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301.01quam taughtropes. (Spry him! call a blood-
301.01+Bulgarian spri: stop (imperative)
301.02lekar! Where's Dr Brassenaarse?) Es war itwas
301.02+Bulgarian lekár: Czech lékar: doctor, physician
301.02+Dutch brassen: to carouse, to revel
301.02+Brasenose College, Oxford
301.02+Bulgarian brusnár: barber
301.02+Dutch aars: arse
301.02+German Es war etwas: it was something
301.02+it was
301.03in his priesterrite. O He Must Suffer! From this
301.03+priest, rite
301.03+Obsolete preterite: past, bygone time
301.03+O.H.M.S.: On His Majesty's Service
301.03+James Joyce: Ulysses.5.372: 'I. H. S.... I have suffered'
301.04misbelieving feacemaker to his noncredible
301.05fancyflame.1 Ask for bosthoon, late for Mass,
301.05+Motif: The Letter (major version of) [301.05-302.10]
301.05+Anglo-Irish bostoon: Irish bastún: blockhead, poltroon
301.05+Boston, Massachusetts (Motif: The Letter: Boston Transcript)
301.06pray for blaablaablack sheep. (Sure you could
301.06+Danish blaa: blue
301.06+nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep
301.07wright anny pippap passage, Eye bet, as foyne
301.07+write any
301.07+Browning: Pippa Passes
301.07+Swift: Ppt
301.07+Motif: ear/eye [.08]
301.07+I bet, as fine
301.08as that moultylousy Erewhig, yerself, mick!
301.08+a young louse (nymph) moults (sheds its shell) three times before reaching adulthood
301.08+Bog Latin motuillsi: myself
301.08+Latin multa lusi: I have played much
301.08+earwig [.07]
301.08+Motif: Mick/Nick
301.09Nock the muddy nickers!2 Christ's Church
301.09+Christ Church versus Balliol (Oxford colleges; Lewis Carroll lived in the former)
301.10varses Bellial!) Dear and he went on to scripple
301.10+Belial: a name of the devil
301.10+Motif: The Letter: Dear, and it goes on to
301.11gentlemine born, milady bread, he would pen
301.11+Motif: The Letter: born gentleman
301.11+born and bred
301.11+our daily bread
301.12for her, he would pine for her,3 how he would
301.13patpun fun for all4 with his frolicky frowner
301.13+Motif: The Letter: grand funeral/fun-for-all
301.13+German fröhliche Frau: gay wife
301.14so and his glumsome grinner otherso. And how
301.14+Motif: The Letter: how are you [302.08]
301.15are you, waggy?5 My animal his sorrafool!
301.15+Motif: The Letter: well Maggy/Madge/Majesty
301.15+Slang wagtail: whore
301.15+Latin anima: soul
301.15+Vulgate Psalms 42:43: 'Quare tristis es, anima mea?': 'Why art thou cast down, O my soul?' [.16]
301.15+Vulgate Matthew 26:38: 'tristis est anima mea usque ad mortem': 'my soul is sad even unto death' [499.30]
301.15+is sorrowful
301.16And trieste, ah trieste ate I my liver! Se non é
301.16+Verlaine: Romances sans paroles: Ariettes oubliées VII: 'O triste, triste était mon âme A cause, à cause d'une femme' [.15]
301.16+Joyce finished James Joyce: Dubliners and started James Joyce: A Portrait while in Trieste
301.16+Italian mi sono mangiato il fegato: I ate my heart out (literally 'I ate my liver'; expressing grief, vexation, anger)
301.16+French livre: book
301.16+Italian proverb Se non è vero, è ben trovato: if it is not true, it is a happy invention
301.17vero son trovatore. O jerry! He was soso, harriot
301.17+Italian son trovatore: I am a troubadour
301.17+Slang so-so: tipsy
301.17+Thomas Harriot: mathematician
301.17+Harriet Hall: sister of semi-emasculated Samuel Hall (in students' song)
301.18all! He was sadfellow, steifel! He was mister-
301.18+German steif: stiff, pedantic
301.18+Michael Stifel: 16th century German mathematician
301.18+German Stiefel: boots
301.18+German Teufel: devil
301.19mysterion. Like a purate out of pensionee with
301.19+Greek mysterion: mystery
301.19+curate (Motif: P/K)
301.19+Pirates of Penzance: opera by Gilbert and Sullivan
301.19+on pension
301.20a gouvernament job. All moanday, tearsday,
301.20+French gouvernement: government
301.20+Monday (Cluster: Days)
301.20+Tuesday (Cluster: Days)
301.21wailsday, thumpsday, frightday, shatterday till
301.21+Wednesday (Cluster: Days)
301.21+Thursday (Cluster: Days)
301.21+Friday (Cluster: Days)
301.21+Saturday (Cluster: Days)
301.22the fear of the Law. Look at this twitches!
301.22+Fear of the Lord: one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit
301.22+(Sunday) (Cluster: Days)
301.23He was quisquis, floored on his plankraft of
301.23+Latin quisquis: everyone, whoever
301.24shittim wood. Look at him! Sink deep or
301.24+shittim wood: acacia wood, used in making the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:10)
301.24+Pope: Essay on Criticism 216: 'Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring'
301.25touch not the Cartesian spring! Want more
301.25+Cartesian: pertaining to Descartes (primarily his philosophy or mathematics)
301.25+artesian well: a type of well in which water rises under natural pressure
301.26ashes, griper? How diesmal he was lying low
301.26+how... smal he was lying lo... on his... side laying s... to [.28-.30]
301.26+German diesmal: this time
301.26+Latin dies mali: evil days
301.26+Ezekiel 4:1-6: 'take thee a tile... and portray upon it the city, even Jerusalem: and lay siege against it... Lie thou also upon thy left side, and lay the iniquity of the house of Israel upon it... lie again on thy right side, and thou shalt bear the iniquity of the house of Judah'
301.27on his rawside laying siege to goblin castle.
301.27+Dublin Castle
301.28And, bezouts that, how hyenesmeal he was
301.28+Etienne Bezouts: mathematician
301.28+besides that
301.28+how... smal he was laying... lo... on his... side lying s... to [.26-.27]
301.28+hyena's meal
301.28+German jenesmal: that time
301.29laying him long on his laughside lying sack
301.29+(hyena's) laugh
301.30to croakpartridge. (Be thou wars Rolaf's intes-
301.30+Mount Croagh Patrick, County Mayo (Saint Patrick was said to have fasted on its summit for the forty days of Lent) [307.22]
301.30+Croke Park: football ground, North Dublin, the scene of a massacre by the Black and Tans, 1920
301.30+John Partridge: 17th-18th century famous English astrologer, ridiculed by Swift in Predictions for the Year 1708 (predicting Partridge's death)
301.30+Olaf: name of several Norse kings of Dublin
301.F01     1 And she had to seek a pond's apeace to salve her suiterkins. Sued!
301.F01+pod of peas (Motif: Why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease?) [311.22] [317.22] [324.12]
301.F01+Obsolete sooterkin: sweetheart, mistress
301.F02     2 Excuse theyre christianbrothers irish!
301.F02+Christian Brothers' Schools, Dublin
301.F02+Variants: {FnF, JCM:!} | {Vkg:} | {Png:}
301.F03     3 When she tripped against the briery bush he profused her allover with
301.F03+according to the Agni Purana, the Indian asoka tree flowers if touched by a beautiful girl's leg
301.F04curtsey flowers.
301.F05     4 A nastilow disigraible game.
301.F05+nasty low disagreeable
301.F05+Bulgarian mastilo: ink
301.F05+Bulgarian igra: game
301.F06     5 Dear old Erosmas. Very glad you are going to Penmark. Write to the
301.F06+Erasmus: Dutch humanist
301.F06+Tristan died at the cliffs of Penmark (Penmarch) in Brittany
301.F07corner. Grunny Grant.
301.F07+'Old Gummy Granny' (James Joyce: Ulysses.15.4578)
301.L02Ascription of the
301.L04Proscription of
301.L05the Passive.

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