in Deadman's Dark Scenery
087.33+VI.B.31.193e (r): 'deadmen's dark scenery court'
087.33+Douglas: London Street Games 5: 'Dead Man's Rise (also called Dead Man's Dark Scenery or Coat) is one of these jacket-games, where one party has to hide, covered up in their coats' (children's game)
087.34Court through crossexanimation of the casehardened testis that
087.34+Latin exanimatio: terror
087.34+exanimation: loss of life, swooning
087.34+VI.B.14.088d (o): 'casehardened'
087.34+FitzGerald: Miscellanies 89: 'Euphranor': (of Socartes and his "ugly" soul) 'by the time he had beautified her within, it was too late to re-front her Outside, which had case-hardened, I suppose'
087.34+case-hardened: hardened on the surface (as the male testis is)
087.34+Latin testis: witness
087.35when and where that knife of knifes the treepartied ambush was
087.35+night of nights
087.35+three (*VYC*)
087.35+The Tripartite Life of Saint Patrick: a 9th century biography of Saint Patrick
087.36laid (roughly spouting around half hours 'twixt dusk in dawn,
087.36+lighting-up time for motor vehicles in the United Kingdom was from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise

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