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105.01Myrtles of Venice Played to Bloccus's Line, To Plenge Me High
105.01+William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice
105.01+song Wife, Children and Friends: 'pledge me high'
105.02He Waives Chiltern on Friends, Oremunds Queue Visits Amen
105.02+Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds is conferred on member of Parliament wishing to resign his seat
105.02+Ormond Quay, Dublin
105.02+Latin oremus: let us pray
105.02+German Mund: mouth
105.02+French queue: tail
105.03Mart, E'en Tho' I Granny a-be He would Fain Me Cuddle, Twenty
105.03+Grania was the young betrothed of the much older Finn MacCool
105.03+Hundred of Manhood: a region near Chichester, Sussex, England (hundreds were administrative divisions abolished in the 19th century) [030.06-.08]
105.03+20 + 90 + 1 = 111 (Motif: 111)
105.04of Chambers, Weighty Ten Beds and a Wan Ceteroom, I Led the
105.04+French quatrevingt dix: ninety (literally 'eighty ten')
105.04+W.C.: water-closet
105.04+one sitting-room
105.04+Latin ceterum: the rest
105.05Life, Through the Boxer Coxer Rising in the House with the Golden
105.05+John Maddison Morton: Box and Cox [325.16]
105.05+Boxer Rising of 1900: last Chinese peasant rising
105.06Stairs, The Following Fork, He's my O'Jerusalem and I'm his
105.06+[618.25-.26] [626.12] [628.05]
105.06+song Little Annie Rooney: 'She's my Annie, I'm her Joe'
105.07Po, The Best in the West, By the Stream of Zemzem under Zig-
105.07+German Po: buttock
105.07+Po river, Italy
105.07+Osiris was also known as 'First (or Foremost) of the Westerners'
105.07+Lane-Poole: The Speeches & Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammad xxi: 'Zemzem, the God-sent spring which gushed from the sand when the forefather of the Arabs was perishing of thirst' (Zemzem: sacred well within the precincts of the mosque at Mecca, said to have been that of Hagar and Ishmael (Genesis 21:19))
105.07+after his father's death, Confucius and his mother moved to a village near the ducal capital of Zigzag Hill (Chufu)
105.08zag Hill, The Man That Made His Mother in the Marlborry
105.08+Confucius born in dry cave called 'The Hollow Mulberry Tree'
105.09Train, Try Our Taal on a Taub, The Log of Anny to the Base
105.09+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Train, Try...} | {Png: ...Train. Try...}
105.09+try our (menu suggestion)
105.09+Dutch taal: language
105.09+Swift: A Tale of a Tub
105.09+German taub: deaf
105.09+German Taube: pigeon, dove
105.09+logarithm of anything to base L
105.10All, Nopper Tipped a Nappiwenk to his Notylytl Dantsigirls, Prszss
105.10+Napper Tandy, United Irishman, 1740-1803
105.10+tipped the wink
105.10+Polish napiwek: tip, gratuity
105.10+naughty little dancing girls
105.10+Polish motyl: butterfly
105.10+Slang dant: prostitute
105.10+Danzig, Poland
105.10+Polish przeszyć: to pierce
105.10+Polish przy: near, close to, at
105.10+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
105.11Orel Orel the King of Orlbrdsz, Intimier Minnelisp of an Extor-
105.11+Czech orel: Polish orzeł: eagle (found on Polish national emblem)
105.11+song 'The Wren, the Wren, The king of all birds'
105.11+Polish olbrzym: giant
105.11+interior monologue
105.11+German mir: to me
105.11+German Minne: (courtly) love
105.11+Latin extorreor: be parched
105.12reor Monolothe, Drink to Him, My Juckey, and Dhoult Bemine
105.12+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Drink to Her [air: Heigh Ho! My Jackey]
105.12+Irish deoch: a drink (pronounced 'djukh')
105.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Juckey, and...} | {Png: ...Juckey and...}
105.12+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song If Thou'lt Be Mine [air: The Winnowing Sheet]
105.13Thy Winnowing Sheet, I Ask You to Believe I was his Mistress,
105.14He Can Explain, From Victrolia Nuancee to Allbart Noahnsy,
105.14+HCE (Motif: HCE)
105.14+Victoria Nyanza and Albert Nyanza: two of the major reservoirs of the Nile river ('Nyanza' is Bantu for 'Lake')
105.14+Victrola: the most popular brand of gramophone
105.14+French nuancée: nuanced (feminine)
105.14+no answer
105.14+Irish ní h-annsa: not hard (formula for answering riddles)
105.14+German Ahn: ancestor, grandfather
105.15Da's a Daisy so Guimea your Handsel too, What Barbaras Done
105.15+Russian da: yes
105.15+song 'Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do'
105.15+guinea: an English coin with a value of 21 shillings
105.15+handsel: a gift for good luck on entering upon a new situation; the first specimen of anything, an auspicious first taste; earnest money, anything given as a pledge
105.15+Saint Barbara: patron of armourers and gunners
105.16to a Barrel Organ Before the Rank, Tank and Bonnbtail, Huskvy
105.16+rag, tag and bobtail
105.16+Latin usque ad mortem: even unto death (Vulgate Matthew 26:38) [499.30]
105.17Admortal, What Jumbo made to Jalice and what Anisette to Him,
105.17+song Jumbo Said to Alice: 'Jumbo said to Alice "I love you". Alice said to Jumbo "I don't believe you do; If you truly loved me As you say you do, You wouldn't go to Yankee land And leave me in the zoo"' (refers to Jumbo and Alice, a pair of elephants at London Zoo, upon the former being bought by P.T. Barnum and shipped to America in 1882, to the English public's dismay)
105.17+anisette: a liqueur flavoured with aniseed
105.18Ophelia's Culpreints, Hear Hubty Hublin, My Old Dansh, I am
105.18+Motif: O felix culpa! (Exsultet)
105.18+French cul: arse
105.18+(prints left by the buttocks)
105.18+Motif: Dear Dirty Dublin
105.18+Albert Chevalier: song My Old Dutch (gave rise to Slang phrase my old dutch: my old wife)
105.18+Danish Dansk: Danish
105.19Older northe Rogues among Whisht I Slips and He Calls Me his
105.19+Walter Pater: The Renaissance: (of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa) 'She is older than the rocks on which she sits'
105.19+nor the
105.19+Anglo-Irish whist!: silence!
105.19+song The Jewel of Asia: 'He call'd her the jewel of Asia, of Asia, of Asia, But she was the Queen of the Geisha, the Geisha, the Geisha' (a song from 'The Geisha', a light opera with lyrics by Harry Greenbank; James Joyce: Ulysses.6.355: 'And they call me the jewel of Asia, Of Asia, The geisha')
105.20Dual of Ayessha, Suppotes a Ventriliquorst Merries a Corpse,
105.20+Ayesha: heroine of Rider Haggard's She
105.20+Ayesha: third and best-loved wife of Mohammed, married when she was nine and he over fifty
105.20+(using ventriloquism to make a corpse appear to be speaking)
105.21Lapps for Finns This Funnycoon's Week, How the Buckling Shut
105.21+LAP (Motif: ALP)
105.21+song Finnegan's Wake, chorus: 'Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake'
105.21+(blackface minstrel)
105.21+Slang coon: a black man
105.21+Motif: How Buckley shot the Russian General
105.21+German Bückling: kipper
105.21+German Buckel: hump
105.22at Rush in January, Look to the Lady, From the Rise of the
105.22+Rush, town, County Dublin
105.22+William Shakespeare: Macbeth II.3.115: 'Look to the lady'
105.22+Shirley's play 'Look to the Lady' played at theatre in Werburgh Street, Dublin
105.22+John Lothrop Motley: The Rise of the Dutch Republic
105.23Dudge Pupublick to the Fall of the Potstille, Of the Two Ways
105.23+(Motif: stuttering)
105.23+(public house)
105.23+the Fall of the Bastille, 1789
105.23+pot-still: a type of still for alcoholic spirits
105.23+VI.B.32.159d (b): 'of opening the mouth of the 2 ways'
105.23+Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 10: 'ancient funerary works, such as the "Book of Opening the Mouth," the "Liturgy of Funerary Offerings," and the "Book of the Two Ways"'
105.24of Opening the Mouth, I have not Stopped Water Where It Should
105.24+VI.B.32.165e-.166a (r): 'I have not stopped water when it should flow'
105.24+Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 23: (quoting from Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. CXXV, where the deceased is addressing Osiris, reciting a long list of things not done) 'I have not stopped water [when it should flow]'
105.25Flow and I Know the Twentynine Names of Attraente, The Tortor
105.25+VI.B.32.164d (r): 'I know the 42 names of ye'
105.25+Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 22: (quoting from Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. CXXV, where the deceased is addressing Osiris) 'I know thee, and I know thy name, and the names of the Forty-Two who live with thee in the Hall of Maāti, who keep ward over sinners'
105.25+(Motif: 28-29; *Q*)
105.25+Italian attraente: attractive
105.26of Tory Island Traits Galasia like his Milchcow, From Abbeygate
105.26+Tory Island: Fomorian stronghold off Donegal coast
105.26+Greek gala: milk
105.26+Galatia: an ancient region of Asia Minor
105.26+milch-cow: a cow giving milk; a source of regular profit
105.26+Abbey and Gate Theatres, Dublin
105.27to Crowalley Through a Lift in the Lude, Smocks for Their Graces
105.27+Crow Street Theatre, Dublin (18th century; opened to rival Smock Alley Theatre)
105.27+phrase rift in the lute: small defect marring general result
105.27+swift interlude
105.27+Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin (18th century)
105.27+smack: a loud kiss
105.27+Motif: Mookse/Gripes
105.27+Motif: Ondt/Gracehoper
105.28and Me Aunt for Them Clodshoppers, How to Pull a Good Horus-
105.28+Anglo-Irish phrase the back of my hand (deprecatory comment or retort)
105.28+Slang aunt: prostitute
105.28+clod-hopper: a country lout, bumpkin
105.28+French tirer: to pull
105.28+French tirer un coup: fire a shot
105.28+VI.B.32.161f (b): 'Isis revives O he begets Horus'
105.28+Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 16: 'before Osiris was laid in his tomb, his wife Isis, by means of her magical powers, succeeded in restoring him to life temporarily, and made him beget of her an heir, who was called Horus'
105.28+HCE (Motif: HCE)
105.29coup even when Oldsire is Dead to the World, Inn the Gleam of
105.29+old sire
105.29+Osiris [.28]
105.29+Colloquial phrase dead to the world: unconscious, fast asleep
105.29+song Patrick Sheehan: 'in the Glen of Aherlow' (Glen of Aherlow is a valley in County Tipperary)
105.30Waherlow, Fathe He's Sukceded to My Esperations, Thee Steps
105.30+Sir Ernest Albert Waterlow: English painter (1850-1919)
105.30+faith, he's exceeded my expectations
105.30+Danish suk: sigh
105.30+phrase two steps forward, one step back: progress is not without its difficulties
105.30+three, two (*VYC*, *IJ*)
105.31Forward, Two Stops Back, My Skin Appeals to Three Senses and
105.31+(sight, touch, smell)
105.32My Curly Lips Demand Columbkisses; Gage Street on a Crany's
105.32+Saint Colmcille (Columba)
105.32+Latin columba: pigeon
105.32+Gage Street, Hong Kong: brothel area
105.33Savings, Them Lads made a Trion of Battlewatschers and They
105.33+trio (*VYC*)
105.33+VI.B.18.219c (o): 'battlewatchers —flats' (dash dittoes 'battle'; only first word crayoned)
105.33+Worsaae: An Account of the Danes and Norwegians in England, Scotland, and Ireland 40: 'The popular legend of the bloody battle by Stamford Bridge, or, as it was afterwards called, "Battle Bridge," is not yet obsolete. A piece of ground near the bridge over the river Derwent is called "Battle-flats"'
105.33+German Watsche: slap
105.34Totties a Doeit of Deers, In My Lord's Bed by One Whore Went
105.34+Dublin Slang totties: girls; prostitutes
105.34+duet (*IJ*)
105.34+phrase go through: suffer, undergo; wear out
105.35Through It, Mum It is All Over, Cowpoyride by Twelve Acre Ter-
105.36riss in the Unique Estates of Amessican, He Gave me a Thou so I
105.36+United States of America
105.36+French sou: small coin (five centimes)

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