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137.01round a lamp of succar in boinyn water; three shots a puddy at
137.01+lump of sugar in boiling water
137.01+song Boyne Water (Ulster protestant folksong about the Battle of the Boyne)
137.01+Paddy: a brand of Irish whiskey
137.02up blup saddle; made up to Miss MacCormack Ni Lacarthy who
137.02+phrase made up to: courted, made advances to
137.02+Grania, the daughter of Cormac MacArt, placed a magical injunction on Diarmuid to have him elope with her
137.02+Irish Ní: Daughter of
137.02+French née: born (feminine)
137.03made off with Darly Dermod, swank and swarthy; once diamond
137.03+Colloquial swank: stylish
137.03+proverb Diamonds cut diamonds
137.03+Diarmuid and Grania (twice)
137.04cut garnet now dammat cuts groany; you might find him at the
137.05Florence but watch our for him in Wynn's Hotel; theer's his
137.05+watch out
137.05+Wynn's Hotel, Dublin
137.06bow and wheer's his leaker and heer lays his bequiet hearse,
137.06+big white horse [008.21]
137.06+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...hearse, deep...} | {Png: ...hearse deep...}
137.07deep; Swed Albiony, likeliest villain of the place; Hennery Can-
137.07+Oliver Goldsmith: The Deserted Village 1: 'Sweet Auburn! loveliest village of the plain' [.23] [139.23]
137.07+Blake's Albion (in Jerusalem)
137.07+HCE (Motif: HCE)
137.07+Latin cantare: to crow
137.08terel — Cockran, eggotisters, limitated; we take our tays and
137.08+Cantrell and Cochrane: Dublin mineral water manufacturers
137.08+(egg producers)
137.08+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation tays: teas
137.09frees our fleas round sadurn's mounted foot; built the Lund's
137.09+Percy French: song Slattery's Mounted Foot
137.09+a giant named Finn was said to have built Lund Cathedral, Sweden (a Saint Lawrence had to guess the builder's name or forfeit his eyes)
137.10kirk and destroyed the church's land; who guesse his title grabs
137.10+Rumpelstiltskin: a class of folktales in which a demon's power depends on the secrecy of his name
137.10+(title of Finnegans Wake)
137.11his deeds; fletch and prities, fash and chaps; artful Juke of Wilysly;
137.11+Anglo-Irish praties: potatoes
137.11+Ulster Pronunciation fash and chaps: fish and chips
137.11+Colloquial chaps: fellows, lads
137.11+Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
137.11+Juke and Kallikak: American families of supposedly-hereditary degenerates [033.24]
137.12Hugglebelly's Funniral; Kukkuk Kallikak; heard in camera and
137.12+Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn [616.01]
137.12+Danish kukkuk: cuckoo
137.12+Juke and Kallikak: American families of supposedly-hereditary degenerates [033.24]
137.12+HCE (Motif: HCE)
137.12+Latin in camera: privately
137.13excruciated; boon when with benches billeted, bann if buckshot-
137.13+boon (blessing), ban (curse)
137.13+Motif: How Buckley shot the Russian General
137.14backshattered; heavengendered, chaosfoedted, earthborn; his
137.14+HCE (Motif: HCE)
137.14+engendered, foetus, born
137.14+Danish født: born
137.15father presumptively ploughed it deep on overtime and his
137.15+ploughshare [.16]
137.16mother as all evince must have travailled her fair share; a foot-
137.16+at all events
137.16+evince: make manifest
137.16+Archaic travail: exertion, labour; childbirth pains
137.17prinse on the Megacene, hetman unwhorsed by Searingsand;
137.17+Slang meg: wench
137.17+Miocene (twenty-six million years ago)
137.17+Norwegian het: hat
137.17+Dutch het: the
137.17+hetman: Polish commander
137.17+Slang sear: female genitalia
137.17+Ringsend: district of Dublin
137.18honorary captain of the extemporised fire brigade, reported to
137.18+HCE (Motif: HCE)
137.19be friendly with the police; the door is still open; the old stock
137.19+stock collar: a kind of stiff, close-fitting neckcloth
137.20collar is coming back; not forgetting the time you laughed at
137.21Elder Charterhouse's duckwhite pants and the way you said the
137.21+ECH (Motif: HCE)
137.22whole township can see his hairy legs; by stealth of a kersse her
137.22+Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner II.59-60: 'Instead of the cross, the Albatross About my neck was hung'
137.22+Kersse (Motif: Kersse the tailor)
137.23aulburntress abaft his nape she hung; when his kettle became a
137.23+auburn tresses [.07] [139.23]
137.24hearthsculdus our thorstyites set their lymphyamphyre; his year-
137.24+Anglo-Irish Slang heart-scald: troublesome situation
137.24+phrase set the Liffey on fire: make a name for oneself in the world [131.13]
137.25letter concocted by masterhands of assays, his hallmark imposed
137.25+a 1697 Act of Parliament, signed by William III (of Orange), introduced a new mandatory standard for items of wrought plate, called Britannia silver (with a higher silver content than Sterling silver), accompanied by a new hallmark, the figure of a woman said to be Britannia (this was essentially reversed in 1720 by making the new standard optional)
137.26by the standard of wrought plate; a pair of pectorals and a triple-
137.26+(flying machine)
137.26+(*IJ* and *VYC*)
137.27screen to get a wind up; lights his pipe with a rosin tree and hires
137.27+(gigantic pipe and shoes)
137.27+rosin: a solid form of resin, obtained by distilling or vaporising the oil out
137.28a towhorse to haul his shoes; cures slavey's scurvy, breaks
137.29barons boils; called to sell polosh and was found later in a bed-
137.29+(door-to-door salesman)
137.30room; has his seat of justice, his house of mercy, his corn o'copious
137.30+Justius [187.24]
137.30+Mercius [193.31]
137.31and his stacks a'rye; prospector, he had a rooksacht, retrospector,
137.31+Dutch rook: smoke
137.31+German Rücksicht: regard (literally 'back-sight')
137.31+German sacht: soft, gently
137.32he holds the holpenstake; won the freedom of new yoke for the
137.32+alpenstock: iron-spiked mountain-climbing staff
137.32+American phrase stake a claim: register a claim to land by marking it with stakes (especially said of prospectors)
137.32+freedom: honorary citizenship of a city, often conferred upon visiting celebrities
137.32+freedom, yoke, slaves
137.32+New York
137.33minds of jugoslaves; acts active, peddles in passivism and is a
137.33+The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (1918-1929) was informally called Yugoslavia, before formally adopting that name in 1929 (from Serbo-Croatian Jugoslavija: Land of the South Slavs)
137.33+Latin jugum: yoke; wedlock
137.34gorgon of selfridgeousness; pours a laughsworth of his illforma-
137.34+Gordon Selfridge: 1920s director of Selfridges, London chain store
137.34+Robert Greene: The Groatsworth of Wit Bought with a Million of Repentance
137.35tion over a larmsworth of salt; half heard the single maiden
137.35+phrase with a grain of salt: with reserve or scepticism
137.35+French larme: tear
137.35+A.C.W. Harmsworth, Viscount Northcliffe: newspaper magnate, born in Chapelizod
137.35+William Gerard Hamilton: Irish M.P.; made brilliant maiden speech; said never to have spoken again (Cluster: Hamiltons)
137.36speech La Belle spun to her Grand Mount and wholed a lifetime
137.36+La Belle Alliance and Mount Saint Jean (Waterloo)
137.36+Elizabeth, La Belle, Hamilton: an Irish beauty, the wife of the Comte de Gramont and the sister of his biographer (Cluster: Hamiltons)
137.36+Anthony Hamilton: Memoires de la vie du Comte de Gramont (Cluster: Hamiltons)
137.36+Motif: 4 elements (earth, fire, air, water)

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