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342.01     somedever morally absent, was slooching about in his knavish
342.01+in Ireland, worshippers outside a full church during Mass are considered morally present though physically absent
342.01+knave of diamonds (Cluster: Cards)
342.02     diamonds asking Gmax, Knox and the Dmuggies (a pinnance for
342.02+Mick, Nick and the Maggies (Motif: Mick/Nick) [219.19]
342.02+phrase a penny for your thoughts
342.02+penance (confession)
342.03     your toughts, turffers!) to deck the ace of duds. Tomtinker Tim,
342.03+(to cover)
342.03+(deck of cards) (Cluster: Cards)
342.03+ace of clubs (Cluster: Cards)
342.03+Motif: Tom/Tim
342.04     howbeit, his unremitting retainer, (the seers are the seers of
342.04+Genesis 27:22: 'The voice is Jacob's voice but the hands are the hands of Esau'
342.04+Motif: ear/eye (see, hear)
342.05     Samael but the heers are the heers of Timoth) is in Boozer's
342.05+in Jewish folklore Sammael is God's enemy
342.05+(Sam and Tim)
342.05+Dutch heer: lord
342.05+Dutch de Booze: the Devil
342.05+Boozer's Gloom: race horse, ran fequently in 1930s
342.06     Gloom, soalken steady in his sulken tents. Baldawl the curse,
342.06+Baldoyle: district of Dublin, has racecourse
342.07     baledale the day! And the frocks of shick sheeples in their shum-
342.07+frocks of chic people
342.07+clocks of six steeples
342.08     mering insamples! You see: a chiefsmith, semperal scandal
342.08+French ensemble: together; whole
342.08+Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn 36: 'Lochan, a chief-smith'
342.08+Latin semper: always
342.08+several candlestickmakers
342.09     stinkmakers, a middinest from the Casabianca and, of course,
342.09+French midinette: young dressmaker or milliner
342.09+middle east
342.09+Mrs Felicia Dorothea Hemans: Casabianca (appears in Bell's Elocutionist)
342.09+Italian casa bianca: white house
342.09+World War I Slang Casabianca: the last one
342.10     Mr Fry. Barass! Pardon the inquisition, causas es quostas? It
342.10+Mr Fry [413.35]
342.10+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Mr Fry...} | {Png: ...Mr. Fry...}
342.10+Spanish Inquisition
342.10+Spanish causas es quo stas: you are the cause; where do you stand?
342.10+Italian cosa è questa?: what is this?
342.10+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'It' on .10} | {Png: 'It' on .11}
342.11     is Da Valorem's Dominical Brayers. Why coif that weird hood?
342.11+De Valera
342.11+Latin ad valorem: according to value
342.11+Dominican Brothers
342.11+Moore and Burgess Minstrels used the catch-phrase 'take off that white hat!' (Motif: White hat)
342.11+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'hood?' on .11} | {Png: 'hood?' on .12}
342.12     Because among nosoever circusdances is to be apprehended the
342.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'the' on .12} | {Png: 'the' on .13}
342.13     dustungwashed poltronage of the lost Gabbarnaur-Jaggarnath.
342.13+distinguished patronage of the last governor-general (of Ireland, i.e. Donald Buckley, 1932)
342.13+unwashed poltroon
342.13+Juggernaut: an idol of Krishna drawn on a huge cart under whose wheels fanatic devotees were said to have thrown themselves to be crushed; hence, a symbol for blind devotion or unstoppable force (from Sanskrit jagannatha: Lord of the World, an epithet of Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu)
342.13+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'Jaggarnath' on .13} | {Png: 'Jaggar-' on .13, 'nath' on .14}
342.14     Pamjab! Gross Jumpiter, whud was thud? Luckluckluckluck-
342.14+French gros: fat, big, stout
342.14+German groß: great
342.14+Great Jupiter, what was that
342.14+(seven, lucky number)
342.14+Variants: {FnF, Vkg: 'Luckluckluckluck-' on .14, 'luckluckluck!' on .15} | {Png: 'Luckluckluck-' on .14, 'luckluckluckluck!' on .15}
342.15     luckluckluck! It is the Thousand to One Guinea-Gooseberry's
342.15+The Thousand Guineas (horse race)
342.15+Slang guinea to a gooseberry: long odds
342.16     Lipperfull Slipver Cup. Hold hard, ridesiddle titelittle Pitsy
342.16+Liverpool Summer Cup (horse race)
342.16+proverb There is many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip
342.16+song Right Little, Tight Little Island
342.16+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Oh! Had We Some Bright Little Isle of Our Own [air: Sheela na Guira]
342.16+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
342.17     Riley! Gurragrunch, gurragrunch! They are at the turn of the
342.17+Town of the Ford of the Hurdles: Dublin
342.18     fourth of the hurdles. By the hross of Xristos, Holophullopopu-
342.18+German Ross: steed
342.18+cross of Christ
342.18+Greek 'X' = Latin 'Ch'
342.18+HCE (Motif: HCE)
342.18+Greek holophulos: entire
342.18+Heliopolis: the Greek name of a city in ancient Egypt (literally 'City of the Sun'), where according to legend the old phoenix would burn itself to allow a new one to rise from its ashes
342.18+all the populace
342.19     lace is a shote of excramation! Bumchub! Emancipator, the
342.19+shout of exclamation
342.19+E...CH (Motif: HCE)
342.19+Emancipator: race horse, born 1927
342.20     Creman hunter (Major Hermyn C. Entwhistle) with dramatic
342.20+Major X: race horse
342.20+HCE (Motif: HCE)
342.21     effect reproducing the form of famous sires on the scene of the
342.22     formers triumphs, is showing the eagle's way to Mr Whayte-
342.22+(exposing his behind)
342.22+Eagle's Way: race horse, born 1919
342.22+Proverbs 30:19: 'The way of an eagle in the air... and the way of a man with a maid'
342.22+Motif: White hat (Finn)
342.23     hayte's three buy geldings Homo Made Ink, Bailey Beacon
342.23+bay: (of a horse) reddish-brown
342.23+(*VYC* and *IJ*)
342.23+Dutch geld: money
342.23+gelding: castrated horse
342.23+(ink made by Shem [185.26])
342.23+Bailey Lighthouse, Howth
342.24     and Ratatuohy while Furstin II and The Other Girl (Mrs
342.24+French ratatouille: a type of vegetable stew
342.24+Patrick Tuohy: an Irish painter who painted both James Joyce's and John Joyce's portraits in the 1920s (Joyce also knew his father, who was a famous Dublin surgeon)
342.24+German Fürstin: princess
342.24+Faustin: race horse
342.24+first and second
342.25     'Boss' Waters, Leavybrink) too early spring dabbles, are showing
342.25+Spring Double: the Lincolnshire Handicap and the Grand National Steeplechase
342.26     a clean pairofhids to Immensipater. Sinkathinks to oppen here!
342.26+emancipator [.19]
342.26+Latin pater: father
342.26+such a thing to happen here!
342.26+open air
342.27     To this virgin's tuft, on this golden of evens! I never sought of
342.27+Garden of Eden
342.27+thought of
342.28     sinkathink. Our lorkmakor he is proformly annuysed. He is
342.28+such a thing
342.28+Lord-Mayor [.28]
342.28+lock maker
342.28+Latin pro forma: as a matter of form
342.28+French ennui: boredom; nuisance
342.29     shinkly thinkly shaking in his schayns. Sat will be off follteedee.
342.29+Lord-Mayor of Dublin's golden chain of office [.29]
342.29+that will be all for today
342.30     This eeridreme has being effered you by Bett and Tipp. Tipp and
342.30+Greek dromos: race-course
342.30+been offered
342.30+Motif: Butt/Taff
342.31     Bett, our swapstick quackchancers, in From Topphole to Bot-
342.31+quick-change (artistes)
342.31+Slang top-hole: superb
342.31+Motif: Butt/Taff
342.32     tom of The Irish Race and World.]
342.33     TAFF (awary that the first sports report of Loundin Reginald
342.33+{{Synopsis: II.3.4.D: [342.33-343.36]: the Crimean battle is raging — Butt describes his sighting of the General}}
342.33+B.B.C. London Regional (racing radio programme) [343.03]
342.34has now been afterthoughtfully colliberated by a saggind spurts
342.34+second sports flash
342.35flash, takes the dipperend direction and, for tasing the tiomor of
342.35+Big Dipper: Ursa Major
342.35+Shelta tasi: to read
342.35+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation tasing: teasing
342.35+taking the time of day
342.35+Irish tiomar: bequest
342.35+Timor: island in the Malay archipelago
342.35+Latin timor: fear
342.35+Malay timor: East [343.01]

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