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412.01me while you behold how I be eld. But it is grandiose by my
412.01+how I beheld
412.01+VI.B.1.168e (r): 'grandiose'
412.02ways of thinking from the prophecies. New worlds for all! And
412.02+pantomime Aladdin: 'New lamps for old!'
412.03they were scotographically arranged for gentlemen only by a
412.03+John Scotus Erigena: Irish philosopher
412.03+scotography: X-ray radiography (literally 'darkness writing')
412.04scripchewer in whofoundland who finds he is a relative. And it
412.05was with my extravert davy. Like glue. Be through. Moyhard's
412.05+French vert: green
412.05+Davy: miners' safety lamp
412.05+Gravy, Glue [030.06-.07]
412.05+Anglo-Irish Moyard: High Plain
412.05+song You Are My Heart's Delight
412.06daynoight, tomthumb. Phwum!
412.06+Tom Thumb (American dwarf exhibited by P.T. Barnum (Werner: Barnum))
412.07    — How mielodorous is thy bel chant, O songbird, and how
412.07+{{Synopsis: III.1.1A.P: [412.07-412.12]: question #6 — will the green vanish?}}
412.07+[[Speaker: *X*]]
412.07+Song of Solomon 7:1: 'How beautiful are thy feet with shoes, O prince's daughter!' [419.11]
412.07+French miel: honey
412.07+Bel Canto: a style or technique of operatic singing; singing in a full, rich tone (Italian bel canto: fine song, beautiful singing)
412.07+Wyndham Lewis: The Childermass: calls Joyce 'Bel Canto'
412.08exqueezit thine after draught! Buccinate in Emenia tuba insigni
412.08+German After: anus
412.08+Vulgate Psalms 80:4: 'Bucinate in neomenia tuba, in insigni die sollemnitatis nostrae' (Latin 'Blow up the trumpet in the new moon, in the time appointed, on our solemn feast day')
412.08+Emania: ancient capital of Ulster
412.09volumnitatis tuae. But do you mean, O phausdheen phewn, from
412.09+song Pastheen Fionn ('fair-haired child')
412.10Pontoffbellek till the Kisslemerched our ledan triz will be? we
412.10+French pont: bridge
412.10+Portobello: district of South Dublin
412.10+Belleek: town on border with North Ireland
412.10+Breton beleg: priest
412.10+Cattle Market, North Dublin
412.10+Breton merched: daughters
412.10+Breton ledan: broad
412.10+Breton striz: narrow
412.11gathered substantively whether furniture would or verdure var-
412.11+(will postboxes or green paint vanish — they question future of Ireland)
412.13    — It is a confoundyous injective so to say, Shaun the fiery
412.13+{{Synopsis: III.1.1A.Q: [412.13-413.26]: answer #6 — annoyedly, no and he intends to write a report about a post-office incident}}
412.13+[[Speaker: Shaun]]
412.13+VI.B.6.122h (r): 'it is a confounded lie to say I counted it (a £ notes)' ('it (a £ notes)' not clear)
412.14boy shouted, naturally incensed, as he shook the red pepper out
412.14+VI.B.25.153d (r): 'incensed (Kev)'
412.14+VI.B.14.105d (g): 'salt & pepper in ear'
412.14+traditional ending of Breton folktales: 'Ils firent de belles noces: il y a avait... des cochons rôtis qui couraient par les rues avec la fourchette sur le dos, du poivre et du sel dans les oreilles et la moutarde sous la queue, et qui en voulait, coupait un morceau' (French 'They had a wonderful wedding: there were... roasted pigs running in the street with forks in their back, salt and pepper in their ears and mustard under their tails, and whoever wanted, cut off a piece')
412.14+phrase to take pepper in the nose: to take offence
412.15of his auricles. And another time please confine your glaring in-
412.15+auricle: pinna, ear-flap, the externally-visible portion of the ear
412.16tinuations to some other mordant body. What on the physiog
412.16+mordant: incisive; causing pain; substance that fixes a dye [.18]
412.16+VI.B.3.119c (r): 'What wd I be doing?' [.16-.17]
412.16+Slang physiog: face
412.17of this furnaced planet would I be doing besides your verjuice?
412.17+verjuice: sour juice of unripe fruit
412.17+verdure [.11]
412.17+varnish [.11]
412.18That is more than I can fix, for the teom bihan, anyway. So let I
412.18+Breton teo: big
412.18+Hebrew teom: twin
412.18+Hebrew tehom: abyss
412.18+time being
412.18+Breton bihan: Cornish bihan: small, little
412.18+Behan (*S*)
412.18+VI.B.16.097f (r): '*V* let you & I kindly'
412.19and you now kindly drop that, angryman! That's not French
412.19+Angra Mainyu: Ahriman, Zoroastrian principle of evil
412.20pastry. You can take it from me. Understand me when I tell you
412.20+(believe me)
412.20+VI.B.6.042f (r): 'understand me when I tell you there is still a P.O ...'
412.21(and I will ask you not to whisple, cry golden or quoth mecback)
412.21+VI.B.10.034b-h ( ): 'stage superstition no title with 'golden' not say tag Macbeth bad not whistle not quote Hamlet no peacock's feathers'
412.21+Daily Mail 18 Nov 1922: 'Actors Less Superstitious by Gordon Street': (refers to "bad luck" stage superstitions such as) 'the word "golden" in its title... whistle in their dressing rooms... speak the "tag" of the play — the last few words — before the end of the first performance... actress came into the theatre with peacock's feathers... quoted from "Hamlet" in a dressing room'
412.21+answer me back
412.22that under the past purcell's office, so deeply deplored by my
412.22+post parcels
412.22+postal office
412.22+Peter Purcell: Irish mailcoach owner
412.22+VI.B.6.046a (r): 'so much deplored by my H's friend' ('my' not clear)
412.23erstwhile elder friend, Miss Enders, poachmistress and gay re-
412.23+VI.B.16.008k (r): 'erstwhile'
412.23+Motif: 4-stage Viconian cycle (birth (Miss), marriage (Mrs), death (P.L.M.), ricorso (Miss)) [413.05] [413.14-.15] [414.02]
412.23+VI.B.6.046i (r): 'Irish Goat Society sec Miss Sanders' [.25]
412.23+Irish Independent 3 Jan 1924, 4/5: 'Return of Some Old Remedies. Garlic and Goats': 'A Trillick lady, Miss Sanders, for some years Secretary of the Irish Goat Society, has been doing good work in spreading a knowledge of the animal's many good qualities'
412.23+German ander: other, second
412.23+phrase gay deceiver: a charming, deceitful rake
412.23+William Shakespeare: Much Ado about Nothing II.3.54: 'men were deceivers ever'
412.24ceiver ever for in particular to the Scotic Poor Men's Thousand
412.24+Latin Scotia: Ireland
412.24+Irish legend of Glas Gainach, 'a cow that is better than a thousand cows'
412.24+James Joyce: Ulysses.15.3106: 'His sire's milk record was a thousand gallons of whole milk in forty weeks'
412.25Gallon Cow Society (I was thinking of her in sthore) allbethey
412.25+Anglo-Irish Erin: Ireland
412.25+Anglo-Irish asthore: Irish a stór: my precious, my treasure, darling
412.26blessed with twentytwo thousand sorters out of a biggest poss
412.26+VI.B.1.143g (r): 'blessed with 22,000 officials' [505.05-.06]
412.26+Leader 15 Mar 1924, 125/1: 'Current Topics': 'The increase in officialdom is a modern tendency in many countries... On October 1st last year, the Saorstat was blessed with 22,260 government officials'
412.26+VI.B.1.144k (r): 'out of a possible 90'
412.26+VI.B.3.124a (r): 'Biggest possible'
412.27of twentytwo thousand, mine's won, too much privet stationery
412.27+minus one
412.27+VI.B.1.030a (r): 'goats eat administrative stationery in PO' ('y' not clear) [.22] [.27-.28]
412.28and safty quipu was ate up larchly by those nettlesome goats
412.28+German Saft: juice
412.28+safety equipment
412.28+French sauve-qui-peut: save himself who can
412.28+VI.B.15.148h (b): 'quipu' [459.03]
412.28+Clodd: The Story of the Alphabet 36: 'The Mnemonic Stage. — This is well represented by "quipus" or knotted cords, and by wampums or shell-ornamented belts'
412.28+quipu: ancient Peruvian device for recording events as knots on threads
412.29out of pension greed. Colpa di Becco, buon apartita! Proceding,
412.29+Irish colpa: unit of grazing animals
412.29+Italian colpa di becco: cuckold's fault
412.29+Italian corpo di Bacco!: by Jove! (mild oath; literally 'body of Bacchus')
412.29+Spanish becco: he-goat
412.29+Italian buon: good
412.29+French bon appétit (a salutation before eating)
412.29+Italian partita: game; leaving
412.30I will say it is also one of my avowal's intentions, at some time
412.30+avowal: admission, acknowledgement
412.30+VI.B.16.044h (r): 'his intentions'
412.31pease Pod pluse murthers of gout (when I am not prepared to say)
412.31+please God
412.31+Slang POD: Post Office Directory
412.31+please mother of God
412.31+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation murthers: murders
412.32so apt as my pen is upt to scratch, to compound quite the makings
412.32+VI.B.1.090e (r): 'making a book *V*'
412.33of a verdigrease savingsbook in the form of a pair of capri
412.33+VI.B.3.065b (o): 'Is had 15/- in P.O. Savings Bk'
412.33+Latin capri: goat's (Motif: goat/sheep)
412.34sheep boxing gloves surrounding this matter of the Welsfusel
412.34+Welsh Fusiliers (have goat for mascot)
412.34+German Fusel: bad liquor
412.35mascoteers and their sindybuck that saved a city for my publickers,
412.35+German Sündenbock: scapegoat
412.36Nolaner and Browno, Nickil Hopstout, Christcross, so long as,
412.36+Motif: Browne/Nolan
412.36+Nicholas Street, Dublin, crosses Christchurch Place
412.36+Latin nihil obstat: nothing prevents (form of approval by Church censor; permission to print)
412.36+Hope Street, Dublin

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