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206.01the mauldrin rabble around him in areopage, fracassing a great
206.01+German Maul: mouth, muzzle
206.01+Mauldre (Cluster: Rivers)
206.01+Cant maundering: begging
206.01+Areopagus: supreme court at Athens
206.01+Italian fracasso: din
206.01+Italian fracassare: to smash
206.02bingkan cagnan with their timpan crowders. Mind your Grimm-
206.02+Italian Colloquial cagnara: uproar, din
206.02+Caguán (Cluster: Rivers)
206.02+timpani: a set of kettledrums
206.02+tin pan
206.02+Dialect crowders: fiddlers
206.02+Grimm brothers' fairy tales
206.03father! Think of your Ma! Hing the Hong is his jove's hang-
206.03+Ma (Cluster: Rivers)
206.03+Ma: Cappadocian war-goddess
206.03+German hing: hung
206.03+Hong (Cluster: Rivers)
206.03+agnomen: name added to family name, generally on account of some exploit
206.04nomen! Lilt a bolero, bulling a law! She swore on croststyx nyne
206.04+song 'Lillibullero, bullen a law' (17th century anti-Irish song)
206.04+Alaw (Cluster: Rivers)
206.04+Crosstick Alley in old Dublin
206.04+Styx, Hades (river the gods swore by) (Cluster: Rivers)
206.05wyndabouts she's be level with all the snags of them yet. Par the
206.05+Wynd Brook (Cluster: Rivers)
206.05+Scottish wynd: narrow cross street
206.05+she'd be
206.05+Anglo-Irish snags: gangs
206.06Vulnerable Virgin's Mary del Dame! So she said to herself she'd
206.06+Anglo-Irish vulnerable: pregnant
206.06+Virgin, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
206.06+Church of Saint Mary del Dam, Dublin (occupied site near present Saint Werburgh's)
206.06+VI.B.3.064b (r): 'She said to herself she'd —'
206.07frame a plan to fake a shine, the mischiefmaker, the like of it you
206.07+Irish Sinn Féin: Ourselves (Irish nationalist slogan; Motif: Sinn Féin)
206.07+phrase make a shine: make a fine show
206.08niever heard. What plan? Tell me quick and dongu so crould!
206.08+German nie: never
206.08+Nievre (Cluster: Rivers)
206.08+Dungu (Cluster: Rivers)
206.08+don't go so cruel
206.09What the meurther did she mague? Well, she bergened a zakbag,
206.09+what the murder
206.09+Meurthe (Cluster: Rivers)
206.09+Maguera (Cluster: Rivers)
206.09+Cluster: Well
206.09+Dutch borgen: German borgen: to borrow
206.09+Dutch zak: sack, bag, pocket
206.09+Zak (Cluster: Rivers)
206.10a shammy mailsack, with the lend of a loan of the light of his
206.10+German Mehlsack: bag of flour
206.11lampion, off one of her swapsons, Shaun the Post, and then she
206.11+lampion: lamp, usually of coloured glass
206.11+VI.B.14.145e (g): 'swapson (Miliuc)' (only first word crayoned)
206.11+Riguet: Saint Patrice 87: (of Saint Patrick and his supposed master) 'Il existait en Irlande une coutume par laquelle les familles importantes échangeaient leurs enfants. Miliucc avait sans doute ainsi confié son fils au maître de Patrice. Dans cette supposition, M. Bury pense trouver la clef du mystère de l'invention de la captivité de Patrice chez Miliucc' (French 'There existed in Ireland a custom whereby the important families exchanged their children. Milcho had no doubt in this way confided his son to Patrick's master. In this supposition, Mr Bury thinks to find the key to the mystery of the invention of Patrick's captivity to Milcho')
206.11+Shaun the Post: driver of the mail car (i.e. postman) in Boucicault: Arrah-na-Pogue (*V*)
206.12went and consulted her chapboucqs, old Mot Moore, Casey's
206.12+Boucq (Cluster: Rivers)
206.12+Old Tom Moore's Almanac
206.12+Moore, Australia (Cluster: Rivers)
206.12+John Casey: Sequel to Euclid
206.13Euclid and the Fashion Display and made herself tidal to join
206.14in the mascarete. O gig goggle of gigguels. I can't tell you how!
206.14+French mascaret: tidal wave in estuary
206.14+(giggles and laughs as she speaks) [.14-.17]
206.14+Giguela (Cluster: Rivers)
206.15It's too screaming to rizo, rabbit it all! Minneha, minnehi mina-
206.15+Spanish rizo: curl
206.15+Italian riso: laugh
206.15+Rabbit (Cluster: Rivers)
206.15+Slang rabbit it!: confound it!
206.15+Min, China (Cluster: Rivers)
206.15+Minnehaha: Hiawatha's lover in Longfellow's The Song of Hiawatha (her name is often said to mean 'laughing water', although the correct translation from Dakota would be 'waterfall' or 'rapids')
206.15+Mina, Africa (Cluster: Rivers)
206.15+Arabic mina: harbour
206.15+Aa (Cluster: Rivers)
206.16aehe, minneho! O but you must, you must really! Make my hear
206.16+Minho (Cluster: Rivers)
206.17it gurgle gurgle, like the farest gargle gargle in the dusky dirgle
206.17+(rhythm of Hiawatha)
206.17+Motif: Dear Dirty Dublin
206.18dargle! By the holy well of Mulhuddart I swear I'd pledge my
206.18+Dargle (Cluster: Rivers)
206.18+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...dargle! By...} | {Png: ...dargle. By...}
206.18+VI.B.6.109d (r): 'holy well of Mulhuddart'
206.18+Freeman's Journal 25 Jan 1924, 10/2: 'At the Holy Well': 'This venerable holy well at a lonely spot on the wayside of Mulhuddart, Co. Dublin, is visited by many pilgrims, some of whom travel long distances to partake of the cool, clear waters'
206.19chanza getting to heaven through Tirry and Killy's mount of
206.19+Chanza (Cluster: Rivers)
206.19+chance of
206.19+Tirry (Cluster: Rivers)
206.19+Terry Kelly: Dublin pawnbroker
206.19+Latin terra: earth
206.19+Latin caelum: heaven, sky
206.19+French mont-de-piété: pawnshop
206.20impiety to hear it all, aviary word! O, leave me my faculties,
206.20+Avre (Cluster: Rivers)
206.20+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...word! O...} | {Png: ...word. O...}
206.20+VI.B.5.083g (r): 'my faculties'
206.21woman, a while! If you don't like my story get out of the punt.
206.21+Woman (Cluster: Rivers)
206.21+VI.B.1.057b (r): 'if you don't like it get out of the boat'
206.21+punt: a small shallow boat
206.21+Dutch punt: point, full stop
206.22Well, have it your own way, so. Here, sit down and do as you're
206.22+Cluster: Well
206.22+(rowing lesson)
206.23bid. Take my stroke and bend to your bow. Forward in and pull
206.23+phrase I have the bent of his bow: I understand him
206.23+Bow, Australia (and Canada) (Cluster: Rivers)
206.23+phrase pull one's weight: do one's share of the work (originally, a rowing phrase)
206.24your overthepoise! Lisp it slaney and crisp it quiet. Deel me long-
206.24+avoirdupois: the standard pre-metric British system of weights (pounds, ounces, etc.)
206.24+Oise (Cluster: Rivers)
206.24+Slaney (Cluster: Rivers)
206.24+Deel (Cluster: Rivers)
206.24+tell me
206.24+German langsam: slow
206.25some. Tongue your time now. Breathe thet deep. Thouat's the
206.25+Tongue (Cluster: Rivers)
206.25+Thet (Cluster: Rivers)
206.25+Thouet (Cluster: Rivers)
206.25+that's the way
206.26fairway. Hurry slow and scheldt you go. Lynd us your blessed
206.26+VI.B.6.054j (r): 'hurry up — goes slow'
206.26+Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 210: (of an old uneducated peasant) 'Son tracé posé donne 30 lettres à la minute. Quand j'ai demandé plus de rapidité je me suis heurté à des inhibitions, telles que l'écriture devenait plus lente!' (French 'His cautious handwriting yields 30 letters a minute. When I asked for more speed I ran up against inhibitions, so much so that his writing became slower!')
206.26+French proverb Hâtez-vous lentement: Hasten slowly (i.e. more haste, less speed)
206.26+Scheldt (Cluster: Rivers)
206.26+Schelde, Netherlands (Cluster: Rivers)
206.26+German schnell: fast
206.26+Lynd (Cluster: Rivers)
206.26+lend us
206.26+VI.B.1.009k (r): 'holy ashes'
206.27ashes here till I scrub the canon's underpants. Flow now. Ower
206.27+Ash (Cluster: Rivers)
206.27+VI.B.1.074m (r): 'scrub'
206.27+Cannon (Cluster: Rivers)
206.27+Owenmore (from Irish Abhainn Mor: Great River) (Cluster: Rivers)
206.28more. And pooleypooley.
206.28+Dublin Slang pooly: urine
206.28+Kiswahili polipoli: slowly, softly
206.29     First she let her hair fal and down it flussed to her feet its
206.29+{{Synopsis: I.8.1A.F: [206.29-207.20]: her cosmetic preparations — she comes out}}
206.29+Homer: Iliad XIV: (of Hera preparing to beguile Zeus) 'With ambrosia first did she cleanse every stain from her winsome body, and annointed her with olive oil' [207.02] [208.08] [208.10]
206.29+VI.B.32.202c (r): 'R Fal'
206.29+Fal, England (Cluster: Rivers)
206.29+German Fluss: river
206.30teviots winding coils. Then, mothernaked, she sampood herself
206.30+Teviot (Cluster: Rivers)
206.30+Sampu (Cluster: Rivers)
206.31with galawater and fraguant pistania mud, wupper and lauar,
206.31+Gala (Cluster: Rivers)
206.31+Greek gala: milk
206.31+Fragua (Cluster: Rivers)
206.31+Pistany: Czech spa, noted for mud packs [287.13]
206.31+Wupper (Cluster: Rivers)
206.31+upper and lower (i.e. hair of head and of pubis)
206.31+VI.B.1.033j (r): 'Upper Nile made Lower Nile Lower Nile made history' (Cluster: Rivers)
206.31+Metchnikoff: La Civilisation et les Grands Fleuves Historiques 207: 'en aval, le Nil des inondations qui a créé l'Égypte, et, par, conséquent, la commune civilisation occidentale; en amont, le tronçon énorme qui, d'année en année et depuis tant de siècles, n'a créé et ne crée que le Nil inférieur et ses inondations' (French 'downstream, the flooding Nile that created Egypt and, as a result, the shared Western civilisation; upstream, the enormous portion that, year after year for so many centuries, created and still creates only the lower Nile and its floods') (Cluster: Rivers)
206.31+Laua (Cluster: Rivers)
206.31+Lauer (Cluster: Rivers)
206.32from crown to sole. Next she greesed the groove of her keel,
206.32+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...greesed...} | {Png: ...greased...}
206.32+Greese (Cluster: Rivers)
206.32+Reese (Cluster: Rivers)
206.32+Dutch keel: throat
206.32+Slang keel: backside
206.33warthes and wears and mole and itcher, with antifouling butter-
206.33+Warthe (Cluster: Rivers)
206.33+Wear (Cluster: Rivers)
206.33+Mole (Cluster: Rivers)
206.33+mole: large breakwater
206.33+Slang itcher: female genitalia
206.33+Itchen (Cluster: Rivers)
206.33+antifouling: (of a coating, process, etc.) preventing accumulation of barnacles, algae, etc., on underwater surfaces (Livia Schmitz's (a source for ALP's middle name) father's company produced marine paints)
206.34scatch and turfentide and serpenthyme and with leafmould she
206.34+proverb Time and tide wait for no man
206.34+Serpentine (Cluster: Rivers)
206.34+Leaf, Canada (Cluster: Rivers)
206.34+leaf-mould: rotted leaves (compost)
206.35ushered round prunella isles and eslats dun, quincecunct, allover
206.35+VI.B.25.154l (g): 'Usher's Isl'
206.35+Usher's Island: a quay on the south side of the Liffey river, near Phoenix Park (home of the Misses Morkan in James Joyce: Dubliners 'The Dead') (Cluster: Quays in Dublin)
206.35+French prunelle: pupil of eye
206.35+Prunelli (Cluster: Rivers)
206.35+Isle, France (Cluster: Rivers)
206.35+Esla (Cluster: Rivers)
206.35+Dun (Cluster: Rivers)
206.35+quincunx: arrangement of five objects in a square or rectangle, one at each corner and one in the middle
206.35+Slang cunt: female genitalia
206.35+all over
206.36her little mary. Peeld gold of waxwork her jellybelly and her
206.36+Little Mary Street, Dublin
206.36+Slang little Mary: abdomen
206.36+Mary, Australia (Cluster: Rivers)
206.36+Peel (Cluster: Rivers)
206.36+Gold, Canada (Cluster: Rivers)
206.36+Belly (Cluster: Rivers)

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