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254.01     Was he pitssched for an ensemple as certain have dognosed of
254.01+Jones: King Arthur in History and Legend 81n: (quotes) 'David, the King's uncle... whose life was an ensample of all goodness'
254.01+(smelled out)
254.02him against our seawall by Rurie, Thoath and Cleaver, those
254.02+Irish Tonn Rudhraighe, Tonn Tuaithe, Tonn Chlíodhna: three of the Four Waves of Erin (Wave of Rury, Dundrum Bay, County Down; Wave of Tuath, mouth of the Bann river, County Derry; Wave of Cleena, Glandore Harbour, County Cork; said to roar in stormy weather) [023.26]
254.02+Thoth: Egyptian god of wisdom
254.03three stout sweynhearts, Orion of the Orgiasts, Meereschal Mac-
254.03+Welsh Triad: Three Stout Swineherds of the Isle of Britain
254.03+VI.B.46.093q (r): 'Sweyn'
254.03+Swein Forkbeard: Viking, son of Harald Bluetooth
254.03+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...sweynhearts, Orion...} | {Png: ...sweynhearts Orion...}
254.03+orgiast: one who celebrates orgies
254.03+Greek orgiastes: one who celebrates secret rites
254.03+German Meer: sea
254.03+German Meeresschale: bowl of the sea
254.03+Marechal MacMahon: French officer in Crimean War (*S*)
254.04Muhun, the Ipse dadden, product of the extremes giving quoti-
254.04+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...the Ipse...} | {Png: ...the, Ipse...}
254.04+Latin ipse: himself
254.04+Yspaddaden Penkawr: hawthorn as malevolent chief of gods (or giants) in Welsh myth
254.04+quotidian: daily, trivial
254.05dients to our means, as might occur to anyone, your brutest
254.05+Layamon: Brut (Brut is legendary founder of Britain)
254.06layaman with the princest champion in our archdeaconry, or so
254.06+Middle English layaman: lawman
254.06+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...archdeaconry...} | {Png: ...archdeaconsy...}
254.07yclept from Clio's clippings, which the chroncher of chivalries
254.07+Archaic yclept: called
254.07+Clio: muse of history
254.08is sulpicious save he scan, for ancients link with presents as the
254.08+Sulpicius Severus: Chronica
254.08+Arthur's nephew, Gawain, was sent to Pope Sulpicius to act as squire
254.08+(suspicious unless he can see it)
254.08+Geoffrey: Historia Regum Brittaniae: 'save he followed' ('unless he followed')
254.08+AL...P (Motif: ALP)
254.08+(past, present)
254.09human chain extends, have done, do and will again as John, Poly-
254.09+HCE (Motif: HCE)
254.09+Ardill: St. Patrick, A.D. 180 173: 'eye-witnesses of the Word. Irenaeus looked into the eyes of Polycarp, Polycarp looked into the eyes of John, and John looked into the eyes of Christ'
254.10carp and Irenews eye-to-eye ayewitnessed and to Paddy Palmer,
254.10+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Irenews...} | {Png: ...I renews...}
254.10+Ardill: St. Patrick, A.D. 180 174: 'St. Patrick lived in the same country and at the same time as St. Irenaeus, and may have looked into his eyes' (Saint Patrick)
254.10+Colloquial Paddy: Irishman
254.10+E.H. Palmer: translator of the Koran
254.11while monks sell yew to archers or the water of the livvying
254.11+Monks, Fagin the Jew, the Artful Dodger: villains in Charles Dickens: all works: Oliver Twist
254.11+Liffey river
254.12goes the way of all fish from Sara's drawhead, the corralsome, to
254.12+Samuel Butler: The Way of All Flesh
254.12+Genesis 21:5-7: Sarah laughed when God said she was to bear a child at age ninety; hence name Isaac (means 'he laughed')
254.12+Sarah Bridge over Liffey (= Island Bridge)
254.12+Irish droichead: bridge
254.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...drawhead, the corralsome, to...} | {Png: ...drawhead the corralsome to...}
254.12+last Liffey road bridges in Joyce's time: O'Connell Bridge and Butt Bridge
254.13Isaac's, the lauphed butt one, with her minnelisp extorreor to his
254.13+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Isaac's, the...} | {Png: ...Isaac's the...}
254.13+Isaac Butt: 19th century Irish nationalist politician, ousted by Parnell from the leadership of the Home Rule Confederation of Great Britain (the British sister organisation of the Home Rule League) in 1877
254.13+Irish minne: stuttering (Motif: stuttering)
254.13+German Minne: love
254.13+Latin extorreo: I am scorched
254.14moanolothe inturned? So Perrichon with Bastienne or heavy
254.14+French monologue intérieure: interior monologue
254.14+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.207: 'Les autres appellations de danses... se rapportent... A des noms propres d'hommes... Perrichon... A des noms propres de femmes... Bastienne' (French 'The other names of dances... correspond... To proper names of men... Perrichon... To proper names of women... Bastienne') (Cluster: Dances)
254.15Humph with airy Nan, Ricqueracqbrimbillyjicqueyjocqjolicass?
254.15+Dukas: Ariane et Barbe-bleu (opera)
254.15+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Nan, Ricque...} | {Png: ...Nan Ricque...}
254.15+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.308: 'Ricqueraque... synonyme de zig-zag... sert à Rabelais pour désigner l'amour et le mal qui en résulte' (French 'Ricqueraque... synonym of zig-zag... serves Rabelais to refer to love and its ill consequences')
254.15+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.307: 'Brimballer, faire l'amour, proprement sonner fortement les cloches' (French 'Brimballer, to make love, literally to ring the bells forcefully')
254.15+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.298: 'Jocquer, proprement jucher, percher' (French 'Jocquer, literally to roost, to perch')
254.15+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.299: 'Cas, joly cas, l'atto' (French 'Cas, joly cas, the sexual act')
254.16How sowesthow, dullcisamica? A and aa ab ad abu abiad. A
254.16+how sayest thou
254.16+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.207: 'Danses scolaires: Dulcis amica' (French 'School dances: Dulcis amica') (Cluster: Dances)
254.16+World Atlas of Everyman's Encyclopedia (1940), 28: 'A, aa (Swedish and Danish Norwegian) river; ab (Persian) water, river; abu (Arabic) father; abiad (Arabic) white;... Bab-el-Mandeb (Arabic) "the gate of tears"' (strait between Gulf of Aden and southern end of Red Sea)
254.17babbel men dub gulch of tears.
254.17+Tower of Babel
254.17+dub: to name
254.17+Dublin Gulch, Montana, United States
254.18     The mar of murmury mermers to the mind's ear, uncharted
254.18+Portuguese mar: sea
254.18+Sea of Marmora between Black Sea and Mediterranean
254.18+Mermer: Summerian storm-god
254.19rock, evasive weed. Only the caul knows his thousandfirst name,
254.19+the hero is traditionally born with a caul in pagan Irish and German folklore
254.19+Old French Cauldas: a dance (Cluster: Dances)
254.19+1001 (The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night)
254.20Hocus Crocus, Esquilocus, Finnfinn the Faineant, how feel full
254.20+HCE (Motif: HCE)
254.20+hocus-pocus: mock Latin magic incantation (from 'hoc est enim corpus meum' (Mass))
254.20+Latin Esquiline: largest hill of Rome
254.20+French Les Rois Fainéants: The Lazy Kings, The Do-Nothing Kings (epithet of the last of the Merovingian kings, a dynasty of Frankish monarchs that ruled Gaul in the 6th-8th centuries)
254.20+German wie viel: how much
254.21foes in furrinarr! Doth it not all come aft to you, puritysnooper,
254.21+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...furrinarr! Doth...} | {Png: ...furrinarr. Doth...}
254.22in the way television opes longtimes ofter when Potollomuck
254.22+Ptolemy Soter founded Ptolemaic dynasty
254.23Sotyr or Sourdanapplous the Lollapaloosa? The charges are, you
254.23+French sourd: deaf
254.23+sour apples
254.23+Sardanapalus: last king of Assyria; buried himself, wives and treasure when his subjects rebelled
254.23+American Slang lollapaloosa: wonderful
254.24will remember, the chances are, you won't; bit it's old Joe, the
254.24+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...won't; bit...} | {Png: ...won't bit...}
254.24+*S* [141.27]
254.25Java Jane, older even than Odam Costollo, and we are recur-
254.25+Java Man
254.25+Ginger Jane: oldest complete human body in world
254.25+Latin costa: rib (Eve)
254.26rently meeting em, par Mahun Mesme, in cycloannalism, from
254.26+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.341: 'Par Mahon... serment de géant... qu'on entend encore à Montpellier: per Mahoum!... Le grand Soliman... "faisoit serment sur son grand Dieu Mahom"' (French 'Par Mahon... a giant's oath... that is still heard at Montpellier: by Mahoum!... The great Soliman... "took oath upon his great God Mahom"')
254.26+Old French mesme: same
254.26+VI.B.33.066f (r): 'from space to space'
254.26+Swedenborg: Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Love paragraph 156: 'The creation of the universe, and of all things belonging to it cannot be said to have been accomplished from space to space, or from time to time, thus progressively and successively, but from eternity and from infinity'
254.27space to space, time after time, in various phases of scripture as
254.27+Motif: time/space
254.28in various poses of sepulture. Greets Godd, Groceries! Merodach!
254.28+Archaic sepulture: burial
254.28+Great Scott!
254.28+German grüss Gott! (South German salutation)
254.28+Merodach: Babylonian sun-god
254.29Defend the King! Hoet of the rough throat attack but whose say
254.29+H...C...E (Motif: HCE)
254.29+Cornish hoet: a duck
254.29+Dutch hoest: a cough
254.30is soft but whose ee has a cute angle, he whose hut is a hissarlik
254.30+acute angle
254.30+VI.B.33.077a (r): 'hat = hut'
254.30+German Hut: hat
254.30+Turkish Hissarlik ('place of forts'): Troy's mountain site
254.30+German hässlich: ugly
254.31even as her hennin's aspire. And insodaintily she's a quine of selm
254.31+VI.B.33.077b (r): 'hennin = spire'
254.31+hennin: high conical spire-like women's headdress of the 15th century
254.31+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.34: 'Le primitif quin, singe... et le féminin quine, guenon' (French 'The primitive quin, monkey... and the feminine quine, she-monkey')
254.31+Dialect selm: a bar of a gate
254.31+Selma: castle in Morven, residence of Fingal (i.e. Finn) in Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian
254.32ashaker while as a murder of corpse when his magot's up he's
254.32+as a matter of course
254.32+Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.32: 'Magot, gros singe sans queue, fort commun en Haute-Egypte ainsi que dans les pays barbaresques' (French 'Magot, a large ape without a tail, very common in Upper-Egypt as well as in the Barbary countries')
254.32+Slang maggot: whim
254.33the best berrathon sanger in all the aisles of Skaldignavia. As who
254.33+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.319: Berrathon: 'Berrathon, the isle of many storms' (glossed in a footnote: 'Barrathon, a promontory in the midst of waves')
254.33+baritone singer
254.33+German Sänger: singer
254.33+French singe: ape
254.33+isles of Scandinavia
254.33+skald: ancient Scandinavian poet
254.34shall hear. For now at last is Longabed going to be gone to, that
254.35more than man, prince of Bunnicombe of wide roadsterds, the
254.35+Buncombe, North Carolina, United States (from which 'bunkum' derived)
254.35+Commission for Wide Streets, Dublin
254.36herblord the gillyflowrets so fain fan to flatter about. Artho is the
254.36+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.299n: Temora VIII: (of Finn) 'Fingal is very much celebrated, in tradition, for his knowledge in the virtues of herbs'
254.36+gillyflower: clove-scented flower, wallflower
254.36+Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian II.179: Temora I: 'Artho' (glossed in a footnote: 'Arth, or Artho, the father of Cormac king of Ireland')
254.36+Anglo-Irish is the name is on: is the name of

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