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287.01the virtuoser prays, olorum! What the D.V.
287.01+(more virtuous brother)
287.01+Latin olorum: of swans
287.01+O Lord!
287.01+D.V.: Deo volente: God willing
287.02would I do that for? That's a goosey's gans-
287.02+nursery rhyme Goosey Goosey Gander
287.02+German Gans: Dutch gans: goose
287.03wer you're for giving me, he is told, what the
287.04Deva would you do that for?1 Now, sknow
287.04+Deva river
287.04+Euclid: 'There is no royal road to Geometry'
287.05royol road to Puddlin, take your mut for a
287.05+song The Rocky Road to Dublin
287.05+Mut: Egyptian goddess
287.05+German Mut: courage
287.05+according to Egyptian myth, Atem populated the world by spitting on fertile mud
287.06first beginning, big to bog, back to bach.
287.06+Russian Bog: God
287.06+[213.17] [.L01]
287.06+back to back
287.06+Welsh bach: little
287.06+German Bach: brook, spring
287.07Anny liffle mud which cometh out of Mam
287.07+Anglo-Irish anny: Irish eanaigh: fenny, marshy
287.07+Anna Liffey
287.07+any little
287.07+(menstrual blood)
287.07+Matthew 15:11: 'Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man'
287.08will doob, I guess. A.1. Amnium instar. And
287.08+Dutch doopen: to baptise
287.08+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: [it is unclear whether what follows the 'A.' is a smallcaps lowercase letter 'i' or the digit '1']} | {BMs (47478-70): [it is clearly the digit '1']}
287.08+Latin amnium instar: image of rivers
287.09to find a locus for an alp get a howlth on her
287.09+ALP (Motif: ALP)
287.10bayrings as a prisme O and for a second O
287.10+prism (often triangular)
287.10+(points A and L [293.12])
287.11unbox your compasses. I cain but are you
287.11+Nautical box the compass: go completely round
287.11+(compasses needed for construction of triangle [293.12])
287.11+I can
287.11+Motif: Cain/Abel [.12]
287.12able? Amicably nod. Gu it! So let's seth off
287.12+Abel [.11]
287.12+German gut: good
287.12+Seth: third son of Adam and Eve [.11]
287.13betwain us. Prompty? Mux your pistany at a
287.13+prompt, ready
287.13+(instructions: (a) mark point A-alpha) [294.03]
287.13+German mach's: make it, do it
287.13+German mag's: may
287.13+Pistany: Czech spa noted for mud packs [206.31]
287.14point of the coastmap to be called α but pro-
287.14+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, Png: [it is unclear whether what follows the word 'called' is an italicised letter 'a' or an italicised Greek 'alpha']} | {BMs (47478-5): [it is clearly an 'alpha']}
287.15nounced olfa. There's the isle of Mun, ah!
287.15+olfactory [.17]
287.15+Isle of Man (Latin Mona)
287.15+Irish mún: urine
287.15+Mud Island, Dublin
287.15+Motif: A/O
287.16O! Tis just. Bene! Now, whole in applepine
287.16+Italian bene!: well!, good! [294.26] [295.17] [295.29]
287.16+all in
287.16+apple-pie order: complete order
287.16+apple-pie bed: a bed in which, as a practical joke, the sheets are so folded that a person cannot lie down (a short-sheeted bed)
287.17+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...odrer...} | {Png: ...erdor...}
287.17+Russian Archaic odr: bed
287.17+odour [.15]
287.17+order [285.02]
287.18     (for — husk, hisk, a spirit spires — Dolph, dean of idlers, meager
287.18+{{Synopsis: II.2.8.D: [287.18-292.32] [287.F03-292.F03]: an interlude — describing Dolph in detail}}
287.18+(opening parenthesis) [292.32]
287.18+Danish husk: remember!
287.18+Yeats: A Vision 188 (book II, sec. I): 'At death consciousness passes from Husk to Spirit' (two of the Four Principles, the other two being Passionate Body and Celestial Body)
287.18+The Dean: epithet of Swift
287.18+Prince of Triflers: an epithet applied to several people, perhaps also to Swift
287.19suckling of gert stoan, though barekely a balbose boy, he too, —
287.19+Gertrude Stein
287.19+Balbus: a Roman said to have built a wall in Gaul [004.30]
287.19+German böse: naughty, evil
287.20venite, preteriti,3 sine mora dumque de entibus nascituris decentius in
287.20+approximate Latin translation: 'Come without delay, ye men of old, while a small piece of second-grade imperial papyrus, concerning those to be born later, is exhibited with more propriety in the Roman tongue of the dead. Let us, seated joyfully on jars of meats (fleshpots) and beholding in fact the site of Paris whence such great human progeny is to arise, turn over in our minds the most ancient wisdom of both the priests Giordano and Giambattista: the fact that the whole of the river flows safely, with a clear stream, and that those things which were to have been on the bank would later be in the bed; finally, that everything recognises itself through something opposite and that the stream is embraced by rival banks'
287.20+alternative Latin translation: 'Men from past generations, come, without delay and while the tiny scrap of second-best "Liffey" papyrus is on display. It is inscribed, quite fittingly, in the Latin language of those who have passed away, concerning happenings which are yet to take place. While we are happily sitting over the flesh-pots and observing (yes indeed) the site of Paris from which, under favorable omens, so many branches of the human race will emerge, let us turn over in our minds the most ancient and wise theory of the pair of priests Giordano Bruno and Giambattista Vico. They saw that the entire world flows smoothly, like a river; and that the same things which have been screwed away from the bank will once again be within the bed of the river; and that each thing recognizes itself through its opposite; and that every river has two banks which embrace the same stream'
287.21lingua romana mortuorum parva chartula liviana ostenditur, seden-
287.21+Latin carta Liviana: papyrus grade two (after wife of Augustus; Latin carta Augusta: papyrus grade one)
287.21+Exodus 16:3: 'Would to God we had died by the hand of the Lord, in the land of Egypt, when we sat by the flesh pots' (Latin sedentes super ollas carnium)
287.22tes in letitiae super ollas carnium, spectantes immo situm lutetiae unde
287.23auspiciis secundis tantae consurgent humanae stirpes, antiquissimam
287.24flaminum amborium Jordani et Jambaptistae mentibus revolvamus
287.24+Giordano Bruno and Giambattista Vico
287.25sapientiam: totum tute fluvii modo mundo fluere, eadem quae ex
287.26aggere fututa fuere iterum inter alveum fore futura, quodlibet sese
287.27ipsum per aliudpiam agnoscere contrarium, omnem demun amnem
287.28ripis rivalibus amplecti4 — recurrently often, when him moved he
287.28+currant cake
287.29would cake their chair, coached rebelliumtending mikes of his
287.29+Mick (*V*)
287.30same and over his own choirage at Backlane Univarsity, among of
287.30+Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1622: 'A university opened in Back-lane for the education of Roman Catholics' (run by Jesuits; closed in 1632 and given to Trinity College)
287.31which pupal souaves the pizdrool was pulled up, bred and bat-
287.31+Polish pupa: buttocks
287.31+Papal Zouaves
287.31+suave pupils
287.31+Polish Slang pizda: female genitalia
287.31+Triestine Italian Dialect pisdrol: boy
287.31+Triestine Italian Dialect pisdrul: baby child
287.31+(brought up)
287.31+bread and butter
287.F01     1 Will you walk into my wavetrap? said the spiter to the shy.
287.F01+nursery rhyme 'Will you walk into my parlour?, said the spider to the fly?'
287.F02     2 If we each could always do all we ever did.
287.F03     3 Dope in Canorian words we've made. Spish from the Doc.
287.F03+T.D. Sullivan: song Ireland Boys, Hurrah!: 'Deep in Canadian woods we've met'
287.F03+Latin canorus: melodious
287.F03+speech from the dock
287.F04     4 Basqueesh, Finnican, Hungulash and Old Teangtaggle, the only pure
287.F04+Basque, Finnish, Hungarian (European languages, but not Indo-European)
287.F04+French quiche: egg and cheese flan or tart
287.F04+Finnicane: a variant of the name Finnegan
287.F04+pemmican: condensed food
287.F04+Hungarian goulash
287.F04+Irish Teanga: language
287.F04+Tintagel, Cornwall (i.e. Cornish language)
287.F05way to work a curse.
287.L01+washerwomen [196.01] [.06]
287.L01+vultures, omens (according to the Roman History of Dio Cassius (Book XLVII), the battle of Philippi was preceded by a number of omens, most especially the gathering of many screeching vultures above the heads of the conspirators)
287.L02at their weirdst.
287.L02+Old English wyrd: fate

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