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289.01ford to their healing and1 byleave in the old weights downupon
289.01+Ford of the Hurdles (name of Dublin)
289.01+Danish Hellige Aand: Holy Spirit
289.01+song Old Folks at Home: 'Way down upon the Swanee river'
289.02the Swanny, innovated by him, the prence di Propagandi, the
289.02+Italian prence: prince (poet.)
289.02+Italian Propaganda: Roman Catholic society for propagation of gospel by missionaries
289.03chrism for the christmass, the pillar of the perished and the rock
289.03+chrism: holy oil
289.03+Greek chrisma: anointing
289.03+Motif: tree/stone (cross, rock)
289.03+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
289.04o'ralereality, and it is veritably belied, we belove, that not allsods
289.04+all sorts
289.05of esoupcans that's in the queen's pottage post and not allfinesof
289.05+Esau sold birthright for pottage (Genesis 25:34)
289.05+19th century attempts to obtain Protestant converts in Ireland by bribery with soup
289.05+penny post
289.05+parish priest
289.05+all kinds of gold
289.06greendgold that the Indus contains would overhinduce them,
289.06+Indus river
289.06+ever induce
289.07(o.p.) to steeplechange back once from their ophis workship and
289.07+our people
289.07+change back
289.07+Greek ophis: snake
289.07+Ophites: 2nd century sect worshipping the serpent as god
289.08twice on sundises, to their ancient flash and crash habits of old
289.08+sun disc
289.08+(lightning and thunder)
289.09Pales time ere beam slewed cable2 or Derzherr, live wire, fired
289.09+The Pale: the English-controlled part of late medieval Ireland
289.09+Pales: Italian god of flocks and shepherds
289.09+Cain slew Abel (Motif: Cain/Abel)
289.09+German der Erzherr: the arch-lord
289.09+German der Erzherzog: the archduke
289.09+phrase there's hair, like wire!: there's a girl with a lot of long and stiff hair! (catch-phrase of the early 20th century)
289.09+song There's Hair Like Wire Coming out of the Empire (music hall song about the "Empire" in Leicester Square, London)
289.10Benjermine Funkling outa th'Empyre, sin righthand son; which,
289.10+Benjamin Franklin (inventor of lightning-conductor)
289.10+German Funke: spark
289.10+Empyrean: highest heaven, sphere of fire
289.10+Danish sin: his
289.10+Benjamin (Genesis 35:18) means 'son of the right hand' (allusion to Lucifer, the favourite archangel)
289.10+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...which, cummal...} | {Png: ...which cummal...}
289.11cummal, having listed curefully to the interlooking and the under-
289.11+Cumhal: Finn's father
289.11+comma [.12] [.17]
289.11+listened carefully
289.11+Yeats: A Vision 237 (book III, sec. XI): 'All the involuntary acts and facts of life are the effect of the whirring and interlocking of the gyres'
289.11+German Unterlack: primer coat
289.12lacking of her twentynine shifts or his continental's curses, pum-
289.12+twenty-nine (Motif: 28-29; *Q*)
289.12+Yeats: A Vision 79 (book I, part I, sec. VI): 'the twenty-eight phases constitute a month of which each day and night constitute an incarnation and the discarnate period which follows'
289.12+Benjamin Franklin elected to second Continental Congress, 1776
289.12+comma (Motif: P/K) [.11] [.17]
289.13mel, apostrophised Byrne's and Flamming's and Furniss's and
289.13+Rev. J. Furniss, C.SS.R.: The Sight of Hell (purportedly a religious book about hell for children)
289.14Bill Hayses's and Ellishly Haught's, hoc, they (t.a.W.), sick
289.14+Bully Hayes: American pirate
289.14+hellishly hot
289.14+Latin hoc: this thing here
289.14+the at Wickerworks [288.28]
289.15or whole, stiff or sober, let drop as a doombody drops, with-
289.15+Father Mathew, 19th century temperance advocate: 'Ireland sober is Ireland free' [214.18]
289.15+Dante: The Divine Comedy: Inferno V.142: 'E caddi, come corpo morto cade' (Italian 'And, as a dead man falling, down I fell')
289.16out another ostrovgods word eitherways, in their own lineal
289.16+Russian ostrov: island
289.16+Ostrogoths: barbarian tribe often inc onflict with Roman Empire
289.16+God's word
289.17descendance, as priesto as puddywhack,3 coal on:4 and, as we
289.17+Presto: a nickname of Swift, applied to him by the Duchess of Shrewsbury (from Italian presto: swift)
289.17+Italian presto: quickly, soon
289.17+Colloquial paddywhack: Irishman (especially if big and strong, derogatory); severe beating
289.17+Patrick (Saint Patrick)
289.17+colon [.11] [.12]
289.17+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...on:4 and...} | {Png: ...on4 and...}
289.18gang along to gigglehouse, talking of molniacs' manias and
289.18+Dialect gang: to go
289.18+Downing: Digger Dialects 26: 'GIGGLE-HOUSE — Lunatic asylum' (World War I Slang)
289.18+Russian molniya: lightning
289.19missions for mades to scotch the schlang and leathercoats for
289.19+William Shakespeare: Macbeth III.2.13: 'We have scotch'd the snake, not kill'd it'
289.19+German Schlange: snake
289.19+Murtagh of the Leather Cloaks: Irish high king (941)
289.20murty magdies, of course this has blameall in that medeoturanian
289.20+Martha and Mary
289.20+James Joyce: Ulysses.8.602: 'Three Purty Maids'
289.20+German Magd: maid
289.20+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...magdies, of...} | {Png: ...magdies of...}
289.20+damn all
289.20+Turanian: name applied to non-Semitic and non-Aryan Asiatic languages
289.21world to say to blessed by Pointer the Grace's his privates judge-
289.21+Peter the Great
289.22ments5 whenso to put it, disparito, duspurudo, desterrado, des-
289.22+when, so to put it
289.22+Italian disparito: disappeared
289.22+Portuguese desterrado: exiled, banished
289.22+Spanish desterrar: to exile
289.22+Portuguese despertou: awoke
289.22+Spanish despertar: to awaken
289.23pertieu, or, saving his presents for his own onefriend Bevradge,
289.23+phrase saving your presence
289.24Conn the Shaughraun; but to return for a moment from the
289.24+Boucicault: other plays: The Shaughraun (in which Conn, the shaughraun, seemingly revives during his wake, after having faked his death; Anglo-Irish shaughraun: wandering about, out of work, a vagabond)
289.25reptile's age6 to the coxswain on the first landing (page Ainée
289.25+(time of snake worship)
289.25+(age of dinosaurs)
289.25+(Saint Patrick supposedly banished all snakes from Ireland)
289.25+(Tristan killed dragon)
289.25+Tristram came a first time to Chapelizod, wounded from Iseult's brother's sword, and was nursed, bathed, and later threatened with his own sword by Iseult, who came to discover him as her brother's killer (second time was to fetch her to King Mark)
289.25+French ainée: elder
289.25+Jacques Rivière: Aimée (a novel published 1922)
289.25+Anne Rivière: singer
289.26Rivière!) if the pretty Lady Elisabbess, Hotel des Ruines — she
289.26+VI.B.3.019b (r): 'Lady Betty'
289.26+abbess (Eloise became one after her separation from Abelard)
289.27laid her batsleeve for him two trueveres tell love (on the Ides of
289.27+to tell of
289.27+French trouvère: troubadour
289.27+Latin vere: truly
289.27+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: (on...} | {Png: On...}
289.27+Ides of March (Julius Caesar)
289.27+Saint Valentine's Day (14 February; Ides is 13 February)
289.27+Valencia Island, County Kerry
289.28Valentino's, at Idleness, Floods Area, Isolade, Liv's lonely
289.28+Rudolf Valentino
289.28+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song The Song of Fionnuala: 'Lir's lonely daughter' (James Joyce: Ulysses.9.314)
289.29daughter, with the Comes Tichiami, of Prima Vista, Abroad,
289.29+Latin comes: companion
289.29+Low Latin comes: Count (title)
289.29+Italian come ti chiami: what's your name?
289.29+(Tristan concealed his identity on his first Irish visit)
289.29+Italian prima vista: first sight
289.30suddenly), and beauty alone of all dare say when now, uncrowned,
289.30+uncrowned king of Ireland: an epithet of Parnell
289.F01     1 That is to sight, when cleared of factions, vulgure and decimating.
289.F01+vulgar and decimal fractions
289.F02     2 They just spirits a body away.
289.F03     3 Patatapadatback.
289.F03+Italian patata: potato
289.F03+Russian padat': to fall
289.F04     4 Dump her (the missuse).
289.F05     5 Fox him! The leggy colt!
289.F05+Slang fox: follow stealthily
289.F06     6 Do he not know that walleds had wars. Harring man, is neow king. This
289.F06+proverb Walls have ears
289.F06+Ahriman: Zoroastrian principle of evil
289.F06+Henry II: English monarch during Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland
289.F06+song Herring the King
289.F07is modeln times.
289.F07+German modeln: to model, to work as a model

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