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299.01to scherts.1 Scholium, there are trist sigheds to
299.01+Dutch scherts: German Scherz: joke, fun, raillery
299.01+Latin scholium: interpretation
299.01+there are three sides to everything
299.01+French triste: sad
299.02everysing but ichs on the freed brings euchs to
299.02+German ich: I
299.02+x to the third (power of three) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
299.02+German euch: to you, for you
299.02+x to the fourth (power of four) (Cluster: Mathematics, Algebra and Geometry)
299.02+to the fore
299.03the feared. Qued? Mother of us all! O, dear
299.03+Dutch vierde: fourth
299.03+Q.E.D.: Latin quod erat demonstrandum: which was to be shown (appears after theorems in Euclid)
299.04me, look at that now! I don't know is it your
299.05spictre or my omination but I'm glad you
299.05+Yeats: A Vision 72 (book I, part I, sec. IV): 'I had never read Hegel, but my mind had been full of Blake from boyhood up and I saw the world as a conflict — Spectre and Emanation — and could distinguish between a contrary and a negation'
299.05+my imagination
299.06dimentioned it! My Lourde! My Lourde! If
299.06+Lourdes: a town in France, famous for being the site of several apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1858
299.07that aint just the beatenest lay I ever see! And
299.07+Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 13: 'My George! It's the beatenest thing I ever struck'
299.08a superpbosition! Quoint a quincidence! O.K.
299.08+superb position
299.08+quite a coincidence
299.09Omnius Kollidimus. As Ollover Krumwall
299.09+Latin omnes collidimus: we all collide
299.09+Oliver Cromwell
299.09+German krumm: crooked
299.10sayed when he slepped ueber his grannya-
299.10+Norwegian slep: drag
299.10+German über: over
299.10+Hungarian anya: mother
299.11mother. Kangaroose feathers. Who in the name
299.11+Downing: Digger Dialects 30: 'KANGAROO FEATHERS — (1) A tall tale; (2) an impossible thing; (3) spring millinery of the Light Horse' (World War I Slang)
299.12of thunder'd ever belevin you were that bolt?
299.12+Archaic levin: lightning
299.13But you're holy mooxed and gaping up the
299.13+wholly mixed
299.13+Motif: Mookse/Gripes
299.13+phrase barking up the wrong tree
299.13+(looking at her navel (pi) instead of at her vulva (P))
299.14wrong palce2 as if you was seeheeing the gheist
299.14+Czech palce: big toes
299.14+Faust I.1338: 'Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint': 'I am the spirit that evermore denies'
299.15that stays forenenst, you blessed simpletop
299.15+Anglo-Irish forenenst: opposite
299.15+Wyndham Lewis's publication Blast frequently said BLESS and BLAST to different people [.16]
299.16domefool! Where's your belested loiternan's
299.16+Dutch dom: stupid, foolish
299.16+blasted lieutenant's
299.17lamp? You must lap wandret down the bluish-
299.17+(Kev is looking at top of diagram [296.09-.18])
299.17+Danish vandret: horizontally
299.18ing refluction below. Her trunk's not her brain-
299.18+reflection (in water)
299.19box. Hear where the bolgylines, Yseen here the
299.19+Motif: ear/eye (hear, see)
299.19+Danish bølgelinie: waveline
299.19+isn't he the picture!
299.20puncture. So he done it. Luck! See her good.
299.20+(female genitalia)
299.20+Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 33: 'So he done it'
299.20+Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 16: 'we didn't see her good'
299.21Well, well, well, well! O dee, O dee, that's
299.21+Motif: Adear, adear!
299.21+John Dee: 16th century English mathematician and occultist
299.22very lovely! We like Simperspreach Hammel-
299.22+William Gerard 'Single Speech' Hamilton: Irish M.P.; made brilliant maiden speech; said never to have spoken again
299.22+German Hammel: sheep, wether
299.22+Rowan Hamilton: mathematician [300.27]
299.23tones to fellow Selvertunes O'Haggans.3 When
299.23+James Joyce: Ulysses.7.707: 'silvertongued O'Hagan' (Thomas O'Hagan: Lord Chancellor of Ireland)
299.24he rolls over his ars and shows the hise of his
299.24+rolls his r's
299.24+Latin ars: art
299.25heels. Vely lovely entilely! Like a yangsheep-
299.25+(says 'l for 'r', i.e. Chinese pronunciation)
299.25+Chinese yang: sheep; foreign
299.26slang with the tsifengtse. So analytical plaus-
299.26+Dutch slang: snake, serpent
299.26+Chinese lang: wolf
299.26+Chinese tsi: son
299.26+Chinese feng: seam
299.26+Chinese tzu: word
299.26+ALP (Motif: ALP)
299.27ible! And be the powers of Moll Kelly, neigh-
299.27+Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, prologue: 'Oh! be the powers of o' Moll Kelly!' [425.12]
299.27+William Carleton: A Legend of Knockmany (in Yeats: Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry): Cuchullain swears 'by the solemn contents of Moll Kelly's Primer' to beat Finn
299.28bour topsowyer, it will be a lozenge to me all
299.28+top sawyer: the sawyer who works the upper handle of a pit-saw; someone who excels in his profession [173.28]
299.28+Mark Twain: other works: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
299.28+a lesson to me all my life
299.29my lauffe.4 More better twofeller we been speak
299.29+German laufen: to run
299.29+Liffey river
299.29+(it would have been better if we'd talked about money)
299.30copperads. Ever thought about Guinness's?
299.30+copperas: cupric, ferrous or zinc sulphate
299.30+Beche-la-Mar copra: coconut
299.30+Joyce's father urged James to seek a clerkship in Guinness's (Father Butt in James Joyce: Stephen Hero thought similarly)
299.31And the regrettable Parson Rome's advice?
299.31+Pearson's Weekly: a British periodical [300.01]
299.F01     1 Hen's bens, are we soddy we missiled her?
299.F01+Frederick Soddy: Chemistry of the Radioactive Elements
299.F02     2 I call that a scumhead.
299.F03     3 Pure chingchong idiotism with any way words all in one soluble. Gee
299.F03+Millington: English as She is Spoke includes a section headed 'Idiotisms and Proverbs' [267.08]
299.F03+all Chinese words have one syllable
299.F03+George Bernard Shaw pointed out that GHOTI spells 'fish' (pronounced as in enouGH, wOmem and naTIon; also attributed to Dudeney)
299.F04each owe tea eye smells fish. That's U.
299.F04+Dutch U: you
299.F04+Chinese yü: fish
299.F05     4 The Doodles family, *E*, *A*, *I*, *X*, *F*, *V*, *C*. Hoodle doodle,
299.F05+Dutch dood: death; dead
299.F05+(sigla used by Joyce in his manuscripts for, respectively, HCE, ALP, Issy, the four old men, the book and its title, Shaun, and Shem)
299.F05+(the *E* siglum may derive from E of Everyman or Earwicker)
299.F05+(the *A* siglum may derive from delta or pudendum)
299.F05+(the *I* siglum may derive from fallen T of Tristan)
299.F05+(the *V* siglum may derive from A of Abel or from partial *A*)
299.F05+(the *C* siglum may derive from C of Cain or from partial *E*)
299.L01Canine Venus
299.L01+Slang canis: worst cast in dice (three aces)
299.L01+Battle of Cannae, 216 B.C.: Romans defeated by Hannibal
299.L01+Slang venus: best cast in dice (three sixes)
299.L02sublimated to
299.L03+Aulidis: city whence Greek sailed to Troy
299.L03+aulic: courtly
299.L03+aludel: a pear-shaped vessel, used by alchemists and chemists in sublimation
299.L05Exclusivism: the
299.L05+exclusivism: practice of being within ourselves
299.L05+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Exclusivism: the...} | {Png: ...Exclusivism the...}
299.L06Ors, Sors and
299.L06+(monosyllables) [.21] [.F03]
299.L06+Latin orsa: beginnings
299.L06+Latin sors: fate, chance
299.L07Fors, which?
299.L07+Latin fors: chance
299.L07+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Fors, which?} | {Png: ...Fors which?}

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