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365.01for further oil mircles upon all herwayferer gods and reanounc-
365.01+Motif: The Letter: poor Father Michael
365.01+Marriage Ceremony: 'all my worldly goods'
365.01+wafer (body of Christ in the Eucharist)
365.01+Book of Common Prayer: Catechism: 'renounce the devil'
365.02ing my deviltries as was I a locally person of caves until I got my
365.02+ALP (Motif: ALP)
365.02+Motif: The Letter: lovely present/parcel of cakes
365.03purchase on her firmforhold I am, I like to think, by their sacre-
365.03+Motif: The Letter: grand funeral/fun-for-all
365.03+Legalese freehold: land owned in perpetuity and transferrable to one's heirs
365.03+Latin sacra religio: holy religion
365.03+Latin sacrilegium: sacrilege
365.04ligion of daimond cap daimond, confessedly in my baron gentil-
365.04+Greek daimôn: spirit
365.04+proverb Diamonds cut diamonds
365.04+Motif: The Letter: born gentleman
365.04+Molière: Le bourgeois gentilhomme
365.05homme to the manhor bourne till ladiest day as panthoposopher,
365.05+William Shakespeare: Hamlet I.4.15: 'to the manner born'
365.05+Lady Day: Feast of the Annunciation (25 March; English New Year's day until 1752)
365.06to have splet for groont a peer of bellows like Bacchulus shakes a
365.06+Henrik Ibsen: all plays: Peer Gynt
365.06+Latin baculus: stick, staff
365.06+Motif: How Buckley shot the Russian General
365.07rousing guttural at any old cerpaintime by peaching (allsole we
365.07+certain time
365.07+Queen Victoria: 'We are not amused'
365.08are not amusical) the warry warst against myself in the defile as
365.08+VI.B.17.088l ( ): '*V* amusical' (*V* replaces a cancelled *E*)
365.08+Chervin: Bégaiement 171: 'j'ai vu très exceptionnellement... le bégaiement ne pas disparaître complètement chez certains sujets lorsque je leur demandais de chanter. Mais il faut dire que ces bègues ne savaient pas moduler leur voix, les uns parce qu'ils étaient atteints d'amusie, les autres parce que, n'ayant jamais chanté, ils ne savaient pas chanter même les rythmes les plus élémentaires' (French 'I have very rarely seen... stuttering not disappearing completely in certain subjects when I asked them to sing. But it must be said that these stutterers did not know how to modulate their voice, some because they were afflicted with amusia, others because, having never sung, they did not know how to sing even the most elementary of rhythms')
365.08+very worst
365.09a lieberretter sebaiscopal of these mispeschyites of the first virgi-
365.09+German Liebe: love
365.09+German lieber: dear
365.09+Liber: Roman fertility god, identified with Bacchus [.06]
365.09+German Retter: saviour
365.09+Latin piscis: fish
365.09+Virginia Water (near Windsor)
365.10nial water who, without an auction of biasement from my part,
365.10+bargain basement
365.11with gladyst tone ahquickyessed in it, overhowe and under-
365.11+Dialect howe: tumulus, barrow, burial mound
365.11+Howe: site of Thingmote (Viking assembly in Dublin)
365.12where, the totty lolly poppy flossy conny dollymaukins! Though
365.12+Dublin Slang totty: girl; prostitute
365.12+(seven adjectives)
365.12+Variants: {FnF: ...dollymaukins! Though...} | {Vkg, Png: ...dollymaukins. Though...} | {JCM: ...dollymaukins Though...}
365.12+Slang malkin: slut
365.13I heave a coald on my bauck and am could up to my eres hoven
365.13+heave coal
365.13+German Bauch: belly
365.13+C...EH (Motif: HCE)
365.13+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation could: cold
365.13+Hebrew erets: earth
365.14sametimes I used alltides to be aswarmer for the meekst and the
365.14+Dutch altijd: always
365.14+German Warmer: homosexual
365.14+Motif: Mookse/Gripes
365.15graced. You are not going to not. You might be threeabreasted
365.16wholenosing at a whallhoarding from our Don Amir anent villa-
365.16+(reading public posters) [368.13]
365.16+Hole in the Wall: pub near Phoenix Park
365.16+wallboards: pre-made boards used for surfacing walls or ceilings
365.16+Persian amir: governor
365.16+Archaic anent: concerning
365.16+Persian vilayat: province
365.17yets prostatution precisingly kuschkars tarafs and it could be
365.17+Persian kashkav: food
365.17+Siege of Kars, Crimean War
365.17+Persian taraf: limit (noun)
365.18double densed uncounthest hour of allbleakest age with a bad of
365.18+Double Dutch
365.18+and coldest
365.18+Persian bad: wind
365.19wind and a barran of rain, nompos mentis like Novus Elector, what
365.19+Persian baran: rain
365.19+Latin compos mentis: sane
365.19+Latin novus: new
365.20with his Marx and their Groups, yet did a doubt, should a dare,
365.20+Motif: Mookse/Gripes
365.20+Karl Marx
365.20+(tyrant dislikes Marxists)
365.20+dear [.21]
365.21were to you, you would do and dhamnk me, shenker, dhumnk you.
365.21+phrase do and be damned to you!
365.21+German dank: thank
365.21+damn me... damn you
365.21+German schenk: give, make a present
365.21+German Schenke: tavern, dive
365.21+Motif: The Letter: dear, thank you ever so much [.20]
365.22Skunk. And fare with me to share with me. Hinther and thonther,
365.22+German hin: thither
365.22+hither and thither
365.22+Ulster Dialect thonder: yonder
365.23hant by hont. By where dauvening shedders down whose rovely
365.23+French hanté: haunted
365.23+hand in hand
365.23+French honte: shame
365.23+Motif: dove/raven [357.16-.17] [358.04-.05]
365.23+ravishing shadows
365.23+shedder: female salmon after spawning
365.23+Gipsy rove: to weep (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 57)
365.23+lovely lines
365.24lanes. As yose were and as yese is. Sure and you would, Mr Mac
365.25Gurk! Be sure and you would, Mr O'Duane! To be sure and you
365.25+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...Gurk! Be...} | {Png: ...Gurk. Be...}
365.25+Peter: Dublin Fragments, Social and Historic 102: (of Swift) 'In a romance dealing with the story of his life, written some years ago, we get a picture of... women at the doors of their dwellings saying softly, "Good evening, Mr. Dane", as he went by; there is no reason why the sketch should not be a true one' (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation Dane: Dean)
365.25+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...O'Duane! To...} | {Png: ...O'Duane. To...}
365.26would so, Mr MacElligut! Wod you nods? Mom mom. No mum
365.26+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...MacElligut! Wod...} | {Png: ...MacElligut. Wod...}
365.26+would you not?
365.26+Parnell (about limiting a nation): 'no man has a right to fix the boundary of the march of a nation' (from an 1885 Cork speech)
365.26+(no woman has a penis)
365.27has the rod to pud a stub to the lurch of amotion. My little love
365.27+pud: nursery word for child's hand
365.27+put a stop
365.28apprencisses, my dears, the estelles, van Nessies von Nixies voon
365.28+Morton Prince [280.22]
365.28+Swift, in his letters to Swift's Stella often used the abbreviation 'MD', for 'my dears' (or 'my dear')
365.28+Swift's Stella and Swift's Vanessa were both called Esther
365.28+German von: of
365.28+German Nixe: water nymph
365.28+German von der: of the
365.28+German wundervoll: wonderful
365.29der pool, which I had a reyal devouts for yet was it marly lowease
365.29+W.G. Wills: A Royal Divorce (a play about Marie Louise and Josephine, Napoleon's wives) [.30]
365.29+statues of Marly Horses in Champs Elysées
365.30or just a feel with these which olderman K.K. Alwayswelly he
365.30+W.W. Kelly's touring company performed W.G. Wills's A Royal Divorce [.29]
365.31is showing ot the fullnights for my palmspread was gav to a
365.31+(hand already given)
365.31+Gipsy gav: town, village (Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil 32)
365.32parsleysprig, the curliest weedeen old ocean coils around, so spruce
365.32+Curly Wee: comic-strip about a pig, in Irish Independent
365.32+Anglo-Irish -een (diminutive)
365.32+Ossian, Finn's son
365.33a spice for salthorse, sonnies, and as tear to the thrusty as Tay-
365.33+nursery rhyme Ride a Cock Horse
365.33+Slang salthorse: salt beef
365.33+Taylor and Company: mineral waters, 35 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin
365.34lor's Spring, when aftabournes, when she was look like a little
365.34+Persian aftab: sun
365.35cheayat chilled (Oh sard! ah Mah!) by my tide impracing, as
365.35+Persian khavyat: Hebrew khayat: tailor
365.35+Slang sard: fuck
365.35+Persian sard: cold
365.35+song 'Ah, Moon of My Delight'
365.35+Persian mah: moon; month
365.35+tight embracing
365.36Beacher seath, and all the colories fair fled from my folced cheeks!
365.36+Italian colori: colours
365.36+Irish folc: flood

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