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333.01     Why, wonder of wenchalows, what o szeszame open, v doer s t
333.01+Wenceslaus: name of several dukes and kings of Bohemia (in Czechoslovakia)
333.01+Hungarian szesz: alcohol, spirit
333.01+pantomime Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: 'Open Sesame!'
333.01+(door opening)
333.01+Czech v: in
333.01+the door is it
333.01+Czech s: with
333.02doing? V door s being. But how theng thingajarry miens but this
333.02+the door is
333.02+(what does this mean?)
333.02+the thing
333.02+Motif: Tom, Dick and Harry
333.03being becoming n z doer? K? An o. It is ne not him what foots
333.03+in the door
333.03+Czech nazdar: hello; how are you?
333.03+Czech z: out of
333.03+Czech k: to, towards
333.03+Czech ano: yes
333.03+Czech ne: no
333.03+phrase fits like a glove: fits perfectly
333.04like a glove, shoehandschiner Pad Podomkin. Sooftly, anni
333.04+German Handschuh: glove
333.04+Prince Potemkin: lover of Catherine the Great
333.04+Czech podomek: manservant
333.04+Czech ani slovo: hush!, softly, not a word
333.05slavey, szszuszchee is slowjaneska.
333.05+Colloquial slavey: hard-worked female domestic servant, maid of all work
333.05+Polish szczochy: piss
333.05+Polish Słowianie: Slavs
333.06     The aged crafty nummifeed confusionary overinsured ever-
333.06+Latin nummi: coins, money
333.07lapsing accentuated katekattershin clopped, clopped, clopped,
333.07+LAP (Motif: ALP)
333.07+(having an accent)
333.07+Czech Katerina: Catherine
333.08darsey dobrey, back and along the danzing corridor, as she was
333.08+Czech darí dobre: keeping well
333.08+the Danzig Corridor gave Poland access to Danzig and the Baltic Sea after World War I
333.08+nursery rhyme As I Was Going to Saint Ives
333.09going to pimpim him, way boy wally, not without her comple-
333.09+Czech vybojovaly: they won the battle
333.09+song My Boy Willie
333.10ment of cavarnan men, between the two deathdealing allied
333.10+Czech kavárna: coffeehouse, coffee restaurant
333.11divisions and the lines of readypresent fire of the corkedagains up-
333.11+'ready!, present!, fire!' (military commands)
333.11+Corsican Upstart (Napoleon)
333.12stored, taken in giving the saloot, band your hands going in, bind
333.12+[008.09] [010.22-.23]
333.13your heads coming out, and remoltked to herselp in her serf's
333.13+remarked to herself
333.13+von Moltke: Prussian field marshal
333.13+Irish Sinn Féin, Sinn Féin Amháin: Ourselves, Ourselves Alone (Irish nationalist slogan; Motif: Sinn Féin)
333.14alown, a weerpovy willowy dreevy drawly and the patter of so
333.14+Czech vrbovy: willowy
333.14+Czech dríví: wood, timber
333.14+Latin pater familias: father of a family
333.15familiars, farabroads and behomeans, as she shure sknows, boof
333.15+Dutch boef: criminal
333.15+Czech baf: puff
333.16for a booby, boo: new uses in their mewseyfume. The jammesons
333.16+Slang bobby: policeman
333.16+now you're in the museum [008.09]
333.16+[.16-.18] [008.33-.34]
333.16+Jameson's whiskey
333.16+Motif: Shem/Shaun [.17]
333.17is a cook in his hair. And the juinnesses is a rapin his hind. And
333.17+dove's coo (Motif: dove/raven)
333.17+French jeunesse: youth
333.17+Shaun [.16]
333.18the Bullingdong caught the wind up. Dip.
333.18+Motif: Tip
333.19     And the message she braught belaw from the missus she
333.20bragged abouve that had her agony stays outsize her sari chemise,
333.20+John Milton: other works: Samson Agonistes
333.20+sari: dress worn by Hindu women
333.20+French chemise: shirt
333.21blancking her shifts for to keep up the fascion since the king of
333.21+shirts (several Fascist movements identified by the colour of their shirts)
333.21+Italian fascio: bundle (from which Fascism derives its name)
333.22all dronnings kissed her beeswixed hand, fang (pierce me, hunky,
333.22+Danish dronning: queen
333.22+Nelson: 'Kiss me, Hardy'
333.23I'm full of meunders!), her fize like a tubtail of mondayne
333.23+Colloquial phiz: countenance, face, expression
333.23+Swift: A Tale of a Tub
333.23+Monday (washday)
333.24clothes, fed to the chaps with working medicals and her birthright
333.24+fed up to the chops
333.24+(menstruation pains)
333.25pang that would split an atam like the forty pins in her hood, was
333.25+(forty bonnets) [020.28]
333.26to fader huncher a howdydowdy, to mountainy mots in her
333.26+Danish fader: father
333.26+German Vaterunser: Our Father, Lord's Prayer
333.26+Jules Michelet: Discours sur la système et la vie de Vico: 'les hommes habitent d'abord les montagnes, ensuite les plaines, enfin le rivages. Les idées et les perfectionnements du langage ont dû suivre cet ordre' (French 'men first inhabited the mountains, after that the plains, finally the coasts. Ideas and the development of language must have followed this order')
333.26+Dublin Slang mot: girl
333.26+French mots: words
333.27amnest plein language, from his fain a wan, his hot and tot lass,
333.27+APL (Motif: ALP)
333.27+Archaic amnesty: forgetfulness
333.27+Latin amnis: river
333.27+Irish Sinn Féin Amháin: Ourselves Alone (Irish nationalist slogan; Motif: Sinn Féin)
333.27+Dublin Slang wan: girl (literally 'one')
333.28to pierce his ropeloop ear, how, Podushka be prayhasd, now the
333.28+leap year
333.28+Polish poduszka: Czech poduska: pillow, cushion, oreiller (literally 'ear-pillow', 'under the ears')
333.28+Czech Praha: Prague
333.28+song Cock Robin: 'The birds of the air were a-sighing and a-sobbing'
333.29sowns of his loins were awinking and waking and his dorter of
333.29+Obsolete dorter: dormitory
333.30the hush lillabilla lullaby (lead us not into reformication with the
333.30+(lulled to sleep)
333.30+Lord's Prayer: 'lead us not into temptation'
333.30+Latin formica: ant
333.31poors in your thingdom of gory, O moan!), once after males,
333.31+Lord's Prayer, doxology: 'For yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory... Amen'
333.31+Thingmote: Viking parliament in Dublin (on mound)
333.31+Gorey, town, County Wexford
333.31+Russian gora: mountain
333.31+Russian gore: sorrow
333.31+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation males: meals
333.32nonce at a time, with them Murphy's puffs she dursted with
333.32+Slang murphy: potato
333.32+puff: a kind of very light pastry
333.32+dusted with nutmeg
333.33gnockmeggs and the bramborry cake for dour dorty dompling
333.33+gnocchi: small dumplings often made from potatoes, flour and eggs
333.33+Czech brambory: potatoes
333.33+Obsolete bramberry: German Brombeere: blackberry
333.33+Motif: Dear Dirty Dublin
333.33+Czech dorty: cakes
333.33+Dublin Bay
333.34obayre Mattom Beetom and epsut the pfot and if he was whishtful
333.34+Irish obaire: work, labour
333.34+Mrs Beeton's cookery book
333.34+Hatshepsut: famous female Pharaoh (ca. 1500 BC; daughter of Tuthmosis I, married her half-brother Tuthmosis II; erected the temple of Karnak; depicted in typical Pharaonic fashion, including male garments and a beard)
333.34+upset the pot
333.34+German Pfote: paw
333.34+Anglo-Irish whist!: silence!
333.35to licture her caudal with chesty chach from his dauberg den
333.35+lictor: Roman officer executing judgements on offenders (carried fasces)
333.35+James Joyce: Ulysses.9.238: 'caudlelectures'
333.35+caudal: of the tail
333.35+Mrs Caudle's curtain lectures in Punch, 1845
333.35+Czech chesty: frequent
333.35+Irish cac: excrement
333.35+Irish cach: everybody
333.35+Czech dobry den: good day
333.36and noviny news from Naul or toplots talks from morrienbaths
333.36+Czech noviny: newspaper, news
333.36+William Morris: News from Nowhere (describes a socialist utopia)
333.36+Naul, village, County Dublin
333.36+Töplitz and Marienbad: Bohemian spa resorts
333.36+Merrion Baths, Dublin

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