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331.01poppa the gun? Pointing up to skyless heaven like the spoon out
331.01+Norwegian sky: cloud
331.01+(tea so strong that spoon stands upright in it)
331.02of sergeantmajor's tay. Which was the worst of them phaymix
331.02+Slang sergeant major: strong tea
331.02+Anglo-Irish tay: tea
331.02+Motif: O felix culpa! (Exsultet)
331.02+famous couplets
331.03cupplerts? He's herd of hoarding and her faiths is altared. Becom-
331.03+hard of hearing (i.e. deaf)
331.03+phrase the case is altered
331.03+coming and going
331.04ing ungoing, their seeming sames for though that liamstone
331.04+Irish lia: stone
331.04+Motif: tree/stone [.05]
331.05deaf do his part there's a windtreetop whipples the damp off the
331.05+marriage ceremony: 'till death do us part'
331.05+Anglo-Irish phrase top of the morning
331.06mourning. But tellusit allasif wellasits end. And the lunger it
331.06+Latin tellus: earth
331.06+tell us it all as if
331.06+Colloquial lunger: a person suffering from a lung disease (especially, tuberculosis)
331.06+Norwegian lunger: lungs
331.07takes the swooner they tumble two. He knows he's just thrilling
331.07+tumble to (it)
331.08and she's sure she'd squeam. The threelegged man and the tulip-
331.08+the national symbol of the Isle of Man is the triskelion, three bent legs radiating from a common centre
331.08+(Sphinx's riddle [499.16])
331.08+(*VYC* and *IJ*)
331.08+two-lipped druidess
331.09pied dewydress. Lludd hillmythey, we're brimming to hear! The
331.09+Ludd founded London
331.09+Lord almighty!
331.09+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ... hear! The...} | {Png: ... hear. The...}
331.10durst he did and the first she ever? Peganeen Bushe, this isn't the
331.10+German Durst: thirst
331.10+Anglo-Irish -een (diminutive)
331.11polkar, catch as you cancan when high land fling! And you Tim
331.11+Highland Fling
331.11+Motif: Tom/Tim
331.11+song Finnegan's Wake 5: 'Then Micky Maloney raised his head' (or 'Tim Maloney')
331.12Tommy Melooney, I'll tittle your barents if you stick that pigpin
331.12+Thom Malone [215.33]
331.12+tell your parents
331.12+Norwegian bar: naked
331.12+bare end
331.12+Norwegian barnet: the child
331.12+big pin (i.e. penis)
331.13upinto meh!
331.13+up into me
331.14     So in the names of the balder and of the sol and of the holli-
331.14+'In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost' (blessing)
331.14+Balder: Norse god killed by mistletoe
331.14+Norwegian sol: sun
331.15chrost, ogsowearit, trisexnone, and by way of letting the aandt
331.15+Norwegian og saa videre: and so on
331.15+Latin tri-: three-
331.15+Latin sex: six
331.15+Latin nonus: ninth
331.15+Norwegian aand: spirit
331.15+Norwegian ondt: hard, ill, wickedly, evil
331.15+Motif: Ondt/Gracehoper
331.16out of her grosskropper and leading the mokes home by their
331.16+Old Norse grosskorper: big bodies
331.16+Slang moke: ass
331.16+Motif: Mookse/Gripes
331.17gribes, whoopsabout a plabbaside of plobbicides, alamam alemon,
331.17+Hebrew ribh: dispute
331.17+what about
331.17+Motif: A/O
331.17+Motif: A/O
331.17+Spanish aléman: German
331.17+French Allemagne: Germany
331.18poison kerls, on this mounden of Delude, and in the high places
331.18+boys and girls
331.18+German Kerl: guy
331.18+mound, mountain
331.18+Mount of God: Mount Horeb (part of Mount Sinai)
331.18+Deluge (Mount Ararat)
331.18+I Kings 3:4, I Chronicles 21:29: 'high place' (Gibeon)
331.19of Delude of Isreal, which is Haraharem and the diublin's owld
331.19+The Lord of Israel
331.19+Hebrew har, harim: mountain, mountains
331.19+Haram: enclosed area of Jerusalem including site of Temple
331.19+Dublin's old mound
331.19+VI.C.4.028c (o): === VI.B.5.001a ( ): 'owldeed'
331.19+Crawford: Thinking Black 337: (of a dirge uttered by African cannibals) 'a dirge of exhumation, a curiously perverse song like the perversity of their "owl-deed" (sic)'
331.20mounden over against Vikens, from your tarns, thwaites and
331.20+Norwegian munden: the mouth
331.20+Norwegian Viken: old name for the Oslo Fjord (literally 'the creek')
331.20+tarn: mountain lake
331.20+thwaite: piece of land
331.21thorpes, withes, tofts and fosses, fells, haughs and shaws, lunds,
331.21+Archaic thorpe: village
331.21+withe: willow
331.21+toft: homestead
331.21+Norwegian fos: waterfall
331.21+Latin fosse: ditch
331.21+fell: hill
331.21+Norwegian fjell: mountains
331.21+Norwegian haug: hill, knoll
331.21+haugh: piece of flat land by river
331.21+shaw: thicket
331.21+Norwegian lund: grove
331.22garths and dales, mensuring the megnominous as so will is the
331.22+garth: piece of enclosed ground
331.22+dale: valley
331.22+(*E* and *A*) [.22-.28]
331.22+measuring the magnanimous
331.22+phrase survival of the fittest
331.22+well as
331.23littleyest, the myrioheartzed with toroidal coil, eira area round
331.23+James Joyce: Ulysses.9.768: 'myriadminded' (of Shakespeare; from Samuel Taylor Coleridge: other works: Biographia Literaria)
331.23+Herzian waves: a class of ether waves
331.23+toroidal coil: electrical transformer
331.23+Greek toroeides: drill-shaped
331.23+Eira: part of central Helsinki [.24]
331.23+Irish Éire: Ireland
331.24wantanajocky, fin above wave after duckydowndivvy, trader arm
331.24+Vantaanjoki river (flows through Helsinki) [.23]
331.24+(shark after diving)
331.24+song Daffydowndilly
331.25aslung beauty belt, the formor velican and nana karlikeevna,
331.25+Fomorians: mythical Irish invaders
331.25+Norwegian farmor: paternal grandmother
331.25+Russian velikan: giant
331.25+Nana: the Sumerian Aphrodite (wore a 'beauty belt')
331.25+Italian nano: dwarf
331.25+Tolstoy: Anna Karenina
331.25+Norwegian kar: man, chap
331.25+Russian karlik: dwarf
331.25+Norwegian lik: like; corpse
331.25+Russian -evna: daughter of
331.25+Norwegian Eva: Eve
331.26sommerlad and cinderenda, Valtivar and Viv, how Big Bil Brine
331.26+Norwegian sommer: German Sommer: summer
331.26+Somerled: Norse king of Argyll and Hebrides
331.26+pantomime Cinderella
331.26+Old Norse Val-tívar: gods of the slain
331.26+Norwegian viv: wife (poetical)
331.26+Norwegian bil: car, automobile
331.26+Brian Boru
331.27Borumoter first took his gage at lil lolly lavvander waader since
331.27+(the wading girl in James Joyce: A Portrait IV)
331.27+Norwegian lavvande: low water
331.27+lavender water
331.27+Norwegian vaade: danger
331.28when capriole legs covets limbs of a crane and was it the twylyd
331.28+Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, ch. 86: 'the capriole-legged old mahogany table'
331.29or the mounth of the yare or the feint of her smell made the seo-
331.29+mouth of the Yare (river)
331.29+month of the year
331.30men assalt of her (in imageascene all: whimwhim whimwhim).
331.30+Motif: By the Magazine Wall, zinzin, zinzin
331.31To the laetification of disgeneration by neuhumorisation of our
331.31+Motif: -ation (*O*; 4 times) [.31-.32]
331.31+Latin laetificus: gladdening
331.31+German neu: new
331.31+euhemerism: method of interpretation which derives myths from real events
331.32kristianiasation. As the last liar in the earth begeylywayled the
331.32+Kristiania: Oslo (name used in Ibsen's time)
331.32+first liar: the devil
331.32+Norwegian begjærlig: desirous
331.33first lady of the forest. Though Toot's pardoosled sauve l'hum-
331.33+'Tout est perdu fors l'honneur' (erroneously cited as François I after being captured in 1525)
331.33+French sauf: except for
331.34mour! For the joy of the dew on the flower of the fleets on the
331.34+song The Wild Man from Borneo: 'The flea on the hair of the tail of the dog of the nurse of the child of the wife of the wild man from Borneo has just come to town'
331.34+dew, floor, fleece (Judges 6:37 (Gideon))
331.35fields of the foam of the waves of the seas of the wild main from
331.36Borneholm has jest come to crown.
331.36+Bornholm: Danish island in the Baltic Sea

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