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144.01to make them look so rosetop glowstop nostop. I know her.
144.02Slight me, would she? For every got I care! Three creamings a
144.02+VI.B.45.133d (r): 'every jot'
144.02+Pilkington: Memoirs I.263: (of her poetry compared to her husband's) 'what I wrote passed every Jot as well his'
144.02+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: I care! Three...} | {JJA 49:479: I care! I can pay my club like she. Three...} (apparently corrupted in typescript at JJA 49:478)
144.02+Variants: elucidations for variant: VI.B.45.138b (r): 'pay my club' ^^^ Pilkington: Memoirs II.3: (of her fellow coach travellers) 'they used to sit up drinking all Night, and forced me to pay my Club for their Wine, though I never even saw it' ^^^ Obsolete phrase pay one's club: pay one's share in a joint expense
144.02+Slang cream: (of men) ejaculate; (of women) secrete vaginal lubricants during arousal
144.03day, the first during her shower and wipe off with tissue. Then
144.04after cleanup and of course before retiring. Beme shawl, when I
144.04+VI.B.45.132l (r): 'bemeshawl'
144.04+Pilkington: Memoirs I.243: (quoting her landlady) 'Arah, by my Shoul (said the old Dame)'
144.04+by my soul [014.03]
144.05think of that espos of a Clancarbry, the foodbrawler, of the socia-
144.05+Spanish esposo: husband, spouse
144.05+Provençal espés: thick
144.05+French espèce: kind, sort, species
144.05+Earl of Clancarty: the title of at least ten Irish peers
144.05+association (football)
144.06tionist party with hiss blackleaded chest, hello, Prendregast!
144.06+blackleaded: rubbed or drawn with graphite (as used in pencils and for polishing iron-work)
144.06+French prendre: to take
144.06+Dutch gast: guest
144.06+German Gast: visitor, customer
144.07that you, Innkipper, and all his fourteen other fullback maulers
144.07+(is) that you?
144.07+goalkeeper: a position in hurling
144.07+Slang kipper: common lodging-house, bed, anywhere to sleep
144.07+kipper: male salmon during spawning season
144.07+fullback: a position in hurling (also in rugby)
144.07+mauler: in rugby, one who wrestles for the ball
144.08or hurling stars or whatever the dagos they are, baiting at my
144.08+hurling has fifteen players a side (so does rugby)
144.08+American Slang dago: a person of Spanish or Italian descent
144.08+VI.B.45.138c (r): 'bait at inn'
144.08+Pilkington: Memoirs II.4: (of her fellow coach travellers) 'we all baited at the same Inn at Barnet'
144.08+bait: (of travellers) to stop at an inn
144.09Lord Ornery's, just becups they won the egg and spoon there
144.09+VI.B.45.132e (r): 'orrery'
144.09+Pilkington: Memoirs I.111: (of a gift to Swift from John Boyle, 5th Earl of Cork and Orrery) 'it being the Dean's Birth-Day, he had received a Book very richly bound and clasped with Gold, from the Earl of Orrery'
144.09+Colloquial ornery: ordinary; coarse, unpleasant
144.09+egg and spoon race
144.10so ovally provencial at Balldole. My Eilish assent he seed makes
144.10+oval: egg-shaped [.09]
144.10+rugby is played with an oval ball
144.10+Baldoyle: district of Dublin, has racecourse
144.10+Eily O'Connor: heroine of Boucicault: The Colleen Bawn
144.10+Irish (Motif: L/R)
144.11his admiracion. He is seeking an opening and means to be first
144.11+Spanish admiración: admiration, wonder
144.11+seeking an opening: in football, trying to find a way to score
144.11+(trying to copulate)
144.12with me as his belle alliance. Andoo musnoo play zeloso! Soso
144.12+VI.B.32.020e (r): 'la belle alliance'
144.12+Prussians called the Battle of Waterloo 'La Belle Alliance', as Napoleon's headquarters were at 'La Belle Alliance' farm (French la belle alliance: the beautiful alliance)
144.12+and you must not
144.12+Portuguese zeloso: jealous
144.12+Spanish celoso: zealous, hot, jealous, on heat
144.12+Spanish soso: dull, insipid
144.13do todas. Such is Spanish. Stoop alittle closer, fealse! Delight-
144.13+proverb Moderation in everything
144.13+Spanish do: in
144.13+Portuguese todas: all
144.13+Spanish todo: all
144.13+such is Spanish [300.16]
144.13+nursery rhyme 'Come a little closer, said the spider to the fly'
144.13+Archaic feal: faithful
144.13+false: unfaithful
144.14some simply! Like Jolio and Romeune. I haven't fell so turkish
144.14+William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
144.14+Provençal jolio: jolly
144.14+Provençal romeu: pilgrim
144.14+Turkish delight [.13]
144.15for ages and ages! Mine's me of squisious, the chocolate with
144.15+reminds me
144.15+VI.B.32.153a (r): 'the chocolate with a soul'
144.16a soul. Extraordinary! Why, what are they all, the mucky lot
144.16+(rugby players)
144.17of them only? Sht! I wouldn't pay three hairpins for them. Peppt!
144.17+three halfpence
144.17+Swift: Ppt
144.18That's rights, hold it steady! Leg me pull. Pu! Come big to Iran.
144.18+Colloquial phrase pull one's leg: to fool someone
144.18+let me
144.18+song Come Back to Erin
144.19Poo! What are you nudging for? No, I just thought you were.
144.20Listen, loviest! Of course it was too kind of you, miser, to re-
144.21member my sighs in shockings, my often expressed wish when
144.21+size in stockings
144.22you were wandering about my trousseaurs and before I forget it
144.23don't forget, in your extensions to my personality, when knotting
144.23+VI.A.0901am (g): 'clothes extend personality' [461.03]
144.24my remembrancetie, shoeweek will be trotting back with red
144.25heels at the end of the moon but look what the fool bought
144.26cabbage head and, as I shall answer to gracious heaven, I'll
144.26+VI.B.45.132j (r): 'as I shall answer to G'
144.26+Pilkington: Memoirs I.175: 'this Affair, which, as I shall answer it to God, I have related with the utmost Truth and Exactness'
144.27always in always remind of snappy new girters, me being always
144.27+Colloquial snappy: elegant
144.27+garters (fastened with snaps)
144.28the one for charms with my very best in proud and gloving
144.29even if he was to be vermillion miles my youth to live on,
144.29+a million times (older than her)
144.30the rubberend Mr Polkingtone, the quonian fleshmonger who
144.30+Reverend Matthew Pilkington: a friend of Swift and a major villain in his wife's memoirs (Pilkington: Memoirs)
144.30+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr Polkingtone...} | {Png: ...Mr. Polkingtone...}
144.30+Latin Slang quoniam: female genitalia
144.30+Latin quondam: at one time
144.30+VI.B.45.133h (r): 'fleshmonger'
144.30+Pilkington: Memoirs I.269: (telling of an ancient priest eating the forbidden flesh of a sacrificed animal, indirectly alluding to her husband's behaviour) 'Thus we may see how early Priestcraft began; from the very first, they were Fleshmongers; and Priests of all Religions are the same'
144.30+Obsolete fleshmonger: procurer, pimp, pander; butcher
144.30+(Pilkington: Memoirs I.208: (quoting a gentleman sent by Reverend Pilkington, her husband, to seduce her) 'Mr. P—n described you to me, as a Lady very liberal of your Favours, and begged I would be so kind as to make him a Cuckold, so that he might be able to prove it, in order to a Separation from you; promising to give me Time and Opportunity for it')
144.31Mother Browne solicited me for unlawful converse with, with
144.31+VI.B.45.133a (r): 'Mother Brown'
144.31+Pilkington: Memoirs I.245: (of a Dublin bawd) 'the celebrated Mother Brown'
144.31+VI.B.45.133f (r): 'unlawful converse'
144.31+Pilkington: Memoirs I.264: (of her divorced husband) 'Mr. P—n was so vexed... that in Revenge he endeavoured to insinuate that we conversed unlawfully together; but this met no Credit, as I very seldom saw him, and never alone'
144.32her mug of October (a pots on it!), creaking around on his old
144.32+VI.B.45.138d (r): 'October (ale)'
144.32+Pilkington: Memoirs II.5: (quoting her mock letter to a Welsh parson) 'I will endeavour to prevail on my Spouse elect to send you a Fiddle and a Hogshead of good October, to entertain your Parishioners every Sunday'
144.32+Archaic October: a type of ale brewed in October (common in the 18th century)
144.32+a pox on it!
144.33shanksaxle like a crosty old cornquake. Airman, waterwag, terrier,
144.33+Shanks' pony: one's own legs as a means of conveyance
144.33+Motif: 4 elements (air, water, earth, fire)
144.33+French terre: earth
144.34blazer! I'm fine, thanks ever! Ha! O mind you poo tickly. Sall I
144.34+thanks ever (so much)
144.34+thank heaven
144.34+your poor
144.34+Slang tickler: penis
144.35puhim in momou. Mummum. Funny spot to have a fingey! I'm
144.35+put him in my mouth
144.36terribly sorry, I swear to you I am! May you never see me in my
144.36+phrase in one's birthday suit: naked
144.36+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: birthday...} | {BMs (47473-164): figure how I sleep gracefully in my birthday...}

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