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175.01looking on him with the contemp of the contempibles, after
175.01+Old Contemptibles: British Expeditionary Force, 1914
175.01+VI.B.6.085a (r): 'I might, after giving you a roll in the dirt, pity & forgive you'
175.02first gaving him a roll in the dirt, might pity and forgive him, if
175.03properly deloused, but the pleb was born a Quicklow and sank
175.03+low (Cluster: Lowness)
175.04alowing till he stank out of sight.
175.04+lower (Cluster: Lowness)
175.05     All Saints beat Belial! Mickil Goals to Nichil! Notpossible!
175.05+{{Synopsis: I.7.1.J: [175.05-175.18]: a ballad — of recapitulation}}
175.05+All Souls College, Oxford
175.05+Balliol College, Oxford (has numerous Hindus and other outlanders enrolled)
175.05+Belial: Semitic god of the underworld, identified with Satan
175.05+Dialect mickle: a great many
175.05+Motif: Mick/Nick (Saint Michael and Lucifer)
175.05+Latin nihil: nothing
175.06+all ready?
175.07In Nowhere has yet the Whole World taken part of himself for his Wife;
175.07+(victory song)
175.07+now, here
175.07+(not yet) [003.04-.14]
175.07+(Eve from Adam's rib)
175.08By Nowhere have Poorparents been sentenced to Worms, Blood and Thunder for Life
175.08+(Adam and Eve after the Fall)
175.09Not yet has the Emp from Corpsica forced the Arth out of Engleterre;
175.09+(Museyroom) [008.09]
175.09+Emperor from Corsica (Napoleon)
175.09+Welsh arth: bear
175.09+Arthur (Wellington)
175.09+French Angleterre: England
175.09+German Engel: angel
175.10Not yet have the Sachsen and Judder on the Mound of a Word made Warre;
175.10+(Mutt and Jute) [016.10]
175.10+German Sachsen: Saxony
175.10+German Jude: Jew
175.10+Danish jyder: Jutes
175.10+Jute on the mound [015.29]
175.10+sound (misunderstanding)
175.11Not yet Witchywithcy of Wench struck Fire of his Heath from on Hoath;
175.11+(Prankquean) [021.15]
175.11+witch on the heath
175.11+heather on Howth often on fire (James Joyce: Ulysses.13.1139)
175.11+on High
175.12Not yet his Arcobaleine forespoken Peacepeace upon Oath;
175.12+Italian arcobaleno: rainbow (symbol of peace)
175.12+orca: the killer whale
175.12+French baleine: whale
175.12+German vorsprechen: pronounce, announce (literally 'forespeak')
175.12+German versprechen: promise
175.12+peace upon earth (Noah and God)
175.13Cleftfoot from Hempal must tumpel, Blamefool Gardener's bound to fall;
175.13+(Lucifer falls)
175.13+(devil's cloven hoof) [.20]
175.13+German Himmel: heaven
175.13+German Tümpel: pool, puddle
175.13+(Adam falls)
175.14Broken Eggs will poursuive bitten Apples for where theirs is Will there's his Wall;
175.14+nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty (broken egg, wall)
175.14+phrase from the egg to the apples: from start to finish
175.14+French poursuivre: to pursue, to seek
175.14+French suivre: to follow
175.14+(Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit)
175.14+proverb Where there's a will there's a way
175.15But the Mountstill frowns on the Millstream while their Madsons leap his Bier
175.15+mad sons
175.15+German Bier: beer
175.16And her Rillstrill liffs to His Murkesty all her daft Daughters laff in her Ear.
175.16+rill's trill
175.16+Liffey river
175.16+His Majesty
175.17Till the four Shores of deff Tory Island let the douze dumm Eirewhiggs raille!
175.17+Danish til: to
175.17+deaf and dumb
175.17+Tory and Whig
175.17+Tory Island: Fomorian stronghold off Donegal
175.17+French douze: twelve
175.17+German dumm: dumb, stupid
175.17+French railler: jeer at; jest
175.17+rail: utter abusive language
175.18Hirp! Hirp! for their Missed Understandings! chirps the Ballat of Perce-Oreille.
175.18+phrase hip, hip, hurray! (cheer)
175.18+chirp (of earwig)
175.18+The Ballad of Persse O'Reilly (Motif: Persse O'Reilly) [044.24]
175.18+French perce-oreille: earwig
175.19     O fortunous casualitas! Lefty takes the cherubcake while
175.19+{{Synopsis: I.7.1.K: [175.19-176.18]: Shem's avoidance of games — such as those listed}}
175.19+Motif: O felix culpa! (Exsultet)
175.19+Latin O fortunata causalitas: O lucky causality
175.19+Motif: left/right
175.19+phrase take the cake [170.22]
175.20Rights cloves his hoof. Darkies never done tug that coon out to
175.20+(devil's cloven hoof) [.13]
175.21play non-excretory, anti-sexuous, misoxenetic, gaasy pure, flesh
175.21+Greek misoxenos: hostile to strangers
175.21+miscegenetic: pertaining to sexual relations between people of different races, primarily between blacks and whites (outlawed in most of the United States)
175.21+G.A.A.: Gaelic Athletic Association
175.21+Ghazi Power: Irish journalist [521.22]
175.22and blood games, written and composed and sung and danced
175.23by Niscemus Nemon, same as piccaninnies play all day, those
175.23+Latin niscemus: we do not know
175.23+Latin nemo: nobody
175.23+Latin nomen: name
175.24old (none of your honeys and rubbers!) games for fun and ele-
175.24+children's game hornies and robbers (i.e. cops and robbers)
175.24+Slang honey: semen
175.24+Slang rubber: condom
175.25ment we used to play with Dina and old Joe kicking her behind
175.25+song Old Joe, or Somebody in de House wid Dinah: (chorus) 'Old Joe kicking up behind and before, The yeller gal kicking up behind Old Joe. Dere's someone in de house wid Dinah, Dere's someone in de house I know, Dere's someone in de house wid Dinah, Playing on de ole Banjo' (early 19th century blackface minstrel song, probably of American origin; quoted in James Joyce: Ulysses.15.420)
175.25+*K* and *S*
175.26and before and the yellow girl kicking him behind old Joe,
175.26+American Slang yellow: a light-skinned black person (often spelled 'yaller' or 'yeller')

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