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415.01dinous and oldbuoyant, inscythe his elytrical wormcasket and
415.01+old boy
415.01+Father Time's scythe (Cluster: Time)
415.01+inside his electrical
415.01+elytron: hardened outer wing-case of beetles; also, vagina (Cluster: Insects)
415.01+worm (Cluster: Insects)
415.02Dehlia and Peonia, his druping nymphs, bewheedling him, com-
415.02+dahlia (among the earwig's favoured food sources)
415.02+Delia and Peona in Keats: Endymion
415.02+drupe: stone fruit
415.02+nymph: immature stage of a non-metamorphosing insect (Cluster: Insects)
415.02+nymphae: labia minora of female genitalia
415.02+nymphea: water-lily
415.02+CE...H (Motif: HCE)
415.02+insects' compound eyes (Cluster: Insects)
415.03pound eyes on hornitosehead, and Auld Letty Plussiboots to
415.03+hornito: mound of volcanic origin
415.03+hornet (Cluster: Insects)
415.03+ALP (Motif: ALP)
415.03+pantomime Puss in Boots
415.04scratch his cacumen and cackle his tramsitus, diva deborah (seven
415.04+Latin cacumen: summit, top end
415.04+Welsh cacynen: wasp (Cluster: Insects)
415.04+cocoon (Cluster: Insects)
415.04+transitus: windpipe
415.04+diva: prima dona (from Latin diva: goddess)
415.04+Ruthenian diva: virgin, girl
415.04+Czech diva: wild
415.04+Hebrew deborah: bee (Cluster: Insects)
415.04+(possibly based on composition of human body)
415.04+(seven items)
415.05bolls of sapo, a lick of lime, two spurts of fussfor, threefurts of
415.05+boll weevil (Cluster: Insects)
415.05+Italian bolle di sapone: soap bubbles
415.05+bars of soap
415.05+Danish fosfor: phosphorus
415.05+German Furz: fart
415.06sulph, a shake o'shouker, doze grains of migniss and a mesfull of
415.06+German Zucker: sugar
415.06+Portuguese doze: French douze: twelve
415.06+Dutch mes: knife
415.07midcap pitchies. The whool of the whaal in the wheel of the
415.07+song The Wild Man from Borneo: 'The flea on the hair of the tail of the dog of the nurse of the child of the wife of the wild man from Borneo has just come to town'
415.08whorl of the Boubou from Bourneum has thus come to taon!),
415.08+French taon: gadfly (Cluster: Insects)
415.09and with tambarins and cantoridettes soturning around his eggs-
415.09+tambourines and castanets
415.09+French tabarin: buffoon
415.09+Italian canto: song
415.09+Cantharides: genus of beetles, Spanish Fly (Cluster: Insects)
415.09+Saturn [.10]
415.09+Saturnia: genus of moths (Cluster: Insects)
415.09+so trurning
415.09+eggs (Cluster: Insects)
415.09+anthill (Cluster: Insects)
415.10hill rockcoach their dance McCaper in retrophoebia, beck from
415.10+Russian rogach: stag beetle (Cluster: Insects)
415.10+cockroach (Cluster: Insects)
415.10+(Periplaneta, genus of cockroaches) (Cluster: Insects)
415.10+Saint-Saëns: Danse Macabre
415.10+The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XXI, 'Phoebe', 449b: 'satellite of Saturn... remarkable in that its motion around the planet is retrograde' [.09]
415.10+Phoebe: titaness, sister of Cronos (Saturn) [.09]
415.10+Jakob Sigismund Beck: expounder of Kant (Cluster: Philosophers)
415.10+Irish beach: bee (Cluster: Insects)
415.10+back to back
415.11bulk, like fantastic disossed and jenny aprils, to the ra, the ra, the
415.11+Valentin La Desossé and Jane Avril painted by Toulouse-Lautrec
415.11+Ra: Egyptian sun-god (grasshoppers are sometimes associated with Ra in Egyptian myth)
415.11+Rigoletto: 'La, ra, la ra, la ra'
415.12ra, the ra, langsome heels and langsome toesis, attended to by a
415.12+Danish langsom: Norwegian langsom: German langsam: slow
415.12+Old Norse by: bee (Cluster: Insects)
415.13mutter and doffer duffmatt baxingmotch and a myrmidins of
415.13+German Mutter: mother
415.13+Motif: Butt/Taff
415.13+boxing match
415.13+Myrmidons at Troy
415.13+Myrmicine: of the sub-family of stinging ants (Myrmica: genus of ants) (Cluster: Insects)
415.14pszozlers pszinging Satyr's Caudledayed Nice and Hombly,
415.14+Polish pszczoła: bee (Cluster: Insects)
415.14+Polish pszczelarz: bee-keeper (Cluster: Insects)
415.14+sozzlers singing
415.14+Satyr: genus of butterflies (Cluster: Insects)
415.14+Burns: Cottar's Saturday Night
415.14+caudle: a warm drink
415.14+caudicle: small stalk-like appendage to the pollen-masses of orchids
415.14+nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty: 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall'
415.15Dombly Sod We Awhile but Ho, Time Timeagen, Wake! For if
415.15+time (Cluster: Time)
415.15+(Joyce wasting time writing Finnegans Wake)
415.15+song Tim Finnegan's Wake
415.16sciencium (what's what) can mute uns nought, 'a thought,
415.16+Latin silentium: silence
415.16+German uns: us
415.17abought the Great Sommboddy within the Omniboss, perhops an
415.17+hops (grasshopper) (Cluster: Insects)
415.17+Edward 'Hopalong' Cassidy: American cowboy actor (from the late 1930s onward)
415.18artsaccord (hoot's hoot) might sing ums tumtim abutt the Little
415.18+Art Accord: American cowboy actor (from the 1910s onward)
415.18+Edward 'Hoot' Gibson: American cowboy actor (from the 1920s onward)
415.18+Who's Who
415.18+us something about
415.18+Motif: Tom/Tim
415.18+Tom Mix: American cowboy actor (from the 1910s onward)
415.19Newbuddies that ring his panch. A high old tide for the bar-
415.19+high time (Cluster: Time)
415.19+Middle English barrat: deception
415.20heated publics and the whole day as gratiis! Fudder and lighting
415.20+day (Cluster: Time)
415.20+Latin Deo Gratias: thanks to God
415.20+thunder and lightning
415.21for ally looty, any filly in a fog, for O'Cronione lags acrumbling
415.21+German alle Leute: everyone
415.21+Anopheles, genus of mosquitoes (Cluster: Insects)
415.21+Phileas Phogg: character in Jules Verne: Around the World in Eight Days
415.21+Cronos (identified with Saturn [.09]) dethroned by Zeus, his son
415.21+Greek chronos: time (Cluster: Time)
415.21+song John Brown's Body: 'John Brown's body lies a-mouldering in the grave, But his soul goes marching on'
415.22in his sands but his sunsunsuns still tumble on. Erething above
415.22+(sands of time) (Cluster: Time)
415.22+Chinese sun: descendants, grandchildren
415.22+(three sons)
415.22+ere (Cluster: Time)
415.22+Hebrew erets: earth
415.22+(anything on earth)
415.23ground, as his Book of Breathings bed him, so as everwhy, sham
415.23+Budge: The Book of the Dead xlvii-xlviii: 'a number of short religious works intended to be written upon funeral papyri had been composed... Of special interest... is the "Shai en Sensen", or "Book of Breathings"'
415.23+ever (Cluster: Time)
415.23+Motif: Shem/Shaun
415.24or shunner, zeemliangly to kick time.
415.24+Russian zemlya: the earth, land
415.24+Chinese liang: to excuse
415.24+phrase to kill time (Cluster: Time)
415.25     Grouscious me and scarab my sahul! What a bagateller it is!
415.25+{{Synopsis: III.1.1C.B: [415.25-416.02]: the Ondt expresses his distaste — he prays for his own prosperity}}
415.25+[[Speaker: Shaun]]
415.25+grouse (appears in Egyptian myth as symbol of rebirth)
415.25+gracious me!
415.25+Egyptian sacred green stone beetle-like scarabs, identified with Khepera, god of matter about to pass from inertness into life and of the dead body from which a spiritual body is about to burst forth, were placed over or instead of deceased's heart (Budge: The Book of the Dead cix) (Cluster: Insects)
415.25+(bless) my soul
415.25+sahu: spiritual body (incoruptible habitation of spiritual soul), one of nine constituent parts of man in Egyptian theology [.31] [.32] [.36]
415.25+Alexander Pope: Imitations of Horace: 'And Swift cry wisely, "Vive la bagatelle!"' (Swift)
415.25+bagatelle: a trifle, a thing of no value or importance
415.25+French bagatelliere: trickster
415.26Libelulous! Inzanzarity! Pou! Pschla! Ptuh! What a zeit for the
415.26+Libellula: genus of dragonflies (Cluster: Insects)
415.26+Italian zanzara: gnat (Cluster: Insects)
415.26+French pou: louse (Cluster: Insects)
415.26+Polish pchła: flea (Cluster: Insects)
415.26+Russian pchela: bee (Cluster: Insects)
415.26+Ptah: Egyptian god of speech, handicrafts and the rising sun
415.26+what a sight for the gods!
415.26+German Zeit: time (Cluster: Time)
415.27goths! vented the Ondt, who, not being a sommerfool, was
415.27+German Sommer: summer
415.27+Danish sommerfugl: butterfly (Cluster: Insects)
415.27+Will Sommers: Henry VIII's fool in Thomas Nashe's Summer's Last Will and Testament (song 'Brightness falls from the Air', which is sung to the ghost of Sommers in the play, is quoted by Stephen in James Joyce: A Portrait)
415.28thothfolly making chilly spaces at hisphex affront of the icinglass
415.28+Thoth: Egyptian god of wisdom and letters
415.28+thoughtfully making silly faces at himself in front of the looking-glass of his window
415.28+space (Cluster: Space)
415.28+Sphex: genus of solitary wasps (Cluster: Insects)
415.28+isinglass: variety of gelatine, firm whitish semitransparent substance used in cookery; also, a kind of moth (Obsolete) (Cluster: Insects)
415.29of his windhame, which was cold antitopically Nixnixundnix.
415.29+Wyndham Lewis
415.29+anti-tropical (cold)
415.29+Nixnixundnix [414.34]
415.29+Latin nix: snow
415.29+German nichts, nix: nothing
415.29+German und: and
415.30We shall not come to party at that lopp's, he decided possibly,
415.30+VI.B.18.092r (g): 'lopp (flea)'
415.30+Power: Medieval English Nunneries 74: (quoting a medieval tale about the afflictions of the poor and the rich) 'The lopp (flea) and the gout on a time spake together'
415.30+Obsolete lopp: flea (Cluster: Insects)
415.31for he is not on our social list. Nor to Ba's berial nether, thon
415.31+(the ant is a 'social insect') (Cluster: Insects)
415.31+ba: heart-soul, one of nine constituent parts of man in Egyptian theology [.25] [.32] [.36] (also, an Egyptian ram-headed god of fertility; also, an epithet of the Egyptian god Set in monster form)
415.31+I Chronicles 7:23: 'he called his name Beriah, because it went evil with his house'
415.31+burial neither
415.31+Thon, once worshipped in England, may be Thor
415.31+Ulster Dialect thon: that
415.31+Proverbs 6:6: 'Go to the ant, thou sluggard' (Cluster: Insects)
415.32sloghard, this oldeborre's yaar ablong as there's a khul on a khat.
415.32+Danish oldenborre: cockchafer (Cluster: Insects)
415.32+Hebrew yaar: forest
415.32+Hebrew yaara: honeycomb (Cluster: Insects)
415.32+ab: heart (conscience), one of nine constituent parts of man in Egyptian theology [.25] [.31] [.36]
415.32+as long as there's a tail on a cat
415.32+long [.35] [.36] (Cluster: Space)
415.32+khu: spiritual soul, one of nine constituent parts of man in Egyptian theology [.25] [.31] [.36]
415.32+khat: physical body, one of nine constituent parts of man in Egyptian theology [.25] [.31] [.36]
415.33Nefersenless, when he had safely looked up his ovipository, he
415.33+Nefer-sent: Egyptian city (Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. CLIII.A: 'Hail, ye fishers who have given birth to your own fathers, and who lay snares within the city of Nefer-sent, take ye me not into your net')
415.33+ovipositor: insect's egg-laying structure (Cluster: Insects)
415.34loftet hails and prayed: May he me no voida water! Seekit Ha-
415.34+Danish lofte: raise
415.34+lifted hands
415.34+Finnish voida: to be able to
415.34+Budge: The Book of the Dead lxvii-lxviii: 'the delights and pleasure of this world were believed to be forthcoming in the next... "he eatheth with his mouth, he voideth water, he enjoyeth the pleasures of love"'
415.34+Russian voda: water
415.34+Sekhet Hetep, Sekhet Hetepet: Egyptian Elysian Fields (Budge: The Book of the Dead lxvii)
415.34+Latin sicut habet: just as he has
415.35tup! May no he me tile pig shed on! Suckit Hotup! As broad as
415.35+Budge: The Book of the Dead lxxix: 'The Judgement Scene was to be painted upon a tile made of earth upon which neither the pig nor any other animal had trodden'
415.35+pigshit on
415.35+suck it up hot (oral sex)
415.35+broad [.32] [.36] (Cluster: Space)
415.36Beppy's realm shall flourish my reign shall flourish! As high as
415.36+Budge: The Book of the Dead lxiii: (inscription on pyramid of Pepi II repeats formula for many gods) '"If the name of... flourisheth... the name of this Pepi Nefer-ka-Ra shall flourish, and this his pyramid shall flourish, and this his building shall flourish for ever"'
415.36+Italian Beppe: diminutive of Joseph
415.36+(Joseph and Pharaoh)
415.36+pappy (child's pet-name for father)
415.36+ren: name, one of nine constituent parts of man in Egyptian theology [.25] [.31] [.32]
415.36+high [.32] [.35] (Cluster: Space)

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