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239.01Tark's bimboowood so pleasekindly communicake with the
239.01+Italian bimbo: boy, male baby, child
239.01+Hungarian bimbó: bud [.02]
239.01+the Buddha, when established as 'The Master', lived in the Bamboo Wood
239.01+please kindly communicate
239.02original sinse we are only yearning as yet how to burgeon. It's
239.02+Original Sin
239.02+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation sinse: sense
239.02+Archaic burgeon: a bud [.01]
239.03meant milliems of centiments deadlost or mislaid on them but,
239.03+French mille: thousand
239.03+French cent: hundred
239.03+French centimes: hundredth parts of a franc, cents
239.03+French sentiments: feelings
239.03+dead, lost or mislaid
239.04master of snakes, we can sloughchange in the nip of a napple
239.04+King of Snakes encircled and warmed the Buddha
239.04+(Saint Patrick supposedly banished all snakes from Ireland)
239.04+snakes slough their skin
239.04+snake/apple (Genesis)
239.05solongas we can allsee for deedsetton your quick. By the hook
239.05+so long as we can all see
239.05+dead certain
239.05+II Timothy 4:1: 'the quick and the dead'
239.06in your look we're eyed for aye were you begging the questuan
239.06+Buddha's story of Visvamitra's lost children, who were recognised by their eyes
239.06+Matthew 5:38: 'an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth' (also Exodus 21:24)
239.06+Italian questua: begging, collection
239.07with your lutean bowl round Monkmesserag. And whenever
239.07+Buddha played lute while teaching
239.07+Lutine Bell in Lloyds was rung to announce losses of ships
239.07+Buddha's begging bowl
239.07+Mount Melleray Abbey, County Waterford
239.08you're tingling in your trout we're sure to be tangled in our tice-
239.08+tickling: method of catching trout
239.09ments. It's game, ma chère, be off with your shepherdress on! Up-
239.09+French ma chère: my dear (feminine)
239.10some cauda! Behose our handmades for the lured! To these nunce
239.10+Latin sursum corda: lift up your hearts (Mass)
239.10+Latin cauda: tail
239.10+Luke 1:38: 'Behold the handmaid of the Lord' (Angelus) [.16] [.25]
239.11we are but yours in ammatures yet well come that day we shall ope
239.11+amma: in surgery, a band or truss
239.11+Hebrew amma: maid
239.11+amatory: pertaining to love-making
239.12to be ores. Then shalt thou see, seeing, the sight. No more hoax-
239.12+German Hochzeit: marriage, wedding [.16]
239.13ites! Nay more gifting in mennage! A her's fancy for a his friend
239.13+German Gift: poison
239.13+Danish gifte: to give in marriage, to marry off
239.13+giving in marriage
239.13+French ménage: housekeeping, household, married couple
239.14and then that fellow yours after this follow ours. Vania, Vania
239.14+Vania: diminutive of Ivan (equivalent to Shaun)
239.14+Vulgate Ecclesiastes 1:2: 'vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas' (Latin 'vanity of vanities; all is vanity')
239.15Vaniorum, Domne Vanias!
239.15+Latin Domine: O Lord
239.16     Hightime is ups be it down into outs according! When there
239.16+{{Synopsis: II.1.3.C: [239.16-240.04]: they look forward to their sexual freedom — they dance away}}
239.16+German Hochzeit: marriage, wedding (literally 'hightime') [.12]
239.16+phrase it's high time
239.16+phrase time is up
239.16+Luke 1:38: 'Be it done unto me according to thy word' (Angelus) [.10] [.25]
239.16+phrase down and out
239.17shall be foods for vermin as full as feeds for the fett, eat on earth
239.17+votes for women [.19] [243.36]
239.17+as well
239.17+fads for the fit
239.17+German fett: fat, grease
239.17+Lord's Prayer: 'on earth, as it is in heaven'
239.17+hearth, oven
239.18as there's hot in oven. When every Klitty of a scolderymeid shall
239.18+Hosea 7:4-7: 'They are all adulterers, as an oven heated by the baker... They are all hot as an oven, and have devoured their judges'
239.18+Slang oven: vagina, uterus
239.18+Dutch klit: bur, tangle
239.18+German klittig: blotted, blurred
239.18+in Greek mythology, Clytie pined for Apollo, the sun-god, and turned into a heliotrope (Motif: heliotrope)
239.18+scullerymaid, scullion: the lowest ranks of domestic work
239.18+Dutch meid: maid, girl
239.18+German meiden: to avoid
239.19hold every yardscullion's right to stimm her uprecht for whimso-
239.19+Slang yard: penis
239.19+Slang cullions: testicles
239.19+(right hand)
239.19+German stimmen: to tune (i.e. her upright piano)
239.19+German Stimmrecht: suffrage (literally 'voiceright' or 'right to raise one's voice') [.17]
239.19+German Slang stemmen: to have sex with
239.19+Slang upright: sex performed standing
239.19+Dutch oprecht: sincere
239.19+Dutch rechtop: erect
239.19+right up
239.19+for him
239.19+Slang whim: Slang quim: female genitalia
239.20ever, whether on privates, whather in publics. And when all us
239.20+privates: genitals
239.20+Ulster Pronunciation whather: whether
239.20+water in public (i.e. urination)
239.20+public toilets
239.20+German und wenn alles: and if everything
239.21romance catholeens shall have ones for all amanseprated. And the
239.21+Roman Catholics
239.21+one for all, all for one
239.21+Latin amans: lover
239.21+separated (Who Shall Separate?: motto of Order of Saint Patrick)
239.22world is maidfree. Methanks. So much for His Meignysthy man!
239.22+made free
239.23And all his bigyttens. So till Coquette to tell Cockotte to teach
239.23+Archaic gytt: get
239.23+French Slang cocotte: whore
239.24Connie Curley to touch Cattie Hayre and tip Carminia to tap La
239.24+Armenian hayr: father
239.24+Slang tap: to deflower (a girl)
239.24+French la chérie: the beloved (feminine)
239.25Chérie though where the diggings he dwellst amongst us here's
239.25+Colloquial phrase where the dickens: where the hell
239.25+John 1:14: 'and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us'
239.25+'the word is made flesh' (Angelus) [.10] [.16]
239.26nobody knows save Mary. Whyfor we go ringing hands in hands
239.26+song Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen: 'and nobody knows but Jesus'
239.26+Luke 1:34: (Blessed Virgin Mary) 'seeing I know not a man'
239.26+German wofür: for which reason
239.27in gyrogyrorondo.
239.27+Italian giro giro tondo: first words of Italian equivalent of nursery rhyme 'Ring-a-ring o'roses'
239.27+rondo (music)
239.28     These bright elects, consentconsorted, they were waltzing up
239.28+bride elect
239.28+VI.B.33.001a (k): 'prince consort' [.29]
239.29their willside with their princesome handsome angeline chiuff
239.29+Morton Prince [280.22]
239.29+angel in chief
239.29+Italian ciuffo: forelock; tuft
239.30while in those wherebus there wont bears way (mearing un-
239.30+Erebus: place of darkness between Earth and Hades
239.30+Anglo-Irish mearing: boundary (between two farms, bogs or fields)
239.31known, a place where pigeons carry fire to seethe viands, a miry
239.31+Macalister: The Secret Languages of Ireland 234: (translates a sentence from Bearlagair Na Saer as) 'I saw... pigeons bringing fire to boil meat at Dublin'
239.31+French carrefour: crossroads
239.31+French viande: meat
239.31+merry hell
239.32hill, belge end sore footh) oaths and screams and bawley groans
239.32+and so forth
239.32+children's game ('circle' game) Oats, peas, beans and barley grow
239.33with a belchybubhub and a hellabelow bedemmed and bediabbled
239.33+(numerous folktales and legends about a bridge built by the devil, for example Joyce's own version in James Joyce: Letters I.387: letter 10/08/36 to Stephen Joyce) [.33-.34]
239.33+hell below
239.33+French diable: devil
239.34the arimaining lucisphere. Helldsdend, whelldselse! Lonedom's
239.34+Ahriman: Zoroastrian principle of evil
239.34+Prince Lucio Rimanez: Mephistopheles-like character in Marie Corelli's The Sorrows of Satan (popular 19th century "trash novel")
239.34+where else?
239.34+Obsolete lonedom: solitariness
239.34+children's game London Bridge Is Falling Down
239.35breach lay foulend up uncouth not be broched by punns and
239.35+breech end up
239.35+fouled breeches
239.35+and could not
239.35+French brocher: to stitch
239.35+VI.B.32.209a (r): 'percushioned with puns & reedles & his ceteras a bundle of knerves & farks' (only second through fifth words crayoned)
239.35+puns and riddles
239.35+pins and needles
239.36reedles. Yet the ring gayed rund rorosily with a drat for a brat
239.36+children's game ('circle' game) Ring-a-ring o'roses [240.01]
239.36+Danish rund: round
239.36+Russian brat: brother

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