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113.01realise that she is not out to dizzledazzle with a graith uncouthre-
113.01+Irish graithe: business, duty
113.01+accoutrement: apparel, outfit, equipment
113.02ment of postmantuam glasseries from the lapins and the grigs.
113.02+Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass ch. VI: 'it's like a portmanteau — there are two meanings packed up into one word'
113.02+Baptiste Mantuanus: writer of school Latin eclogues
113.02+Virgil was born near Mantua
113.02+from the Latin and the Greek
113.02+French lapin: rabbit
113.02+Dialect grig: a short-legged hen
113.03Nuttings on her wilelife! Grabar gooden grandy for old almea-
113.03+Nut: Egyptian goddess of the sky
113.03+phrase not on your life!
113.03+Grabar: Old Armenian, Classical Armenian (literary language used from the 5th century to the 19th century)
113.03+good and grand
113.03+French Allemagne: Germany
113.03+Armenian etymologists
113.04nium adamologists like Dariaumaurius and Zovotrimaserov-
113.04+Elamite Dariiamauish: Darius (mentioned in Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 290n, as part of an inscription of Artaxerxes II Memnon (the son of Darius II)) [162.15] [337.36]
113.04+(the first mention of Armenia as a name of a country is in King Darius I's 6th century inscription on Behistun cliff)
113.04+Persian darya: sea
113.04+Latin mare: sea
113.04+Persian muye: hair
113.04+Latin morior: to die
113.04+Armenian zov: sea
113.04+Armenian orti: son
113.04+Armenian mazerov: with hair, by the hair
113.05meravmerouvian; (dmzn!); she feel plain plate one flat fact thing
113.05+Armenian merav: he is dead
113.05+Merovingian: a Frankish dynasty that ruled Gaul from the 5th to the 8th century
113.06and if, lastways firdstwise, a man alones sine anyon anyons
113.06+Dialect leastways: at least
113.06+Genesis 2:18: "And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him' [.26]
113.06+Latin sine: without
113.06+Ainu shine, tu, re, ine, ashikne: one, two, three, four, five [.08]
113.06+Ainu shine ainu: one man
113.06+anyone, anyone other
113.06+Ainu ainu utara: men
113.07utharas has no rates to done a kik at with anyon anakars about
113.07+no right to
113.07+Ainu e kik an: you are beaten, you are struck
113.07+French server le kik: throttle
113.07+Danish kik: peep
113.07+anyone other
113.07+Ainu ainu anakne: the man
113.07+Malay anak: child, young of beasts (or birds, plants)
113.07+Greek anakar: upward
113.07+Irish anacair: affliction, distress
113.08tutus milking fores and the rereres on the outerrand asikin the
113.08+two twos and three ree rees (*IJ* and *VYC*)
113.08+Danish faar: sheep
113.08+Obsolete rere: rear
113.08+other hand asking
113.08+Dutch rand: edge, rim
113.08+Ainu ashke: hand (related to Ainu ashikne: five [.06])
113.09tutus to be forrarder. Thingcrooklyexineverypasturesixdix-
113.09+Latin tutus: secure
113.09+James Joyce: Ulysses.18.536: 'titties'
113.09+Motif: 100-letter thunderword [.09-.11]
113.09+in every
113.09+six days' licence
113.10+him around her
113.10+kinkin kankan [006.21]
113.10+Malay kingking: lift up a leg (as a dog does)
113.10+Malay kangkang: (sit or stand) with legs wide apart
113.10+can-can (dance)
113.10+don't mind looking at
113.11lookingated. Mesdaims, Marmouselles, Mescerfs! Silvapais! All
113.11+French Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles, Messieurs, s'il vous plaît: Ladies, Young ladies, Gentlemen, please
113.11+French daim: fallow-deer, buck
113.11+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.108: 'Rabelais dit marmouselle, pour jeune fille' (French 'Rabelais says marmouselle, for young girl')
113.11+French cerf: deer
113.11+Latin silva: woodland
113.11+all she wants, she writes, is to tell the God's truth about him
113.12schwants (schwrites) ischt tell the cock's trootabout him. Ka-
113.12+German Schwan: swan
113.12+German Schwanz: tail (penis)
113.12+German Schweiz: Switzerland
113.12+Swiss German Pronunciation ischt: German ist: is
113.12+Swiss German Trute: turkey-hen
113.12+truth about
113.12+Albanian kapak kapak: little by little
113.13pak kapuk. No minzies matter. He had to see life foully the
113.13+no mincing matters
113.13+Albanian minzë: pupil of eye
113.14plak and the smut, (schwrites). There were three men in him
113.14+Motif: dark/fair (black, white)
113.14+Albanian plak: old
113.14+Albanian smût: sick
113.15(schwrites). Dancings (schwrites) was his only ttoo feebles.
113.15+two (*IJ*)
113.16With apple harlottes. And a little mollvogels. Spissially (schwrites)
113.16+apple charlotte: a baked desert made of apple marmalade covered with toasted breadcrumbs
113.16+Albanian molle: apple
113.16+Albanian vogel: small
113.16+German Vogel: Dutch vogel: bird
113.17when they peaches. Honeys wore camelia paints. Yours very
113.17+Colloquial peach: to blab; to inform (against someone)
113.17+French péché: sin
113.17+Motto of the Garter: Honi soit qui mal y pense: Evil Be (to Him) Who Evil Thinks of This
113.17+French camélia: prostitute
113.17+yours truly
113.18truthful. Add dapple inn. Yet is it but an old story, the tale of
113.18+A-double-N (Ann)
113.18+(it is but)
113.19a Treestone with one Ysold, of a Mons held by tentpegs and his
113.19+Motif: tree/stone (*C*/*V*)
113.19+Tristan (*Y*)
113.19+Welsh ysol: consuming, devouring
113.19+Isolde (*I*)
113.19+Latin mons: mountain (*E*)
113.19+French monsieur: gentleman
113.19+ancient Arabs believed mountains kept the earth steady, as pegs do a tent (mentioned in Koran 78:7)
113.20pal whatholoosed on the run, what Cadman could but Badman
113.20+PAL (Motif: ALP)
113.20+Father Finn: all works: On the Run
113.20+John Bunyan: Life and Death of Mr Badman
113.21wouldn't, any Genoaman against any Venis, and why Kate takes
113.21+14th century rivalry between Genoa and Venice led to the defeat of the former
113.22charge of the waxworks.
113.22+[008.09] [057.20]
113.23     Let us now, weather, health, dangers, public orders and other
113.23+{{Synopsis: I.5.4.A: [113.23-113.33]: let's talk straight — let's see what remains}}
113.24circumstances permitting, of perfectly convenient, if you police,
113.25after you, policepolice, pardoning mein, ich beam so fresch, bey?
113.25+please, please
113.25+French pardonnez-moi: excuse me
113.25+German mein: mine, my
113.25+German ich bin so frei: I am taking the liberty (to do something; literally 'I am so free')
113.25+German frisch: fresh
113.25+German frech: insolent
113.25+Turkish bey: Mr, sir
113.26drop this jiggerypokery and talk straight turkey meet to mate, for
113.26+American Slang talk turkey: talk business
113.26+Italian parlo turco: he talks double-Dutch, he cannot make himself understood (literally 'he speaks Turkish')
113.26+man to man
113.26+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation mate: meat
113.27while the ear, be we mikealls or nicholists, may sometimes be in-
113.27+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...ear...} | {Png: ...ears...}
113.27+Motif: ear/eye [.28]
113.27+Motif: Mick/Nick
113.28clined to believe others the eye, whether browned or nolensed,
113.28+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...eye...} | {Png: ...eyes...}
113.28+Motif: Browne/Nolan
113.28+Latin nolens: unwilling
113.29find it devilish hard now and again even to believe itself. Habes
113.30aures et num videbis? Habes oculos ac mannepalpabuat? Tip! Draw-
113.30+Vulgate Psalms 113:5-7: 'Oculos habent et non videbunt. Aures habent et non audient... Manes habent et non palpabunt' (Latin 'Eyes have they, but they see not. They have ears, but they hear not... They have hands, but they handle not'; Motif: ear/eye)
113.30+Motif: Tip
113.31ing nearer to take our slant at it (since after all it has met with
113.31+VI.B.6.035n (r): 'take a slant at'
113.31+American Slang to take a slant at: to take a look at
113.32misfortune while all underground), let us see all there may remain
113.32+Sullivan: The Book of Kells 4: (of the Book of Kells) 'in the year 1006... "the large Gospel of Colum Cille"... was stolen by night from the greater church at Kells, and found, after a lapse of some months, concealed under sods'
113.32+all that remains to be seen
113.33to be seen.
113.34     I am a worker, a tombstone mason, anxious to pleace avery-
113.34+{{Synopsis: I.5.4.B: [113.34-114.20]: the text's directions — its writing}}
113.34+anxious to please everybody
113.34+E.A. Wright: Select Letters of Saint Jerome: introduction, xiii: 'Cicero wished to please everybody, Jerome wished to please no one'
113.34+Lord Avebury introduced Bank Holidays and wrote The Pleasures of Life
113.34+stone circle near Averbury
113.35buries and jully glad when Christmas comes his once ayear. You
113.35+Danish Glælig Jul: Merry Christmas
113.35+song 'Christmas comes but once a year, and when it comes it brings good cheer'
113.36are a poorjoist, unctuous to polise nopebobbies and tunnibelly
113.36+bourgeois (as opposed to worker [.34])
113.36+Motif: tree/stone (joist (tree), mason (stone) [.34])
113.36+anxious to please nobody
113.36+Slang bobbies: police
113.36+James Joyce: Ulysses.3.385: 'Aquinas tunbelly'
113.36+terribly sorry

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