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090.01whence this second tone, son-yet-sun? He had the cowtaw in his
090.01+(tones play a significant role in Chinese)
090.01+Sun Yat-sen: 20th century Chinese revolutionary, the first provisional president of the Republic of China (in 1912)
090.01+s..-y..-sun [089.14]
090.01+Ogma Sun-face supposedly invented Ogham [.02] [089.32]
090.01+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...son-yet-sun? He...} | {Png: ...son-yet-sun! He...}
090.01+kow-tow: Chinese custom of touching the ground with one's forehead as a mark of respect
090.02buxers flay of face. So this that Solasistras, setting odds evens at
090.02+Danish bukser: trousers
090.02+Boxer Rebellion, China, 1899-1901
090.02+Latin sol: sun
090.02+Irish solas: light
090.02+odd, even
090.03defiance, took the laud from Labouriter? What displaced Tob,
090.03+Defiance: a black colt that raced in the 1920s
090.03+Archaic laud: praise
090.03+Pope Adrian IV's Bull Laudabiliter granted Ireland to Henry II
090.03+Labourite: member of the Labour Party
090.03+labouring writer
090.03+which displeased
090.03+unplaced: (of horses in a race) not among the three first finishers
090.03+Hebrew tobh: good
090.03+Motif: Tom, Dick and Harry
090.04Dilke and Halley, not been greatly in love with the game. And,
090.04+Sir Charles Dilke: 19th century English politician ruined by a divorce scandal (similar to Parnell)
090.05changing the venders, from the king's head to the republican's
090.05+King's Head: name of several old Dublin pubs
090.06arms, as to the pugnaxities evinxed from flagfall to antepost
090.06+pugnacity: tendency to fight, quarrelsomeness (from Latin pugnax: given to fighting, aggressive)
090.06+evinced: displayed, exhibited
090.06+from fall to post [583.22-.23]
090.06+(backwards in time)
090.06+flag falls at the start of a horse race
090.06+antepost bets are placed before the day of the race
090.07during the effrays round fatherthyme's beckside and the regents
090.07+Obsolete effray: disturbance, tumult, brawl, fray, affray
090.07+French effroi: terror
090.07+Father Time's backside
090.07+Dialect beck: stream
090.07+Dutch het regent: it's raining
090.07+Regent's Park, London
090.07+Dutch regens: rains
090.08in the plantsown raining, with the skiddystars and the morkern-
090.08+Dutch plantsoen: park, public gardens
090.08+Danish skide: rotten
090.08+Norwegian morken: rotten, decayed
090.08+German Morgen: morning
090.08+(alarm clock)
090.09windup, how they appealed to him then? That it was wildfires
090.09+Walpurgis Night: a pre-Christian May Day celebration
090.09+(fires on all the hills)
090.10night on all the bettygallaghers. Mickmichael's soords shrieking
090.10+Katty Gollagher: hill near Bray
090.10+Irish gealach: moon
090.10+(Motif: stuttering)
090.10+Motif: Mick/Nick [.11]
090.10+Saint Michael's sword
090.11shrecks through the wilkinses and neckanicholas' toastingforks
090.11+German Schreck: fright
090.11+Wilkinson Sword: an English brand of razors, scissors, gardening tools (and originally swords)
090.11+Archaic welkin: sky
090.11+Colloquial toasting-fork: sword (jocular)
090.11+(devil's fork)
090.12pricking prongs up the tunnybladders. Let there be fight? And
090.12+tunny fish's swimbladder
090.12+Genesis 1:3: 'And God said, Let there be light: and there was light'
090.13there was. Foght. On the site of the Angel's, you said? Guinney's
090.13+Dutch vocht: moisture
090.13+Benjamin Disraeli: (repudiating Darwinism) 'I am on the side of the angels'
090.13+The Angel, Islington, London (originally an inn)
090.13+Greek gynê: woman
090.13+Ginnunga-gap: in Norse mythology, the primordial abyss that preceded the creation of the world
090.14Gap, he said, between what they said and the pussykitties. In the
090.14+Genesis 3:3: 'But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die'
090.15middle of the garth, then? That they mushn't toucht it. The de-
090.15+Midgaard: the Earth in Old Norse literature
090.15+garth: a piece of enclosed land beside a house
090.15+mustn't touch
090.16voted couple was or were only two disappainted solicitresses on
090.16+VI.B.14.214h (o): 'Solicitress'
090.16+Czarnowski: Le Culte des Héros, Saint Patrick LXXV: (of dead heroes) 'le souvenir qui s'attache à eux et les désigne aux solliciteurs' (French 'the memory that is attached to them and singles them out for petitioners')
090.17the job of the unfortunate class on Saturn's mountain fort? That
090.17+in Greek mythology, the War of the Titans was fought between the Titans, led by Cronos (Saturn) and based on Mount Othrys, and the Olympians, led by Zeus (Jupiter) and based on Mount Olympus
090.17+Percy French: song Slattery's Mounted Foot
090.18was about it, jah! And Camellus then said to Gemellus: I should
090.18+Danish ja: German ja: yes
090.18+Gamal and Camel: legendary doorkeepers at Tara during the reign of King Nuad
090.18+Latin gemellus: twin
090.19know you? Parfaitly. And Gemellus then said to Camellus: Yes,
090.19+VI.B.3.007a (r): 'Parfait!'
090.19+French parfait: perfect
090.19+parfait: a rich desert arranged in layers in a tall glass
090.20your brother? Obsolutely. And if it was all about that, egregious
090.20+egregious: remarkable in a bad sense
090.21sir? About that and the other. If he was not alluding to the whole
090.21+Chart: The Story of Dublin 319: (of Northern suburbs of Dublin, near Phoenix Park) 'The district is connected also with the old times of bribery at elections. There is still a place known as "The Hole in the Wall," where the virtuous elector used to pass his empty hand through an aperture and withdraw it again filled with guineas by some unseen benefactor beyond'
090.21+The Hole in the Wall: pub at the Cabra Gate of Phoenix Park, also called 'Nancy Hand's'
090.22in the wall? That he was when he was not eluding from the whole
090.23of the woman. Briefly, how such beginall finally struck him now?
090.24Like the crack that bruck the bank in Multifarnham. Whether he
090.24+song The Man That Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo
090.24+Multyfarnham: village and monastery, County Westmeath
090.25fell in with what they meant? Cursed that he suppoxed he did.
090.25+Slang pox: venereal disease
090.26Thos Thoris, Thomar's Thom? The rudacist rotter in Roebuck-
090.26+Thomar: Danish invader of Ireland (defeated by Malachy)
090.26+Slang ruddiest: bloodiest, most damned
090.26+Roebuck: district of Dublin
090.26+Rotterdam: city, Netherlands
090.27dom. Surtopical? And subhuman. If it was, in yappanoise lan-
090.27+(he was)
090.28guage, ach bad clap? Oo! Ah! Augs and ohrs with Rhian O'-
090.28+a bad chap
090.28+Slang clap: venereal disease
090.28+Motif: A/O
090.28+Motif: 5 senses (touch missing) [086.32]
090.28+German Auge: eye
090.28+German Ohr: ear
090.28+Greek rhino: nose
090.29kehley to put it tertianly, we wrong? Shocking! Such as turly
090.29+German Kehle: throat
090.29+(three items)
090.30pearced our really's that he might, that he might never, that he
090.30+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
090.30+French oreilles: ears
090.31might never that night? Treely and rurally. Bladyughfoulmoeck-
090.31+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...night? Treely...} | {Png: ...night. Triely...}
090.31+really and truly
090.31+Motif: 100-letter thunderword [.31-.33]
090.31+bloody awful
090.31+Russian blyad': whore
090.31+Mecklenburg Street, Dublin (Nighttown)
090.32+German Hure: whore
090.32+Swedish hora: whore
090.32+Latin scortum: whore
090.32+Greek pornê: whore
090.32+Slang nanny: whore
090.32+Hungarian mennyköcsapás: lightning-stroke
090.32+Lithuanian kekse: whore
090.32+Slang cock: penis
090.32+James Joyce: Ulysses.11.706: 'Tipping her tepping her tapping her topping her. Tup.'
090.33ppatupperstrippuckputtanach, eh? You have it alright.
090.33+Shelta stripu: whore
090.33+Irish striopach: whore
090.33+Italian puttana: whore
090.34     Meirdreach an Oincuish! But a new complexion was put upon
090.34+{{Synopsis: I.4.1A.O: [090.34-092.05]: Festy claims innocence upon oath — much to the court's amusement}}
090.34+French merde!: shit!
090.34+Irish méirdreach: whore
090.34+German Dreck: filth
090.34+James Joyce: other works: Gas from a Burner 55: 'Shite and onions!' (an expression of Joyce's father)
090.34+Irish an: the
090.34+Irish óinseach: harlot, giddy woman
090.34+Bog Latin Oinciu: Ireland
090.35the matter when to the perplexedly uncondemnatory bench
090.36(whereon punic judgeship strove with penal law) the senior
090.36+punic: treacherous, deceitful
090.36+Legalese puisne: (of a judge) junior, inferior (pronounced 'puny')
090.36+Penal Laws enacted against the Catholic Church in Ireland (17th and 18th centuries)

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