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263.01seldomers that most frequent him. That same
263.01+VI.C.2.231e (o): 'seldomers frequently drunk than sober'
263.02erst crafty hakemouth which under the assumed
263.02+ECH (Motif: HCE)
263.02+German eine erste Kraft: a good, well-qualified employee
263.02+hake (fish)
263.03name of Ignotus Loquor, of foggy old,
263.03+Latin ignotus loquor: unknown I speak
263.03+Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of Jesuit order
263.04harangued bellyhooting fishdrunks on their
263.04+Anglo-Irish Slang ballyhooly: pandemonium, aggressive fighting (from the village of Ballyhooly, County Cork, notorious for faction fighting)
263.04+Colloquial belly-laugh: a deep, unrestrained laugh
263.04+hooting: shouting in derision or disapproval (Colloquial laughing)
263.04+phrase drunk as a fish
263.05favorite stamping ground, from a father theo-
263.05+Father Theobald Mathew: Irish temperance advocate
263.06balder brake.1 And Egyptus, the incenstrobed,
263.06+Balder: Norse god killed by mistletoe
263.06+Egypt (South)
263.06+Egyptus: in Mormon theology, Noah's granddaughter, who discovered Egypt and whose son became the first Pharaoh (also the name of her mother) [262.F01]
263.06+forty-nine of the Danaides, daughters of Aegyptus, killed their husbands
263.07as Cyrus heard of him? And Major A. Shaw
263.07+Cyrus: king of Persia
263.07+Asia Major and Minor (East)
263.07+George Bernard Shaw was publicly opposed to vaccination against smallpox (despite having nearly died from it as a young man)
263.08after he got the miner smellpex? And old
263.09Whiteman self, the blighty blotchy, beyond
263.09+Walt Whitman
263.10the bays, hope of ostrogothic and ottomanic
263.10+Ostrogoths: barbarian tribe often in conflict with Roman Empire
263.10+Ottoman: Turk
263.11faith converters, despair of Pandemia's post-
263.11+Greek pandêmia: the whole people
263.11+pandemic disease
263.12wartem plastic surgeons? But is was all so
263.12+but it was
263.12+(the present is long gone)
263.13long ago. Hispano-Cathayan-Euxine, Castil-
263.13+HCE (Motif: HCE)
263.13+Hispanic: pertaining to Spain
263.13+Cathay: a name for China
263.13+Euxine: the Black Sea
263.13+CEH (Motif: HCE)
263.13+Castille: Spanish province
263.13+castilian: one living in a castle
263.13+proverb The Englishman's house is his castle
263.14lian-Emeratic-Hebridian, Espanol-Cymric-
263.14+Hebrides (Scotland)
263.14+ECH (Motif: HCE)
263.14+French Espagnol: Spanish
263.14+Cymric: Welsh
263.15Helleniky? Rolf the Ganger, Rough the Gang-
263.15+Rolf Ganger: first Viking Duke of Normandy (theoretically, the ancestor of the Anglo-Norman invaders of Ireland)
263.15+ganger: one who travels on foot
263.16ster, not a feature alike and the face the same.2
263.17Pastimes are past times. Now let bygones
263.17+phrase let bygones be bygones: forget past offences
263.18be bei Gunne's. Saaleddies er it in this warken
263.18+German bei: by, on, at
263.18+Italian bei: governor
263.18+Michael Gunn: manager of Gaiety Theatre, Dublin
263.18+Danish Saaledes er det i denne vakre verden, mine børn: It is like that in this beautiful world, my children
263.18+so, ladies
263.18+song Dies Irae
263.19werden, mine boerne, and it vild need older-
263.19+Karl Ludwig Boerne
263.19+Danish vild: wild
263.19+Henrik Ibsen: all plays: Vildanden (The Wild Duck)
263.20wise3 since primal made alter in garden of
263.20+Latin primus: first
263.20+German Alter: age
263.20+Latin alter: second
263.20+Garden of Eden
263.21Idem. The tasks above are as the flasks below,
263.21+Latin idem: the same
263.21+The Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus (Tabula Smaragdina): (fourteen precepts, of which number two translates to) 'That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below, to do the miracles of one only thing'
263.22saith the emerald canticle of Hermes and all's
263.22+ECH (Motif: HCE)
263.22+ALP (Motif: ALP)
263.23loth and pleasestir, are we told, on excellent
263.23+love and pleasure
263.23+lath and plaster
263.24inkbottle authority, solarsystemised, seriol-
263.24+inkbottle [182.31]
263.24+Dunne: The Serial Universe
263.25cosmically, in a more and more almightily
263.26expanding universe under one, there is rhyme-
263.26+Eddington: The Expanding Universe
263.26+Archaic rimeless: countless
263.26+phrase rhyme and reason
263.27less reason to believe, original sun. Securely
263.27+Original Sin
263.27+Motif: Securus iudicat orbis terrarum
263.28judges orb terrestrial.4 Haud certo ergo. But
263.28+HCE (Motif: HCE)
263.28+Latin haud certo ergo: not at all certainly, therefore
263.29O felicitous culpability, sweet bad cess to you
263.29+Motif: O felix culpa! (Exsultet)
263.29+Anglo-Irish phrase bad cess to you: bad luck to you
263.30for an archetypt!
263.30+Archaic typtology: the theory of spirit-rapping, a method of communication with spirits in spiritualistic séances
263.F01     1 Huntler and Pumar's animal alphabites, the first in the world from
263.F01+Huntley and Palmers' alphabet biscuits
263.F01+Hungarian mar: (of animals) to bite
263.F02aab to zoo.
263.F02+Dutch aap: ape, monkey
263.F02+A to Z
263.F02+Motif: A/O
263.F03     2 We dont hear the booming cursowarries, we wont fear the fletches of
263.F03+cassowary: flightless Australian bird
263.F03+VI.B.45.148g (o): 'cassowary = thunder'
263.F03+fletcher: arrow-maker
263.F03+flashes of lightning
263.F03+Phineas Fletcher: The Purple Island, or the Isle of Man [.F04]
263.F04fightning, we float the meditarenias and come bask to the isle we love in
263.F04+Spice Islands
263.F04+Slang Spice Islands: privy
263.F04+in spite
263.F05spice. Punt.
263.F05+Egyptians imported perfumes from Land of Punt
263.F05+Dutch punt: point, full stop
263.F06     3 And this once golden bee a cimadoro.
263.F06+Italian cima: top, peak
263.F06+Italian d'oro: golden
263.F07     4 And he was a gay Lutharius anyway, Sinobiled. You can tell by their
263.F07+gay Lothario: seducer in Rowe's Fair Penitent (the expression is used in James Joyce: Dubliners: 'Two Gallants')
263.F07+VI.C.2.032e (g): === VI.B.2.032l ( ): 'Arius = Luther' (Arius: 4th century theologian and heretic; Martin Luther: 16th century theologian and church reformer)
263.F07+Maitland: Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours 23: 'All Pannonia was at that time devastated by the Arian heresy, and even certain bishops and priests dared openly to deny the Godhead of our Lord Jesus Christ and His consubstantiality with the Father and the Holy Ghost'
263.F07+cenobite: member of religious community
263.F08extraordinary clothes.
263.F08+VI.C.2.034b (g): 'extraord. clothes heretics' === VI.B.2.034d ( ): 'extraord clothes = heretics'
263.F08+Maitland: Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours 52: 'Priscillian was dead, and the Emperor... had dispatched soldiers... to slay the Priscillian heretics... nothing short of indiscriminate slaughter... all pale persons, and all who wore extraordinary attire, might be known for heretics'
263.L01Mars speaking.
263.L01+VI.C.2.133e (o): 'Thunderstorms Mars speaking' (first word not crayoned)
263.L01+Fournier d'Albe: Quo Vadimus? Some Glimpses of the Future 89: (of the planet) 'Mars... may make some attempt at communication, but the attempt might take the form which to us would be quite unrecognizable. Some observers thought that the persistent thunderstorms and magnetic disturbances experienced during the last opposition over wide areas were signs of such an attempt'
263.L01+Mars cuckolded Vulcan the smith [.L02]
263.L02Smith, no home.
263.L03Non quod sed
263.L03+Latin non quod sed quia: not because but wherefore
263.L05Hearasay in
263.L05+heresy in Paradise Lost (John Milton: Paradise Lost contains several heresies)
263.L06paradox lust.

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