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393.01smell of Shakeletin and scratchman and his mouth watering, acid
393.01+Shackleton and Sons, flour millers, Dublin [392.33]
393.01+acid + alkali = salt + water
393.02and alkolic; signs on the salt, and so now pass the loaf for Christ
393.02+Anglo-Irish signs on: therefore, consequently, as a result
393.02+(sign, salt) [168.08]
393.02+Johann Rudolph Glauber: De signatura salium... (17th century alchemical treatise on a salt used as a universal solvent)
393.02+Motif: So pass the fish for Christ sake, Amen
393.02+(Last Supper)
393.03sake. Amen. And so. And all.
393.03+Motif: And so. And all.
393.04     Matt. And loaf. So that was the end. And it can't be helped.
393.05Ah, God be good to us! Poor Andrew Martin Cunningham!
393.05+Anglo-Irish Andrew Martin: prank, trick, shenanigan [392.03]
393.06Take breath! Ay! Ay!
393.06+Motif: Ay, ay!
393.07     And still and all at that time of the dynast days of old konning
393.07+{{Synopsis: II.4.1+2.G: [393.07-395.25]: the four together — yet more rambling reminiscences}}
393.07+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...days of...} | {Png: ...days, of...}
393.07+Dutch koning: king
393.08Soteric Sulkinbored and Bargomuster Bart, when they struck coil
393.08+Greek sôtêr: saviour
393.08+Sitric Silkenbeard led Danes at Battle of Clontarf, 1014
393.08+sulking and bored
393.08+German Bürgermeister: mayor
393.08+German Muster: paragon, pattern
393.08+German Bart: beard
393.08+Bartholomew Vanhomrigh: father of Swift's Vanessa and Lord-Mayor of Dublin
393.08+struck oil
393.09and shock haunts, in old Hungerford-on-Mudway, where first I
393.09+shook hands
393.09+Hurdle Ford (name of Dublin)
393.09+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song When First I Met Thee [air: O Patrick! Fly from Me]
393.10met thee oldpoetryck flied from may, and the Finnan haddies and
393.10+mayfly (often used as bait for fishing)
393.10+Finnan haddies: haddocks cured with smoke of green wood, turf or peat earth
393.11the Noal Sharks and the muckstails turtles like an acoustic pot-
393.11+Noah's Ark
393.11+Irish muc: pig
393.11+Motif: Mookse/Gripes [.12]
393.11+Mock Turtle: character in Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
393.11+oxtail and turtle soup
393.11+caustic potash: potassium hydroxide
393.12tish and the griesouper bullyum and how he poled him up his
393.12+German Tisch: table; meal
393.12+German Gries Suppe: semolina soup
393.12+Danish gris: pig
393.12+French souper: supper
393.12+bully: corned beef
393.12+French bouillon: broth
393.12+yum (exclamation indicating deliciousness of food)
393.13boccat of vuotar and got big buzz for his name in the airweek's
393.13+Italian boccata: mouthful
393.13+bucket of water
393.13+Finnish vuota: to leak
393.13+Italian vuota: empty
393.13+New Year's
393.14honours from home, colonies and empire, they were always with
393.14+HCE (Motif: HCE)
393.15assisting grace, thinking (up) and not forgetting about shims and
393.15+VI.C.12.156e (r): === VI.B.14.152a ( ): 'assisting grace' [395.21]
393.15+The Catholic Encyclopedia vol. XI, 'Pelagius and Pelagianism', 605a: 'In the East... as an offset to widespread fatalism, the moral power and freedom of the will were... strongly insisted on, assisting grace being spoken of more frequently than preventing grace'
393.15+assisting grace: term used by Saint Augustine, referring to grace which co-operates with man's good tendencies (Cluster: Graces)
393.15+Cluster: Forget and Remember
393.15+Motif: Shem/Shaun
393.16shawls week, in auld land syne (up) their four hosenbands, that
393.16+song Auld Lang Syne
393.16+German Hosenband: belt, garter
393.17were four (up) beautiful sister misters, now happily married, unto
393.18old Gallstonebelly, and there they were always counting and con-
393.18+Glastonbury (according to Giraldus Cambrensis it was once the Isle of Avalon; he recounts the discovery there of King Arthur's grave)
393.18+(button counting) [392.10] [396.35-.36]
393.19tradicting every night 'tis early the lovely mother of periwinkle
393.20buttons, according to the lapper part of their anachronism (up
393.20+VI.B.1.093h (r): 'anachronists'
393.21one up two up one up four) and after that there now she was,
393.22in the end, the deary, soldpowder and all, the beautfour sisters,
393.22+saltpetre: potassium nitrate
393.22+four beautiful sisters [.17]
393.23and that was her mudhen republican name, right enough, from
393.23+Dialect midden: dunghill, refuse heap [110.22-111.04]
393.23+VI.B.1.114k (r): 'republic' [398.16]
393.23+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XXVIII, 'Vico, Giovanni Batista', 24c: 'Patrician tyranny rouses the populace to revolt, and then democratic equality is established under a republic'
393.24alum and oves, and they used to be getting up from under, in
393.24+alum: potassium aluminium sulphate
393.24+Latin malum: apple
393.24+Adam and Eve
393.24+(phrase from the egg to the apples: from start to finish)
393.24+Latin ovum: egg
393.25their tape and straw garlands, with all the worries awake in their
393.26hair, at the kookaburra bell ringring all wrong inside of them
393.26+VI.B.25.157p (b): 'Kookaburra bell'
393.26+kookaburra: native Australian name for the brown kingfisher, also known as the laughing jackass, on account of its laughing cry
393.26+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...ringring all...} | {Png: ...ringring, all...}
393.27(come in, come on, you lazy loafs!) all inside their poor old Shan-
393.27+Francis Sylvester Mahony ('Father Prout'): song The Bells of Shandon
393.28don bellbox (come out to hell, you lousy louts!) so frightened,
393.29for the dthclangavore, like knockneeghs bumpsed by the fister-
393.29+Armenian vdankauor: dangerous, noxious
393.29+knock knees
393.29+Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song Let Erin Remember the Days of Old: 'On Lough Neagh's bank, as the fisherman strays, When the clear cold eve's declining He sees the round towers of other days In the wave beneath him shining'
393.30man's straights, (ys! ys!), at all hours every night, on their mistle-
393.30+Welsh ys: it is
393.30+Ys: legendary city in Brittany engulfed by ocean
393.31toes, the four old oldsters, to see was the Transton Postscript
393.31+VI.B.10.020k (b): 'oldster'
393.31+oldsters [533.17]
393.31+VI.B.47.087a (g): 'Transton Boastcript'
393.31+Boston Evening Transcript: a former Boston newspaper (Motif: The Letter: Boston Transcript)
393.32come, with their oerkussens under their armsaxters, all puddled
393.32+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...with their...} | {Png: ...with the...}
393.32+Motif: A/O
393.32+Dutch oer-: primitive-, primeval-
393.32+Dutch oorkussens: pillows
393.32+Slang puzzled: insane, very eccentric
393.33and mythified, the way the wind wheeled the schooler round,
393.33+Anglo-Irish shooler: vagrant, wanderer, beggar
393.34when nobody wouldn't even let them rusten, from playing
393.34+Dutch even rusten: to rest for a minute
393.34+German rüsten: to arm, to equip for war
393.35their gastspiels, crossing their sleep by the shocking silence,
393.35+German Gastspiel: performance by guest ensemble
393.35+counting the sheep (to get to sleep)
393.36when they were in dreams of yore, standing behind the

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