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214.01beads went bobbing till she rounded up lost histereve with a
214.01+Lost, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
214.01+Latin hesternus: yesterday's
214.01+Latin Hister, Ister: Danube (Cluster: Rivers)
214.01+French rêve: dream
214.02marigold and a cobbler's candle in a side strain of a main drain
214.02+marigold window: a circular window in a church divided into compartments by radiating mullions (also known as a rose window or wheel window)
214.02+cobbler's candle: a candle with two wicks
214.02+(person being given a high place in the church after death)
214.02+Main (Cluster: Rivers)
214.02+VI.B.1.053d (r): 'drain'
214.03of a manzinahurries off Bachelor's Walk. But all that's left to the
214.03+Manzanares (Cluster: Rivers)
214.03+man's-in-a-hurry (for a place to urinate in)
214.03+Bachelor's Walk, Dublin (beside the Liffey river)
214.04last of the Meaghers in the loup of the years prefixed and between
214.04+Meagher [211.11]
214.04+Dutch in de loop der jaren: in the course of years
214.04+Loup (Cluster: Rivers)
214.05is one kneebuckle and two hooks in the front. Do you tell me
214.05+(nothing left after laundering but buckle and hooks)
214.06that now? I do in troth. Orara por Orbe and poor Las Animas!
214.06+Archaic in troth: in truth, truly, indeed
214.06+Orara, Australia (Cluster: Rivers)
214.06+Spanish orar por Orbe y por las Animas: to pray for the Earth and the Souls
214.06+Orbe (Cluster: Rivers)
214.06+Las Animas (Cluster: Rivers)
214.07Ussa, Ulla, we're umbas all! Mezha, didn't you hear it a deluge of
214.07+Ussa (Cluster: Rivers)
214.07+Irish 'uise: well, indeed
214.07+Ulla (Cluster: Rivers)
214.07+Irish olla: splendid
214.07+Umba (Cluster: Rivers)
214.07+Latin umbra: shadow
214.07+dumb ass
214.07+Mezha (Cluster: Rivers)
214.07+Anglo-Irish musha: well, indeed (from Irish muise; expressing surprise or annoyance)
214.08times, ufer and ufer, respund to spond? You deed, you deed! I
214.08+German Ufer: bank, shore
214.08+Ufa (Cluster: Rivers)
214.08+over and over
214.08+German Spund: bung, plug
214.08+Italian sponda: bank, shore
214.08+Dee (Cluster: Rivers)
214.09need, I need! It's that irrawaddyng I've stoke in my aars. It all
214.09+Irrawaddy, Burma (Cluster: Rivers)
214.09+ear wadding
214.09+Stoke (Cluster: Rivers)
214.09+stuck in my ears
214.09+Aar, Switzerland (Cluster: Rivers)
214.09+Dutch aars: arse
214.10but husheth the lethest zswound. Oronoko! What's your trouble?
214.10+Lethe, Hades (river of forgetfulness) (Cluster: Rivers)
214.10+least sound
214.10+Archaic swound: fainting fit, swoon
214.10+Obsolete swounds: God's wounds (used in oaths)
214.10+Aphra Behn: Oroonoko, or the Royal Slave (1678 novel)
214.10+Orinoco (Cluster: Rivers)
214.11Is that the great Finnleader himself in his joakimono on his statue
214.11+Finn (Cluster: Rivers)
214.11+Finn was the leader of the Fianna
214.11+Adam Findlater: grocery magnate and politician in Edwardian Dublin
214.11+Joachim Creek, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
214.11+Joachim of Flora: theologian
214.11+Mono, Africa (Cluster: Rivers)
214.12riding the high horse there forehengist? Father of Otters, it is
214.12+phrase on his high horse
214.12+Horse Creek, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
214.12+Hengest and Horsa: brothers who led Saxon invasion of England
214.12+Dialect fornenst: opposite, over against
214.12+Danish hingst: stallion
214.12+'Father of Waters': Mississippi (Cluster: Rivers)
214.12+Otter (Cluster: Rivers)
214.13himself! Yonne there! Isset that? On Fallareen Common? You're
214.13+Yonne (Cluster: Rivers)
214.13+Isset (Cluster: Rivers)
214.13+Fallarees Commons: place on Liffey near Ballymore Eustace
214.13+Irish falairín: little pacing horse
214.14thinking of Astley's Amphitheayter where the bobby restrained
214.14+Astley's Amphitheatre, Peter Street, Dublin, equestrian circus erected 1787 (buildings were later used as the Molyneux Asylum for Blind Females)
214.14+Slang bobby: policeman
214.15you making sugarstuck pouts to the ghostwhite horse of the
214.15+Pepper's ghost: a theatrical illusion created using a reflective glass and special lighting (used in the Waterloo scene W.G. Wills's A Royal Divorce)
214.15+Samuel Lover: The White Horse of the Peppers (a play in which ancestral acres are recovered through the speed of a horse)
214.15+Horse Creek, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
214.16Peppers. Throw the cobwebs from your eyes, woman, and spread
214.17your washing proper! It's well I know your sort of slop. Flap!
214.17+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...proper! It's...} | {Png: ...proper. It's...}
214.17+VI.B.1.137a (r): 'I know you well'
214.17+VI.B.1.137c (r): 'sloppy style'
214.17+slops: cheap, inferior garments
214.17+(flapping sound of laundry being spread) [213.22] [213.23] [.21]
214.18Ireland sober is Ireland stiff. Lord help you, Maria, full of grease,
214.18+Father Mathew, 19th century temperance advocate: 'Ireland sober is Ireland free' [289.15]
214.18+Maria Creek, United States (Cluster: Rivers)
214.18+Litany of Blessed Virgin Mary: Angelical Salutation: 'Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee'
214.18+VI.B.1.142b (r): 'grease'
214.18+Greese (Cluster: Rivers)
214.19the load is with me! Your prayers. I sonht zo! Madammangut!
214.19+(load of laundry)
214.19+Isonzo (Cluster: Rivers)
214.19+I thought so
214.19+Madame (Cluster: Rivers)
214.19+Lecocq: La Fille de Madame Angot (an opera, in which Madame Angot is a washerwoman)
214.19+Amman (Cluster: Rivers)
214.19+man's gut
214.20Were you lifting your elbow, tell us, glazy cheeks, in Conway's
214.20+VI.B.1.136g (r): 'lifting yr elbow'
214.20+phrase lifting one's elbow: drinking immoderately
214.20+VI.B.1.139f (r): 'Shiny cheeks'
214.20+Conway (Cluster: Rivers)
214.21Carrigacurra canteen? Was I what, hobbledyhips? Flop! Your
214.21+Carrigacurra: a stretch of land near Poulaphuca (or a town on Liffey where Conway has a beer house)
214.21+VI.B.1.136f (r): 'canteen'
214.21+Slang canteen: inn
214.21+VI.B.1.139g (r): 'hobblesides'
214.21+Aunt Hobblesides: John Joyce's nickname for Aunt Josephine
214.21+(flapping sound of laundry being spread) [213.22] [213.23] [.17]
214.22rere gait's creakorheuman bitts your butts disagrees. Amn't I
214.22+rear gate's
214.22+Greek rheuma: stream
214.22+but your buttocks
214.23up since the damp dawn, marthared mary allacook, with Corri-
214.23+VI.B.1.136m (r): 'up since dawn'
214.23+VI.B.1.138i (r): 'damp'
214.23+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation marthared: martyred
214.23+Luke 10:38: 'a certain woman named Martha received him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, and heard his word. But Martha was cumbered about much serving'
214.23+Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque: visionary who preferred drinking water in which laundry had been washed
214.23+Mary, Australia (Cluster: Rivers)
214.23+Corrigan's pulse: a medical sign, indicative of a leaking heart valve, discovered by a 19th century Irish doctor of that name
214.24gan's pulse and varicoarse veins, my pramaxle smashed, Alice
214.24+VI.B.1.136a (r): 'varicose veins'
214.24+very coarse
214.24+pram axle
214.24+Alice, Australia (Cluster: Rivers)
214.24+Alice Jane Donkin: sister-in-law (and photo model) of Lewis Carroll
214.25Jane in decline and my oneeyed mongrel twice run over, soaking
214.25+VI.B.1.131e (r): 'soak'
214.26and bleaching boiler rags, and sweating cold, a widow like me,
214.26+VI.B.1.130i (r): 'bleach'
214.26+(rags are boiled and bleached as part of the process of paper-making)
214.26+VI.B.1.130f (r): 'boiler rags'
214.26+VI.B.1.131g (r): 'widows'
214.27for to deck my tennis champion son, the laundryman with the
214.27+Son (Cluster: Rivers)
214.27+(Christ, who washed away sins of world)
214.28lavandier flannels? You won your limpopo limp fron the husky
214.28+VI.B.1.135k (r): 'lavender'
214.28+French lavandière: Obsolete lavender: washerwoman
214.28+lavender is put into clean linen
214.28+VI.B.1.138g (r): 'flannel'
214.28+Portuguese limpo: clean
214.28+Limpopo (Cluster: Rivers)
214.29hussars when Collars and Cuffs was heir to the town and your
214.29+hussar: light horseman (originally Hungarian)
214.29+'Collars and Cuffs': epithet of Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, heir apparent to Edward VII (died before becoming king; stationed in Dublin for a time) [208.34]
214.30slur gave the stink to Carlow. Holy Scamander, I sar it again!
214.30+song Follow Me Up to Carlow
214.30+Scamander (Cluster: Rivers)
214.30+Isar (Cluster: Rivers)
214.30+I saw
214.31Near the golden falls. Icis on us! Seints of light! Zezere! Subdue
214.31+Golden Falls is on the Liffey river
214.31+Icis (Cluster: Rivers)
214.31+ice is
214.31+Isis: the name of the upper Thames river as it flows through Oxford, England (Cluster: Rivers)
214.31+Isis: ancient Egyptian goddess
214.31+Seint (Cluster: Rivers)
214.31+Zêzere (Cluster: Rivers)
214.31+see there
214.32your noise, you hamble creature! What is it but a blackburry
214.32+Hamble (Cluster: Rivers)
214.32+Black (Cluster: Rivers)
214.32+VI.B.10.006j (r): 'blackberry growth'
214.32+The Quarterly Review, vol. 238, 275: 'Reynard the Fox': 'his spaniel was speaking freely in some blackberry growth'
214.32+Burry, Wales (Cluster: Rivers)
214.32+Spanish burro: ass
214.33growth or the dwyergray ass them four old codgers owns. Are
214.33+Edmund Dwyer Gray: 19th century Irish politician, owner of Freeman's Journal, and supporter of Parnell (his son, Edmund Dwyer-Gray, emigrated to Australia where he worked as a newspaper editor and a politician on behalf of the Australian Labor Party (ALP)) [602.14]
214.33+VI.B.1.010b (r): 'grey mare ass'
214.34you meanam Tarpey and Lyons and Gregory? I meyne now,
214.34+Me Nam (Cluster: Rivers)
214.34+Lyons (Cluster: Rivers)
214.34+Gregory (Cluster: Rivers)
214.34+Meyne (Cluster: Rivers)
214.35thank all, the four of them, and the roar of them, that draves
214.35+song One More Drink for the Four of Us
214.35+Drave (Cluster: Rivers)
214.35+waives and strays: unclaimed cattle
214.36that stray in the mist and old Johnny MacDougal along with
214.36+in their midst

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