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210.01jary every dive she'd neb in her culdee sacco of wabbash she
210.01+Jari (Cluster: Rivers)
210.01+Dive (Cluster: Rivers)
210.01+Neb (Cluster: Rivers)
210.01+Culdee: Irish-Scottish religious order (from 8th century onwards)
210.01+French cul-de-sac: blind alley, dead end
210.01+Sacco (Cluster: Rivers)
210.01+Wabash (Cluster: Rivers)
210.01+VI.B.1.179l (r): 'rubbish'
210.01+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XI, 'Geography', 633d: (of raindrops) 'More mobile and more searching than ice or rock rubbish, the tricling drops are guided by the deepest lines of the hillside in their incipient flow, and as these lines converge, the stream gaining strength, proceeds in its torrential course to carve its channel deeper and entrench itself in permanent occupation'
210.01+VI.B.1.053i (r): '*A* has robbed her gifts'
210.02raabed and reach out her maundy meerschaundize, poor souvenir
210.02+Raab (Cluster: Rivers)
210.02+Maun (Cluster: Rivers)
210.02+VI.B.25.153a (r): 'Pop (Maundy)'
210.02+Obsolete maundy: almsgiving, largesse (from the tradition of distributing alms, or 'maundy money', among the poor on Maundy Thursday)
210.02+German Meerschaum: meerschaum, a mineral used for ornamental carvings, especially of pipe bowls (literally 'sea foam')
210.02+French pour souvenir: for remembrance
210.03as per ricorder and all for sore aringarung, stinkers and heelers,
210.03+Italian per ricordo: as a keepsake
210.03+Arigna (Cluster: Rivers)
210.03+German Erinnerung: remembrance
210.03+Slang stinker: a disgusting or contemptible person
210.03+tinkers and tailors
210.03+Slang heel: a dishonourable or untrustworthy person
210.04laggards and primelads, her furzeborn sons and dribblederry
210.04+Ribble (Cluster: Rivers)
210.04+Derry (Cluster: Rivers)
210.05daughters, a thousand and one of them, and wickerpotluck for
210.05+1001 (The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night)
210.05+pot luck in wicker pot
210.05+Wicker (Cluster: Rivers)
210.05+Pot (Cluster: Rivers)
210.06each of them. For evil and ever. And kiks the buch. A tinker's
210.06+ever and ever
210.06+kiss the book
210.06+kick the bucket
210.06+German Buch: book
210.06+Bucha (Cluster: Rivers)
210.06+Colloquial phrase tinker's damn
210.07bann and a barrow to boil his billy for Gipsy Lee; a cartridge of
210.07+Bann (Cluster: Rivers)
210.07+Barrow (Cluster: Rivers)
210.07+George Borrow wrote about gipsies and tinkers (e.g. Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil)
210.07+Australian billy: teapot
210.07+VI.B.6.051b (r): 'Gipsy Lee'
210.07+Irish Times 4 Jan 1924, 6/1: 'Crystal Gazer's Dupe. Woman Sent to Jail': 'Daisy Entwistle, alias Gipsy Boswell, alias Lee, aged 34, was charged, before the Recorder, with stealing £60 from Howard Parker'
210.07+Lee (Cluster: Rivers)
210.07+Synods of Carthage: eight church synods, held in the 3rd, 4th and 5th centuries (Cluster: Church Councils)
210.08cockaleekie soup for Chummy the Guardsman; for sulky Pen-
210.08+VI.B.10.100d (r): 'cockieleekie soup'
210.08+Irish Times 15 Jan 1923, 2/5: 'Recipes. Cock-a-leekie'
210.08+cock-a-leekie soup is made of a cock boiled with leeks
210.08+Slang chummy: soldier
210.08+Colloquial Tommy: a private in the British army
210.09der's acid nephew deltoïd drops, curiously strong; a cough and
210.09+acid drops: tart sweets made of sugar and tartaric or citric acid
210.09+Altoids, 'the original celebrated curiously strong peppermints'
210.10a rattle and wildrose cheeks for poor Piccolina Petite MacFarlane;
210.10+(turberculosis symptoms)
210.10+Italian piccolina: French petite: little (feminine)
210.10+VI.B.6.123b (r): 'Miss Petite O'Hara'
210.10+Freeman's Journal 1 Feb 1924, 4/6: 'Musical Evening. Pleasing Recital by Miss Petite O'Hara': 'Miss Petite O'Hara's Violin Recital'
210.10+Macfarlane, Canada (Cluster: Rivers)
210.11a jigsaw puzzle of needles and pins and blankets and shins between
210.11+VI.B.10.096f (r): 'jigsaw puzzle'
210.11+VI.B.25.165a (r): 'Needles & Pins Blankets & Skins When a man's married His sorrow begins'
210.11+nursery rhyme Needles and Pins: 'Needles and pins, needles and pins, When a man marries his trouble begins' [.12]
210.11+Shin, Scotland (Cluster: Rivers)
210.12them for Isabel, Jezebel and Llewelyn Mmarriage; a brazen nose
210.12+VI.B.10.054e (r): 'Llewelyn Marriage'
210.12+Brasenose College, Oxford
210.12+VI.B.25.167i (r): 'real parish beggar (brass badge)'
210.12+Leader 28 Jul 1923, 597/2: 'Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society': 'Kilshannig Parish Vestry Book... May 1745:... "following persons, and none other, are allowed to be common beggars of this parish, and to each of them a brass badge... was given'
210.13and pigiron mittens for Johnny Walker Beg; a papar flag of the
210.13+Johnnie Walker whiskey
210.13+Walker, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
210.13+Anglo-Irish beg: little
210.13+Papar (Cluster: Rivers)
210.13+papal (Motif: L/R)
210.14saints and stripes for Kevineen O'Dea; a puffpuff for Pudge Craig
210.14+VI.B.25.142a (r): 'saints... stripes' (some words missing)
210.14+Proverbs 17:10: 'More profitable to saints, than stripes to a fool'
210.14+stars and stripes
210.14+VI.B.25.153b ( ): 'Kevineen'
210.14+Kevin Isod O'Doherty: Irish poet
210.14+Anglo-Irish -een (diminutive)
210.15and a nightmarching hare for Techertim Tombigby; waterleg
210.15+March Hare
210.15+Tech (Cluster: Rivers)
210.15+Tiger Tim: nickname of Healy
210.15+Motif: Tom/Tim
210.15+Tombigbee (Cluster: Rivers)
210.16and gumboots each for Bully Hayes and Hurricane Hartigan;
210.16+gum-boots: boots made of rubber
210.16+Bully Hayes: American pirate
210.16+Hayes (Cluster: Rivers)
210.17a prodigal heart and fatted calves for Buck Jones, the pride of
210.17+fatted calf in parable of Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32)
210.17+(bad heart and fat calves)
210.17+Heart, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
210.17+Buck Jones: manager of Crow Street Theatre, Dublin; owned Clonliffe House
210.18Clonliffe; a loaf of bread and a father's early aim for Val from
210.18+Val (Cluster: Rivers)
210.19Skibereen; a jauntingcar for Larry Doolin, the Ballyclee jackeen;
210.19+Skibbereen: town, County Cork
210.19+Val Vousden: song The Irish Jaunting Car: 'It belongs to Larry Doolin'
210.19+VI.B.1.029g (r): 'Ballyclee jackeen'
210.19+Irish Baile Atha Cliath: Dublin
210.19+Anglo-Irish jackeen: a self-assertive pro-British Dubliner (pejorative)
210.20a seasick trip on a government ship for Teague O'Flanagan; a
210.20+VI.B.1.085o (r): 'seasick trip'
210.20+Teague: nickname for an Irishman
210.21louse and trap for Jerry Coyle; slushmincepies for Andy Mac-
210.21+VI.B.1.069c (r): 'louse & trap'
210.21+VI.B.1.055d (r): 'mud mince pies'
210.21+VI.B.1.053l (r): 'MacKenzie'
210.21+Mackenzie, Canada (Cluster: Rivers)
210.22kenzie; a hairclip and clackdish for Penceless Peter; that twelve
210.22+clackdish: wooden beggars' dish with clacking lid
210.22+Peter's pence: contribution to the Roman Catholic Church
210.22+J.M. Barrie: Peter Pan (as well as a pantomime)
210.22+Pierce Penniless: Supplication to the Devil
210.22+J.M. Barrie: The Twelve Pound Look (a play, 1910)
210.22+twelve-tone music
210.23sounds look for G. V. Brooke; a drowned doll, to face down-
210.23+G.V. Brooke: Dublin actor; drowned
210.23+Pliny the Elder (Natural History VII.17) thought that drowned women floated face down (and men face up)
210.24wards for modest Sister Anne Mortimer; altar falls for Blanchisse's
210.24+Parnell's sister Anna drowned in 1911
210.24+Anne Mortimer: Richard III's grandmother
210.24+French morte: dead (feminine)
210.24+French mer: sea
210.24+Blanche (Cluster: Rivers)
210.24+French blanchisseuse: laundress
210.25bed; Wildairs' breechettes for Magpeg Woppington; to Sue Dot
210.25+Saint Brigid of Kildare [.29]
210.25+Irish dair: oak
210.25+Peg Woffington: 18th century Irish actress who played Sir Harry Wildair (her most famous breeches part) in George Farquhar's play 'The Constant Couple'
210.25+phrase to dot one's i
210.25+Italian sue: her (possessive plural, as in 'her daughters')
210.26a big eye; to Sam Dash a false step; snakes in clover, picked and
210.26+Sam Dash: 18th century master of revels at Dublin Castle
210.26+full stop
210.26+Snake, Canada (and United States) (Cluster: Rivers)
210.26+snake, clover [139.31]
210.26+pigs in clover: a game
210.26+Picts and Scots
210.27scotched, and a vaticanned viper catcher's visa for Patsy Presbys;
210.27+William Shakespeare: Macbeth III.2.13: 'We have scotch'd the snake, not kill'd it'
210.27+(Saint Patrick supposedly banished all snakes from Ireland)
210.27+Council of the Vatican: an ecumenical council held in 1870 (Cluster: Church Councils)
210.27+Council of Pisa: an ecumenical council held in 1409 (Cluster: Church Councils)
210.27+Greek presbys: old man
210.27+Modern Greek presbys: ambassador
210.28a reiz every morning for Standfast Dick and a drop every minute
210.28+German Reiz: tickle; stimulation, attraction, irritation
210.28+Reisa (Cluster: Rivers)
210.28+rise, drop
210.28+VI.B.14.228d ( ): 'Standfast Dick *A*'
210.28+Standfast Dick: a rock reef in the Liffey river (forming an obstacle for sailors, but also a foundation for City Hall and Dublin Castle)
210.28+Medical Dick: subject of Gogarty's verse
210.28+Slang morning drop: gallows
210.29for Stumblestone Davy; scruboak beads for beatified Biddy; two
210.29+Motif: tree/stone (stone, oak)
210.29+Medical Davy: subject of Gogarty's verse
210.29+(rosary beads)
210.29+Archaic phrase beads bidding: the saying of prayers (from Obsolete beads: prayers)
210.29+Saint Brigid established a religious institution at Kildare (Kildare means 'Church of the Oak') [.25]
210.30appletweed stools for Eva Mobbely; for Saara Philpot a jordan
210.30+Dutch twee: two
210.30+Tweed (Cluster: Rivers)
210.30+Latin aeva mobilia: moveable ages
210.30+Rigoletto: song 'La donna è mobile' (Italian 'Woman is fickle')
210.30+Mobile (Cluster: Rivers)
210.30+Saar (Cluster: Rivers)
210.30+Finnish saari: island
210.30+Sarah Philpot Curran: Emmet's fiancée
210.30+VI.B.1.053j (r): 'Jordan'
210.30+Jordan (Cluster: Rivers)
210.30+Dialect jordan: chamber pot
210.31vale tearorne; a pretty box of Pettyfib's Powder for Eileen Aruna
210.31+phrase vale of tears: the world, as a place of sorrow and misery
210.31+tea urn
210.31+Orne (Cluster: Rivers)
210.31+Box Creek, Australia (Cluster: Rivers)
210.31+Colloquial fib: a small lie [.32]
210.31+Powder, Canada (and United States) (Cluster: Rivers)
210.31+song Eileen Aroon (Anglo-Irish aroon: beloved)
210.31+Arun (Cluster: Rivers)
210.31+Aruna is the Phaeton of Indian myth
210.32to whiten her teeth and outflash Helen Arhone; a whippingtop
210.32+VI.B.1.059e (r): 'Marie Duplessis (Dame aux Camélias) liked telling lies = keep teeth white'
210.32+Freeman's Journal 27 Feb 1924, 8/6: 'By The Way... La Dame aux Camelias': 'The identity of Marie Duplessis with Marguerite Gautier — La Dame aux Camelias — has long been recognised... She was renowned for never being able to speak the truth, and justified herself to Stanislaus de la Rochefoucald by saying, "I like telling lies, because they keep the teeth white"'
210.32+Rhône (Cluster: Rivers)
210.32+whipping-top: a type of top (child's toy) that is kept spinning by lashing it with a whip
210.33for Eddy Lawless; for Kitty Coleraine of Butterman's Lane a
210.33+VI.B.1.083d (r): 'Eddy Lawless'
210.33+VI.B.3.094d (r): 'Kitty of Coleraine'
210.33+song Kitty of Coleraine: 'As beautiful Kitty one morning was tripping With a pitcher of milk for the fair of Coleraine, When she saw me she stumbled, the pitcher down tumbled, And all the sweet buttermilk watered the plain' (narrator consoles her)
210.33+Coleraine, County Derry
210.33+Butterly's Lane, Howth
210.34penny wise for her foolish pitcher; a putty shovel for Terry the
210.34+proverb Penny-wise, pound foolish
210.34+Ellen Terry played Puck (her picture appears on Souvenir of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Opening of The Gaiety Theatre 15)
210.34+VI.B.6.051a (r): 'Larry the Puckaun'
210.35Puckaun; an apotamus mask for Promoter Dunne; a niester egg
210.35+Anglo-Irish puckawn: a male goat
210.35+Irish púcán: little goblin
210.35+Greek potamos: river
210.35+an Easter egg
210.35+Dniester (Cluster: Rivers)
210.35+German Nester: nests
210.35+Egg (Cluster: Rivers)
210.35+VI.B.1.123f (r): 'dynamite egg in bed R'
210.36with a twicedated shell and a dynamight right for Pavl the Curate;
210.36+Irish/Roman Church controversy over date of Easter [188.10]
210.36+proverb Might makes right
210.36+Russian Pavl: Paul

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