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345.01then the way I immingled my Irmenial hairmaierians ammon-
345.01+Archaic immingled: mingled
345.01+Armenian hayrmer: Our Father, Lord's Prayer
345.01+Hail Maries
345.01+Armenian air: man
345.01+Armenian mayr: mother
345.02gled his Gospolis fomiliours till, achaura moucreas, I adn't the
345.02+Russian Gospodi pomiluy: Greek Kyrie eleison: Lord have mercy
345.02+Gospel (part of Mass)
345.02+Irish a chara mo chroidhe: my friend of my heart (vocative)
345.02+Armenian dkhour: sad, morose
345.02+I hadn't the heart to (shoot him)
345.03arts to.
345.04     TAFF (as a marrer off act, prepensing how such waldmanns from
345.04+Dublin Pronunciation marrer: matter
345.04+matter of fact
345.04+French penser: think
345.04+German Waldmann: forester, satyr
345.04+song The Wild Man from Borneo: 'The wild man from Borneo has just come to town'
345.05Burnias seduced country clowns, he is preposing barangaparang
345.05+Malay Brunai: Borneo
345.05+Bog Latin bara: skirmish
345.05+Malay barang: goods, luggage
345.05+Malay barang apa?: what kind of goods?
345.05+Malay barang apa: any kind, whatever you like
345.05+Malay parang: jungle knife, cleaver, Dayak sword, wood-knife
345.05+Malay perang: war; brown, tea colour
345.05+Malay arang: charcoal
345.05+Malay rang: man; draft (of law, letter)
345.06after going knowing what he is doing after to see him pluggy well
345.06+Slang plug: to shoot
345.07moidered as a murder effect, you bet your blowie knife, before he
345.07+Anglo-Irish moidered: annoyed, persecuted
345.07+moidore: 18th century Portuguese gold coin, worth about 27s; sum of 27s
345.07+matter of fact
345.07+bloody life
345.07+bowie knife
345.08doze soze, sopprused though he is) Grot Zot! You hidn't the hurts?
345.08+does so, surprised
345.08+Bulgarian suprúg: husband
345.08+Dutch groot: great
345.08+great Scot!
345.08+German Zote: obscenity
345.08+Albanian Zoti: God
345.08+Dutch zot: fool
345.08+you hadn't the heart? [.02-.03]
345.09Vott Fonn!
345.09+Russian vot von': such a stink!
345.09+what fun!
345.09+Irish fonn: desire, tune
345.10     BUTT (hearing somrother sudly give tworthree peevish sniff snuff
345.10+(dreamer almost snores himself to wakefulness)
345.10+someone or other
345.10+someone rather suddenly
345.10+song Planxty Sudley
345.10+two or three
345.10+Danish 'Snip snap snude, nu er historien ude' (formula to end fairy tale)
345.11snoores like govalise falseleep he waitawhishts to see might he stirs
345.11+World War I Slang valise: khaki knapsack
345.11+fast asleep
345.11+(wait a minute)
345.11+song The West's Awake
345.11+Anglo-Irish whist!: silence!
345.12and then goes on kuldrum like without asking for pepeace or anysing
345.12+Shelta kuldrum: asleep; to sleep
345.12+P.P.s (parish priests)
345.12+anything at all
345.13a soul). Merzmard! I met with whom it was too late. My fate! O
345.13+Czech Slang mrd-: fuck-
345.13+Armenian mard: man
345.13+French merde!: shit!
345.13+Oscar Wilde (about meeting Douglas): De Profundis: 'but I met you either too late or too soon'
345.13+(young Joyce, on first meeting Yeats, may have said that they had met too late for Joyce to do Yeats any good)
345.13+(too late to shoot general because defecating)
345.14hate! Fairwail! Fearwealing of the groan! And think of that
345.14+song The Wearing of the Green
345.14+Samuel Lover: Handy Andy, ch. 6: 'Think o' this when you're smoking tobacco'
345.15when you smugs to bagot.
345.15+Baggot Street, Dublin
345.15+Bagehot: English jouranlist who reported the Crimean War
345.16     TAFF (who meanwhilome at yarn's length so as to put a nodje
345.16+at arm's length
345.17in the poestcher, by wile of stoccan his hand and of rooma makin
345.17+Italian stocco: dagger
345.17+Russian stakan: a drinking glass, a tumbler
345.17+Italian tocca: (he/she/it) touches
345.17+Malay rumah: house
345.17+making room
345.17+Malay rumah makan: restaurant
345.18ber getting umptyums gatherumed off the skattert, had been lavish-
345.18+omnium gatherum
345.18+Danish skat: treasure, tax
345.18+Russian skatert': tablecloth
345.18+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...skattert, had been lavishing...} | {Png: ...skattert had been, lavishing...}
345.19ing, lagan on lighthouse, words of silent power, susu glouglou biri-
345.19+lagan: goods or wreckage lying on seabed
345.19+Budge: The Book of the Dead civ: 'to provide the deceased with hekau, "words of power"... magical formulae, the recital of which will enable him to carry out all his wishes and supply all his needs'
345.19+Malay susu: milk, woman's breast
345.19+(sound of drink being poured)
345.19+Malay biribiri: sheep
345.20biri gongos, upon the repleted speechsalver's innkeeping right which,
345.20+Malay jongos: waiter, male servant, manservant
345.20+proverb Speech is silver, silence is golden
345.20+(right hand)
345.21thanks giveme and naperied norms nonobstaclant, there can be little
345.21+(ordering drinks)
345.21+Malay terima-kasih: thanks, thank you (literally '(I) accept (your) favour')
345.21+Malay kasih: give me
345.21+French naperie: household linen
345.21+Bulgarian napred: before
345.21+Latin nihil obstat: nothing prevents (form of approval by Church censor)
345.22doubt, have resulted in a momstchance ministring of another guid-
345.22+Bulgarian momche: boy
345.22+Bulgarian Colloquial momche: waiter
345.22+mumchance: silent
345.22+phrase My goodness, my Guinness (advertisement, 1935)
345.23ness, my good, to see) Bompromifazzio! Shumpum for Pa-li-di
345.23+song Nearer, My God, to Thee
345.23+Triestine Italian Dialect bon pro me fazzi: much good may it do me
345.23+Triestine Italian Dialect bon pro me fazo: I do things to my own advantage
345.23+Latin prima facie: at first sight
345.23+(ordering drinks)
345.24and oukosouso for the nipper dandy! Trink off this scup and be
345.24+Russian uksus: vinegar
345.24+Hebrew kos: drinking glass
345.24+ouzo: a Greek alcoholic drink (also spelled 'ouso')
345.24+song The Wearing of the Green: 'I met with Napper Tandy'
345.24+German trink: drink
345.24+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Drink of This Cup [air: Paddy O'Rafferty]
345.24+scup: a fish
345.25bladdy orafferteed! To bug at?
345.25+bloody offering
345.25+Offertory (part of Mass)
345.25+German fertig: finished
345.26     BUTT (he whipedoff's his chimbley phot, as lips lovecurling to the
345.26+whipped off
345.26+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation chimbley: chimney
345.26+Slang chimney pot: tall hat
345.26+chamber pot
345.26+(lips on glass)
345.27tongueopener, he takecups the communion of sense at the hands of
345.27+takes up (i.e. drinks)
345.27+cup (of communion)
345.28the foregiver of trosstpassers and thereinofter centelinnates that
345.28+German Trost: consolation, comfort
345.28+Italian centellare: to sip
345.29potifex miximhost with haruspical hospedariaty proferring into his
345.29+Latin potus: drink
345.29+Latin Pontifex Maximus: ancient Roman high priest; pope
345.29+(mix drinks)
345.29+haruspical: functioning as a haruspex, an ancient Roman soothsayer
345.29+Portuguese hospedaria: inn
345.29+(paying publican)
345.30pauses somewhot salt bacon). Theres scares knud in this gnarld
345.30+(in James Hogg's The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, the hero is possessed by a demon [.33])
345.30+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song The Meeting of the Waters: 'There is not in the wide world a valley so sweet'
345.30+there's scarce enough
345.30+Knud: Scandinavian name (masculine) [.31]
345.31warld a fully so svend as dilates for the improvement of our
345.31+Svend: Scandinavian name (masculine) [.30]
345.31+send us delights
345.32foerses of nature by your very ample solvent of referacting upon
345.33me like is boesen fiennd.
345.33+like as
345.33+German bösen: evil, wicked
345.33+Dutch boezemvriend: bosom friend
345.33+German Feind: enemy
345.34         [The other foregotthened abbosed in the Mullingaria are
345.34+{{Synopsis: II.3.4.F: [345.34-346.13]: second interlude — four patrons on television}}
345.34+four (*X*)
345.34+German böse: evil, wicked
345.34+Mullingar: town, County Westmeath
345.34+Mullingar Inn, Chapelizod
345.35     during this swishingsight teilweisioned. How the fictionable world
345.35+German Zwischenzeit: interval
345.35+German teilweise: partly
345.35+(four (*X*) events on television, each composed of one long sentence starting with 'How' followed by a short sentence)

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