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190.01of sweetempered gunpowdered didst unto dudst but it never
190.01+VI.B.6.119j (r): 'sweet-tempered (Si)'
190.01+Collins: The Doctor Looks at Literature 49: (of James Joyce: Ulysses) 'Mr. Dædalus is a sweet-tempered, mealy-mouthed man given to strong drink and high-grade vagrancy'
190.01+Book of Common Prayer: Burial of the Dead: 'dust to dust'
190.02stphruck your mudhead's obtundity (O hell, here comes our
190.02+Slang mudhead: stupid person
190.02+obtundity: dulness
190.02+Latin obtundo: I thump
190.02+I Corinthians 15:55: 'O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?'
190.03funeral! O pest, I'll miss the post!) that the more carrots you
190.03+French peste!: good gracious!
190.04chop, the more turnips you slit, the more murphies you peel, the
190.04+Slang murphies: potatoes
190.05more onions you cry over, the more bullbeef you butch, the
190.05+bully beef
190.05+VI.B.6.077h (r): 'butch (knife)'
190.05+Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 176 (sec. 173): 'butcher is the French boucher, derived from bouc 'a buck, goat' with no corresponding verb, but in English it has given rise to the rare verb to butch and to the noun a butch-knife'
190.05+Motif: baker/butcher [.29]
190.06more mutton you crackerhack, the more potherbs you pound,
190.06+crackerhash: biscuits and salt meat
190.06+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: ...the more potherbs...} | {BMs (47471b-66): ...the more bacon you rasher, the more potherbs...}
190.07the fiercer the fire and the longer your spoon and the harder you
190.07+proverb He who sups with the devil hath need of a long spoon
190.08gruel with more grease to your elbow the merrier fumes your
190.08+Anglo-Irish phrase more power to your elbow! (encouragement)
190.08+Slang elbow grease: hard work
190.09new Irish stew.
190.10     O, by the way, yes, another thing occurs to me. You let me tell
190.10+{{Synopsis: I.7.2.D: [190.10-191.04]: he is accused of shirking work — emigrating instead}}
190.10+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...yes, another...} | {Png: ...yes another...}
190.11you, with the utmost politeness, were very ordinarily designed,
190.12your birthwrong was, to fall in with Plan, as our nationals
190.12+The Plan of Campaign: a concerted scheme devised and carried out between 1886 and 1891 by the Irish National League, then under Parnell's leadership, in order to force landlords to reduce the rent they were charging Irish tenants (sometimes referred to simply as 'The Plan')
190.13should, as all nationists must, and do a certain office (what, I will
190.13+MacDonald: Diary of the Parnell Commission 130: (during the cross-examination of Major Le Caron, a witness testifying about Parnell's involvement with the American Fenians, concerning the location of some documents) 'Before their lordships decided that the witness must answer "where", there was a lively and amusing questioning of him by process of "elimination". Was it at The Times office? — No. At Mr. Soames' office? — No. At the Home Office? — No'
190.14not tell you) in a certain holy office (nor will I say where) during
190.14+James Joyce: other works: The Holy Office
190.15certain agonising office hours (a clerical party all to yourself) from
190.16such a year to such an hour on such and such a date at so and
190.16+such and such, so and so (Motif: So and so)
190.17so much a week pro anno (Guinness's, may I remind, were just
190.17+Latin pro anno: per year
190.17+Joyce's father urged James to seek a clerkship in Guinness's (Father Butt in James Joyce: Stephen Hero thought similarly; so did Stanislaus)
190.17+Guinness is good for you (advertisement, 1929)
190.18agulp for you, failing in which you might have taken the scales off
190.18+scales: deposits that form on the insides of boilers and have to be cleaned off periodically
190.19boilers like any boskop of Yorek) and do your little thruppenny
190.19+bishop of York
190.19+Dutch doodskop: death skull
190.19+Yorick's skull (William Shakespeare: Hamlet V.1.169)
190.20bit and thus earn from the nation true thanks, right here in our
190.21place of burden, your bourne of travail and ville of tares, where
190.21+place of birth
190.21+William Shakespeare: Hamlet III.1.79-80: 'from whose bourn No traveller returns'
190.21+phrase separate the wheat from the tares
190.21+phrase vale of tears
190.21+VI.B.6.001f (r): 'where I breathe first breath of life'
190.22after a divine's prodigence you drew the first watergasp in your
190.22+divine providence (Vico)
190.23life, from the crib where you once was bit to the crypt you'll
190.23+crib-biter: nervous person, cantankerous horse, persistent grumbler
190.24be twice as shy of, same as we, long of us, alone with the colt
190.24+proverb Once bitten, twice shy
190.25in the curner, where you were as popular as an armenial with
190.25+Armenia (Christian) occupied by (Muslim) Turks from 1405; nationalism in 19th and 20th centuries met with systematic massacres
190.26the faithful, and you set fire to my tailcoat when I hold the
190.27paraffin smoker under yours (I hope that chimney's clear) but,
190.28slackly shirking both your bullet and your billet, you beat it
190.28+proverb Every bullet has its billet
190.28+VI.B.5.001d (r): 'Walk backward & restore blades of grass to position' [.28-.30]
190.28+Crawford: Thinking Black 350: 'The Valomotwa... Breaking through grass, they walk backwards and restore each blade to its natural position, defying wit of man to know where they have gone'
190.29backwards like Boulanger from Galway (but he combed the grass
190.29+Boulanger: French general with whom the Irish conspired
190.29+French boulanger: baker [.05]
190.29+Nautical Slang grass-comber: farm-labourer; land-lubber
190.30against his stride) to sing us a song of alibi, (the cuthone call over
190.30+VI.B.3.060g (r): 'sing me an alibi'
190.30+song I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby
190.30+Latin alibi: elsewhere
190.30+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.6: Fingal I: 'on rocky Cuthon' (glossed in a footnote: 'the mournful sound of waves')
190.31the greybounding slowrolling amplyheaving metamorphoseous
190.31+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.99: Fingal VI: 'A thousand dogs fly off at once, gray-bounding through the heath'
190.31+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian I.181: Carric-Thura: 'slow-rolling eye!'
190.31+Ovid's Metamorphoses
190.32that oozy rocks parapangle their preposters with) nomad, mooner
190.32+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.166: Temora I: 'Foldath stands, like an oozy rock'
190.32+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian I.281: The War of Inis-Thona: 'Waves lash the oozy rocks'
190.32+Latin praeposteritas: inversion
190.33by lamplight, antinos, shemming amid everyone's repressed
190.33+Latin anti nos: against us
190.33+Antinous: suitor of Penelope, represented in James Joyce: Ulysses by Mulligan and Boylan
190.34laughter to conceal your scatchophily by mating, like a thorough-
190.34+scatophily: coprophily, a marked interest in excrement
190.34+VI.B.14.151a (r): 'thoroughgoing'
190.34+thoroughpaced proselyte
190.35paste prosodite, masculine monosyllables of the same numerical
190.35+monosyllable: euphemism for 'cunt' (Slang cunt: female genitalia)
190.36mus, an Irish emigrant the wrong way out, sitting on your crooked
190.36+German Mus: sauce
190.36+Latin mus: mouse
190.36+Lady Dufferin: song Lament of the Irish Emigrant: 'I'm sitting on the stile, Mary'
190.36+nursery rhyme There was a Crooked Man (mentions 'crooked sixpence' and 'crooked stile')

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