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273.01By old Grumbledum's walls. Bumps, bellows
273.01+Motif: By the Magazine Wall, zinzin, zinzin [045.05-.06]
273.02and bawls.1 Opprimor's down, up up Opima!
273.02+Latin opprimor: I am oppressed
273.02+Latin opima: rich, fertile (plural)
273.02+Estonian oppima: to study
273.03Rents and rates and tithes and taxes, wages,
273.04saves and spends. Heil, heptarched span of
273.04+German Heil: hail
273.04+Greek heptarchê: magistracy of one-seventh
273.04+rainbow (seven colours, symbol of peace)
273.05peace!2 Live, league of lex, nex and the mores!
273.05+Latin lex: law
273.05+Mick, Nick and the Maggies (Motif: Mick/Nick) [219.19]
273.05+Latin nex: violent death
273.06Fas est dass and foe err you. Impovernment
273.06+Latin fas est: it is lawful
273.06+German was ist das?: what is that?
273.06+Danish hvor er du?: where are you?
273.06+Lincoln: Gettysburg Address: 'government of the people by the people for the people'
273.07of the booble by the bauble for the bubble. So
273.07+'Take away these baubles' (Cromwell ordering dissolution of Rump Parliament)
273.08wrap up your worries in your woe (wumpum-
273.08+song Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag
273.08+wampum used as currency
273.09tum!) and shake down the shuffle for the
273.09+song Old Uncle Ned: 'Then lay down the shovel and the hoe, Hang up the fiddle and the bow, No more hard work for poor old Ned, He's gone where the good niggers go'
273.10throw. For there's one mere ope3 for down-
273.10+Merope: mother of Daedalus
273.10+more hope
273.11fall ned. As Hanah Levy, shrewd shroplifter,
273.11+Danish ned: down
273.11+Anna Liffey
273.12and nievre anore skidoos with her spoileds.4
273.12+German nie: never
273.12+Nièvre river
273.12+never another
273.12+Nore river
273.12+Slang skidoo: make off
273.13To add gay touches. For hugh and guy and
273.13+you and I and I and you
273.14goy and jew. To dimpled and pimpled and
273.14+Slang goy: gentile
273.14+Hebrew goy: gentile; nation
273.15simpled and wimpled. A peak in a poke and a
273.15+phrase a pig in a poke
273.16pig in a pew.5 She wins them by wons, a haul
273.16+ones (Motif: 111)
273.16+a whole
273.17hectoendecate, for mangay mumbo jumbjubes
273.17+Hecate: Greek moon-goddess
273.17+Greek hekatoendeka: 111 (Motif: 111)
273.17+Danish mange: many
273.17+mumbo jumbo
273.17+jujube: a kind of edible berry-like fruit; a type of candy
273.18tak mutts and jeffs muchas bracelonettes
273.18+Mutt and Jeff: American comic-strip characters
273.18+Spanish muchas gracias: many thanks
273.19gracies barcelonas.6 O what a loovely free-
273.19+Anglo-Irish Slang barcelona: imported silk scarf (the name obviously derives from Barcelona, Spain)
273.19+German Freispruch: acquittal, absolution
273.20speech 'twas (tep)7 to gar howalively hinter-
273.20+Motif: Tip
273.20+Dialect gar: make
273.20+Irish gair: laugh
273.20+Anna Livia
273.20+German Hintergrund: background
273.21grunting! Tip. Like lilt of larks to burdened
273.21+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...grunting! Tip...} | {Png: ...grunting. Tip...}
273.21+Motif: Tip
273.22crocodile,8 or skittering laubhing at that
273.22+German Laub: foliage
273.22+VI.C.2.039b (g): === VI.B.2.040e ( ): 'trees laugh at old wind's joke'
273.22+German hing: hung
273.23wheeze of old windbag, Blusterboss, blow-
273.23+Wyndham Lewis edited the publication Blast
273.23+VI.C.2.135c (o): '*E* blowing about what he did'
273.23+Schiller: Tantalus or The Future of Man 30: 'modern man has no right to "boast himself far better than his fathers" — in intrinsic quality... it is probable that he is slightly inferior in capacity to his own ancestors'
273.23+VI.C.2.176d (o): 'blowhard mitt — —' (dashes ditto 'hard'; only first word crayoned)
273.23+Slang blowharding: boasting
273.24harding about all he didn't do. Hell o' your
273.24+Motif: heliotrope
273.25troop! With is the winker for the muckwits
273.25+(Museyroom style) [008.09]
273.25+German Winker: signal; flag-man
273.25+Magwitch: a character in Charles Dickens: all works: Great Expectations
273.25+Marquis of Wellesley: Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, Wellington's brother
273.26of willesly and nith is the nod for the umproar
273.26+proverb A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse
273.26+emperor Napoleon
273.27napollyon and hitheris poorblond piebold
273.27+Apollyon: fiend in Pilgrim's Progress, associated with Napoleon during Napoleonic wars
273.27+hither is
273.27+(this is his horse) [008.21]
273.27+piebald horse
273.28hoerse. Huirse. With its tricuspidal hauberk-
273.28+Spanish huir: to flee
273.28+Latin tricuspis: having three points
273.28+HCE (Motif: HCE)
273.28+German Haube: bonnet
273.F01     1 Shake eternity and lick creation.
273.F01+Mackirdy & Willis: The White Slave Market 192: (quoting a "missus" arguing with an American Consul trying to convince her to stop her traffic in American women to the East) 'the 'sky-pilots,' the 'pulpit-punchers,' and 'Bible-bangers' don't own creation... If you stop my progress here in this hell-on-earth... I say, I'll shake eternity to its foundation to get even with you'
273.F02     2 I'm blest if I can see.
273.F02+VI.C.2.136b (o): 'I'm blest if I can see'
273.F03     3 Hoppity Huhneye, hoosh the hen. I like cluckers, you like nuts (wink).
273.F03+German Huhn: hen
273.F03+German Hühnerauge: corn (on the foot; literally 'hen-eye')
273.F04     4 Sweet, medium and dry like altar wine.
273.F04+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin (1922), 798: (advert) 'Pure Altar Wine Sweet, Medium and Dry'
273.F05     5 Who'll buy me penny babies?
273.F05+VI.C.2.138b (o): 'penny babies'
273.F05+penny babies: type of sweet
273.F06     6 Well, Maggy, I got your castoff devils all right and fits lovely. And am
273.F06+Motif: The Letter: well Maggy/Madge/Majesty
273.F06+(multiple personalities were often attributed, including by Christine Beauchamp, to demonic possession [.F08] [280.22])
273.F07vaguely graceful. Maggy thanks.
273.F07+very grateful. Many thanks (Motif: The Letter: dear, thank you ever so much)
273.F08     7 My six is no secret, sir, she said.
273.F08+Morton Prince: The Dissociation of a Personality 481: quotes letter from Christine in which Sally commented: 'Nobody asked you, Sir, she said' (parody of nursery rhyme 'Where are you going, my pretty maid... My face is my fortune, sir, she said') [280.22]
273.F09     8 Yes, there, Tad, thanks, give, from, tathair, look at that now.
273.F09+Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 159 (VIII.8): (if a child reaches out and says) 'ta or da, it will be taken by its parents and others as a real word... in England as there or thanks... in Germany as da 'there', in France as tiens 'hold'... in Italy as to, (= togli) 'take''
273.F09+(interpretations of baby sound 'da')
273.F09+Russian da: yes
273.F09+Cornish tad: Welsh tad: father
273.F09+Irish an t-athair: the father
273.F09+Anglo-Irish táthaire: sycophant, ill-mannered person
273.L01+Curragh of Kildare (racecourse)
273.L01+song An Páistín Fionn: 'Chara mo chroídhe mo pháistín fionn' (Irish 'friend of my heart, my fairheaded maid')
273.L01+Irish a chara mo chroídhe, mo bastún fein: friend of my heart, my own blockhead
273.L01+Irish a chara mo chroídhe, mo bastún fionn: friend of my heart, my fairhaired blockhead
273.L02machree, me
273.L03bosthoon fiend.
273.L03+bosom friend
273.L04Femilies hug
273.L04+VI.C.2.164c (o): 'Family Hold Back'
273.L04+Colloquial phrase family hold back: jocular command to leave enough food for the guests
273.L06All we suffered
273.L07under them Cow-
273.L07+phrase Caudine Fork: a trap (from Italian mountain gorges where legions captured)
273.L08dung Forks and
273.L09how we enjoyed
273.L10over our pick of
273.L11the basketfild.
273.L12Old Kine's
273.L12+Archaic kine: cows
273.L12+Battle of Cannae: legions destroyed by Hannibal (baskets filled with rings belonging to slain)
273.L13Meat Meal.
273.L14Flieflie for the
273.L14+(presents from *A*)
273.L15jillies and a
273.L17for the
273.L18+Napper Tandy: United Irishman (1740-1803)

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