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256.01     And eher you could pray mercy to goodness or help with your
256.01+German eher: before, ere
256.02hokey or mehokeypoo, Gallus's hen has collared her pullets.
256.02+French sauve-qui-peut: save himself who can!
256.02+Latin gallus: cock
256.03That's where they have owreglias for. Their bone of contention,
256.03+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...owreglias...} | {Png: ...wreglias...}
256.03+Italian Obsolete oreglia: ear (i.e. pull them home by their ears)
256.04flesh to their thorns, prest as Prestissima, makes off in a thinkling
256.04+phrase thorn in their flesh
256.04+Italian presto prestissimo: very quickly
256.04+Italian prestissima: very ready
256.05(and not one hen only nor two hens neyther but every blessed
256.05+song Who Killed Cock Robin: 'All the birds of the air fell a-sighing and a-sobbing'
256.06brigid came aclucking and aclacking), while, a rum a rum, the
256.06+Biddy [112.27]
256.06+rum: sugar-cane spirit
256.06+song 'The Wren, the Wren, the King of All Birds'
256.07ram of all harns, Bier, Wijn, Spirituosen for consumption on the
256.07+German Harn: urine
256.07+harns: brains
256.07+German Bier: Dutch bier: beer
256.07+Dutch wijn: wine
256.07+German Spirituosen: liquor, spirits
256.07+'licenced for consumption on the premises' (pubs)
256.08premises, advokaat withouten pleaders, Mas marrit, Pas poulit,
256.08+Dutch advokaat: barrister, lawyer; egg-and-brandy liqueur
256.08+Provençal marrit: bad
256.08+Provençal poulit: merry
256.09Ras ruddist of all, though flamifestouned from galantifloures, is
256.09+Provençal flam: flame
256.09+Provençal festoun: a festoon
256.09+Provençal galant: Italian galanti: gallant
256.09+Provençal galantet: pretty
256.09+gillyflower: clove-scented flower, wallflower
256.09+Provençal flour: flower
256.10hued and cried of each's colour.
256.10+H...C...E (Motif: HCE)
256.10+phrase hue and cry
256.11     Home all go. Halome. Blare no more ramsblares, oddmund
256.11+all go home
256.11+'Home Olga': catch-phrase, secret call for flight (after an event in which a husband, bored with a party in Ireland, called to his wife 'Home, Olga!' and brought her away without thanking the hostess)
256.11+'Home Olga': title of an acidic acrostic poem by Samuel Beckett on Joyce (appears in Ellmann: James Joyce 701)
256.11+Hebrew khalom: dream
256.11+Joshua 6:6-20: seven priests with trumpets of rams' horns demolish walls of Jericho
256.11+Edmund Burke (Cluster: Writers of Irish Origin)
256.11+German Mund: mouth
256.12barkes! And cease your fumings, kindalled bushies! And sherri-
256.12+Crone: Concise Dictionary of Irish Biography 23: 'BUSHE, CHARLES KENDAL... wrote Cease Your Fuming' (the actual title is 'Cease Your Funning')
256.12+Moses's burning bush
256.12+Richard Brinsley Sheridan (Cluster: Writers of Irish Origin)
256.13goldies yeassymgnays; your wildeshaweshowe moves swiftly
256.13+Oliver Goldsmith (Cluster: Writers of Irish Origin)
256.13+yeas and nays
256.13+William Butler Yeats (Cluster: Writers of Irish Origin)
256.13+John Millington Synge (Cluster: Writers of Irish Origin)
256.13+Oscar Wilde (Cluster: Writers of Irish Origin)
256.13+Geoge Bernard Shaw (Cluster: Writers of Irish Origin)
256.13+Swift (Cluster: Writers of Irish Origin; Motif: Swift/Sterne)
256.14sterneward! For here the holy language. Soons to come. To
256.14+Laurence Sterne (Cluster: Writers of Irish Origin)
256.14+German Sterne: stars
256.14+come to pass
256.16     'Tis goed. Het best.
256.16+Dutch 't is goed: it is all right
256.16+Dutch het beste: the best thing
256.16+Dutch het beste!: all the best
256.16+Dutch best!: very well!, all right!
256.17     For they are now tearing, that is, teartoretorning. Too soon
256.17+{{Synopsis: II.1.6.K: [256.17-257.02]: homework is waiting — Izzy is unhappy}}
256.17+tear, tore, torn
256.17+thereto returning
256.18are coming tasbooks and goody, hominy bread and bible bee,
256.18+Cornish tas: father
256.18+task books
256.18+Dutch boekentas: satchel, book-bag
256.18+Anglo-Irish goody: a children's or invalid's supper dish of bread and sugar mashed in warm milk
256.18+hominy: maize coarsely milled and boiled for bread
256.18+bumble bee [313.05]
256.19with jaggery-yo to juju-jaw, Fine's French phrases from the
256.19+jaggery: Burmese palm sugar
256.19+Burmese ju: jam
256.19+juju: magical object in West Africa
256.20Grandmère des Grammaires and bothered parsenaps from the
256.20+French grand-mère: grandmother
256.20+Charles-Pierre Girault: Grammaire des grammaires (digest of grammatical opinion)
256.20+Anglo-Irish bothered: deaf
256.20+proverb Fine words butter no parsnips
256.20+parse (grammar)
256.21Four Massores, Mattatias, Marusias, Lucanias, Jokinias, and what
256.21+Annals of the Four Masters (*X*)
256.21+Massora: pronunciation rules of Hebrew text of Bible
256.21+Motif: 4 evangelists (Mamalujo) (*X*)
256.22happened to our eleven in thirtytwo antepostdating the Valgur
256.22+Motif: 1132
256.22+vulgar air
256.23Eire and why is limbo where is he and what are the sound waves
256.23+William Shakespeare: Two Gentlemen of Verona IV.2.39: 'Who is Silvia? What is she'
256.23+song 'What are the wild waves saying Sister the whole day long?'
256.24saying ceased ere they all wayed wrong and Amnist anguished
256.24+mnemonic of Latin masculine nouns of third declension: 'amnis, anguis, axis, collis' (respectively meaning 'river, snake, axis, hill') [468.10]
256.25axes Collis and where fishngaman fetched the mongafesh from
256.25+Burmese nga: fish
256.25+Burmese nga-man: sea monster
256.25+mango-fish: edible Indian fish
256.26and whatfor paddybird notplease rancoon and why was Sindat
256.26+Colloquial paddy: Irishman
256.26+paddy bird: species of egret feeding on paddy fields
256.26+French rancune: rancour
256.26+Rangoon: capital of Burma
256.26+Burmese sin: elephant
256.26+pantomime Sinbad the Sailor
256.27sitthing on him sitbom like a saildior, with what the doc did in the
256.27+sitting oh his
256.27+DOC: mysterious character in Carleton's Irish Prophecy Man
256.27+Languedoc (Southern France)
256.28doil, not to mention define the hydraulics of common salt and,
256.28+Langue d'oil (Northern France)
256.28+Irish Dáil: Irish Legislative Assembly, lower chamber of post-independence Irish parliament (pronounced 'doil')
256.29its denier crid of old provaunce, where G.P.O. is zentrum and
256.29+denier: a French coin
256.29+French dernier cri: latest fashion
256.29+trams in Dublin converged on General Post Office
256.29+German Zentrum: centre
256.30D.U.T.C. are radients write down by the frequency of the scores
256.30+Dublin United Tramways Company
256.31and crores of your refractions the valuations in the pice of ding-
256.31+Anglo-Indian crore: ten million (rupees)
256.31+variations in price
256.31+pices: Burmese copper coins
256.31+Colloquial diggings: lodgings, quarters
256.32gyings on N.C.R. and S.C.R.
256.32+North Circular Road, Dublin
256.32+South Circular Road, Dublin
256.33     That little cloud, a nibulissa, still hangs isky. Singabed sulks
256.33+James Joyce: Dubliners: 'A Little Cloud'
256.33+Italian nebulosa: nebula
256.33+in sky
256.33+Irish uisce: water
256.33+Roberts: The Proverbs of Wales 16: 'He who sings in bed will cry before he sleeps'
256.33+Danish senga: the bed
256.34before slumber. Light at night has an alps on his druckhouse.
256.34+ALP (Motif: ALP)
256.34+German Alpdruck: nightmare (in the form of suffocating pressure on the sleeper's chest)
256.34+German Druckhaus: printer's shop
256.34+German Dreckhaus: shithouse
256.35Thick head and thin butter or after you with me. Caspi, but
256.35+Roberts: The Proverbs of Wales 25: 'A mother-in-law's slice of bread and butter — thick bread and thin butter'
256.35+Provençal caspi!: egad!
256.36gueroligue stings the air. Gaylegs to riot of us! Gallocks to lafft!
256.36+French guerre: war
256.36+Gaelic League
256.36+Motif: Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native)
256.36+Alfred Lord Tennyson: The Charge of the Light Brigade iii: 'Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them' (Motif: left/right)
256.36+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...lafft! What...} | {Png: ...lafft. What...}

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