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354.01dam domdom chumbers). Wharall thubulbs uptheaires! Shatta-
354.01+Russian dom: house, family
354.01+dumdum bullets
354.01+what are all the bulbs up in the air?
354.01+up there
354.01+shot him?
354.02+Irish mo mhic: my son, my boy
354.03     BUTT (pulling alast stark daniel with alest doog at doorak while
354.03+a last
354.03+German stark: strong
354.03+(O'Connell's Ale, Dublin)
354.03+a last
354.03+Russian dookh: spirit, courage
354.03+Irish deoch an dorais: parting drink
354.03+Russian durak: idiot
354.04too greater than pardon painfully the issue of his mouth diminuen-
354.04+Genesis 4:13: 'My transgression is greater than pardon' (Cain)
354.04+diminuendo (music)
354.05doing, vility of vilities, he becomes, allasvitally, faint). Shurenoff!
354.05+Latin vilitas: cheapness
354.05+Ecclesiastes 1:2: 'vanity of vanities'
354.05+sure enough
354.05+shearing off
354.06Like Faun MacGhoul!
354.06+Finn MacCool
354.07     BUTT and TAFF (desprot slave wager and foeman feodal un-
354.07+{{Synopsis: II.3.5.A: [354.07-354.36]: Butt and Taff merge into one — the dialogue of Butt and Taff ends}}
354.07+song The Soldier's Song: 'the despot or the slave'
354.07+Motif: A/O
354.07+wage-slave: capitalist worker (in Communist propaganda)
354.07+Archaic foeman: enemy in war, adversary
354.07+song The Three Coloured Ribbon: 'In the streets of City the foeman is falling And wee birds are singing "Old Ireland, arise"'
354.07+feudal yeoman
354.08sheckled, now one and the same person, their fight upheld to right
354.08+(Giordano Bruno's coincidence of contraries)
354.08+song Bishop O'Dwyer and Maxwell: 'O'Dwyer upheld the right'
354.09for a wee while being baffled and tottered, umbraged by the shadow
354.09+song The Brave Volunteers: 'for a wee while'
354.09+Motif: Butt/Taff
354.09+Archaic umbraged: shaded, overshadowed; offended, displeased
354.10of Old Erssia's magisquammythical mulattomilitiaman, the living
354.10+Irish Éire: Ireland
354.10+Latin magister: master
354.10+Latin magis quam: more than
354.10+magical, mythical
354.10+mulatto: the offspring of a black parent and a white parent
354.10+living-by-owning: the Communist propaganda's name for the capitalist society ethic
354.11by owning over the surfers of the glebe whose sway craven minnions
354.11+surface of the globe
354.11+Archaic glebe: soil, earth; a piece of cultivated land, especially one assigned to a clergyman as part of his office
354.11+song The Brave Volunteers: 'by craven and traitor'
354.12had caused to revile, as, too foul for hell, under boiling Mauses'
354.12+song The Brave Volunteers: 'they had cause to revile'
354.12+German Teufel: devil
354.12+song Dublin: 'too foul for hell'
354.12+song Ireland to the British Empire: 'burning, With boiling lead and brands'
354.12+Mauser Rifles used in Easter Rising, Dublin
354.12+Moses's burning bush (Exodus 3:2)
354.13burning brand, he falls by Goll's gillie, but keenheartened by the
354.13+Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn 20: 'Luichet fell by Goll'
354.13+Goll Mac Morna killed Cumhal, Finn's father, and replaced him as leader of the Fianna, but later on willingly relinquished the post to Finn [.06]
354.13+Motif: Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native)
354.13+gillie: young attendant on a Celtic chieftain
354.13+Motif: Gaping Gill
354.14circuminsistence of the Parkes O'Rarelys in a hurdly gurdly Cicilian
354.14+Motif: Persse O'Reilly
354.14+Sicilian hurdy-gurdies
354.14+Saint Cecilia: patron of music
354.15concertone of their fonngeena barney brawl, shaken everybothy's
354.15+Italian concertone: augmentative of concerto
354.15+song The Soldier's Song: 'fonn na bhFiann' (Irish 'soldier's song')
354.15+song The Soldier's Song: 'bearna baoghail' (Irish 'gap of danger')
354.15+shaking everybody's
354.16hands, while S. E. Morehampton makes leave to E. N. Sheil-
354.16+Morehampton Road, South-East Dublin
354.16+makes love
354.16+Shielmartin Road, North-East Dublin
354.17martin after Meetinghouse Lanigan has embaraced Vergemout
354.17+Meeting-house Lane, old Dublin
354.17+Rev. John Lannigan: The Ecclesiastical History of Ireland
354.17+French Slang verge: penis
354.17+Vergemount Hall, Clonskeagh, Dublin
354.18Hall, and, without falter or mormor or blathrehoot of sophsterliness,
354.18+song We Shall Rise Again: 'without falter'
354.18+father or mother
354.18+Danish mormor: grandmother
354.18+brotherhood of sisterliness
354.18+sophister: a fallacious reasoner; at Trinity College Dublin, a student in the third or fourth year
354.19pugnate the pledge of fiannaship, dook to dook, with a commonturn
354.19+Italian pugna: fight
354.19+Fianna: Finn's warrior band
354.19+Downing: Digger Dialects 20: 'DOOK (n.) — Hand' (World War I Slang)
354.19+Comintern: third Communist International
354.20oudchd of fest man and best man astoutsalliesemoutioun palms it
354.20+Dutch oud: old
354.20+Armenian oukhd: vow
354.20+German fest: firm
354.20+Swedish fästman: fiancé
354.20+song Who Fears to Speak of Easter Week: 'great men and straight men'
354.20+song The Dublin Brigade: 'There were straight men and great in the Dublin Brigade'
354.20+Armenian Asdouadz: God
354.20+Armenian asdouacapanoutioun: theology
354.20+palm (shaking hands)
354.21off like commodity tokens against a cococancancacacanotioun).
354.21+Armenian khaghaghout'iun: peace
354.22When old the wormd was a gadden and Anthea first unfoiled her
354.22+(rhyming verses) [.22-.28]
354.22+when all the world was a garden (Eden)
354.22+Archaic worm: snake
354.22+Polish gad: reptile
354.22+Anthea: epithet of Aphrodite as flower-goddess
354.23limbs wanderloot was the way the wood wagged where opter
354.23+(how does the world wag?)
354.23+world was
354.23+Motif: A/O
354.24and apter were samuraised twimbs. They had their mutthering
354.24+Samurai: class of military retainers in feudal Japan
354.24+Dutch samen: together
354.24+Siamese twins
354.24+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation mutthering: muttering
354.24+German Mutter: mother
354.24+James Joyce: Ulysses.9.579: 'Murthering Irish'
354.24+mothering Eves
354.25ivies and their murdhering idies and their mouldhering iries in
354.25+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation murdhering: murdering
354.25+Ides of March
354.25+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation mouldhering: mouldering
354.25+song Dies Irae
354.26that muskat grove but there'll be bright plinnyflowers in Calo-
354.26+Pliny and Columella, flowers (Motif: Aujourd'hui comme aux... (Quinet)) [281.04-.05]
354.27mella's cool bowers when the magpyre's babble towers scorching
354.27+Tower of Babel
354.28and screeching from the ravenindove. If thees lobed the sex of
354.28+Motif: dove/raven
354.28+German loben: to praise
354.28+love the size
354.28+sexual mosaics can have the head and body of different sexes
354.29his head and mees ates the seep of his traublers he's dancing
354.29+mice ate the
354.29+hate the seat of his trousers
354.29+German Traube: grape
354.30figgies to the spittle side and shoving outs the soord. And he'll
354.30+spindle side: female line of descent
354.30+French sourd: deaf
354.31be buying buys and go gulling gells with his flossim and jessim
354.31+Motif: Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native)
354.31+German floss: flowed
354.31+German Flossen: fins
354.31+flotsam and jetsam
354.32of carm, silk and honey while myandthys playing lancifer lucifug
354.32+carmine, silk, honey (insect products)
354.32+Motif: Tom, Dick and Harry
354.32+Exodus 3:8: 'milk and honey' (and elsewhere)
354.32+(high and mighty)
354.32+(game of angels and devils)
354.32+Lancelot: a prominent knight of King Arthur and the lover of Queen Guinevere
354.32+Lucifuge Rofocale: Lucifer in the Grand Grimoire
354.33and what's duff as a bettle for usses makes coy cosyn corollanes'
354.33+deaf as a beetle for us
354.33+Russian ushi: ears
354.33+William Shakespeare: Coriolanus
354.34moues weeter to wee. So till butagain budly shoots thon rising
354.34+mouths water
354.34+more sweeter to me
354.34+Butt again
354.34+bud, shoot, germ (botanical terms)
354.34+Motif: How Buckley shot the Russian General
354.34+Ulster Dialect thon: that
354.34+Thon, once worshipped in England, may be Thor
354.35germinal let bodley chow the fatt of his anger and badley bide
354.35+French germinal: seventh (early-spring, March 21 to April 19) month of French Revolutionary calendar
354.35+Emile Zola: Germinal
354.35+Motif: A/O
354.35+Irish bod: penis
354.35+Sir Thomas Bodley: English statesman and bibliophile who enlarged the library at Oxford which is now called the Bodleian Library (1545-1613)
354.35+phrase chew the fat of his anger
354.35+Taff (Motif: Butt/Taff [.36])
354.36the toil of his tubb.
354.36+Swift: A Tale of a Tub (story of three brothers)
354.36+Butt [.35]

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