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321.01had, like the pervious oelkenner done, liquorally no more powers
321.01+Norwegian ölkjenner: aleconner, inpector of ale [319.04]
321.01+Anglo-Irish phrase more power to your elbow! (encouragement)
321.01+Power's Irish whiskey
321.02to their elbow. Ignorinsers' bliss, therefore, their not to say rifle
321.02+Thomas Gray: Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College: 'Where ignorance is bliss 'Tis folly to be wise'
321.02+Alfred Lord Tennyson: The Charge of the Light Brigade ii: 'Their's not to reason why'
321.03butt target, none too wisefolly, poor fish, (he is eating, he is spun,
321.03+Motif: 4-stage Viconian cycle (?)
321.04is milked, he dives) upholding a lampthorne of lawstift as wand
321.04+(Motif: lactating male)
321.04+Norwegian stift: pin, tack; bishopric
321.04+German Stift: pin, peg, tack; crayon, pencil, stylus; seminar, foundation, diocese, convent
321.05of welcome to all men in bonafay, (and the corollas he so has
321.05+bonafide: pub allowed, under Irish law, to open for extended hours, to serve alcohol to 'bona fide' travellers
321.05+corolla: the petals of a flower, collectively
321.06saved gainsts the virus he has thus injected!) discoastedself to that
321.06+some plant viruses transmitted by injection by feeding insects
321.07kipsie point of its Dublin bar there, breaking and entering, from the
321.07+Downing: Digger Dialects 31: 'KIPPSIE — Lean-to; shelter; house; dngout' (World War I Slang)
321.07+Dublin Bar at mouth of Liffey
321.08outback's dead heart, Glasthule Bourne or Boehernapark Nolagh,
321.08+outback (Australian bush)
321.08+Glasthule: district of Dún Laoghaire
321.08+Gladstone [334.06-.07] [334.13-.14]
321.08+Motif: Browne/Nolan
321.08+Irish Bóthar na páirc: park road
321.08+Bonaparte [334.09.10] [334.14]
321.09by wattsismade or bianconi, astraylians in island, a wellknown
321.09+(by rail or road)
321.09+James Watt greatly improved the design of the steam engine
321.09+what's his name
321.09+Anglo-Irish bianconi: stage coach (after Charles Bianconi, an Italian who became the greatest Irish mailcoach owner of early 19th century, using long carriages drawn by four horses)
321.09+Australians in Ireland
321.10tall hat blown in between houses by a nightcap of that silk or it
321.11might be a black velvet and a kiber galler dragging his hunker,
321.11+black velvet: stout and champagne cocktail
321.11+kibe: an ulcerated inflammation resulting from exposure to cold, especially on the heel
321.11+William Shakespeare: Hamlet V.1.130-132: 'the age is grown so picked that the toe of the peasant comes so near the heel of the courtier he galls his kibe'
321.11+Motif: Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native) [.12]
321.11+Norwegian galler: Gaul
321.12were signalling gael warnings towards Wazwollenzee Haven to
321.12+Norwegian gal: wrond; mad
321.12+German Was wollen Sie haben?: What do you want?
321.12+Walensee: lake, east of Zurich
321.12+Dutch zee: sea
321.12+Norwegian haven: garden
321.12+Dutch haven: harbour
321.13give them their beerings, east circular route or elegant central
321.13+Bering Sea
321.13+North Circular Road and South Circular Road, Dublin
321.13+ECH (Motif: HCE)
321.14highway. Open, 'tis luck will have it! Lifeboat Alloe, Noeman's
321.14+(pub is open)
321.14+Longfellow: The Wreck of the Hesperus: 'the reef of Norman's Woe' (tells of a ship wrecked upon a rocky headland on the coast of Massachusetts, called 'Norman's Woe', as a result of the captain's pride)
321.14+Norwegian nordmann: Norwegian
321.15Woe, Hircups Emptybolly! With winkles whelks and cocklesent
321.15+Slang wrinkle bellied whore: one who has had a number of bastards (from child-bearing wrinkles on a woman's belly)
321.15+Here Comes Everybody, HCE (Motif: HCE)
321.15+nursery rhyme Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary: 'With silver bells and cockle shells'
321.16jelks. Let be buttercup eve lit by night in the Phoenix! Music.
321.16+Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard: 'the Phœnix' (a pub in Chapelizod; mentioned more than 50 times, including on the first page)
321.17And old lotts have funn at Flammagen's ball. Till Irinwakes from
321.17+North Lotts Street and South Lotts Road, Dublin
321.17+song Finnegan's Wake, chorus: 'Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake'
321.17+Norwegian funn: discovery, find
321.17+Norwegian flamme: flame
321.17+song Lannigan's Ball
321.17+till Erin wakes
321.18Slumber Deep. How they succeeded by courting daylight in
321.18+song The West's Awake: 'slumber deep'
321.19saving darkness he who loves will see.
321.20     Business. His bestness. Copeman helpen.
321.20+proverb Business is business
321.20+Dutch koopman: merchant
321.20+Dutch helpen: to help
321.21     Contrescene.
321.21+(scene at pub corner)
321.22     He cupped his years to catch me's to you in what's yours as
321.22+HCE (Motif: HCE)
321.22+what's yours? (invitation to drink)
321.23minest to hissent, giel as gail, geil as gaul, Odorozone, now our-
321.23+VI.B.46.089h (r): 'giel (hâte)' (Armenian djeb: haste)
321.23+Motif: Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native)
321.23+French Slang gail: racehorse
321.23+Armenian kayl: wolf
321.23+Dutch geil: lascivious
321.23+German Gaul: horse, nag
321.23+Armenian odaradzin: stranger
321.23+our menial servant
321.24menial servent, blanding rum, milk and toddy with I hand it
321.24+Norwegian blande, blanding: mix, mixture
321.24+rum-toddy: beverage composed of rum, hot water and sugar
321.24+Motif: Tom, Dick and Harry
321.25to you. Saying whiches, see his bow on the hapence, with a pat-
321.25+Norwegian pattedyr: mammal
321.25+song The Wearing of the Green: 'Paddy dear and did you hear'
321.26tedyr but digit here, he scooped the hens, hounds and horses
321.26+Latin digitatus: finger
321.26+animals on Irish coins (introduced in 1928): hen (penny), hound (sixpence), horse (halfcrown), rabbit (threepenny bit), sow (halfpenny)
321.27biddy by bunny, with an arc of his covethand, saved from the
321.27+(Noah put animals in ark)
321.27+Ark of the Covenant
321.28drohnings they might oncounter, untill his cubid long, to hide in
321.28+German dröhnen: to roar, to resound
321.28+German Drohung: threat
321.28+Norwegian dronning: queen
321.28+cubit: forearm
321.28+Genesis 6:15: 'The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits'
321.28+high and dry
321.29dry. Aside. Your sows tin the topple, dodgers, trink me dregs!
321.29+song Finnegan's Wake 5: 'Your souls to the devil, did ye think I'm dead' [317.03]
321.29+Slang dodger: dram of liquor
321.29+German trink: drink
321.30+Dutch zoet: sweet
321.30+French zut! (expletive)
321.30+(shut till)
321.31     And with the gust of a spring alice the fossickers and swaggelers
321.31+Alice Springs: town, Australia
321.31+Norwegian fos: waterfall
321.31+Australian Slang fossicker: gold prospector (also, any fussy searcher)
321.31+Australian Slang swagman: itinerant, tramp, hobo
321.32with him on the hoof from down under piked forth desert roses in
321.32+'down under': Australia
321.33that mulligar scrub.
321.33+Australian Slang mulligrubs: colic, depression, low spirits
321.33+Mullingar: town, County Westmeath
321.33+Mullingar Inn, Chapelizod
321.33+mulga: an Australian tree; hence, a pejorative term for the outback
321.34     Reenter Ashe Junior. Peiwei toptip, nankeen pontdelounges.
321.34+{{Synopsis: II.3.1C.J: [321.34-323.24]: the tailor returns from the races in his white hat and bad temper — he claims the captain to be impossible to fit}}
321.34+(the tailor [311.24])
321.34+Gideon was son of Joash [311.24] [328.04]
321.34+Chinese pei-wei: kerchief (Motif: kerchief or handkerchief)
321.34+the Pei-wei dynasty was a Hun one; Nanking was the capital of several Han ones
321.34+nankeen: Chinese cotton
321.35Gives fair day. Cheroot. Cheevio!
321.35+Serbo-Croatian zhivio: prosit!
321.36     Off.
321.36+(hat off)

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