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150.01seeing much of Talis and Talis those times? optimately meaning:
150.01+Latin talis: such, such like, this
150.02Will you put up at hree of irish? Or a ladyeater may perhaps have
150.02+Anglo-Irish Slang three cold Irish: threepence-worth of Irish whiskey and cold water (possibly in reference to the three Fenians hanged in 1882 for the Phoenix Park murders)
150.03casualised as you temptoed her à la sourdine: Of your plates? Is
150.03+French à la sourdine: on the sly
150.03+to a sardine
150.03+if you please? [.09] [161.05]
150.03+at your place?
150.03+Lewis: Time and Western Man 98: (of Joyce) 'with that well-known air of genteel decorum and bienséance of the irish middle-class, with his "if you pleases" and "no thank-yous", his ceremonious Mister-this and Mister-that' [.03-.05]
150.04Talis de Talis, the swordswallower, who is on at the Craterium
150.04+Italian tal dei tali: Mr So-and-so
150.04+Bulwer-Lytton: 'The pen is mightier than the sword' [.05]
150.04+(performing at)
150.04+Criterion Theatre, London
150.05the same Talis von Talis, the penscrusher, no funk you! who runs
150.05+German von: of
150.05+Motif: pen/post [.07]
150.05+no, thank you! [149.11] [.11] [151.35] [154.11]
150.05+German Funke: spark
150.05+(reads his newspaper)
150.06his duly mile? Or this is a perhaps cleaner example. At a recent
150.06+Daily Mail (newspaper)
150.07postvortex piece infustigation of a determinised case of chronic
150.07+post [.05]
150.07+Postvorta: goddess of childbirth
150.07+Wyndham Lewis and his followers called themselves Vorticists
150.07+postmortem police investigation
150.07+Latin fustigo: to cudgel to death
150.07+determinism: doctrine of necessary causation chain determining everything
150.08spinosis an extension lecturer on The Ague who out of matter of
150.08+Baruch Spinoza, who lived in The Hague, used the term 'extension'
150.09form was trying his seesers, Dr's Het Ubeleeft, borrowed the
150.09+sizar: at Trinity College, an undergraduate student receiving an allowance from the college
150.09+Drs (doctorandus): Dutch academic title
150.09+Dutch als het U belieft: if you please, if it pleases you [.03] [161.05]
150.09+German übel: evil, bad, sick
150.09+Dutch beleefd: polite
150.10question: Why's which Suchman's talis qualis? to whom, as a
150.10+William Shakespeare: King Henry IV, Part 2 IV.5.92: 'Thy wish was father, Harry, to that thought' (German proverb Der Wunsch ist der Vater des Gedankens: proverb The wish is father to the thought [.11])
150.10+German such: search
150.10+Legalese talis qualis: such as it is, as such (from Latin talis... qualis: such... as)
150.10+as a matter of fact
150.11fatter of macht, Dr Gedankje of Stoutgirth, who was wiping his
150.11+German Vater: father [.10]
150.11+German Macht: Dutch macht: might, power
150.11+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Dr Gedankje...} | {Png: ...Dr. Gedankje...}
150.11+German Gedanke: thought [.10]
150.11+Dutch dank je: thank you [149.11] [150.05] [151.35] [154.11]
150.11+Stuttgart (Hegel born there)
150.11+wetting his whistle
150.12whistle, toarsely retoarted: While thou beast' one zoom of a
150.12+German weil du bist ein Sohn der Welt: because you are a son of the world
150.12+Dutch zoom: seam, hem, fringe
150.12+Dutch zoon: son
150.12+son of a whore (Motif: Son of a bitch)
150.13whorl! (Talis and Talis originally mean the same thing, hit it's:
150.14+Latin qualis: such as, of such a kind
150.15     Professor Loewy-Brueller (though as I shall promptly prove
150.15+{{Synopsis: I.6.2.A: [150.15-152.03]: sophisticated theoretical apologetics — of space and time}}
150.15+Professor Lucien Lévy-Bruhl: 20th century Jewish French anthropologist who studied the 'primitive mind' [151.11] [151.32] [152.13] [159.21]
150.15+German Loewe: lion
150.15+German bruellen: to roar
150.16his whole account of the Sennacherib as distinct from the Shal-
150.16+Shalmaneser V, king of Assyria, carried the Israelites into captivity; he was followed by Sennacherib, who invaded Judah
150.17manesir sanitational reforms and of the Mr Skekels and Dr
150.17+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...sanitational...} | {Png: ...Sanitational...}
150.17+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr Skekels...} | {Png: ...Mr. Skekels...}
150.17+Robert Louis Stevenson: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
150.17+Slang shekels: money (often pejoratively, especially in antisemitic contexts; from shekel: the chief silver coin of the Hebrews)
150.17+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Dr Hydes...} | {Png: ...Dr. Hydes...}
150.18Hydes problem in the same connection differs toto coelo from the
150.18+Latin toto coelo: by the whole heaven
150.19fruit of my own investigations — though the reason I went to
150.19+Slang phrase go to Jericho: go into hiding, go to exile, be banished; go to the devil; be drunk
150.20Jericho must remain for certain reasons a political secret —
150.20+Jerry (Motif: Jerry/Kevin [.21])
150.21especially as I shall shortly be wanted in Cavantry, I congratulate
150.21+County Cavan
150.21+Kevin [.20]
150.21+phrase send to Coventry: ostracise, exclude from society
150.22myself, for the same and other reasons — as being again hope-
150.23lessly vitiated by what I have now resolved to call the dime and
150.23+vitiated: corrupted, spoiled, impaired
150.23+Motif: dime/cash [.24]
150.23+proverb Diamonds cut diamonds
150.23+J.F. Dunne: Experiment with Time: describes 'the great Time Fallacy' (common man's notion concerning time)
150.24cash diamond fallacy) in his talked off confession which recently
150.25met with such a leonine uproar on its escape after its confinement
150.25+Leonine convention: one made on terms 'that one should take all the profits and another bear all the loss'; held by Cassius not to be binding
150.26Why am I not born like a Gentileman and why am I now so speak-
150.26+(Nietzsche: Ecce Homo contains chapter titles such as 'Why I am so wise' and 'Why I am destiny')
150.26+Motif: The Letter: born gentleman
150.26+Gentile/Jew [.27]
150.26+Lewis: Time and Western Man 115: (of Stephen in James Joyce: Ulysses) 'The hero is trying to be a gentleman!'
150.26+Oscar Wilde (about fox hunting): A Woman of No Importance: 'The English country gentleman galloping after a fox — the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable'
150.27able about my own eatables (Feigenbaumblatt and Father, Juda-
150.27+German Feigenbaum: fig tree (a common Jewish surname)
150.27+German Feigenblatt: fig leaf (a common Jewish surname)
150.27+(Adam and God)
150.27+German Jude: Jew (Lévy-Bruhl [.15] was one; so were Einstein [152.18], Bergson [149.20], Spinoza [.08])
150.27+Lewis: Time and Western Man 118: (of James Joyce: Ulysses and Joyce) 'There is no sign throughout the book that he has ever directly and intelligently observed any individual Jew'
150.27+Budapest: capital of Hungary (had a large Jewish population)
150.28pest, 5688, A.M.) whole-heartedly takes off his gabbercoat and
150.28+5688 Anno Mundi (Hebrew calendar) is 1927-8 Anno Domini (Lewis: Time and Western Man was published in 1927)
150.28+Dutch Slang gabber: comrade, pal (from Yiddish khaver: Hebrew khaver: friend)
150.28+Obsolete gabber: liar, deceiver
150.28+gaberdine: long loose gown, often associated with Jews (William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice I.3.109: 'spit upon my Jewish gaberdine')
150.29wig, honest draughty fellow, in his public interest, to make us
150.30see how though, as he says: 'by Allswill' the inception and the
150.30+proverb All's well that ends well
150.31descent and the endswell of Man is temporarily wrapped in ob-
150.31+Charles Darwin: The Descent of Man
150.32scenity, looking through at these accidents with the faroscope of
150.32+Italian faro: lighthouse
150.32+fire escape (Parnell was falsely rumoured to have escaped from Captain O'Shea, his lover's husband, down a fire escape in his nightshirt)
150.32+Greek -skopion: -viewer
150.33television, (this nightlife instrument needs still some subtrac-
150.34tional betterment in the readjustment of the more refrangible
150.34+refrangible: capable of being refracted
150.35angles to the squeals of his hypothesis on the outer tin sides), I
150.35+Pythagoras's Theorem: the square on the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares on the other two sides
150.35+VI.C.1.070d (b): === VI.B.16.142a ( ): 'tin a pig's squeal'
150.35+Crawford: Thinking Black 54: 'the Chicago packer's boast that everything about the pig is tinned except the squeal'
150.35+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation tin: ten
150.36can easily believe heartily in my own most spacious immensity
150.36+CE...H (Motif: HCE)

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