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241.01wards. Big dumm crumm digaditchies say short again akter, even
241.01+German dumm: dumb
241.01+German krumm: crooked
241.01+Italian diga: dam
241.01+German Akt: act, document
241.01+Norwegian akter: after
241.02while lossassinated by summan, he coaxyorum a pennysilvers
241.02+Russian lososina: salmon meat
241.02+assassinated by someone
241.02+Summanus: Latin god of nocturnal thunderbolts
241.02+Colloquial cockalorum: a self-important little man
241.02+silver penny introduced into England by King Offa, 735
241.02+silver [.08] [.12]
241.03offarings bloadonages with candid zuckers on Spinshesses Walk
241.03+Italian offa: biscuit
241.03+Bog Latin bloa: apple
241.03+blood oranges
241.03+candy suckers
241.03+German Kandiszucker: lumps of crystallised sugar
241.03+VI.B.33.188c (k): 'sweets for the little rogues'
241.03+Trobridge: A Life of Emanuel Swedenborg 304: (of Swedenborg) 'His landlady in Amsterdam remarked to Cuno: "My children will miss him most; for he never goes out without bringing them home sweets; the little rogues also dote upon the old gentleman so much, that they prefer him to their own parents"'
241.04in presents to lilithe maidinettes for at bloo his noose for him
241.04+in presence of
241.04+Lilith: Adam's wife before Eve, according to Jewish legend
241.04+French midinette: young dressmaker or milliner
241.04+blow his nose
241.05with pruriest pollygameous inatentions, he having that pecuni-
241.05+purest polygamous intentions
241.05+VI.B.33.022d (b): 'pollygameous'
241.05+Crofts: Women under English Law 21: 'no marriage celebrated abroad will be valid according to English law if polygamy is sanctioned by the law of such place'
241.05+Slang polly: whore
241.05+VI.B.33.023f (b): 'pecuniarity'
241.05+Crofts: Women under English Law 24: (of damages claimed by the husband against a co-respondent in divorce cases) 'it is the duty of the jury to assess the amount of such damages on the basis of the value of the wife to her husband, both in a pecuniary sense and also as a companion, and the injury to the husband's honour and feelings'
241.06arity ailmint spectacularly in heather cliff emurgency on gale
241.06+Bog Latin ailmin: beautiful
241.06+HCE (Motif: HCE)
241.06+Heathcliff (Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights)
241.06+gale days: days when payment made
241.07days because souffrant chronic from a plentitude of house torts.
241.07+French souffrant: suffering, ailing, in pain
241.07+VI.B.3.075f (b): 'plentitude'
241.07+Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 23: (letter from Richard Wagner to Mathilde Wesendonck) 'The consciousness of having been loved by thee with that plenitude of tenderness, that innermost chastity withal, thrills me with sacred ecstasy!'
241.07+VI.B.33.022f (b): 'house torts'
241.07+Crofts: Women under English Law 22: 'a voluntary separation does not affect the legal status of the wife in any way, and does not release the husband from any liability which he would otherwise have to third parties on account of his wife's relations with such third parties (e.g. his liability for her torts)'
241.07+German Haustorte: cake of the house (served by restaurant)
241.07+tort: in English Law, breach of a duty imposed by law, whereby some person acquires a right of action for damages
241.08Collosul rhodomantic not wert one bronze lie Scholarina say as
241.08+(colossal lie)
241.08+Colossus of Rhodes
241.08+Italian sul collo: on the neck
241.08+rhodomontade: brag
241.08+Rhadamanthus: one of the judges in Hades
241.08+French rodomontade: a bragging, a ranting
241.08+German wert: worth
241.08+Shelta wart: one
241.08+bronze [.02] [.12]
241.08+Italian scolarina: little schoolgirl
241.08+so is he
241.09he, greyed vike cuddlepuller, walk in her sleep his pig indicks
241.09+great white caterpillar: epithet applied to Oscar Wilde (by Lady Colin Campbell)
241.09+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...cuddlepuller, walk...} | {Png: ...cuddlepuller walk...}
241.09+index finger
241.09+German dick: thick, fat
241.09+Slang dick: penis
241.10weg femtyfem funts. Of so little is her timentrousnest great for
241.10+German Weg: Dutch weg: way, road; away
241.10+Norwegian femtifem: fifty-five [235.26]
241.10+Slang funt: pound (sterling)
241.10+Slang cunt: female genitalia
241.10+Slang nest: female genitalia
241.11greeting his immensesness. Sutt soonas sett they were, her uyes
241.11+Provençal uei, auriho: eye, ear (Motif: ear/eye)
241.12as his auroholes. Kaledvalch! How could one classically? One
241.12+Latin aurum: gold [.02] [.08]
241.12+Bearlagair Na Saer kalidh: goat (Motif: goat/sheep) [.16]
241.12+Caledrwlch: Arthur's sword, in the Welsh Triads
241.13could naught critically. Ininest lightingshaft only for lovalit
241.13+German Leidenschaft: passion
241.13+a lit
241.14smugpipe, his Mistress Mereshame, of cupric tresses, the form-
241.14+Danish smuk pige: beautiful girl
241.14+smoke pipe
241.14+VI.B.33.065e (r): 'Mrs Mereschame (Venus)'
241.14+Aphrodite (Venus), the Greek goddess of love, was born from the white sea-foam (Greek Aphrodite: foam-born)
241.14+meerschaum pipe: a tobacco-pipe with a bowl made of meerschaum (a clay-like mineral, hydrous magnesium silicate; from German Meerschaum: sea-foam)
241.14+mere shame
241.14+Aphrodite (Venus), the Greek goddess of love, was born near Cyprus (so called from Greek kypros: copper) and was therefore often depicted with amber-copper hair [.14-.15]
241.14+cupric: of bivalent COPPER (blue or green)
241.15white foaminine, the ambersandalled, after Aasdocktor Talop's
241.15+foam [.14]
241.15+German Aas: carrion
241.15+German Doktor: doctor
241.15+Rembrandt: The Anatomy Lesson of Doctor Tulp (painting)
241.15+Volapük Talop: Australia [034.31]
241.15+Shelta talop: belly
241.15+Plato (Motif: anagram)
241.16onamuttony legture. A mish, holy balm of seinsed myrries, he is
241.16+mutton leg [.12]
241.16+anatomy lecture
241.16+Slieve Mish, County Antrim [.22]
241.16+German sein, seins: his
241.16+Saint Mary
241.16+scented myrrh
241.17as good as a mountain and everybody what is found of his gients
241.17+Provençal gients: men, a tribe
241.18he knew Meistral Wikingson, furframed Noordwogen's kampf-
241.18+German Meister: master
241.18+Frédéric Mistral: Provençal poet
241.18+Mistral: a Provençal wind
241.18+Tate Wilkingson: popular Dublin comedian and manager of Smock Alley theatre
241.18+Dutch noord: north
241.18+Norwegian captain (Motif: the Norwegian captain)
241.18+German Wogen: waves
241.18+German kämpften: fought
241.19ten, with complexion of blushing dolomite fanned by ozeone
241.19+dolomite: a type of mineral (usually white, grey or pink)
241.19+Hebrew ozen: ear
241.19+Norwegian osean: ocean
241.19+ocean breezes
241.20brisees, what naver saw his bedshead farrer and nuver met his
241.20+French brise: to break
241.20+Italian nave: ship
241.20+Danish bedstefar: grandfather
241.20+German Pfarrer: priest
241.21swigamore, have his ignomen from prima signation of being
241.21+Danish svigermor: mother-in-law
241.21+Whiggamores: group of 17th century Scottish insurgents
241.21+German prima: excellent
241.21+Latin primo signatio: first signing
241.21+prime assignation
241.22Master Milchku, queerest man in the benighted queendom, and,
241.22+VI.B.3.008e (b): 'master Milcho Slieve Mish'
241.22+Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 10: (of Saint Patrick) 'The boy Succoth, afterwards called Patricius, probably in allusion to his noble birth, was sold as a slave in Ireland, and employed by his mater Milcho to tend his cattle on the slopes of Slieve Mish in Antrim' [.16]
241.22+German Milchkuh: milk cow (Motif: lactating male)
241.22+(homosexualism [.09])
241.22+United Kingdom
241.23adcraft aidant, how he found the kids. Other accuse him as
241.23+French aidant: helping
241.24lochkneeghed forsunkener, dope in stockknob, all ameltingmoult
241.24+Lough Neagh [076.21]
241.24+lock-kneed (gonorrhea)
241.24+German Versunkener: one who has sunk (especially morally)
241.24+(dope hidden in knob of stick)
241.24+German Stock: stick
241.25after rhomatism, purely simply tammy ratkins. The kurds of
241.25+Colloquial Tommy Atkins: a private in the British army
241.25+tommy rot
241.25+Kurds, Copts, Berbers, Bedouins
241.25+curse of God
241.26Copt on the berberutters and their bedaweens! Even was Shes
241.26+Barbarossa: German emperor who opposed Adrian IV
241.27whole begeds off before all his nahars in the koldbethizzdryel. No
241.27+Hebrew beghed: clothes
241.27+Hebrew nahar: river
241.27+Hebrew na'ar: young man, boy
241.27+Hebrew kol beth yisrael: all the house of Israel
241.28gudth! Not one zouz! They whiteliveried ragsups, two Whales of
241.28+Bearlagair Na Saer gudth: whore
241.28+Cornish zoulz: shilling
241.28+Hebrew zuz: small ancient coin
241.28+French sou: small coin
241.28+VI.B.33.079a (r): 'Whitely'
241.28+Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 1: 'Counsel for the Prisoner Frederick Bywaters — Mr. Cecil Whiteley, K.C.'
241.28+VI.B.33.114a (r): 'rags up'
241.28+VI.B.33.106c (r): '3 W. namely 3 whales of the sea of deceit'
241.28+The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Supplemental Nights, vol. II, 237: Appendix: 'a tale of three artful wives — or, to employ the story-teller's own graphic terms, "three whales of the sea of fraud and deceit... namely, three men-deceiving, lascivious women"'
241.29the Sea of Deceit, they bloodiblabstard shooters, three Drome-
241.29+VI.B.33.113e (r): 'a blood red shooter'
241.29+bloody bastard
241.29+Hebrew letter gimel has the numerical value of three and means 'camel'
241.29+Slang dromedary: burglar, thief
241.30daries of the Sands of Calumdonia. As is note worthies to shock
241.30+not worthy to shake his hand
241.31his hind! Ur greeft on them! Such askors and their ruperts they
241.31+Bog Latin ur: bad
241.31+Shelta grifi: female
241.31+Oscar [.09]
241.31+Astor and Ruppert: two wealthy American family dynasties
241.32are putting in for more osghirs is alse false liarnels. The frocken-
241.32+Armenian osgi: gold
241.32+Oscar [.09]
241.32+Lionel: the principal male role in Martha (a famous opera by Friedrich von Flotow; mentioned several times in James Joyce: Ulysses, e.g. James Joyce: Ulysses.16.1756: 'Lionel's air in Martha, M'appari')
241.32+Swedish fröken: young ladies
241.33halted victims! Whore affirm is agains sempry Lotta Karssens.
241.33+Italian sempre: always
241.33+Italian lotta: fight, struggle; wrestling
241.33+Kars: town, Armenia [240.28]
241.34They would lick their lenses before they would negatise a jom
241.34+two satellites of Jupiter observed from Lick Observatory, California, 1904
241.34+John Peter
241.35petter from his sodalites. In his contrary and on reality, which
241.35+Italian sodali: companions
241.35+on the contrary
241.36Bichop Babwith bares to his whitness in his Just a Fication of
241.36+Nicholas Bubwith: Bishop of London (1406-7), of Salisbury (1407), and of Bath and Wells (1407-24)
241.36+bears witness to
241.36+'Justification' sent to courts of Europe by William of Orange

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