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205.01Through her catchment ring she freed them easy, with her hips'
205.01+HCE (Motif: HCE)
205.01+river catchment basin
205.01+phrase free and easy
205.01+hips, knees
205.01+phrase hip, hip, hurrah! (cheer)
205.02hurrahs for her knees'dontelleries. The only parr with frills in
205.02+nice (teeth)
205.02+Latin dens: tooth
205.02+French dentelle: lace
205.02+don't tell
205.02+parr: young salmon
205.02+Paar, Germany (Cluster: Rivers)
205.02+Old Parr [003.17]
205.02+VI.B.1.141c (r): 'frill'
205.03old the plain. So they are, I declare! Welland well! If tomorrow
205.03+Old (Cluster: Rivers)
205.03+Moyelta, the Old Plain of Elta, where Parthalonians died of plague and were buried
205.03+Welland (Cluster: Rivers)
205.03+well and well
205.04keeps fine who'll come tripping to sightsee? How'll? Ask me
205.04+(going on a sightseeing trip)
205.04+who will?
205.05next what I haven't got! The Belvedarean exhibitioners. In their
205.05+James Joyce: Ulysses.15.3663: 'Ask my ballocks that I haven't got'
205.05+Belvedere College, Dublin
205.05+exhibitioners: boys who won exhibition in secondary school exam
205.06cruisery caps and oarsclub colours. What hoo, they band! And
205.06+cruise, oar
205.06+song What Ho, She Bumps! (a song about boating)
205.06+Motif: A/O [.07]
205.06+(rowing motions)
205.07what hoa, they buck! And here is her nubilee letters too. Ellis
205.07+Nuble (Cluster: Rivers)
205.07+(maiden name initials)
205.07+Ellis (Cluster: Rivers)
205.07+Ellis Quay, Dublin (Cluster: Quays in Dublin)
205.07+VI.B.1.134j (r): 'LK'
205.07+L and K (initials) [.09] [.11]
205.08on quay in scarlet thread. Linked for the world on a flush-
205.08+Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter [.07]
205.08+VI.B.1.135g (r): 'red thread mark'
205.08+Joshua 2:18: 'Behold, when we come into the land, thou shalt bind this line of scarlet thread in the window which thou didst let us down by' (spies' directions for Rahab the harlot, to spare her and her family)
205.09caloured field. Annan exe after to show they're not Laura Ke-
205.09+Latin calor: heat
205.09+Annan (Cluster: Rivers)
205.09+and an X after [625.02]
205.09+Exe (Cluster: Rivers)
205.09+Laura Keene: 19th century American star of Our American Cousin, the play Lincoln watched when assassinated
205.09+Keowee (Cluster: Rivers)
205.10own's. O, may the diabolo twisk your seifety pin! You child of
205.10+May, Australia (Cluster: Rivers)
205.10+diabolo: a game
205.10+Greek diabolos: slanderer (an epithet of the devil)
205.10+Modern Greek diabolos: Spanish diablo: devil
205.10+Wiske (Cluster: Rivers)
205.10+German Seife: soap
205.10+VI.B.1.135f (r): 'safety pin'
205.10+Children of Mary: Catholic girls' association
205.11Mammon, Kinsella's Lilith! Now who has been tearing the leg
205.11+Italian mammone: mummy's boy
205.11+Lilith: Adam's wife before Eve in kabbalistic lore
205.11+Douglas: London Street Games 38: (a girls' rope-chant) 'Then he tears the leg of my drawers' (children's game)
205.11+phrase pull my other leg, the one with the bells on it
205.12of her drawars on her? Which leg is it? The one with the bells
205.12+VI.B.6.003h (r): '*A*'s drawers'
205.13on it. Rinse them out and aston along with you! Where did I
205.13+VI.B.1.069b (r): 'rinse'
205.13+Aston Quay, Dublin (Cluster: Quays in Dublin)
205.13+VI.B.3.076f (r): 'Where did I stop? (read — Is)'
205.14stop? Never stop! Continuarration! You're not there yet. I
205.14+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...stop! Continuarration...} | {Png: ...stop. Continuarration...}
205.14+VI.B.6.096k (r): 'You are not there yet' ('are' not clear)
205.15amstel waiting. Garonne, garonne!
205.15+Amstel, Netherlands (Cluster: Rivers)
205.15+am still
205.15+Garonne, France (Cluster: Rivers)
205.15+go on, go on [204.27]
205.16     Well, after it was put in the Mericy Cordial Mendicants' Sitter-
205.16+{{Synopsis: I.8.1A.E: [205.16-206.28]: HCE's disgrace — ALP's plan for revenge}}
205.16+Cluster: Well
205.16+(after it was put in the papers)
205.16+Meriç (Cluster: Rivers)
205.16+Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin
205.16+Corda (Cluster: Rivers)
205.16+VI.B.1.077g (r): 'Beggars' Monday J'
205.16+VI.B.6.114g (r): 'Beggars' Journal'
205.16+Irish Independent 25 Jan 1924, 6/5: 'Three Curiosities of Journalism. A Beggars' Newspapers': 'Perhaps the strangest publication in the history of the Press was the "Mendicant's Journal," which made its last appearance a few weeks ago. This extraordinary paper was published in Paris every six months, and catered exclusively for the beggars of the French capital' (a very similar article appeared in Freeman's Journal 26 Jan 1924, 10/4)
205.16+Saturday (Cluster: Days)
205.17dag-Zindeh-Munaday Wakeschrift (for once they sullied their
205.17+Dutch dag: day
205.17+Zindeh (Cluster: Rivers)
205.17+Sanskrit zindah: alive
205.17+Sunday (Cluster: Days)
205.17+Mun (Cluster: Rivers)
205.17+Monday (Cluster: Days)
205.17+German Wochenschrift: weekly magazine
205.17+(dirty their gloves with newsprint)
205.18white kidloves, chewing cuds after their dinners of cheeckin and
205.18+White, Canada (and United States) (Cluster: Rivers)
205.18+kid gloves
205.18+chicken and bacon (and egg)
205.18+Colloquial cheek: to address impudently, to speak to cheekily
205.19beggin, with their show us it here and their mind out of that and
205.19+Egg (Cluster: Rivers)
205.19+(three of their cheeky sayings)
205.20their when you're quite finished with the reading matarial), even
205.21the snee that snowdon his hoaring hair had a skunner against
205.21+Danish sne: snow
205.21+VI.B.18.213h (b): 'snowdon'
205.21+Worsaae: An Account of the Danes and Norwegians in England, Scotland, and Ireland 2: 'Wales, England's real highland... it contains England's highest mountain, Snowdon'
205.21+snowed on
205.21+VI.B.5.057f (r): 'a skunner against'
205.21+Scottish Dialect take a skunner against: be disgusted with, have a dilike for
205.21+Kunna (Cluster: Rivers)
205.22him. Thaw, thaw, sava, savuto! Score Her Chuff Exsquire!
205.22+(snow thaws)
205.22+Thew (Cluster: Rivers)
205.22+Irish tá: it is so
205.22+Sava (Cluster: Rivers)
205.22+Savuto (Cluster: Rivers)
205.22+HCE (Motif: HCE)
205.23Everywhere erriff you went and every bung you arver dropped
205.23+Erriff (Cluster: Rivers)
205.23+German er rief: he called
205.23+Arve (Cluster: Rivers)
205.24into, in cit or suburb or in addled areas, the Rose and Bottle or
205.24+four (of eleven) taverns in which Ouzel Galley Society (forerunner of Dublin Chamber of Commerce, 1705-1888) met: The Rose and Bottle, Dame Street (1765); Phoenix Tavern, Werburgh Street (1748); Power's, Booterstown (1776); Jude's Hotel, 5 Frederick Street South (early 19th century)
205.25Phoenix Tavern or Power's Inn or Jude's Hotel or wherever you
205.25+Inn (Cluster: Rivers)
205.25+German Jude: jew
205.25+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Hotel or...} | {Png: ...Hotel, or...}
205.26scoured the countryside from Nannywater to Vartryville or from
205.26+Scour (Cluster: Rivers)
205.26+Nanny Water (northern boundary of Dublin admiralty jurisdiction) (Cluster: Rivers)
205.26+Vartry (runs out at Wicklow) (Cluster: Rivers)
205.27Porta Lateen to the lootin quarter you found his ikom etsched
205.27+Italian porta: door
205.27+Porta Latina, Rome
205.27+Anglo-Irish -een (diminutive)
205.27+Latin Quarter of Paris
205.27+Ikom (Cluster: Rivers)
205.27+ECH = HCE backwards (Motif: HCE; Motif: backwards)
205.27+Etsch (Cluster: Rivers)
205.28tipside down or the cornerboys cammocking his guy and Morris
205.28+upside down (*M*)
205.28+Slang cornerboy: loafer
205.28+Cammock (Cluster: Rivers)
205.28+cammock: crooked staff, hockey stick
205.28+mocking Guy Fawkes
205.28+(burning his effigy)
205.28+Morris cars
205.29the Man, with the role of a royss in his turgos the turrible, (Evro-
205.29+VI.B.25.150a (r): 'Pat the Man'
205.29+Rolls Royce cars
205.29+French roi: king
205.29+Ross (Cluster: Rivers)
205.29+E.W. Royce appeared in the title role of pantomime Turko the Terrible, the first Christmas pantomime at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin (James Joyce: Ulysses.1.258)
205.29+Turgesius: 9th century Viking invader of Ireland
205.29+Turco (Cluster: Rivers)
205.29+ECH (Motif: HCE)
205.29+Evros (Cluster: Rivers)
205.30peahahn cheic house, unskimmed sooit and yahoort, hamman
205.30+peacock [.35]
205.30+German Hahn: cock
205.30+German Ei: egg
205.30+Yahoos: a race of humanoid brutes in Swift: Gulliver's Travels
205.30+French yaourt: yoghurt
205.30+Persian hamman: bath
205.31now cheekmee, Ahdahm this way make, Fatima, half turn!)
205.31+Persian adam: person
205.31+Fatima: Mohammed's daughter
205.32reeling and railing round the local as the peihos piped und uban-
205.32+Slang local: nearby pub
205.32+Peiho (Cluster: Rivers)
205.32+German und: and
205.32+Ubangi, Central Africa (Cluster: Rivers)
205.32+Polish ubranie: suit of clothes
205.32+banshees: in Irish mythology, female spirits seen as omens of an imminent death (sometimes portrayed as women (either fair maidens or withered crones) washing the bloody garments of those about to fall in an upcoming battle)
205.33jees twanged, with oddfellow's triple tiara busby rotundarinking
205.33+VI.B.10.025i (r): 'Oddfellows Hall'
205.33+Irish Times 6 Nov 1922, 8/6: 'Many Outrages in Dublin': 'National troops, in the course of a raid on the premises formerly known as the Oddfellows Hall... arrested 14 young men... found in one of the rooms... let last week as a social club'
205.33+Oddfellows: a fraternal society
205.33+papal tiara
205.33+Tiaret (Cluster: Rivers)
205.33+VI.B.3.152e (r): 'busby'
205.33+Busby (Cluster: Rivers)
205.33+VI.B.10.028e (r): 'Rotunda rink'
205.33+Irish Times 7 Nov 1922, 4/6: 'The Rotunda Rink': 'The destruction of the building known as the Rotunda Rink'
205.33+Rotunda, Dublin, used as skating rink in late 19th century
205.33+(turning, rolling)
205.34round his scalp. Like Pate-by-the-Neva or Pete-over-Meer. This
205.34+The Scalp: a pass south of Dublin
205.34+Neva (Cluster: Rivers)
205.34+Italian neve: snow
205.34+Pete (Cluster: Rivers)
205.34+Johannes Vermeer: Dutch painter
205.34+Dutch meer: lake; more
205.34+German Meer: sea
205.34+nursery rhyme The House That Jack Built: 'This is the priest all shaven and shorn, That married the man all tattered and torn... That tossed the dog, That worried the cat'
205.35is the Hausman all paven and stoned, that cribbed the Cabin that
205.35+H...C...E (Motif: HCE)
205.35+German Hausmann: tenant, lodger
205.35+Baron Haussmann: 19th century French official responsible for the vast renovation project of Paris under Napoleon III
205.35+(mocking Alfred Edward Housman's rhythms)
205.35+Latin pavo: peacock [.30]
205.35+Cabin Creek (Cluster: Rivers)
205.36never was owned that cocked his leg and hennad his Egg. And
205.36+C...H...E (Motif: HCE)
205.36+cock, hen, egg
205.36+Enna (Cluster: Rivers)
205.36+Egg (Cluster: Rivers)

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