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202.01more and merrier, twills and trills, sparefours and spoilfives, nord-
202.01+proverb The more the merrier
202.01+two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine
202.01+Danish twillinger: twins
202.01+Danish trillinger: triplets
202.01+spoil five: a card game
202.01+Nord (Cluster: Rivers)
202.01+French Nord: north
202.02sihkes and sudsevers and ayes and neins to a litter. Grandfarthring
202.02+Suke (Cluster: Rivers)
202.02+Sud (Cluster: Rivers)
202.02+French Sud: south
202.02+Russian sever: north
202.02+yes and no
202.02+German nein: no
202.02+farthing nap: a card game
202.03nap and Messamisery and the knave of all knaves and the joker.
202.03+Mess (Cluster: Rivers)
202.03+Italian messa: Mass
202.03+Missouri (Cluster: Rivers)
202.03+knave, joker (cards)
202.04Heehaw! She must have been a gadabount in her day, so she
202.04+(ass's bray)
202.04+Haw, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
202.04+Colloquial gadabout: one who wanders about, a gossip who moves from neighbour to neighbour, a woman constantly out shopping and visiting others
202.05must, more than most. Shoal she was, gidgad. She had a flewmen
202.05+VI.B.6.063k (r): 'more than most'
202.05+Shoal (Cluster: Rivers)
202.05+Danish gid Gud: God willing
202.05+few men
202.05+Latin flumen: river
202.06of her owen. Then a toss nare scared that lass, so aimai moe,
202.06+Anglo-Irish owen: river (from Irish abhainn)
202.06+Owen (Cluster: Rivers)
202.06+Greek thanatos: death
202.06+Toss (Cluster: Rivers)
202.06+Nare (Cluster: Rivers)
202.06+Greek zôe mou, sas agapô: my life, I love you (last line of Lord Byron: other works: Maid of Athens)
202.07that's agapo! Tell me, tell me, how cam she camlin through all
202.07+Cam (Cluster: Rivers)
202.07+could she come
202.07+Camlin (Cluster: Rivers)
202.08her fellows, the neckar she was, the diveline? Casting her perils
202.08+Neckar (Cluster: Rivers)
202.08+necker: one who fondles and caresses
202.08+German necken: to tease
202.08+Dive (Cluster: Rivers)
202.08+Diveline: a name for Dublin used by inhabitants of Fingal (north of Dublin)
202.08+(little devil)
202.08+Bellini: Norma: 'Casta Diva'
202.08+Matthew 7:6: 'pearls before swine'
202.09before our swains from Fonte-in-Monte to Tidingtown and
202.09+Font (Cluster: Rivers)
202.09+Italian fonte in monte: the spring on the mountain
202.09+Thames is tidal to Teddington
202.10from Tidingtown tilhavet. Linking one and knocking the next,
202.10+Danish til havet: to the sea
202.10+Link (Cluster: Rivers)
202.11tapting a flank and tipting a jutty and palling in and pietaring
202.11+Tapti (Cluster: Rivers)
202.11+Jutaí (Cluster: Rivers)
202.11+Motif: Paul/Peter
202.11+pulling in
202.11+Pietar (Cluster: Rivers)
202.11+petering out
202.12out and clyding by on her eastway. Waiwhou was the first thur-
202.12+Clyde (Cluster: Rivers)
202.12+Waihou (Cluster: Rivers)
202.12+Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner II.23: 'We were the first that ever burst Into that silent sea'
202.12+Thur (Cluster: Rivers)
202.12+to ever
202.13ever burst? Someone he was, whuebra they were, in a tactic attack
202.13+(burst her virginity)
202.13+VI.B.6.050h (r): 'Somebody, whoever you are,'
202.13+Huebra (Cluster: Rivers)
202.13+Spanish huebra: day's work
202.13+Latin tactus: attack
202.14or in single combat. Tinker, tilar, souldrer, salor, Pieman Peace
202.14+nursery rhyme 'Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief'
202.14+Tilar (Cluster: Rivers)
202.14+Sauldre (Cluster: Rivers)
202.14+Salor (Cluster: Rivers)
202.14+Pieman (Cluster: Rivers)
202.14+Peace (Cluster: Rivers)
202.15or Polistaman. That's the thing I'm elwys on edge to esk. Push
202.15+Polista, Russia (Cluster: Rivers)
202.15+VI.B.10.037a (r): 'polishman (DMP)'
202.15+VI.B.32.101b (r): 'Elwy R'
202.15+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XXVIII, 'Wales', 259d: 'the banks of the Elwy'
202.15+Elwy, Wales (Cluster: Rivers)
202.15+Esk (Cluster: Rivers)
202.16up and push vardar and come to uphill headquarters! Was it
202.16+Vardar (Cluster: Rivers)
202.17waterlows year, after Grattan or Flood, or when maids were in
202.17+Sir Ernest Albert Waterlow: English painter (1850-1919)
202.17+low water
202.17+Battle of Waterloo (1815)
202.17+Aherlow (Cluster: Rivers)
202.17+Henry Grattan and Henry Flood: Irish statesmen of late 18th century
202.17+(rainbow girls)
202.18Arc or when three stood hosting? Fidaris will find where the
202.18+Joan of Arc
202.18+Arc (Cluster: Rivers)
202.18+hosting: raising of army
202.18+Fidaris (Cluster: Rivers)
202.18+Latin fides: faith
202.19Doubt arises like Nieman from Nirgends found the Nihil. Worry
202.19+Doubs (Cluster: Rivers)
202.19+German niemand: nobody
202.19+Niemen (Cluster: Rivers)
202.19+German nirgends: nowhere
202.19+Wagner: The Flying Dutchman, act I: 'Nirgens ein Grab! Niemals der Tod!'
202.19+Latin nihil: nothing
202.19+Nile (search for its source [.20]) (Cluster: Rivers)
202.19+what are you sighing for
202.19+[023.19-.21] [089.27] [.19-.21]
202.20you sighin foh, Albern, O Anser? Untie the gemman's fistiknots,
202.20+German albern: silly, foolish
202.20+Victoria Nyanza and Albert Nyanza: two of the major reservoirs of the Nile river ('Nyanza' is Bantu for 'Lake') [.21]
202.20+Irish ní h-annsa: not hard (formula for answering riddles)
202.20+Latin anser: goose
202.20+Slang gemman: gentleman
202.20+Irish gemin: fetter
202.20+mystic knots: entanglements in a bride's nightdress made by bridesmaids (Burns)
202.21Qvic and Nuancee! She can't put her hand on him for the mo-
202.21+Latin hic et nunc: here and now
202.21+Nuanetzi (Cluster: Rivers)
202.21+VI.B.6.033r (r): 'can't put my hand on for the moment'
202.22ment. Tez thelon langlo, walking weary! Such a loon waybash-
202.22+Tez (Cluster: Rivers)
202.22+Thelon (Cluster: Rivers)
202.22+Langlo (Cluster: Rivers)
202.22+VI.B.1.076j (r): '*V* walks backwards' [426.34]
202.22+Wear, England (Cluster: Rivers)
202.22+song It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary: 'It's a long way to Tipperary, It's a long way to go'
202.22+Loon (Cluster: Rivers)
202.22+Wabash (Cluster: Rivers)
202.23wards to row! She sid herself she hardly knows whuon the annals
202.23+Tow (Cluster: Rivers)
202.23+Sid (Cluster: Rivers)
202.23+Huon (Cluster: Rivers)
202.23+who in
202.23+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section [.24]
202.24her graveller was, a dynast of Leinster, a wolf of the sea, or what
202.24+Slang gravel: confound
202.24+Gravelly (Cluster: Rivers)
202.24+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1431: 'McMorogh, dynast of Leinster, makes an incursion into the English pale, and defeats the forces sent against him, but is finally defeated with great loss'
202.24+Diarmaid MacMurchadha: 12th century king of Leinster, notorious for seeking the help of Henry II (patronymic means 'sea warrior'; a.k.a. Dermot MacMurrough)
202.24+Wolf (Cluster: Rivers)
202.24+Archaic sea-wolf: pirate [049.28]
202.25he did or how blyth she played or how, when, why, where and
202.25+Blyth (Cluster: Rivers)
202.26who offon he jumpnad her and how it was gave her away. She
202.26+how often
202.26+Ofin (Cluster: Rivers)
202.26+Jump (Cluster: Rivers)
202.26+Slang jump: to have sex with
202.26+Jumna (Cluster: Rivers)
202.26+(marriage or betrayal)
202.26+Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Marble Faun 200: 'She was a fresh, cool, dewy thing, sunny and shadowy, ... fitful and changeable with the whim of the moment, but yet as constant as her native stream, which kept the same gush and flow forever'
202.27was just a young thin pale soft shy slim slip of a thing then,
202.27+just a (six monosyllabic adjectives) slip of a thing then, sauntering [627.04-.05]
202.27+(small light monosyllables (feminine) and heavy ponderous polysyllables (masculine))
202.28sauntering, by silvamoonlake and he was a heavy trudging
202.28+VI.B.6.090f (r): 'S'aunter (aventurer)'
202.28+Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 103 (sec. 104): 'saunter, where the French reflective pronoun has become fixed as an inseparable element of the word, from s'auntrer, another form for s'aventurer 'to adventure oneself''
202.28+Silva (Cluster: Rivers)
202.28+Latin silva: forest
202.28+silver moonlight (reflected in lake)
202.28+moon, sun [.30]
202.28+VI.B.1.080i (r): 'dredge trudge' (only last word crayoned)
202.29lurching lieabroad of a Curraghman, making his hay for whose
202.29+lie-abed: sluggard, late riser
202.29+VI.B.6.148l (r): 'curragh'
202.29+The Curragh: a plain in Kildare, noted for its racecourse
202.29+Anglo-Irish currach: Irish curach: coracle, a small wickerwork boat
202.29+proverb Make hay while the sun shines
202.29+Hay (Cluster: Rivers)
202.30sun to shine on, as tough as the oaktrees (peats be with them!)
202.30+Sun (Cluster: Rivers)
202.30+Kildare means 'church of the oak'
202.31used to rustle that time down by the dykes of killing Kildare,
202.31+VI.B.1.028c (r): 'dyke'
202.31+Metchnikoff: La Civilisation et les Grands Fleuves Historiques xxvi: (of early riverbank communities) 'lutter en commun contre les inondations, élever des digues et des contre-digues' (French 'struggle together against floods, raise dykes and counter-dykes')
202.31+'Killing Kildares': Kildare Foxhounds
202.32for forstfellfoss with a plash across her. She thought she's sankh
202.32+(first cascade created through falling of tree across the stream)
202.32+German Forst: forest
202.32+Danish fossefald: waterfall
202.32+Foss (Cluster: Rivers)
202.32+Norwegian -foss (denotes waterfall)
202.32+VI.B.1.045h (r): 'plashed woods' ('shed' not clear)
202.32+plash: to bend and interlace stems, branches and twigs to form an obstruction; to treat a wood thus
202.32+plash: to splash; a splash
202.32+plash: a shallow piece of standing water, a puddle
202.32+in an Adam and Eve story, part of Saltair na Rann, a collection of medieval Irish poems, Eve does penance in the Tigris river, the devil gets her to leave off her penance, and upon finding the deceit she falls to the ground half-dead and reproaches Lucifer
202.32+she'd sink beneath
202.32+Sankh (Cluster: Rivers)
202.32+VI.B.1.033d (r): 'goes underground'
202.32+Metchnikoff: La Civilisation et les Grands Fleuves Historiques 204: 'Terre qui se forme, la couche de débris finit par se consolider... au-dessus d'un fleuve caché, qui continue lentement son cours dans ses profondeurs' (French 'Land in the making, the layer of debris ends by becoming solid... over a hidden river, that slowly pursues its course deep down')
202.33neathe the ground with nymphant shame when he gave her the
202.33+Neath (Cluster: Rivers)
202.33+Colloquial phrase give (someone) the eye: look at (someone) in a way that indicates sexual interest
202.34tigris eye! O happy fault! Me wish it was he! You're wrong there,
202.34+Tigris (Cluster: Rivers)
202.34+Latin tigris: tiger
202.34+tiger's eye: a gem
202.34+Motif: O felix culpa! (Exsultet)
202.34+Dublin Slang wish: female genitalia
202.35corribly wrong! Tisn't only tonight you're anacheronistic! It
202.35+Corrib, Ireland (Cluster: Rivers)
202.35+Colloquial 'tisn't: it isn't
202.35+Acheron, Hades (river of woe) (Cluster: Rivers)
202.36was ages behind that when nullahs were nowhere, in county
202.36+(ages before)
202.36+Latin nulla: none
202.36+nullah: a watercourse
202.36+Nula (Cluster: Rivers)

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