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163.01my ohole mouthful to arinam about it you should call me the
163.01+Hebrew ari: lion
163.01+Ormuzd and Ahriman: Zoroastrian principles of good and evil [.02]
163.02ormuzd aliment in your midst of faime. Eat ye up, heat ye up!
163.02+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...ormuzd...} | {Png: ...Ormuzd...}
163.02+aliment: nourishment, food
163.02+phrase list of fame
163.02+French faim: hunger
163.02+Modern Greek phai mou: my food
163.02+Modern Greek phae me: eat me
163.02+Song of Solomon 5:1: 'I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk: eat, O friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly, O beloved'
163.03sings the somun in the salm. Butyrum et mel comedet ut sciat
163.03+German Dialect Salm: psalm
163.03+Vulgate Isaiah 7:15: 'Butyrum et mel comedat ut sciat reprobare malum et eligere bonum': 'butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good' (this sentence is regarded as a prophecy of Jesus)
163.03+Latin comedet: he may eat
163.04reprobare malum et eligere bonum. This, of course, also explains
163.05why we were taught to play in the childhood: Der Haensli ist
163.05+German der: the (masculine)
163.05+German Haensli isst ein Butterbrot, mein Butterbrot! Und Koebi isst dein Schinkenbrot! Ja! Ja! Ja!: Little Hans is eating a slice of buttered bread, my buttered bread! And little Jacob is eating your ham sandwich! Yes! Yes! Yes! (possibly a parody of some 19th century German children's song)
163.05+German ist: is
163.06ein Butterbrot, mein Butterbrot! Und Koebi iss dein Schtinkenkot!
163.06+German iss!: eat! (imperative singular)
163.06+German stinken: to stink (pronounced 'schtinken')
163.06+German Kot: shit, filth
163.07Ja! Ja! Ja!
163.08     This in fact, just to show you, is Caseous, the brutherscutch
163.09or puir tyron: a hole or two, the highstinks aforefelt and anygo
163.09+The Tyro: review edited by Wyndham Lewis, 1921-2
163.09+Greek tyros: cheese
163.09+Greek anoigô: to open
163.10prigging wurms. Cheesugh! you complain. And Hi Hi High
163.10+Slang prigging: having sex with
163.10+German Wurm: worm
163.10+ugh! (disgust)
163.11must say you are not Hoa Hoa Hoally in the wrong!
163.12     Thus we cannot escape our likes and mislikes, exiles or am-
163.12+{{Synopsis: I.6.4.F: [163.12-164.14]: some theories of polarity dismissed — introducing Margareen}}
163.13busheers, beggar and neighbour and — this is where the dime-
163.13+phrase beggar my neighbour
163.13+James Joyce: Ulysses.14.1585: 'The Deity aint no nickel dime bumshow'
163.13+dumbshow: in medieval theatre, mimed preamble summarising action of a play
163.14show advertisers advance the temporal relief plea — let us be
163.15tolerant of antipathies. Nex quovis burro num fit mercaseus? I am
163.15+antipathy: aversion, instrictive opposition
163.15+Latin ex quovis butyrum num fit merus caseus: from any butter there is not made pure cheese
163.15+ascribed to Pythagoras: 'Non ex quovis ligno fit Mercurius': 'You cannot make a Mercury out of just any piece of wood'
163.15+Latin nex: murder
163.15+Spanish burro: ass [.35]
163.15+(I am not endorsing Nicholas de Cusa's philosophy) [.15-.17] [.22-.24]
163.16not hereby giving my final endorsement to the learned ignorants
163.16+Nicholas de Cusa: De Docta Ignorantia (Of Learned Ignorance) [.17]
163.17of the Cusanus philosophism in which old Nicholas pegs it
163.17+Old Nick: the devil
163.18down that the smarter the spin of the top the sounder the span
163.19of the buttom (what the worthy old auberginiste ought to have
163.19+French Slang aubergine: red nose (from drink)
163.19+aubergiste: innkeeper
163.20meant was: the more stolidly immobile in space appears to me
163.20+Motif: time/space [.21]
163.21the bottom which is presented to use in time by the top primo-
163.21+Latin primum mobile: prime mover (outermost sphere of Ptolemaic universe)
163.22mobilisk &c.). And I shall be misunderstord if understood to
163.22+(I am not endorsing Giordano Bruno's philosophy) [.15-.17] [.22-.24]
163.23give an unconditional sinequam to the heroicised furibouts of
163.23+Latin sine quam: without as much as
163.23+Giordano Bruno: De gli Eroici Furori (Italian 'On the Heroic Frenzies')
163.23+fury bouts
163.24the Nolanus theory, or, at any rate, of that substrate of apart
163.24+Latin Iordanus Brunus Nolanus: Giordano Bruno of Nola (Giordano Bruno's Latin name)
163.24+a part
163.25from hissheory where the Theophil swoors that on principial he
163.25+his theory
163.25+Greek theophilos: lover of god
163.25+Theophilus: Giordano Bruno's mouthpiece in several of his works (e.g. De la Causa, Principio, et Uno, and La Cena de le Ceneri)
163.25+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...swoors that...} | {BMs (47473-252): ...swoors by his Father Familiaritas and his Mother Contumelia and by the soul in his suit and the animus in his soul and the mind in his animus and the good in his mind that...}
163.25+on principle
163.25+Latin in principio: in the beginning
163.26was the pointing start of his odiose by comparison and that whiles
163.26+starting point
163.26+the pointers: two stars in Ursa Major, a straight line through which points to the North Star (a.k.a. 'the pointing stars')
163.26+(Giordano Bruno wrote extensively about astronomy and cosmology)
163.26+Obsolete odiose: odious, hateful, repulsive
163.26+otiose: idle, futile, useless
163.26+William Shakespeare: Much Ado about Nothing III.5.15: 'Comparisons are odorous'
163.27eggs will fall cheapened all over the walled the Bure will be dear
163.27+nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty: 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall'
163.27+cheap, dear
163.27+French beurre: butter
163.28on the Brie.
163.28+Brie: kind of French cheese
163.29     Now, while I am not out now to be taken up as unintention-
163.30ally recommending the Silkebjorg tyrondynamon machine for
163.30+Silkeborg: Danish town manufacturing dairy machinery (most of the butter in Ireland produced with Silkeborg butter churns)
163.30+Greek tyros: cheese
163.30+Greek dynamon: powerful machine
163.31the more economical helixtrolysis of these amboadipates until
163.31+electrolysis: chemical decomposition by electricity
163.31+Latin ambo: both
163.31+Latin adipes: fats
163.32I can find space to look into it myself a little more closely first
163.32+Motif: time/space [.34]
163.33I shall go on with my decisions after having shown to you in
163.34good time how both products of our social stomach (the excellent
163.35Dr Burroman, I noticed by the way from his emended food
163.35+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Dr Burroman...} | {Png: ...Dr. Burroman...}
163.35+Spanish burro: ass [.15]
163.35+Italian burro: butter
163.36theory, has been carefully digesting the very wholesome criticism
163.36+Lewis: Time and Western Man 106: (of Joyce) 'there is no reason at all to suppose that he may not be influenced in turn by my criticism; and, indeed, I hope it may be so'

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