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116.01affect, as singsing so Salaman susuing to swittvitles while as un-
116.01+Song of Solomon (book of the Bible)
116.02bluffingly blurtubruskblunt as an Esra, the cat, the cat's meeter,
116.02+Ezra (book of the Bible)
116.02+Ezra Pound liked cats
116.02+'Who's she? The cat's mother' (English upperclass nursery Slang)
116.02+Greek mêtêr: mother
116.03the meeter's cat's wife, the meeter's cat's wife's half better, the
116.03+Slang better half: spouse
116.04meeter's cat's wife's half better's meeter, and so back to our
116.04+French phrase revenons à nos moutons: let's return to our sheep (i.e. to the subject)
116.05horses, for we also know, what we have perused from the pages
116.05+[111.27-.30] [118.06]
116.06of I Was A Gemral, that Showting up of Bulsklivism by 'Schot-
116.06+Obsolete shout up: to awaken
116.06+Motif: How Buckley shot the Russian General
116.06+Shaw: Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet
116.06+German Schotten: Scots
116.07tenboum', that Father Michael about this red time of the white
116.07+German Baum: tree
116.07+(parody of 'Aesopian language' of early Bolshevism)
116.07+Motif: The Letter: poor Father Michael
116.07+'Red Terror': Communist government repression in Hungary, 1919, followed by similar anti-Communist 'White Terror'
116.08terror equals the old regime and Margaret is the social revolution
116.08+Motif: The Letter: well Maggy/Madge/Majesty
116.09while cakes mean the party funds and dear thank you signifies
116.09+Motif: The Letter: lovely present/parcel of cakes
116.09+Motif: The Letter: dear, thank you ever so much
116.10national gratitude. In fine, we have heard, as it happened, of
116.10+phrase in fine: finally
116.11Spartacus intercellular. We are not corknered yet, dead hand!
116.11+Spartacus: leader of Roman slave revolt, a hero in Communist hagiography; name used by German revolutionaries, 1918
116.11+Communist 'cells'
116.11+song Thou Art Not Conquered Yet, Dear Land
116.11+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...yet, dead...} | {Png: ...yet dead...}
116.12We can recall, with voluntears, the froggy jew, and sweeter far
116.12+Irish Volunteers
116.12+song The Foggy Dew (one song of this name about Easter Rising)
116.12+song The Dying Soldier: 'Sweeter far for thee to die'
116.13'twere now westhinks in Dumbil's fair city ere one more year is
116.13+song We Shall Rise Again: 'In Dublin's fair city'
116.13+song 'Twas on a Glorious Easter Day: ''Ere one more year is o'er'
116.14o'er. We tourned our coasts to the good gay tunes. When from
116.14+turned our coats
116.14+song We Shall Rise Again: 'From Swords to the sea'
116.15down swords the sea merged the oldowth guns and answer made
116.15+drawn swords
116.15+song My Old Howth Gun
116.15+song Bishop O'Dwyer and Maxwell: 'Then answer made the brave O'Dwyer'
116.16the bold O' Dwyer. But. Est modest in verbos. Let a prostitute
116.16+Horace: other works: Satires I.1.106: 'Est modus in rebus' (Latin 'A middle course in all things')
116.16+Greek prostas: porch, vestibule
116.17be whoso stands before a door and winks or parks herself in the
116.17+the word 'prostitute' derives from Latin pro: before and Latin statuere: to cause to stand, to place
116.18fornix near a makeussin wall (sinsin! sinsin!) and the curate one
116.18+Latin fornix: arch, vault; brothel
116.18+Phoenix Park
116.18+Motif: By the Magazine Wall, zinzin, zinzin
116.18+Finnish makeus: sweetness
116.18+make us sin
116.18+Anglo-Irish curate: publican's assistant, barman
116.18+Times Literary Supplement 18 Jun 1914: review of James Joyce: Dubliners: 'The reader's difficulty will be enhanced if he is ignorant of Dublin customs; if he does not know, for instance, that 'a curate' is a man who brings strong waters' (Deming: The Critical Heritage 60)
116.19who brings strong waters (gingin! gingin!), but also, and dinna
116.19+Motif: The Letter (major version of) [.19-.25]
116.19+Motif: The Letter: don't forget
116.20forget, that there is many asleeps between someathome's first
116.20+proverb There is many a slip between the cup and the lip
116.20+Motif: The Letter: all at home's health
116.20+first/last (Motif: The Letter: the last of the first)
116.21and moreinausland's last and that the beautiful presence of wait-
116.21+German ein und aus: in and out
116.21+German Ausland: foreign country
116.21+present of wedding cake (Motif: The Letter: lovely present/parcel of cakes)
116.22ing kates will until life's (!) be more than enough to make any
116.22+Slang Kate: prostitute
116.22+Motif: The Letter: unto life's end
116.23milkmike in the language of sweet tarts punch hell's hate into his
116.23+Motif: The Letter: the heat turned the milk
116.23+Motif: Mick/Nick [.24]
116.23+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation hate: heat
116.24twin nicky and that Maggy's tea, or your majesty, if heard as a
116.24+majesty (Motif: The Letter: well Maggy/Madge/Majesty)
116.24+Motif: The Letter: teastain
116.25boost from a born gentleman is (?). For if the lingo gasped between
116.25+Motif: The Letter: born gentleman
116.25+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...gentleman is (?). For...} | {Png: ...gentleman. For...}
116.25+(language of bed)
116.26kicksheets, however basically English, were to be preached from
116.26+Basic English: simplified English with 850 words, intended as international secondary language
116.27the mouths of wickerchurchwardens and metaphysicians in the
116.27+James Joyce: Ulysses.15.109: 'Metaphysics in Mecklenburgh Street!'
116.28row and advokaatoes, allvoyous, demivoyelles, languoaths, les-
116.28+Dutch advokaat: barrister
116.28+French voyou: guttersnipe
116.28+French semi-voyelles: semivowels
116.28+French langue: language; tongue
116.29biels, dentelles, gutterhowls and furtz, where would their prac-
116.29+French dentelle: lace
116.29+German Furz: fart, break wind
116.30tice be or where the human race itself were the Pythagorean ses-
116.30+(Pythagoreans tried to keep mathematical truths secret)
116.31quipedalia of the panepistemion, however apically Volapucky,
116.31+sesquipedalian: (of words) very long. of many syllables (from Latin sesquipedalia: a foot and a half long)
116.31+Greek panepistêmion: university (universal knowledge)
116.31+Volapük: an artificial language
116.32grunted and gromwelled, ichabod, habakuk, opanoff, uggamyg,
116.32+Russian grom: thunder
116.32+I Samuel 4:21: 'and she named the child I-chabod' (literally 'where is the glory?')
116.33hapaxle, gomenon, ppppfff, over country stiles, behind slated
116.33+hapax legomenon: a word of which only one use is recorded (literally 'once said')
116.33+(furtive couples)
116.34dwellinghouses, down blind lanes, or, when all fruit fails, under
116.34+proverb When all fruit fails welcome haws
116.35some sacking left on a coarse cart?
116.36     So hath been, love: tis tis: and will be: till wears and tears and
116.36+{{Synopsis: I.5.4.D: [116.36-117.09]: Viconian cycles — again and again}}
116.36+Motif: 4-stage Viconian cycle (?)
116.36+(love was, is, and will be)
116.36+phrase wear and tear: deterioration over time due to ordinary usage
116.36+Anglo-Irish phrase tare and ages! (mild expletive)

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