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088.01by Waterhose's Meddle Europeic Time, near Stop and Think,
088.01+Waterhouse's Clock, Dublin [213.16]
088.01+Middle European Time (also known as Central European Time; during most of Joyce's life, this was used in central Europe (e.g. Austro-Hungary, Italy, Switzerland), but not in western Europe (e.g. France, Belgium))
088.01+VI.B.6.039f (b): 'Stop & think!'
088.02high chief evervirens and only abfalltree in auld the land) there
088.02+HCE (Motif: HCE)
088.02+Latin virens: being green (hence, evergreen)
088.02+Adoration of the Cross (part of the Good Friday service): song Crux Fidelis (hymn): 'Faithful Cross, above all others, One and only noble tree'
088.02+German Abfall: garbage, rubbish, litter; apostasy, rebellion
088.02+German Apfel: apple
088.02+appletree (Garden of Eden)
088.02+fall (of man, of tree)
088.02+song Auld Lang Syne
088.03was not as much light from the widowed moon as would dim a
088.03+VI.B.5.087b (r): '(the widowed moon)'
088.04child's altar. The mixer, accordingly, was bluntly broached, and
088.04+Slang mixer: troublemaker [087.13]
088.05in the best basel to boot, as to whether he was one of those
088.05+(best manner)
088.05+German Baselbut: region around Basel
088.05+Travers Smith: Psychic Messages from Oscar Wilde 6: 'I was always one of those for whom the visible world existed' (paraphrasing Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray: 'Like Gautier, he was one for whom "the visible world existed"', which in turn is referring to Théophile Gautier: 'Je suis un homme pour qui le monde visible existe' (French 'I am a man for whom the visbile world exists'))
088.06lucky cocks for whom the audible-visible-gnosible-edible world
088.06+Motif: 5 senses (touch missing) [086.32]
088.07existed. That he was only too cognitively conatively cogitabun-
088.07+conatively: with volition, with exertion
088.07+cogitabundly: meditatively, thoughtfully
088.08dantly sure of it because, living, loving, breathing and sleeping
088.08+Motif: 4-stage Viconian cycle (?)
088.09morphomelosophopancreates, as he most significantly did, when-
088.09+Greek morphoô: form, shape
088.09+Morpheus: Greek god of dreams
088.09+Greek melos: music; limb
088.09+Greek sophos: wise
088.09+Greek pan krates: all-powerful
088.10ever he thought he heard he saw he felt he made a bell clipper-
088.10+Motif: ear/eye
088.10+(Pavlov's dogs, conditioned to react to a bell ringing)
088.11clipperclipperclipper. Whether he was practically sure too of his
088.12lugs and truies names in this king and blouseman business? That
088.12+(proverb One cannot make a silk purse of a sow's ear)
088.12+Colloquial lug: ear
088.12+German phrase Lug und Trug: lies and deception
088.12+French truie: sow
088.12+VI.B.3.155a (o): 'This King Business'
088.12+phrase king and country (objects of allegiance)
088.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM:} | {Png: ...buisness...}
088.13he was pediculously so. Certified? As cad could be. Be lying! Be
088.13+pediculous: infected with lice
088.13+morbus pediculosus: ancient disease in which the body swarmed with lice [.14]
088.14the lonee I will. It was Morbus O' Somebody? A'Quite. Szer-
088.14+Greek thelô: I will, I want
088.14+Motif: A/O
088.14+Hungarian szerda: Wednesday (Cluster: Days)
088.15day's Son? A satyr in weddens. And how did the greeneyed
088.15+Sunday (Cluster: Days)
088.15+Saturday (Cluster: Days)
088.15+nursery rhyme Monday's Child: 'Saturday's child works hard for his living'
088.15+Wednesday (Cluster: Days)
088.15+William Shakespeare: Othello III.3.165: 'O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster'
088.16mister arrive at the B.A.? That it was like his poll. A cross-
088.16+B.A.: Bachelor of Arts degree [087.13]
088.16+VI.B.5.050d (r): 'it's like his poll'
088.16+Irish Independent 5 Jun 1924, 5/4: 'West Cork Horror': (a police sergeant testifying in a trial of murder and dismemberment of a farmer by most of his family members) 'Witness took the head out of a sack and turned an electric torch on it, and asked Leary could he identify it... "I am not sure, but it is like his poll"'
088.16+Cambridge Slang poll: a 'pass' degree, a bachelor's degree without honours (derogatory)
088.16+VI.B.5.052b (r): 'a coarsegrained person with odd hips & twitching mouth' [.16-.18]
088.16+Freeman's Journal 6 Jun 1924, 7/1: '"Wicked Fast Woman"': (in a libel trial) 'Mrs Copeman... said Miss Thurburn signed a letter sent to her in which there was a reference to "a coarse-grained person with two left feet, odd hips, and twitching eyes"'
088.16+cross-grained: perverse, contrarious
088.17grained trapper with murty odd oogs, awflorated ares, inquiline
088.17+VI.B.16.040f (b): 'Murty'
088.17+song Finnegan's Wake: 'mighty odd'
088.17+Motif: A/O
088.17+Motif: 5 senses (touch missing) [086.32]
088.17+(4 body parts) [.20]
088.17+Dutch oog: eye
088.17+inquiline: in zoology, an animal that lives in the another's nest, a commensal
088.17+Italian naso inquilino: tenant nose (a not uncommon blunder for Italian naso aquilino: aquiline nose, among people who speak with affectation)
088.18nase and a twithcherous mouph? He would be. Who could bit
088.18+German Nase: nose
088.18+beat you out
088.19you att to a tenyerdfuul when aastalled? Ballera jobbera. Some
088.19+Hungarian tányér: plate
088.19+ten yard
088.19+German Aas: carrion
088.19+Hungarian asztal: table
088.19+(Buridan's Ass: a philosophical paradox about an ass standing exactly midway between two identical piles of hay, one to its left, one to its right, and ultimately dying of hunger, unable to decide which one to choose)
088.19+Hungarian balra: to the left (Motif: left/right)
088.19+Hungarian jobbra: to the right
088.20majar bore too? Iguines. And with tumblerous legs, redipnomi-
088.20+Spanish majar: to be tiresome
088.20+Hungarian magyar bor: Hungarian wine
088.20+Hungarian igenis: yes indeed
088.20+a Guinness
088.20+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...with tumblerous...} | {JJA 46:209: ...with a stopper head, bottle shoulders, a barrel bauck and tumblerous...} (apparently corrupted in typesetting at JJA 49:117 (lost 9-word line))
088.20+Variants: elucidations for variant: stopper, bottle, barrel, tumbler ^^^ (4 body parts) [.17-.18] ^^^ German Bauch: belly ^^^ back
088.20+tumbler: a drinking cup, originally shaped so that it could not be set down until emptied
088.21nated Helmingham Erchenwyne Rutter Egbert Crumwall Odin
088.21+acronym: HERE COMES EVERYBODY (Motif: HCE) (*E*)
088.21+Burke's Peerage lists 'Lyulph Ydwallo Odin Nestor Egbert Lyonel Toedmag Hugh Erchenwyne Saxon Esa Cromwell Orma Nevill Dysart Plantagenet Bentley', born 1876, under 'Tollemache-Tollemache' (acronym: LYONEL THE SECOND)
088.21+Elizabeth Murray (died 1698) was wife to Sir Lionel Tollemache of Helmingham [.21], countess of Dysart [.23], and mistress of Oliver Cromwell [.21]
088.21+Welsh erchwyn: side, bedside
088.21+Egbert: 9th century king of Wessex and father of Ethelwulf [.22]
088.22Maximus Esme Saxon Esa Vercingetorix Ethelwulf Rupprecht
088.22+Vercingetorix: 1st century B.C. Gallic chieftain, revolted against Caesar
088.22+Ethelwulf: 9th century king of Wessex and son of Egbert [.21]
088.23Ydwalla Bentley Osmund Dysart Yggdrasselmann? Holy Saint
088.23+Yggdrasil: the World-Tree in Norse myth
088.23+German Mann: man
088.23+(Motif: HCE)
088.23+holly and ivy
088.23+saint/devil (Motif: Mick/Nick)
088.23+German Teufel: devil
088.24Eiffel, the very phoenix! It was Chudley Magnall once more
088.24+Eiffel Tower, Paris
088.25between the deffodates and the dumb scene? The two childspies
088.25+phrase between the devil and the deep sea
088.25+deaf and dumb
088.25+damsels (*IJ*)
088.25+(no answer?)
088.25+child spies
088.26waapreesing him auza de Vologue but the renting of his rock
088.26+were appraising him out of the foliage
088.26+German aus: from, out, of
088.26+eau de Cologne
088.26+Irish de bholóig: of an ox
088.26+Matthew 27:51: 'and the rocks rent'
088.26+Old Norse Ragnarøkr: destruction of the Norse gods
088.26+German Rock: coat, skirt
088.26+Motif: tree/stone (rock, forest [.27])
088.27was from the three wicked Vuncouverers Forests bent down
088.27+The Three Wicked Uncoverings: a triad of taboos in Welsh myth (associated with King Arthur)
088.27+Vancouver: city, Canada
088.27+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Fairest! Put on Awhile [air: Cummilum]
088.28awhits, arthou sure? Yubeti, Cumbilum comes! One of the ox-
088.28+art thou
088.28+Japanese yube: night
088.28+American Slang you bet: certainly
088.28+Ostmen: Viking invaders of Ireland and their settler descendants (the name survived in Oxmantown, a part of North Dublin, where Ostmen once lived)
088.29men's thingabossers, hvad? And had he been refresqued by the
088.29+Thing: Viking council
088.29+Danish hvad?: eh?, what?
088.29+(no answer?)
088.29+French fresque: fresco
088.30founts of bounty playing there — is — a — pain — aleland in
088.30+song 'There is a happy land'
088.30+J.J. Callanan: Gougane Barra (poem): 'There is a green island In lone Gougane Barra' (Gougane Barra is a small remote lake in County Cork) [093.28]
088.31Long's gourgling barral? A loss of Lordedward and a lack of sir-
088.31+Lord Edward Street, Dublin
088.31+Lord Edward FitzGerald: 18th century Irish rebel
088.31+Sir Philip Crampton: 19th century Dublin surgeon (his monument had drinking fountains attached) [.32]
088.32philip a surgeonet showeradown could suck more gargling
088.32+surgeon [.31]
088.32+showered on
088.33bubbles out of the five lamps in Portterand's praise. Wirrgeling
088.33+The Five Lamps: a five-way junction in Dublin, adjoining Portland Row
088.33+Finnish portteri: porter
088.33+German wird gelingen: will succeed
088.33+Danish virkelig: real
088.34and maries? As whose wouldn't, laving his leaftime in Black-
088.34+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...and maries?...} | {BMs (47475-216): ...and boeuffickly bucephull. Wheateared, however, and with fallen mammaries?...} [071.11] [550.26]
088.34+(wouldn't fall)
088.34+living his lifetime
088.34+Liffey river
088.34+the name Dublin derives from Irish dubh linn: black pool
088.35pool. But, of course, he could call himself Tem, too, if he had
088.35+Tem: in Egyptian mythology, the first god, having created himself [056.34]
088.36time to? You butt he could anytom. When he pleased? Win and
088.36+Motif: Tom/Tim
088.36+Motif: time/space
088.36+win, place (racing terms)

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