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170.01sense? would we now for annas and annas? would we for full-
170.01+anna: 1/16 Indian rupee (at the time, one anna was more or less the same value as one penny)
170.01+French année: year
170.01+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...would we for...} | {Png: ...Would we for...}
170.02score eight and a liretta? for twelve blocks one bob? for four tes-
170.02+score, eight (Motif: 28-29; *Q*)
170.02+lira: italian coin
170.02+French Slang lorette: whore
170.02+Scottish Cant block: policeman
170.02+Slang bob: shilling
170.02+Slang bobby: policeman
170.02+*X* (with ass)
170.02+Slang tester: sixpence
170.03ters one groat? not for a dinar! not for jo!) dictited to of all his
170.03+groat: originally, 1/8 oz. silver; in 1351, was fourpence
170.03+dinar: Yugoslav or Arabic coin
170.03+Dinah (*K*)
170.03+Anglo-Irish phrase not for Joe: definitely not (after song Not for Joseph, a 19th century music hall song, written and sung by Arthur Lloyd, inspired by Joseph Baxter, a bus conductor who was in the habit of replying 'Not for Joe!' upon resisting perceived temptations, referring to himself in the third person)
170.03+Slang joe: fourpenny piece
170.03+Slang Joe: dinner
170.03+Joe (*S*)
170.03+Latin dictito: I say often
170.03+dictated to all
170.04little brothron and sweestureens the first riddle of the universe:
170.04+brethren: brothers
170.04+German Schwestern: sisters
170.04+soup tureens
170.04+Motif: When is a man not a man... (first riddle of the universe) [.04-.24]
170.04+VI.A.0759j ( ): 'God *C* 1st riddle'
170.04+Ernst H. Haeckel: The Riddle of the Universe (application of evolution theory to philosophy and religion)
170.05asking, when is a man not a man?: telling them take their time,
170.05+VI.B.3.030b (r): 'The O'Gorman Mahan. When is a man not a man? (LB)' (Charles James Patrick Mahon (The O'Gorman Mahon) was a 19th century colourful Irishman who served as a high-ranking officer in several armies around the world; LB is Leopold Bloom of James Joyce: Ulysses)
170.05+when (Cluster: Time)
170.05+riddle: 'when is a door not a door? when it is ajar'
170.05+Numbers 23:19: 'God is not a man, that he should lie'
170.05+time (Cluster: Time)
170.06yungfries, and wait till the tide stops (for from the first his day
170.06+Archaic youngfry: child
170.06+German Jungfrau: virgin
170.06+German Jungfer: maid
170.06+proverb Time and tide wait for no man (Cluster: Time)
170.06+The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, vol. I, 231: The Tale of Nur al-Din Ali and His Son: 'His day was as a month' (glossed in a footnote: 'He grew as fast in one day as other children in a month') (Cluster: Time)
170.06+day and night (Cluster: Time)
170.07was a fortnight) and offering the prize of a bittersweet crab, a
170.07+fortnight (Cluster: Time)
170.07+crab: crabapple, wild apple (extremely sour, so rarely eaten raw; hence, probably not much of a prize)
170.07+ALP (Motif: ALP)
170.08little present from the past, for their copper age was yet un-
170.08+present, past (Cluster: Time) [011.30]
170.08+(third of four ages (gold, silver, copper, iron), i.e. human age not started yet) (Cluster: Time) [140.15-141.03]
170.08+(no copper coins to offer as a prize)
170.08+phrase time is money (Cluster: Time)
170.09minted, to the winner. One said when the heavens are quakers,
170.09+(thirteen wrong answers)
170.09+Hebrew shamayim: heavens [.24]
170.09+Quakers (HERESY)
170.09+(rocking) [.24]
170.09+(silent as a Quakers' meeting [129.13])
170.10a second said when Bohemeand lips, a third said when he, no,
170.10+Bohemian Protestants (HERESY)
170.10+Balfe: The Bohemian Girl: song Then You'll Remember Me: 'When other lips...'
170.10+Italian meandro: labyrinth (i.e. Daedalus)
170.10+henotheist: one who believes in one god without asserting it is the only god
170.11when hold hard a jiffy, when he is a gnawstick and detarmined
170.11+agnostic: one who holds that the existence of anything beyond material phenomena is unknown and unknowable
170.11+Gnostics (HERESY)
170.11+Slang gnostic: a knowing fellow
170.11+Arminians (HERESY)
170.12to, the next one said when the angel of death kicks the bucket
170.12+VI.B.2.039f (r): 'angel of death kicked aside the bucket'
170.12+Fitz-Patrick: The Life of the Very Rev. Thomas N. Burke II.246: (of Burke) 'Disease, with its gnawing pain, continued to burrow his frame... "I felt as though I stood upon a bucket, and that the Angel of Death was about to kick it aside"'
170.12+Slang phrase kick the bucket: to die
170.12+kiss the book of life
170.13of life, still another said when the wine's at witsends, and still
170.13+proverb When the wine is in the wit is out
170.13+phrase be at one's wits' end
170.14another when lovely wooman stoops to conk him, one of the
170.14+Oliver Goldsmith: other works: The Vicar of Wakefield, ch. 24: 'When lovely woman stoops to folly' (poem)
170.14+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1822: 'Riot in the theatre, on the Marquess of Wellesley, the lord lieutenant's first visit thither, during which a bottle was flung into his Excellency's box' (by a woman during a perforance of Oliver Goldsmith: other works: She Stoops to Conquer)
170.14+Slang conk: to punch on the nose, to hit
170.15littliest said me, me, Sem, when pappa papared the harbour, one
170.15+French Sem: Shem
170.15+Sem: pseudonym of George Goursat, a well-known French cartoonist and contemporary of Joyce
170.15+song 'When Papa papered the parlour You couldn't see him for paste; Pasty here and pasty there Paste and paper everywhere; My mother was stuck to the ceiling, The kids were stuck to the floor; You never saw a family That was so stuck up before'
170.16of the wittiest said, when he yeat ye abblokooken and he zmear
170.16+Motif: ear/eye (eye, ear)
170.16+Yeats [.17]
170.16+Genesis 3:5: 'in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened' (snake to Eve)
170.16+eat the apple (Adam)
170.16+Russian yabloko: apple
170.16+Spanish diablo: devil
170.16+German Apfelkuchen: apple tart
170.16+cooking apple
170.16+(snake hissing)
170.16+Russian zmeya: snake
170.16+saw himself so taken
170.17hezelf zo zhooken, still one said when you are old I'm grey fall
170.17+Dutch zelf: self
170.17+Dutch zo: so
170.17+Russian zhuk: beetle, bug
170.17+William Butler Yeats: 'When You Are Old': 'When you are old and grey and full of sleep And nodding by the fire, take down this book And slowly read, and dream of the soft look Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep'
170.18full wi sleep, and still another when wee deader walkner, and
170.18+Henrik Ibsen: all plays: Når Vi Døde Vaagner (When We Dead Awaken) [.26]
170.18+Slang when the ghost walks: (among theatre people) when we get paid
170.18+Slang deader: corpse
170.19another when he is just only after having being semisized, an-
170.20other when yea, he hath no mananas, and one when dose pigs
170.20+song 'Yes, we have no bananas We have no bananas today'
170.20+Slang to have a banana: to have sexual intercourse with a woman
170.20+no man
170.20+Spanish mañana: morning; tomorrow
170.20+manners (phrase manners maketh man)
170.20+ananas: the pineapple [.31]
170.21they begin now that they will flies up intil the looft. All were
170.21+phrase when pigs begin to fly: never
170.21+Dutch loof: foliage
170.21+German Luft: air
170.22wrong, so Shem himself, the doctator, took the cake, the correct
170.22+phrase take the cake [175.19]
170.23solution being — all give it up? — ; when he is a — yours till
170.23+(ending of a letter)
170.23+Matthew 28:20: 'I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen'
170.24the rending of the rocks, — Sham.
170.24+Matthew 27:51: 'and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent' (when Jesus died)
170.24+Old Norse Ragnarøkr: destruction of the Norse gods
170.24+Slang rocks: testicles (i.e. castration, eunuch)
170.24+(artist imitating reality)
170.24+(riddle of Sphinx: answer: a man)
170.25     Shem was a sham and a low sham and his lowness creeped out
170.25+{{Synopsis: I.7.1.C: [170.25-171.28]: Shem's food — his drink}}
170.25+Hebrew ashem: guilty
170.25+Cluster: Lowness (twice)
170.26first via foodstuffs. So low was he that he preferred Gibsen's tea-
170.26+Cluster: Lowness
170.26+VI.B.6.067o (r): 'Ibsen'
170.26+VI.B.6.065f (r): 'teatime sardines'
170.27time salmon tinned, as inexpensive as pleasing, to the plumpest
170.28roeheavy lax or the friskiest parr or smolt troutlet that ever was
170.28+VI.B.10.069a (r): 'speckled lax heavy with roe'
170.28+Daily Mail 14 Dec 1922, 8/5: 'Salmon No. 23': 'a female fish of about 8lb., heavy with roe'
170.28+lax: salmon; later, a particular kind of salmon
170.28+VI.B.6.082j (r): 'parr & smolt (young salmon)'
170.28+parr, smolt: stages in the development of salmon
170.28+troutlet: a small trout (a freshwater fish of the genus Salmo)
170.29gaffed between Leixlip and Island Bridge and many was the time
170.29+gaff: a stick with an iron hook used for landing salmon
170.29+Leixlip (name means 'salmon leap')
170.29+Island Bridge: bridge over Liffey at point where becomes tidal
170.29+Islandbridge: district of Dublin, near Phoenix Park
170.30he repeated in his botulism that no junglegrown pineapple ever
170.30+VI.B.10.091g (g): 'botulism (coma)'
170.30+botulism: poisoning from eating food (often canned) infected with Clostridium botulinum, leads to coma and death
170.31smacked like the whoppers you shook out of Ananias' cans,
170.31+German schmeckte: tasted
170.31+Slang whopper: something unusually large, especially a great lie
170.31+Ananias: an early Christian who tried to deceive the apostles and died on the spot for lying to God (Acts 5:1-6)
170.31+ananas: pineapple [.20]
170.31+Heinz cans
170.32Findlater and Gladstone's, Corner House, Englend. None of
170.32+Findlater's Mountjoy Brewery, founded by Alex Findlater, his brother Adam Seaton Findlater, Robert Gladstone (relative of the politician), and two others
170.32+Gluckstein and Salmon: owners of Lyons' Corner Houses
170.32+CHE (Motif: HCE)
170.33your inchthick blueblooded Balaclava fried-at-belief-stakes or
170.33+blue-blooded: noble-born, aristocratic
170.33+Balaclava: town in Crimea, famous as the site of the Battle of Balaclava and the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade (1854)
170.33+(Russian and Greeks heretics)
170.33+martyrs burned at the stake
170.33+beef steaks
170.34juicejelly legs of the Grex's molten mutton or greasilygristly
170.34+Latin grex: flock, crowd
170.34+Bulgarian grekh: sin
170.34+Danish gris: pig, pork
170.34+greasily gristly
170.35grunters' goupons or slice upon slab of luscious goosebosom
170.35+Slang grunter: pig
170.35+go upons (i.e. trotters)
170.35+goose breast
170.36with lump after load of plumpudding stuffing all aswim in a

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