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319.01night for my lifting. Hillyhollow, valleylow! With the sounds
319.01+song Do Ye Ken John Peel?: 'With his hounds and his horn in the morning'
319.02and the scents in the morning.
319.03    — I shot be shoddied, throttle me, fine me cowheel for ever,
319.03+should be shot
319.03+Finn MacCool
319.04usquebauched the ersewild aleconner, for bringing briars to Bem-
319.04+Anglo-Irish usquebaugh: whiskey
319.04+French ébaucher: to sketch out
319.04+Archaic Erse: Irish (language)
319.04+arse, Wilde (sodomy; Oscar Wilde)
319.04+aleconner: inspector of ale (*S*) [141.25]
319.04+O'Connell's Ale
319.04+barmbrack: Irish speckled cake used at hallowe'en
319.04+Balbriggan, town, County Dublin
319.05bracken and ringing rinbus round Demetrius for, as you wrinkle
319.05+song Enniscorthy: 'the steam was like a rainbow round'
319.05+Demetrius: On Style
319.05+Demetrias: ruined city, Greece
319.05+song Enniscorthy: 'Dimetrius O'Flanigan McCarthy'
319.05+Slang wrinkle: to tell a lie
319.06wryghtly, bully bluedomer, it's a suirsite's stircus haunting hes-
319.06+Suir river
319.06+Latin stercus: dung
319.06+Norwegian hester: horses
319.07teries round old volcanoes. We gin too gnir and thus plinary
319.07+Pliny the Younger describes eruption of Vesuvius in which Pliny the Elder (author of Historia Naturalis and his uncle) died
319.07+begin to
319.07+Norwegian gnier: miser
319.07+William Shakespeare: Hamlet III.1.83: 'Thus conscience does make cowards of us all' [.35]
319.07+Pliny and Columella (Motif: Aujourd'hui comme aux... (Quinet)) [281.04-.05]
319.07+plenary indulgence
319.08indulgence makes collemullas of us all. But Time is for talerman
319.08+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...collemullas...} | {Png: ...colleunellas...}
319.08+nursery rhyme A was an Archer (e.g. 'T was a tinker and mended a pot')
319.08+Norwegian taler: speaker; speaks
319.09tasting his tap. Tiptoptap, Mister Maut.
319.09+testing his tape
319.09+Norwegian tap: loss
319.09+German Maut: excise, toll
319.09+malt (whiskey)
319.10     He made one summery (Cholk and murble in lonestime) of his
319.10+proverb One swallow does not make a summer
319.10+chalk, marble and limestone are all forms of calcium carbonate
319.10+(drink in one gulp)
319.11the three swallows like he was muzzling Moselems and torched
319.11+three swallows: trademark of Power's whiskey
319.11+(united three drinks in one)
319.11+Moselle wine
319.11+Muslims (do not drink wine)
319.12up as the faery pangeant fluwed down the hisophenguts, a slake
319.12+Norwegian flue: fly
319.12+his open guts
319.12+slaked lime: calcium hydroxide
319.13for the quicklining, to the tickle of his tube and the twobble of
319.13+quicklime: calcium oxide
319.13+song Phil the Fluter's Ball: 'With the toot of the flute and the twiddle of the fiddle, O!'
319.14his fable, O, fibbing once upon a spray what a queer and queasy
319.14+James Joyce: A Portrait I: 'Once upon a time and a very good time it was'
319.15spree it was. Plumped.
319.15+Norwegian plumpe ut: blurt out
319.16     Which both did. Prompt. Eh, chrystal holder? Save Ampster-
319.16+ECH (Motif: HCE)
319.16+crystal set: early radio receiver
319.16+Amsterdam [.17]
319.16+nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty
319.16+Dutch ster: star
319.17dampster that had rheumaniscences in his netherlumbs.
319.17+Dutch damp: vapour, steam, smoke, fume, haze
319.17+Norwegian damper: steamship
319.17+Netherlands [.16]
319.17+nether limbs
319.17+lumbago: rheumatism of the lumbar region
319.18    — By the drope in his groin, Ali Slupa, thinks the cappon,
319.18+VI.B.45.105g (o): 'Ali, nephew'
319.18+Holland: The Story of Mohammed 47: 'Ali, the son of Abu Talib, Mohammed's kind protector' (and his uncle)
319.18+Ally Sloper: character in Victorian comics
319.18+Italian Slang cappone: sexually impotent
319.19plumbing his liners, we were heretofore.
319.19+(plumbing depth of sea)
319.19+liner (ship)
319.19+here before
319.20    — And be the coop of his gobbos, Reacher the Thaurd, thinks
319.20+phrase cut of his jib
319.20+Italian gobbo: hunchback
319.20+Richard the Third (hunchback; William Shakespeare: King Richard III)
319.20+VI.B.45.108d (o): 'Mt Thaur'
319.20+Holland: The Story of Mohammed 81: (of Mohammed and his companions) 'they arrived at the foot of Mount Thaur, a high mountain an hour and a half's journey from Meccah'
319.21your girth fatter, apopo of his buckseaseilers, but where's Horace's
319.21+Norwegian fatter: 'governor', 'old man'
319.21+Apophis: the Greek name of Apep, an Egyptian demon-god
319.21+German Popo: buttocks
319.21+Slang buckshee: something free, extra, or to spare (also, as an adjective)
319.21+Norwegian buxe: trousers
319.21+back seat
319.21+Norwegian seiler: sailor
319.21+Norwegian hora: the whore
319.21+Horus: Egyptian god (who fought with Apophis)
319.22courtin troopsers?
319.22+courting troopers
319.22+Motif: Coat and trousers
319.23    — I put hem behind the oasthouse, sagd Pukkelsen, tuning
319.23+Motif: And They Put/Piled Him Behind in/on the Fire/Pyre/Oasthouse/Outhouse
319.23+Archaic hem: them
319.23+oasthouse: building for drying hops
319.23+Pukkelsen [316.01]
319.23+turning round
319.23+tuning (radio)
319.24wound on the teller, appeased to the cue, that double dyode
319.24+Motif: P/Q
319.24+Motif: Dear Dirty Dublin
319.24+double diode valve (radio)
319.24+Congreve: The Double Dealer
319.25dealered, and he's wallowing awash swill of the Tarra water. And
319.25+Tara: ancient capital of Ireland
319.25+Berkeley valued tar water as medicine
319.26it marinned down his gargantast trombsathletic like the marousers of
319.26+German rinnt: flows, trickles
319.26+Portuguese garganta: throat
319.26+Rabelais: Gargantua
319.26+Italian tromba: trumpet, elephant's trunk
319.26+Italian maroso: wave
319.27the gulpstroom. The kersse of Wolafs on him, shitateyar, he sagd in
319.27+Dutch gulp: trouser fly
319.27+Dutch Golfstroom: Gulf Stream
319.27+curse of Olaf
319.27+Anglo-Irish phrase the curse of Oliver Cromwell (imprecation)
319.27+Japanese shitateya: tailor
319.28the fornicular, and, at weare or not at weare, I'm sigen no stretcher,
319.28+Latin fornix: arch, vault; brothel
319.28+Danish at väre: to be (William Shakespeare: Hamlet)
319.28+Dutch 't ware: the truth
319.28+I'm telling no
319.28+Norwegian sige: say; settle, sag; drop
319.28+Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 26: 'stretchers' (lies)
319.29for I carsed his murhersson goat in trotthers with them newbuckle-
319.29+Norwegian murer: mason
319.29+song McPherson's Goat
319.29+Motif: goat/sheep [.32]
319.29+Motif: Coat and trousers
319.29+cotton trousers
319.29+new buckles and nooses
319.29+Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel)
319.29+Slang buckle: to marry
319.30noosers behigh in the fire behame in the oasthouse. Hops! sagd he.
319.30+Slang noose: to marry
319.30+Motif: And They Put/Piled Him Behind in/on the Fire/Pyre/Oasthouse/Outhouse
319.30+oasthouse: building for drying hops
319.30+German hops: hola!
319.31    — Smoke and coke choke! lauffed till the tear trickled drown a
319.31+German läuft: runs
319.32thigh the loafers all but a sheep's whosepants that swished to the
319.32+ship's husband
319.33lord he hadn't and the starer his story was talled to who felt that,
319.34the fierifornax being thurst on him motophosically, as Omar
319.34+VI.B.45.109a (o): 'fieryfurnax'
319.34+Holland: The Story of Mohammed 85: 'It was the hottest time of the year, when the desert is like a fiery furnace, and the glare intolerable'
319.34+Latin fieri: to be made
319.34+Latin fornax: furnace
319.34+VI.B.45.106c (o): 'Omar (giant)'
319.34+Holland: The Story of Mohammed 55: 'Mohammed's enemy, Abu Jahl, had a nephew called Omar... He was of gigantic height'
319.34+Omar Khayyam [318.17]
319.35sometime notes, such a satuation, debauchly to be watched for,
319.35+William Shakespeare: Hamlet III.1.63: 'a consummation devoutly to be wish'd' [.07]
319.36would empty dempty him down to the ground.
319.36+nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty
319.36+Norwegian dæmpe: damp down, soften

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