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435.01known to all the dallytaunties in and near the ciudad of Buellas
435.01+Slang aunt: bawd, procuress
435.01+Spanish ciudad: town, city
435.01+Buenos Aires (James Joyce: Dubliners: 'Eveline')
435.01+Latin puella: girl
435.02Arias, taking you to the playguehouse to see the Smirching of
435.02+closing of London playhouses during plague
435.02+William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice
435.03Venus and asking with whispered offers in a very low bearded
435.04voice, with a nice little tiny manner and in a very nice little tony
435.04+James Joyce: Dubliners: 'Clay': 'nice tidy little body'
435.04+Anglo-Irish tony: fashionable, stylish; anglicised in speech and manners
435.05way, won't you be an artist's moral and pose in your nudies as a
435.06local esthetic before voluble old masters, introducing you, left
435.06+VI.B.3.068b (g): 'he introduced me to Schopenhauer's philosophy (MW)'
435.06+Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 12: (Mathilde Wesendonck of Richard Wagner) 'In 1854 he introduced me to Schopenhauer's philosophy'
435.06+Motif: left/right
435.07to right the party comprises, to hogarths like Bottisilly and
435.07+Hogarth, Botticelli, Tintoretto, Veronese, Correggio, Masaccio (painters; except the first, all are 15th and 16th century Italian)
435.07+(*X* with ass)
435.08Titteretto and Vergognese and Coraggio with their extrahand
435.08+Italian vergognoso: shameful
435.08+Italian coraggio: courage, effrontery
435.09Mazzaccio, plus the usual bilker's dozen of dowdycameramen.
435.09+Italian mazza: cane
435.09+Italian -accio (pejorative suffix)
435.09+bilk: deceive
435.09+phrase baker's dozen: thirteen
435.09+Boccaccio's Decameron
435.09+Greek dôdekaêmeron: of twelve days
435.10And the volses of lewd Buylan, for innocence! And the phylli-
435.10+verses (James Joyce: Ulysses.18.185: 'he made me the present of lord Byrons poems' (he being Bloom))
435.10+Lord Byron: other works: The Waltz
435.10+Blazes Boylan: Molly's lover in James Joyce: Ulysses
435.10+philosophy of Bishop Berkeley (George Berkeley: 18th century philosopher and Anglican Bishop of Cloyne)
435.11sophies of Bussup Bulkeley. O, the frecklessness of the giddies
435.11+Archaic buss: kiss
435.11+Busby Berkeley: famous Broadway and Hollywood choreographer and musical film director from the 1920s onwards
435.11+Lancelot Bulkeley: 17th century bishop of Dublin
435.12nouveautays! There's many's the icepolled globetopper is haunt-
435.12+French nouveautés: novelties
435.12+Art Nouveau
435.12+Variants: {FnF, Vkg, JCM: ...nouveautays! There's...} | {Png: ...nouveautays. There's...}
435.12+icecold globetrotter
435.12+Thorne Smith: Topper, A Ribald Adventure (a 1926 novel wherein Topper is haunted by the ghosts of the former owners of his second-hand sportscar) [434.36] [.14]
435.12+Globe Playhouse
435.13ed by the hottest spot under his equator like Ramrod, the meaty
435.13+VI.C.1.072h (r): === VI.B.16.144j ( ): 'equator (waist)'
435.13+Crawford: Thinking Black 158: 'the negro who peels to the waist and wears the merest wisp of garment round his equatorial regions'
435.13+VI.C.1.072k (r): === VI.B.16.145b ( ): 'a ramrod'
435.13+Crawford: Thinking Black 163: 'long level miles of country ahead will admit of a railway running like a ramrod due East'
435.13+Slang ramrod: penis
435.13+Nimrod, the mighty hunter
435.13+Slang meat: female genitalia
435.14hunter, always jaeger for a thrust. The back beautiful, the un-
435.14+Slang hunter: penis
435.14+Thorne Smith: The Bishop's Jaegers (a 1932 novel) [434.36] [.11] [.12]
435.14+Jaeger: revolutionary in Hauptmann's The Weavers
435.14+Danish jaeger: German Jäger: hunter
435.14+phrase the body beautiful
435.15draped divine! And Suzy's Moedl's with their Blue Danuboyes!
435.15+German süße Mädels: sweet girls
435.15+Strauss: The Blue Danube waltz [.10]
435.15+Danu: Irish goddess
435.15+song Londonderry Air: 'Danny Boy'
435.16All blah! Viper's vapid vilest! Put off the old man at the very
435.16+VI.B.17.105k (g): 'put off Old man at font' ('Old' is preceded by a cancelled 'Om')
435.16+Fleming: Boulogne-sur-Mer 65: (quoting Jocelin about Saint Patrick's birth and baptism) 'Therefore out of the earth of their flesh... did they, as the best and richest fruit, bring forth a son, whom, when he had at the font put off the old man, they caused to be named Patritius, as being the future father and patron of many nations'
435.16+Book of Common Prayer: Baptism: 'Grant that the old Adam in this child may be so buried that the new man may be raised up in him... Crucify the old man... Put on Christ'
435.17font and get right on with the nutty sparker round the back.
435.17+Slang nutty: amorous
435.17+Nosy Parker
435.18Slip your oval out of touch and let the paravis be your goal.
435.18+oval (rugby football term)
435.18+French Slang ovale: female genitalia
435.18+touch (rugby football term)
435.18+Old French parevis: paradise
435.18+Norwegian parvis: in pairs (couples)
435.18+parvis: church portico
435.18+goal (rugby football term)
435.19Up leather, Prunella, convert your try! Stick wicks in your ear-
435.19+Dutch opletten!: pay attention!, attention!
435.19+Slang leather: female genitalia
435.19+'The rest is leather or Prunella' (Pope)
435.19+convert try (rugby football term)
435.19+avert your eyes
435.19+phrase sticky wicket: in cricket, a pitch with highly unpredicatble ball behaviour after a heavy rain; a difficult and unpredictable situation
435.19+Slang wick: penis
435.19+wax (Odysseus and the Sirens)
435.20shells when you hear the prompter's voice. Look on a boa in
435.20+Slang shell: female genitalia
435.20+tempter's (i.e. Devil's)
435.20+(serpent, Eve, fig leaves)
435.21his beauty and you'll never more wear your strawberry leaves.
435.21+'the strawberry leaves': a dukedom (ducal coronet bears eight strawberry leaves)
435.22Rely on the relic. What bondman ever you bind on earth I'll be
435.22+VI.B.18.240c (g): 'on the relic'
435.22+Worsaae: An Account of the Danes and Norwegians in England, Scotland, and Ireland 163: (quoting from one of Ethelred's laws related to trial by jury) 'the XII senior Thanes go out, and the reeve with them, and swear on the relic that is given to them in hand, that they will accuse no innocent man, nor conceal any guilty one'
435.22+Anglo-Irish Slang relics: male sex organs
435.22+Matthew 16:19: 'and whatever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven'
435.22+Balfe: The Bondman
435.22+Hall Caine: The Bondman
435.23bound 'twas combined in hemel. Keep airly hores and the worm
435.23+Dutch hemel: heaven
435.23+hemmel: cowshed
435.23+holy airs
435.23+early hours
435.23+proverb The early bird catches the worm
435.24is yores. Dress the pussy for her nighty and follow her piggy-
435.25tails up their way to Winkyland. See little poupeep she's firsht
435.25+nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep
435.25+French Slang poupée: whore
435.25+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation firsht: first
435.26ashleep. After having sat your poetries and you know what
435.26+Anglo-Irish Pronunciation ashleep: asleep
435.26+sat on the po
435.26+Anglo-Irish Slang po: chamberpot
435.27happens when chine throws over jupan. Go to doss with
435.27+chine: projecting rim of cask
435.27+China and Japan
435.27+French jupon: petticoat
435.27+proverb Go to bed with the lamb and rise with the lark
435.27+Slang doss: bed, sleep
435.28the poulterer, you understand, and shake up with the milch-
435.28+poulterer: a dealer in poultry (and, typically, small hunted animals)
435.28+German Milchmann: milkman
435.28+Slang milkman: penis
435.29mand. The Sully van vultures are on the prowl. And the
435.29+Danish mand: man
435.29+song The Shan Van Vocht
435.29+VI.B.5.036a (r): '*V* Murray vultures on prowl'
435.30hailies fingringmaries. Tobaccos tabu and toboggan's a back
435.30+Tim Healy
435.30+Hail Mary
435.30+tobacco's taboo
435.31seat. Secret satieties and onanymous letters make the great un-
435.31+anonymous letter (King Mark supposedly got one)
435.32watched as bad as their betters. Don't on any account acquire
435.33a paunchon for that alltoocommon fagbutt habit of frequenting
435.33+VI.B.6.047c (r): 'penchant'
435.33+Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 274: 'Les grandes formes du mensonge sont toujours le produit d'une accumulation de mauvais penchants' (French 'The major forms of lying are always the result of an accumulation of bad tendencies')
435.33+paunch: belly, abdomen
435.33+VI.B.5.063e (r): 'Mrs Prezioso *A* smoke in doorways' [.33-.35] (Roberto Prezioso was a student and friend of Joyce for several years in Trieste, until he apparently tried to seduce Nora; the entry may well mean 'Mrs Prezioso and *A* smoke in doorways', with *A* being Nora)
435.33+Slang fag: cigarette
435.34and chumming together with the braces of couples in Mr Tun-
435.34+VI.B.16.099h (r): 'chum'
435.34+Key: John McCormack, His Own Life Story 9: 'Bishop Michael J. Curley... one of John's Athlone playmates... a chum and valued adviser'
435.35nelly's hallways (smash it) wriggling with lowcusses and cock-
435.35+cockchafer: a type of beetle
435.36chafers and vamps and rodants, with the end to commit acts of

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